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Spiti Valley – Snow Leopard Expedition 2024

About The Tour

Embark on a journey where snow-capped peaks meet barren landscapes, where spirituality uplifts, and nature enchants—the essence of Spiti Valley awaits.

Experience the mesmerizing charm of India’s roads as you traverse from Delhi through Chandigarh, Shimla, Lahaul, and finally to Spiti.

Yet amidst this beauty, there’s no room for complaints; it’s a soul-captivating adventure where every moment is a revelation.


 Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Keylong, finding clarity amidst its urban landscape.

 Sway to the gentle melody of mountain breezes in Nako and Tabo Valley.

 Let Sarahan and Sangla steal your heart, while Kaza and Hikkim intoxicate you with their magical allure.

 Explore Spiti Valley’s finest monasteries, delving into their rich spiritual heritage.

You’ll be welcomed to the capital of incredible India on your trip to Spiti Valley.

Our private chauffeurs will take you to the hotel where we endure you have a warm stay. Take the rest of the day to suit yourself.


You’ll be on the road to Chandigarh. Let yourself be mesmerised by the beauty of this well planned enigma of a city. In the evening take some time out to stroll by Sukhna lake.

The sunset is spectacular and we really don’t want you to miss out on it. Just like we don’t want you to not see the birds and the ducks on the water making the entire ambiance pure bliss.


Visiting Jakhu temple, Indian institute of Advanced Study, and the Mall Road

Move to mountains, shall we? Well, let Himalayas be your calling on your trip to Spiti Valley.

120 kilometres later find yourself walking on the steep land of Shimla. Your very own queen of hills.

Not exaggerating, peeps.


Walk on the land enveloping a gigantic statue of the Lord hanuman perched proudly at the top of a hill.

Let the jumpy monkeys play around you while you offer prayers within an embrace of hill breeze and pine trees.

Totally a fan-coniferous-tastic experience of a lifetime.

India and temples go hand in hand, now don’t they?


Let your notion spree take a break on this trip to Spiti Valley and drown yourself into the majestic beauty of the Scottish architecture of the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies in the norther summer hill. This research centre is open to visitors with its stunning museum that’ll take you to the Indian past and politics.

The garden embracing the very pillars of the building will spellbind you into a trance. Such is the beauty of it.

Go ahead; check it out for yourself on your trip to Spiti Valley.


Time for some pampering.

Take a walk in the Mall Road and find yourself charmed by various cafés and showrooms.

Buy a thing or two as a memento of your trip to Spiti Valley.

Oh, and by the way, while you’re at it don’t forget to indulge in some steaming hot momos and sweet pan.

That’s Shimla for you.



Visiting Bhimakali temple

163 kilometres up the hills on your trip to Spiti Valley will you find yourself amidst the lush green hills of Sarahan. This former summer capital of Bhushahr is enchanting in its special way.


Brace yourself to be charmed by the magnificent Bhimakali temple on your trip to Spiti Valley. Need something to surprise yourself with? This is it.

The traditional kinnauri architecture spiked with an essence of Tibetan architecture is everything your eyes need to drink in. The two towered stone and wood carved temple dedicated to Goddess Kali will bring you an odd sense of peace and calm in this fast moving world.

You can’t miss out on it.


Visiting Kamru Fort, and Tibetan wood carving centre

Put your game face on for a topsy-turvy ride to Sangla. A quarter to three hours later you’ll find yourself amidst the Himalayan magnificence of Sangla on your trip to Spiti Valley.

The journey just gets better.


At 2600 metres above sea level this fort is a breathtaking sight.

This fort turned temple will welcome you with a massive statue of the Lord Buddha.

The wooden balcony and structure of this temple is spectacular and every bit picturesque.

Take a deep breath and pray to the Goddess Kamakhya Devi at the third floor of the temple while you let the entire panoramic view of the beautiful Sangla valley seep into your skin.

Didn’t we promise the best on your trip to Spiti Valley?

The best it is.


Time for some shopping and letting loose in the traditions and cultures of Sangla and Tibet.

An amazing amalgamation, isn’t it?

Splurge some on the artistic wood carved exhibits and hand carved items reflecting the Tibetan lifestyle and art.

Moreover, it’s just an addition to the bagful of memories that you’ll be hoarding back to home.

Exciting, eh?

Go grab them all.



