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Maharashtra in India

Maharashtra is the canvas of life painted in beautiful shades of history, monuments, cultures, and religions. This third-largest and second-most populous state proudly showcases the contrasting lifestyles of modern and traditional Indian households.

The stupefying beauty of Maharashtra will take you to places that are poles apart from each other. Want to know where? Well, for that you need to dig a little deeper as the places to visit in Maharashtra are many. Do you wish to sign up for them? If yes, then ride along with us to the land of new beginnings

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Rajasthan in India is home to its capital Jaipur, a world-class Indian destination that offers you the luxury of the unrivaled architecture, regal cuisine, and a labyrinth of pink-hued city streets. The vibrant exuberance of pink-hued boulevards and palaces is a treat for the eyes. Well, now we see you all glowing with anticipation of touching this desert enigma.

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The jewels of nature have never been as captivating as it is in the emerald paradise at the places to visit in Maharashtra. The gushing water of the waterfalls and views that hold the power to turn anyone into a philosopher scream absolute bliss. If that’s not something to look forward to on a vacation, we wonder what is?

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Mumbai is a blockbuster on a holiday tour to Maharashtra. It is a blessed estate that showers prosperity, culture, and of course natural and archeological beauty on each of its visitants. Coming here and not getting all decked up in its varied cultures. What a bummer!

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Rock cut caves are the perfect photo-spots we all agree to that, don’t we? But when it’s blended with historical tales and lots of excursion points, it certainly turns into a blessing. Want to land on one such spot? Well, then you don’t have to go too far, it will be within your reach at the places to visit in Maharashtra.

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Do you wish for a serene getaway on a trip to Maharashtra? Well, then a visit to Pune will fulfill all your tranquil dreams, and that too at once. The tourist spots here will overload you with bundles of joy and we guarantee that this trip will plaster a smile on your face. So, treat your senses with the feast of beauty. Thank us later!

Activities to Do in Maharashtra


If you want to hunt down some treasures at the places to visit in Maharashtra, then you should definitely make room for some cave exploration. Are you on a cave hunt in Maharashtra already? If yes, then there are so many in-queues for you here. The best of which are hands down Elephanta, Ajanta, and Ellora caves.
Can’t wait to take a ride back in time? If so, then fasten your seatbelt because you are about to visit the past on the stone-cut time machines.


Faith is an unexplored power that will make you acquainted with the human deity of Maharashtra. Come, be our companion on the path of spirituality. Write another chapter in your theological journal because we know your virtue of looking towards life will change once you pay it a visit.
Shirdi is the place where the deity himself walks his devotees out of sorrow. You will see the power of devotion right as you step foot in this estate. Still, don’t believe us? You can see it happening yourself.


Minimize tall the other sounds and maximize your excitement spree because you are about to meet the Indian royalty of the Jungle.
Is your inner tree-hugger craving attention? Yes? Then, pamper it by tracing the pug marks of the striped beast of the jungle. Your encounter with this Indian wildcat will not be an easy one but on the journey, you will get to meet many jungle celebs including Indian leopards and sloth bears. Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Do look out for the temple by the Tadoba Lake, there are some interesting tales waiting for you there as well.


You thought Taj Mahal was the only emblem of love in India? Well, surprise…surprise; we have another one just waiting for you at the southern part of the nation. This Taj of the Deccan is an alluring enchantress and we cannot deprive you of its beauty, isn’t it?

MURUD - Black Pearl Of The Arabian Sea

Witness the fortress of the sea with the stardust of history. There are canons, palaces, mosques, and feels of the royal era in its premise. Is that music to your ears? Then give this place a shot. You can thank us later


Set your sails for another cave excursion on the island of dreams. Captivate your senses and fetch your heart a perfect dose of rock-cut charms. Stroll through the stone-filled corridors and get yourself beauty high. Pumped up already?


Let the soothing breeze whisper the symphony of nature into your ears at the star hill station of Maharashtra. Its existence between the five hills and its relevance in the Hindu mythology makes it stand apart from the other places to visit in Maharashtra.


Let your heart bloom with excitement at the Goa of Maharashtra. This beautiful town surrounded by the sea on three sides is now the perfect place for beach fun and fort visits. If this doesn’t ring your excitement bells, then the historic hinterland around it will certainly do.



Spectate the human pyramid life in action as they try to knock down a pot full of butter kept at a great height. Watch devotees dance with fervor and weave merry tales.
This festival marks the birth of a Hindu deity, Lord Krishna. The morning festivity includes giving a lavish bath to the deity, followed by the enunciation of enchantments. The festival brings out the excitement streak of the devotees and makes them go all head over heels for this day. It is a crazy ride during this time, make sure you have your fair share of it.

GANESH CHATURTHI- Jollifying Lives

If there is a wave of placidity and joy taking over you in the places to visit in Maharashtra, then you should deduce you have landed at the right time. Enjoying the festival is an understatement to describe the amusement level of this ten-day fiesta. If you plan on visiting Maharashtra at this time, then get ready to see the world around you in blings and shines. If you are more of a foodie, then you’ve hit a jackpot because the delicacies made during this time will leave you craving for more. Furthermore, the fervor on the streets on the last day is the one to look forward to. So, wear your dancing shoes and groove to the rhythmic prayers.


Exploring caves bridges the time gap and takes us back in time. Imagine the same experience but with a tint of merriment, sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Well, it is and you can get to live it at the Elephanta Festival. This festival will illuminate your gateway to India’s heritage as you will get the best of dance and music here. This island festival is something you cannot miss and we know you wouldn’t because who gets a chance like this every day, isn’t it?
So, hush in for the time of your life.


There are tropical conditions prevailing all over the state. The summers are humid and mercury varies between 22 degrees to 39 degrees on Celsius scale. Due to the tropical conditions, the hill stations are also not extremely cold during this time. October is pleasant and comforting. Therefore, the best time to visit is from October to early March. This time also becomes ideal for sightseeing and exploration purposes. Winter starts in early November with a mercury variation of 12 degrees to 34 degrees on a Celsius scale.

So, carry light cotton clothes, sunglasses, hats, and water bottles during your visit. Most of all the summer, the sun can reach up to 39 degrees on the Celsius scale. As a result of which, a visit to the state’s hill stations becomes the perfect option. If you plan to travel to the hills or for that matter in winters then go easy on your winter wears. Light Pullover and shawls might do well for you. Happy exploring!

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