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Bespoke Luxury Travel Experiences in India: 2024 & 2025

What comes to your mind when you think of luxury? Top-notch hotels? High-end services? Assorted delicacies? Well, what if we tell you that there is more to luxury travel? Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Well, it is a luxury holiday in India, and we expect you to expect the unexpected.

Luxury holidays in India are an extravagant mix of culture and comfort that accords the most vibrant shades to the myriad of travel experiences that this country flaunts. If you are thinking that only some states like Rajasthan or Kerala would be drenched in its goodness, then, let us tell you that each state of this country has something to add to this bigger picture of the luxury tour to India.

These travel experiences are unique and very quintessential so, you won’t find them being celebrated in the same spirits anywhere else around the globe. So, without any further ado, let’s see what the top luxury experiences in India have in store for you.


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Staying in a palace is a luxury right? Well then, what will you call a stay in a floating palace? A jackpot!

One of the top luxury experiences that this country presents is a stay in the floating palace of Udaipur. Situated right in the middle of the very surreal Pichola Lake, Taj Lake Palace is an ethereal option for travelers who love regal charms on their travel itineraries.

According to many travelers, the palace looks like a white swan swimming in a crystal clear lake. Taj Palace is a splendid treat of history tossed in the flavors of India’s bygone era. Do you know that this place was the host for scholars and poets for centuries in Rajasthan? Today, it stands sturdy as one of the top resort getaways catering to every luxury craving travel appetite.

Taj Palace’s comfy, cozy, Rajasthani-style bedrooms are happy havens for the clients. Here, amidst a picturesque landscape, one can enjoy spa sessions on a boat, vintage car tours, and traditional Mewari food. You can do everything or absolutely nothing to live your best life here. So, add it to your India travel bucket list now. Otherwise, you will deprive yourself of the majestic pleasures this palace has to offer and you wouldn’t want that right?

Best Time To Visit:

November- February

Places To Visit Nearby:

City Palace Udaipur, Bagore ki Haveli, and Sajjangarh Palace and Sanctuary.


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What do you think is the best option for sightseeing in Jaipur? No, it is not a tour in a fancy car or even a tuk-tuk ride, it is something that can redefine luxury for you. So without any further ado, fasten your seat belts because, with this luxury travel experience, we are aiming for the sky, literally!

Imagine flying over dun-color edifices across a city painted in vibrant hues of pink. Sounds like a scene from a movie, right? Well, that is exactly how one can describe it. It is a tranquil escape far from the chaos of Jaipur and surrounded by the bewitching Aravali range.

Amidst a setting that is second to none, the Sky Waltz balloon safari is one of the top things to do in Jaipur beyond the palace hunt. Festooned with the best of services and complimentary refreshments during the time of inflation, this safari in India is one of the most wholesome experiences on our list.

This one-hour-long flight across the different areas of the state feels gratifying. It takes you to different altitudes where all you can do is gaze at Jaipur to realize its actual lavishness.

After a good time in the air, the balloon lands in a local village where the vibrant smiles will welcome you to fill your heart with glee. Here you can take pictures or just enjoy the hospitality of the folks. Don’t you think that is enough reasons already to add this experience to your Indian adventure?

Best time to visit:October to April
Operational Months:1st September to 30th April
Timings:6:00 AM – 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Also, enjoy Interaction with rural Indians after landing.


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It is rightly quoted by Luis Fernando Olaverri, “Wine is the only art you can drink.” And when this art is kept on display for a mouth-watering tasting session, then not taking its full-fledged advantage is slander.

Imagine yourself sauntering in the aromatic plantation of Maharashtra, where you can learn all about the process of getting grapes right into your glasses. Seems intriguing right? Well, it surely is!

Sula Vineyard in Nashik, Maharashtra is famous for day tours across its widespread plantations. The tour commences at the lush green vineyards from the process of grape plucking and ends with an amazing wine-tasting session.

The vineyard is located quite far off from the city and also provides you with the option of staying within its vicinity in its luxurious resorts. There are two restaurants within the property offering the best of Italian and Continental cuisine, which, when enjoyed with the perfect glass of wine can help you attain accolades on your luxury holiday in India. So, adding this destination to your luxurious iconic India trip is mandatory if you are on a Central India trip.

Best time to visit:February during grape picking season.
Operational Days:All days except dry days
Timings:11:30 am to 6:30 pm


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Luxury and comfort are two sides of the same coin, agreed? Then, you will also agree to the fact that there nothing is more comfortable than a stay at the top yoga retreats of India. And when these retreats are located in the foothills of the Himalayas, then the fervor attached to the experience hit its very pinnacle.

Lap up to the pleasures of enjoying top-notch Ayurveda treatments at various Ayurveda Retreats in Uttarakhand. Spread in acres across the region, these luxury spas bestow some unique charms to the seekers of euphoria.

Decorated with Sal forests and complemented by the gushing sounds of the Ganges, Ayurveda Retreats in Uttarakhand are among the top all-inclusive resorts in India. With the goodness of Ayurveda and principles of Yoga, these retreats are known for healing people inside out, and that too while flying in the skies of luxury travel.

So, whether you are in for some recreational activities, or just want to rejuvenate your body and soul, a stay in these high-end Ayurveda resorts will help you big time.

Best time to visit:November – March
Enjoy:Wellness program, panchakarma program, and yoga retreat.