Our private chauffeurs will take you to the majestic Chitkul village just 28 kilometres ahead.

Bask in the beauty of the village and gorgeous meadows all around you wrapping you in a bittersweet symphony.

If you love nature then Chitkul is your salvation. The wildlife around beckons every nature enthusiast into a state of utmost happiness.

Trek all through the village and engage yourself with the warm and very hospitable local people.

You know what makes it special?

It is basically the last inhabited village of India on the Indo - China border.

Intriguing, eh?

Well, book your ticket to a trip to Spiti Valley right away.

As the end of the day nears you’ll be heading back to the warm and comfortable stay at Sangla valley.

Marvel at the crystal clear night sky, you guys.



Visiting Narayan - Nagini temple and Hu-Bu-Lan-Kar Monastery

An hour and a half later on your road trip to Spiti Valley,, you’ll be basking in the cool breeze and even better vibes in Kalpa at 3300 m above sea level.

Breath in the lush air and let yourself be captivated by snow clad mountains, vineyards, bright trails and Himalayas.


The perfect Tibetan architecture with pagoda style roof will captivate you in and out.

You know what adds to the charm? The vibes, folks.

Pray at the top of a hill in the temple and let Kinnauri craftsmanship sweep you off of your feet.


Let the sound of local drums and trumpets crash your hears and heal you from the insides on your trip to Spiti Valley. This tranquil monastery is a treat for history hackers and the wheels all around it only add up to its magnificence.

You can’t miss out on this one.



Visiting Nako Lake and Nako monastery

Get behind the wheels for a 100 km long journey through twists and turns on your trip to Spiti Valley ending up at the Indo-China border.

How cool is that!

Shout at the top of your lungs at a height of 3600 metres above sea level and let loose. The feeling will be beyond imagination.


brace yourself for a shock when you witness the milky white waterfall from the Nako Lake. The ice will seep through your bones and lure you into touching the silver stream. The legend has it that this lake is a realm of fairies.

Intrigued, eh?

Well, you’ve got to check out the caves surrounding the same to be sure of it all, we recommend.


Let’s travel back in time to the 11th century on your trip to Spiti Valley.

Nako monastery is quintessential and spellbinding in its own way.

The mandalas in one of the four massive halls will enchant you and give you an odd sense of peace. Also, the clay sculptures of the five Dhyani Buddhas will be your beckoning to contentment.

Don’t believe us? You will in no time.

As the sunset approaches, you’ll be heading to Tabo on your trip to Spiti Valley.

64 km of a a long delightful journey it will be, we promise.


Visiting Tabo Monastery, Tabo caves


Venture into the premises of “Ajanta of Himalayas” and find yourself in love with the very Indo Tibetan culture and colours preserved since forever.

Tabo Monastery will leave you astounded at its beauty and the knowledge that it imparts to young Buddhists within its 9 temples! Wooo!

Set amidst a picturesque background, this monastery will be your calling for peace and contentment on your trip to Spiti Valley.

We promise!


Hanging on a cliff above the monastery are the caves that serve as homes for monks during harsh times.

The raw and bizarre caves will pull you with their charm.

Moreover, the hills around will only make it even better on your trip to Spiti Valley.

Go ahead, check them out.

Take your time. For the monastery and caves are something to be felt and seen and a deeper level.

Take it or leave it.


Visiting Dhankar Monastery and Key monastery

Our private chauffeurs will take you for an hour-long twisty drive to Dhankar village on your trip to Spiti Valley.


Be prepared to witness some of the best artwork in the history of Buddhism.

Take a walk in the Dhankar Monastery and amaze yourself with the massive breathtaking Buddha cultures, peaceful wheels, and spectacular murals and painting on the wall.

Your trip to Spiti Valley gives you the luxury to be in this 1000 years old pride of Buddhism in India.

What are you waiting for? Put it on your bucket list, already!

Also, while you’re at it make sure to check out the tranquil Dhankar Lake.


34 km up the hill from Dhankar you’ll find yourself enveloped in a bittersweet embrace of Kaza on your trip to Spiti Valley. Feel the breeze on top of the world at 3800 m above sea level.

And thank us later.

Furthermore, the Key monastery will be awaiting you. Standing robust at the top of a hill with Tibetan banners enhancing its aura, this monastery is one of a kind. Also a training centre for the lamas, this is bustling with monks all the year around.

Be that as it may, you’ve got to engage with this interesting person in the midst of the Himalayas.

