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“Chennai to Kanyakumari Road trip”

Road trips are in a rage. And one through Southern India is all that you need to get that adrenaline rushing.

The Chennai to Kanyakumari Road trip is a boost bomb. Smooth roads and even more beautiful landscapes accompanying you throughout are blessings in disguise.

Pack your bags and head to the southern royalty – Tamil Nadu for an unforgettable travel experience.

Dotted with breathtakingly beautiful temples all across various cities like Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Trichy, Pondicherry, Tanjore Rameshwaram, Madurai, and Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu is the ultimate travel destination to let the Indian culture and air seep into your blood and bones.



Chennai being the capital of Tamil Nadu has an unusual charm. With its magnificent temples and beaches, it never fails to mesmerize any traveler that comes with some hope. Care to see for yourself?

Mahabalipuram is a sacred place known for its tremendous opulence in temples built in Pallava dynasty. All things glittery and tranquil? Well, not only that but the majestic golden beaches and azure sky prove to be just as much hypnotizing.

Pondicherry swarms with French colonies. The quiet and breezy beaches will be your beckoning.

Tanjore will be the ultimate salvation harbinger for culture fanatics, art lovers, and history hackers. Such is the beauty of this quaint south Indian town.

Trichy is an amalgamation of busy and holy. The hustle and bustle of the busy streets are compensated by spiritual experiences within the majestic temples.

 A little town on the Pamban island that pretty much makes up for its tiny size through its serene temples, azure water, and robust bridges. Yes, that’s Rameswaram for you.

 Madurai is basically the heart and soul of Tamil Nadu. Join the people from all over the world here to catch a glimpse of its bustling energy and holiest of holy temples.

 Kanyakumari is your one-way ticket to a magical land where sun and the moon are seen rising across 3 water bodies. Intriguing? Also, it geographically the end of India after a long stretch of western ghats and verdure of lands.