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Welcome to the Maharaja Express, the very first luxury train in India and probably the most opulent of the lot. Traversing over 5 different circuits and covering 12 amazing destinations of India, Maharaja Express is the paragon of luxury and is also the five-time winner of the title “The World’s Leading Luxury Train”.

Maharaja Express is a boujee treat for all the true patrons of India. We say that not just because of its royal ambiance or full velvet interiors but also because of its sterling services that are exemplary. Along, with the perfectly styled suits, Maharaja Express has its own bar and lounge, which is not common in Indian Railways.

The train offers a wide range of lip-smacking cuisines served with a continental and regional platter, scrumptious enough to tantalize the taste buds. The train flaunts its own conference hall, spa and wellness center so that there is ample room for positivity. If that doesn’t scream luxury to you, then, we rest our case!

Best time to visit:November- February
Operational Months:October- April
Top routes:Mumbai – Ajanta – Udaipur – Jodhpur – Bikaner – Jaipur – Ranthambore – Agra – Delhi Delhi – Jaipur – Ranthambore – Fatehpur Sikri – Agra – Gwalior – Khajuraho – Varanasi – Lucknow – Delhi Delhi – Agra – Ranthambore – Jaipur – Bikaner – Jodhpur – Udaipur – Balasinor – Mumbai


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Alleppey is the India of every traveler’s dream. With a quaint entourage, traditional treatments, and nature’s bounty, this Indian tourist place is among the most revered destinations of Southern India. Cruising on the backwaters of Alleppey is a serene gift from nature that accords nothing but bundles of joy.

A trip to Alleppey offers you the opportunity to live in a houseboat bedecked with top-notch amenities. Not only this, but these houseboats are also the perfect recreational centers providing the best of ancient Indian philosophies in the form of Ayurvedic treatments and traditional delicacies made by a personal chef.

A tour on the houseboats of Alleppey takes you to the roots of Southern India, where duck farming and the cultivation of spices are daily chores. All in all a luxury trip in Alleppey houseboat is the perfect concoction of everything that is perfect about India. So, just give in to it!

Best time to visit:November- February
Places to visit nearby:Alappuzha Beach, Vembanad, and Marari Beach.


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Are you a fellow history buff? Then, we are sure you will love this next destination just for its mere existence. Welcome to Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel, a 16th-century Portuguese structure in Goa that is the epitome of luxury on the tip of this state. Famous for its contemporary architecture, Fort Tiracol is a luxury getaway for all the water babies out there that just want to bask in the glory of tropical climates.

Just imagine getting that perfect tan on an ardent yet very golden beach of Goa while enjoying the union of the orange-streaked sky and crystal waters. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

Sea-facing European-themed rooms, tantalizing food, and peace are some of the key pointers that make Tiracol Heritage Hotel stand out among the wonders of Southern India.

Crashing waves, swaying palms, and a tranquil beach getaway are waiting for you to unwind from the chaotic city life. It is offbeat, it is exclusive, and very breathtaking. It is an odyssey in a remote location perfect for rekindling your inner spiritual being. Sounds like the recipe for a perfect luxury holiday, don’t you think?

Best time to visit:Mid-November- Mid-February
Places to visit nearby:Arambol Beach and Mandrem Beach.


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Luxury tours to India are never complete without dash wildlife adventures. Don’t you agree? Then, how about a date with nature in a tree house decked with high-end amenities? Music to ears, right?

Resonating with the echoes of the wild, these tree houses are built to redefine luxury for all those who find a home in the lap of nature. Built perfectly to accommodate families, and connected by bamboo bridges, these tree-houses in the thick tropical forests of Wayanad are no less than a dream. But hey! Despite being in dense green covers, these treehouses provide some top-notch services including Spas and Ayurveda treatments.

Are you a fellow tree hugger with a heart that aches for luxury? Then, we are sure you will love this place to bits and pieces. So, if you haven’t already, add it to your luxury vacation packages now.

Best time to visit:October-May
Places to visit nearby:Edakkal Caves, Soochipara Waterfalls and Kuruvadweep.


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Varanasi is the spiritual capital of India. Other than the luxury hotels present in its vicinity, never had we thought will come a time that you will get to cruise its holy water on a luxury ship. Well, that time has come.

This cruise ship accords visitors the opportunity to experience the best of Varanasi in a more luxurious manner. So, no more waiting in lines or facing the crowds for a mere glimpse of Ganga Arti.

This double-decker ship is bestowed with comfortable lounges and a restaurant that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. In addition to this, you can enjoy alcohol as well from its bar if you want. Taking a course of 12 km and covering over 84 ghats this cruise ship is one of the most surreal luxury travel experiences. So, make sure you take full-fledged benefits of it next time you visit Varanasi.

Best time to visit:July to March
Operational Days:All days.
Timings:7:00 AM to 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM.


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Can anything be more awe-gasping than an encounter with the striped beats of India? No right? So how can you miss it on your Luxury Holiday in India?

Pamper yourself with a private game drive at Ranthambore National Park. Furthermore, excurse the monochromatic jungles of Rajasthan in search of the wild beast with an expert naturalist. If you think it cannot get any better than this, then let us tell you that you can also live in luxurious tents amidst this dun-colored jungle. This takes luxury holidays in India to another level, don’t you think?

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