Experience worth treasuring, we promise.



Another day, another road journey on your trip to Spiti Valley. A better one, undoubtedly.

You’ll be welcomed to the pin Parvati valley with a big warm hug. Stand and feel the air around you at a height of 3700 metres above sea level.

Oh, we just heard you gasp.

It’s gonna be an unforgettable time here.

Witness the surreal confluence of pin river and silver Spiti river flowing beautifully from the mountains.

You’ve gotta take out your camera and hit the shutters for even the clouds will dance to your tune on your trip to Spiti Valley.

Sip in some tea and marvel at the wonder of nature by the rivers.

Let the crimson sky be your calling back to Kaza in the evening.




As the sun rises, get ready to head to Hikkim on your trip to Spiti Valley.

Let this baby hamlet of a place shock you with the accolade of being home to the highest post office in the world at a height of 4440 metres above sea level.

Exciting, eh?

Click a picture right away.

Also, make sure to interact with the locals in their cute little mud houses.

You might even get lucky enough to be offered local home made food.



Next stop would be Komic only 10 minutes long ride away.

Get left speechless by the azure skies and lush green land imbibing the best of nature. Be that as it may, you can’t just forget hitting Komic monastery with its breathtaking architecture and colourful fluttering flags.

Positive vibes, you see.

See! How much we care for you.


On your road trip to Spiti Valley, a spike of the pre-historic era is a must and that’s what Langza brings for you.

Soak in the crimson rays of the sun during sunsets, feel energised and happy listening to the chirping of the birds in the beautiful Himalayas.

Now that is what is a home away from home experience.

What are you waiting for!

Go discover yourself in the arms of Langza before you head back to Kaza for a spectacular and warm stay.



      • Put your game face on for a topsy-turvy ride to Keylong all through 187 kilometres of stunning and gorgeous mountains.After reaching the oasis of Keylong take some time out to chill and roam around getting to know the place and lifestyle of the local people.It’s every bit welcoming and warm.Check for yourself!MEALS INCLUDED - BREAKFAST 

Visiting Kardang monastery, Bara lacha pass



Enter this fairyland of Buddhist perched at the top of the valley with stunning murals and paintings all over the building making this monastery all the more beautiful.

Be that as it may, Kardang monastery is a Drukpa lineage monastery bedecked with a myriad of prayer flags.

Travel and align your chakras while you meditate in here on your trip to Spiti Valley.

Isn’t that something?


The crown of Lahaul valley enclosed within Zanzkar range, Bara lacha la is quintessential and observes adventure freaks and bikers from all over the globe.

To add a little bit of risk factor and the thrill of your trip to Spiti Valley, bask in the oasis of mountains and barren land all through this stunning pass in Lahaul valley.

We are so hell-bent on giving you an experience of a lifetime, you see.

As your trip to Spiti Valley nears its end, you’ll be chauffeured to Manali by the end of the day.



Time to pamper yourself and take some mementoes back to home. Hop and roam in the hippie markets of old Manali and Tibetan markets of new Manali.

Fill your bags with Tibetan handicrafts and pretty dream catchers.

You’ll remember India for a lifetime.

As the day ends pack your bags for an overnight journey to Delhi.

We hope to make your trip to Spiti Valley a crazy success.

You can rely on us.

We deliver the best, peeps.


 Accommodation on Double share basis for 11 nights

 Bed and Breakfast plan in New Delhi and Chandigarh

 Half Board (Breakfast and Dinner) in the rest of the destinations

 The Grand Indian Guide (English Speaking) from Day 4 until Day 12

 Homestay at Langza, a unique experience of living with the family

 Camps at Chandra Taal Lake

 Premium MUV for the entire itinerary

 Monument fee wherever applicable as per the Itinerary

 Traditional dinner at Kaza for one night

 Meals Not Mentioned In the Itinerary

 Any expenses of a personal nature such as tips, telephone bills, laundry, etc.

 Any alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

 Insurance and medical claim.

 Expenses incurred during the emergency situation or evacuation.

 Any airfares, International or Domestic.

 Any unspecified, optional, and suggested activities.

 Any Cost Arising Due To Natural Calamities Like Landslides, Roadblocks, Etc

 Any Increase in Taxes or Fuel Leading To an Increase in Surface Transport

 Anything, which is not mentioned in the list of inclusions.

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