We’ll be welcoming you to the Chennai International Airport. Our private chauffeurs will take you to the hotel. We aim to make this journey an unforgettable one and your stay even more comfortable and better. The evening will be all yours for a walk in the city.
1. Government Museum: Sparkling with a reflection of a British-built Pantheon Complex across it, the government museum is a magnificent edifice exhibiting the best of bronze sculptures from the 7th century to this day. Brace yourself for a time travel through art and culture.
2. Kapaleeshwarar Temple: Preserving the golden traditions and the cultures of Tamilians this temple is an artistic beauty with opulently vibrant pillared pavilions. With an architecture so grand and vibrant it will make you speechless. Our efficient tour guides will let you in on its profound history. Feel free to gawk endlessly. We aren’t judging you. Been there. Done that.
 3. Marina Beach: You’re in for a treat to your eyes and a gala feast to your heart, mind, body, and soul if you happen to come across this beach. Unleash the little beach baby inside you and get ready to saunter during the sunset or sunrise across the beautiful golden beach along the Bay of Bengal.
4.Enroute to Mahabalipuram:Your Chennai to Kanyakumari road trip will be a colossal success after a pit stop at Mahabalipuram. The evening will be yours to chill in the surreal southern breeze.
1. Shore Temple: Standing proudly through ravages of time since the 8th century, the shore temple is an iconic structure of art, faith, and spirituality. And guess what’s even more beautiful! It is practically resting on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. Proudly boasting of its serenity and vibes. Maybe, play on the shore for a while?
2. Five Rathas: You’ll then be heading to witness a Dravidian architectural wonder. The mere simplicity of these stone structures is unbelievably stunning. The five structures chiseled in a way that they look like the Rathas of Pandavas are surreal. Our guides will hit you up with its historical tales.
3. Arjuna’s Penance: Get ready to experience mythology at its best. We’ll take you to the exquisite architecture of two boulders carved to portray a story of the past. Arjuna’s penance or the descent of the Ganges is allegedly a UNESCO world heritage site and dates back to the mid-seventh century. See it for yourself. You can thank us later! Done with mythology for the day, you’ll then be heading to Pondicherry on this Chennai to Kanyakumari road trip. Feel the wind and reenergize yourself on the roads.
Pondicherry Beach:Let loose and rejuvenate yourself at Auroville Beach after your travel hectic day. You know what’s the catch? It is situated near Auroville which is basically a gorgeous spiritual village. Go grab your towels and chill beside crystal clear water and pristine white sand. Roam about in Auroville village to align your chakras while you meditate amidst the beauty of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. A run for spirituality, isn’t it?
1. Basilica Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus: Depicting the best of Gothic architecture, this Church is more than 100 years old and was honored with the title of Basilica in the year 2011. Marvel at the beauty and the sanctity of this stunning edifice standing proudly in the southern Pondicherry. Also, don’t forget to imprint on your heart the lives of Christ and his saints portrayed spectacularly on the glass panel. Intriguing, eh?
 2. Immaculate Conception Cathedral: Reel back in the past with Immaculate Conception Cathedral on your Chennai to Kanyakumari road trip. The stunning church stands robust through the ravages of time. Did you know it even stood unaffected during the British invasion? Now isn’t that something? Go ahead; check it out for yourself.
3. Pondicherry Museum:Art lovers, are we? Pondicherry Museum will be your one true stop to indulge in art and appreciate its wonders. Dating back in time, the artifacts and the bronze sculptures are surreal on their own. The Stone carved structures will leave you in awe of their beauty. Don’t really believe us? Let your Chennai to Kanyakumari Road trip make you swoon with ecstasy. You’ll be thanking us.
Hop on the wheels for a ride to Tanjore.
1. Brihadishwara Temple: Your Chennai to Kanyakumari road trip is absolutely incomplete if you miss out on the incredibly stunning World heritage site of the holy Brihadishwara Temple. Are you wondering what exactly might catch your attention here? The gorgeous intricacies on the walls of the temple are something to swoon at. The excellent architecture just might be your call. Ever thought of that?
 2. Thanjavur Royal Palace: Saunter into royalty at the palace complex of Thanjavur Royal Palace. Erstwhile residence of Nayak Kings, this complex is packed with majestic edifices. Get enchanted with the beauty of the artifacts and architecture of the Durbar Hall and the manuscripts and paintings at the Saraswati Mahal Library. This palace is hands down a must-visit destination on your Chennai to Kanyakumari road trip.
1. Rock Fort Ganapathi Temple: Perched at the top of an outcrop, this temple is made out of the oldest rock of India. You’ll want to never leave. Such is its aura. Our guides will take care of you and once you come out of its trance your curiosity and wanderlust will be satiated.
2. Sri Ranga Nathaswamy Temple: You’ll be welcomed with warmth to one of the eight self-manifested shrines of Lord Vishnu. Surrounded by thick rampart walls this huge temple will steal your breath away with its significant beauty. Brace yourself!
 3. St. Joseph’s Church:Tie your seatbelt for a journey back in time to the Lord himself. Smacked right in the middle of the city this church is one of the oldest churches of our country. You’ll love every bit of this British architectural enigma. By the end of the day, you’ll have near the completion of your Chennai to Kanyakumari road trip for you’ll be heading to Rameswaram.
1. Ramanathaswamy Temple: Get ready to experience spirituality in every sense of the world in this gorgeous temple. It is a pilgrimage which is known by the world itself. Housing the longest temple corridor in the world this spiritual edifice is going to blow your mind with the stories of its origin.
2. Dhanushkodi Temple: You’ll be heading to the Pamban Islands to steal a visit to the historical ruins of Dhanushkodi temple. Dotted will shallow beaches all around and water fresh as the bright blue sky, the ambiance will just take a toll on you. We promise.
 3. Adam’s Bridge: We are still now done with the day’s share of myths and legends. You’ll then pay a visit to Adam’s Bridge or Ram Setu. A natural bridge connecting India with Sri Lanka through limestone shoals. Could it get any more exciting?
From Rameswaram to another treasure city of Madurai, your Chennai to Kanyakumari road trip will just be getting better. Take the rest of the day to go out shopping for some famous Kanjeevaram silk saree and to visit some of the best destinations in Madurai. And while at it, sip in some refreshing coconut water.
1. Meenakshi Amman Temple: Set your foot in one of the most historically significant temples of India. What makes it even better is that both the goddess And the god are worshipped together here. Intricate designs on the walls and pillars are massively impressive. Pull out your cameras, maybe?
 2. Alagar Koyil: You’ll be hopping on the wheels for a 21km long ride to the east of Madurai. What comes at the end of this ride will be worth it. Alagar Koyil temple houses 11 halls one of which has über pretty design and intricacies. Care to see for yourself?
3. Gandhi Museum: One of the five most famous Gandhi museums in the country, this one will take you by surprise. A lot of emotions will be evoked seeing a few very personal things belonging to the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. His blood-stained cloth due to being assassinated is one of the exhibits here.
Nearing the end of your unforgettable Chennai to Kanyakumari road trip, you know will be surprised to touch the end of India. Well, only geographically! Take the rest of the day to bask in the glory of seas and oceans. Get some beauty sleep.
1. Vivekananda Rock Memorial: Perched on top of two huge rocks this memorial is a beautiful sample of architectural brilliance. Regarded as the place where Swami Vivekananda attained enlightenment, this destination is insanely popular among travelers. They even have a meditation hall!!! You sure cannot miss out on this one.
 2. Kumari Amman Temple: This 300-year-old temple dedicated to goddess Kanyakumari is resting on a seashore and is a true beauty. It has been mentioned in ancient scriptures. Time for you to see it for yourself and appreciate its surrealism.
3. Thiruvalluvar Statue: Coming almost to the end of this journey on the road, you’ll then be taken to see the Thiruvalluvar statue which is quintessential on its own. Dedicated to saint Thiruvalluvar for his outstanding words of wisdom this statue stands tall and proud.
After a 100km long journey from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum, you’ll be dropped at the Trivandrum International Airport. We hope to make your travel as beautiful as it can get. Peeps, your Chennai to Kanyakumari road trip will be a colossal success. Keep coming back to India for more. Excited? Adios!
  • Accommodation on Double share basis for 11 nights
  •  Ground transfers and tours through an air-conditioned car on private basis
  •  Entrances to the monuments.
  •  An English speaking local guide during the sightseeing tours as per the itinerary.
  •  Assistance on arrival and departure points.
  • Meals Not Mentioned In the Itinerary
  •  Any expenses of personal nature such as tips, telephone bills, laundry etc.
  •  Any alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  •  Insurance and medical-claim.
  •  Expenses incurred during the emergency situation or evacuation.
  •  Any airfares, International or Domestic.
  •  Any unspecified, optional and suggested activities.
  •  Any Cost Arising Due To Natural Calamities Like Landslides, Roadblocks, Etc
  •  Any Increase in Taxes or Fuel Leading To an Increase in Surface Transport
  •  Any thing, which is not mentioned in the list of inclusions.

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