Manoeuvre in the labyrinth and boulevards of the pink city – Jaipur.

Forts and palaces have forever been the pride of Jaipur. Imagine going a little offbeat in India and exploring the depths of wonder that the city has to offer. From bustling bazaars to gliding hot air balloons, there’s so much to Jaipur beyond the walls of the past.

Marvel at the wilderness of the city, the rich culture, and heritage, the literary genius during the festivals, the delicious authentic and traditional food, and the Bollywoodness that it boasts of. We have listed down a few of the best places to visit in Jaipur for an experience worth talking about for years. Check them off your India bucket list already!

1. RAJ MANDIR CINEMA- bestowing royal feels!


Are you a Bollywood buff? Also, does history excite you? Say no more. Raj Mandir is one of the most incredible places to visit in Jaipur that’ll give you a glimpse of its royalty and an ahead-of-its-time nature.

Raj Mandir cinema in Jaipur was ideated by Mehtab Chandra Golcha somewhere around the 1960s. The opulence of the cinema gave its visitors a sense of royalty whenever a movie was streamed.

Do you wish to indulge in some royalty combining the very depths of entertainment and opulent architecture? This will be it for you, hands down. The ambience of the hall rewarded it with the title “Pride of Asia”. Furthermore, the seating arrangements are just as royal as it can get with the pearl seats, the emerald seats, the diamond seats, and the ruby seats to choose from.

Popcorns are overrated. And, you better order a goblet of wine here. Sip it and enjoy the movie while your heart falls in love with the grandiosity around you on your iconic trip to India.

2. ANOKHI MUSEUM OF HAND-PRINTING – preserving the gems of Jaipur


Run by Anokhi Foundation, the Anokhi museum of hand printing leaves no stone unturned in doing its bit to preserve the age-old traditions of artisans in Jaipur.

Are you an admirer of art and colours? Get ready to be mesmerized by a myriad of colours splashed on hand and block printing at the Anokhi museum.

This is probably a cultural revelation that shows how important it is to them to preserve the art for everyone who wants to take a cultural trip to India. However, did you know that this one resides within the colossal walls of Anokhi Haveli?

Furthermore, the UNESCO certified the museum for its contribution in keeping alive an art form and a huge part of artisan culture. Let your inner admirer of art come out and appreciate the beauty that it beholds.

Speaking of, there are artisans on the top roof of the haveli that very much voluntarily demonstrate the art of hand and block printing to the visitors.

Wish to learn a thing or two?

Timings: Weekends (11:00 AM – 4:30 PM), Weekdays (10:30 AM – 5:30 PM)

Entry Fee: Adults -30 INR, Children- 15 INR, Camera- 50 INR and Camcorder- 150 INR

3. ELEFANTASTIC – a haven of the rescued


Let us get a little offbeat and head to a surprising Elephant Rehabilitation Centre in Jaipur. You’ll be fascinated by how genuinely the elephants are bred and cared for here. Furthermore, Elefantastic is an epitome of great Indian hospitality, opulent culture, deeply rooted traditions and customs masking it an amazing travel destination in India.

Did you know it was started as a project to care for elephants by Rahul Chaudhary, who then made this project a success and something all the travellers who visit India look for? With the help of locales, Elefantastic raises awareness about Asian elephants and tends to them as well. The sanctuary works for the welfare of these Asian elephants.

You can register for their Human-Elephant Interaction program and get to learn to keep up with their caretaking. Planning to get into Elephant tourism? This place is just what you should be looking out for.

Oh, and by the way, the souvenirs to take away are just as charming and exciting. Also, they serve some mouth-watering food.

Timings: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Entry Fee: INR 80

4. CHOKHI DHANI – culture and food!


Wish to have the best of both worlds? Confused? Well, how about indulging in the rich cultural past and heritage of Jaipur while immersing yourself in the modernity of the times? Yes, that’s very much possible.

On your Jaipur tour, get going to the authentic and traditional mock Rajasthani village on the outskirts of the city. Chokhi Dhani is an amalgamation of Jaipur’s opulent culture and everything that Jaipur has to offer to you blinding in its radiance. Sway to the rhythm of Rajasthani folk music while you marvel at the beautiful folk dancers. Oh, and by the way, the village also offers camel rides to give you true desert feels.

If that wasn’t enough, Chokhi Dhani is like a typical Bollywood village scene with acrobats, teetotallers, games and so much more. Furthermore, who would want to miss out on a smorgasbord of authentic Rajasthani cuisine, right? Let us get your fingers licked, shall we? Also, you can retire in your royal accommodation after a wonderful heavy meal.

Package, eh?

Timings: 5PM to 11PM

Entry Fee: Adults – INR 450, Kids – INR 350, Village Thali Food – INR 700, Resort Buffet Food – INR 1100, *The above-mentioned rates are per person. Suites for hotel bookings – INR 13000 onwards



How about venturing into a market 300 years old? Yep, not even kidding, Chandpole Bazaar is basically in the heart of Jaipur cocooned within its age-old walls. The entire stretch of 1 km is walled by pink coloured walls that best represent Jaipur. If you plan to pamper yourself with some shopping, this is just the right place to be.

Laden with a myriad of colours and radiating with vibrancy, this one has everything ranging from decor pieces to traditional Rajasthani attire, even spices! With somewhere around 350 shops, Chandpole Bazar is nothing less than heaven for all the shopaholics.

Did you know one of the most famous art forms of Rajasthan is marble sculpting? Guess what! Chandpole Bazaar is known for the same. Get ready to splurge some money while you’re here. Let those souvenirs fill your bags with warmth and fuzziness for your trip back home.

Timings: 11 am onwards

Open Days: All days



Time for some adventure! How about sliding in the snow during summers? Well, yes! That’s very much possible. Snow planet is an indoor themed amusement park frozen in the scorching heat of Jaipur. With the help of technology, anything is possible. Isn’t that right?

Snow planet is laden with oodles and oodles of processed snow.

Decked up with miniature snow bear sculptures, Christmas trees, and a lot more, this one has officially become one of the happiest places for kids. Also, the entire 3000 sq ft of this place rests at 5-degree Celsius.

So, better bring your jackets for it is going to be super chilled! Furthermore, get your cameras and click a hundred pictures around the alpine trees and the very famous Cryozone of the place.

Yes, you heard us right. There resides a kid inside everyone. Why don’t you let yours out on the top places to visit in Jaipur? It’ll be fun, we promise.

Timings: 12:30 AM –9:00 PM

Entry Fee: 550 INR and War Zone prices range from 300-700 INR

*Age restrictions for children under the age of 12

7. KITE FESTIVAL – painting the sky in the colours of the rainbow


If you’re looking for some gala time radiating with colours and vibrancy, Jaipur is just the perfect destination.

Every year in the month of January takes place a grand event that observes footfall from all over the country. The International Kite Festivalis an extravaganza that invites kite flyers from all across the globe to take part and let their kites soar high. Imagine a bed sheet of colour in the sky while devotees from all over take dips in the Galtaji tank.

The entire festival is a grand gala time that brings together people of different thoughts, feelings, and ideas together. Furthermore, the International Kite Festival is a true reflection of the opulent culture and heritage of Rajasthan. The art forms glide over the festival with pride. From folk music to art heritage, this festival showcases the best of Rajasthan. The festival marks a new season of love and joy. Come on, be a part of it already

8. JAIPUR LITERATURE FEST- celebrating literary geniuses


Every year a grand event that observes all the literary giants in it happens in Jaipur. Sponsored by Zee, this one is allegedly the greatest literature festival in the world. Well, you can’t really miss out on something like that, now can you?

Thinkers, writers, speakers, and like minded people gather to discuss, read, and share knowledge. With the traditions and culture of Rajasthan in the backdrop, this literary celebration is a must visit. Take part in the debates and discussions while you’re there. Trust us you, this one will be a very liberating experience.

When to visit: In January every year



Alright, a little wilderness in India,/ and a lot of fun never hurt anybody.

Get yourself adventure ready for a great safari at the Ranthambore National Park.

We all have a little wildling inside of us. Time to unleash it, folks! Indulge yourself in the lush greenery, beautiful flora, and fauna. Moreover, there is a little something for everyone here. Well, if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a ferocious tiger. If you’re a history buff, the Ranthambore fort isn’t that far away.

Moving on, if you’re a sweet bird watcher, brace yourself. It’ll be a massive treat for your eyes. And, if you love shopping, Dastkar Craft Centre is the place for you.

With the reflections of traditions and culture of Rajasthan, the craft work here will leave you spellbound.

Oh, an

d by the way, you can even fly high in the sky and get the perfect bird’s eye view of the national park from a hot air balloon.

Now, won’t that be interesting?

Go ahead; explore the lands for tigers, bears, and birds. What are you waiting for?

Best time to visit: November to April

10. LADLI VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE – skills, skills and more skills!


It’s only right to travel to India and get to see the very deep and raw face of it. The next on the list is not a very touristy place but definitely one that will be etched into your memories for a lifetime. Ladli Vocational Training Centre is an incredible initiative taken by the government of India to educate, train, and feed the kids belonging to the marginalized section of the society.

They are taught all sorts of vocational skills leading to their overall development.

Also, some artwork and handicrafts made by them are worth buying.

They are beautiful, bizarre and honest.

Moreover, the profit earned is used for the kids and the maintenance of the centre.

You sure don’t mind splurging in something so pure, do you?

Speaking of, there cannot be any better souvenirs to take back with you

11. JOHRI BAZAAR – the jeweller’s hub


Markets in the pink city of Jaipur are bright, vibrant, and full of colours. Enclosed within the walls of a palace, Johri Bazaar should be your one true stop for anything and everything when it comes to shopping in Jaipur.

From leather juttis to the traditional Rajasthani attire, you’ll find it all here.

Also, handicraft from the artisans here is to die for.

You can even use it all as home décor and see your home turn aesthetically beautiful.

Although the bazaar is usually brimming with people and the hustle-bustle is a part of it, you’ll find a lot here to actually be thankful for.

Go ahead, show them some money and get yourself the best of the best.

No one ever shied away from some shopping, isn’t it?

Open days: All days

Timings: 10 am to 11 pm

12. TREEHOUSE RESORT – luxury with tints of nature


Ever experienced the thrill of Glamping?

Wondering what it is?

Combine glamour with camping and voila! That’s glamping for you.

Jaipur travel will bring in for you one of the best glamping experiences and probably one of the most luxuries of India travel at the Tree House Resort.

With a house nested up in a tree, it can never go wrong. Can it? Add safari, a tennis court, and camel rides to the list, the charm of the trip just gets better. Lie around in the earthly wrought iron beds and marvel at the beauty of nature outside your window on your Jaipur Trip.

Also, bird watchers, you’re in for a treat here. Catch some exotic birds and capture them in your cameras. Just so you know, this one is a little on the expensive side. It’ll cost you around Rs 15k to Rs 21k per night for two people.

The best places to visit in Jaipur make Jaipur what it is – a labyrinth of history and heritage.

We, at The Grand Indian Route, bring the pink-hued city to you while you contemplate which places to visit first on the list.

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