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Do you ever wonder what would it be like to experience traveling throughout India? Is what they say about India true? Or are those just some vague myths about India?

Well, before you start scratching your heads to find answers, let us take the honor of debunking those myths in India.

We can’t be any gladder!

You know that India is an extremely beautiful blend of people, lives, landscapes, mountains, colors, and food, right?

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India has so much to offer to the world.

It’s the time people stopped believing in the negative publicity of media and started changing their preconceived notions about a country which is nothing short of a miracle.

Let’s separate the few known Indian myths and facts, shall we? Of course, we are here to help you do just that. Plus, we will slide some essential India travel tips here and there.

But before we do, we would like you to forget how some movies and media channels portrayed India for you. Brace yourself, peeps.

You are about to have a complete 180 of your thoughts and perceptions towards India.

And, we couldn’t be happier!

Unsafe, Is It?

Does mentioning India remind you of how unsafe the media portrays it to be? What do you think? Is it really as unsafe as the media projects it?

Let’s debunk one of the myths about India for you. And we couldn’t be any happier, for this widely believed myth needs to be debunked right away!

Of course, India gives you so many reasons to visit it and appreciate the blend of beauty, culture, and traditions it has.

As a matter of fact, an entire family or a group of travelers can explore India happily in their own terms. Of course, taking little precautions is imperative for solo travelers. To be honest, in which country it isn’t?

Moreover, people so easily form perceptions after watching Bollywood movies that talk about crime and violence in India. Of course, India experiences its fair share of tragedies but we’d be lying if we say that other countries don’t.

Yes, peeps! Go ahead, travel India. let go of these myths about India tourism from your minds. India is a beautiful country ready with a lot to offer to you. Give it a heads up. You’ll thank us later!

Clean Clean, India Get Yourself Cleaned

You’ve all come across some Bollywood movies that show the slum areas of India.

As a matter of fact, we’re sure they have put in your minds a very dirty image of how India is.

But let us assure you, it isn’t all that India is. In fact, this one is one of the top 10 myths in India.

India is still developing and it is only fair to give it the benefit of the doubt, Now isn’t it?

As if other countries like the USA or Brazil don’t have sections that are relatively poor and slum-like. It’s time we stopped paying attention to such myths about India.

Come on, you’re travelers. Why don’t you go find the truth yourself? Indian myths and facts need to be distinguished, already! Don’t you think?

Before you do, let us warn you!

You’ll be speechless. India doesn’t shy away from flaunting the very lavish and exotic parts of itself.

Oh, How Will I Ever Have A Fluent Conversation In India?

Alright, let us have the honor of debunking one of the biggest myths about India. No, Indians are not bad in communicating in English.

The accent might differ from yours but English is basically the most widely spoken language.

Strangely enough, travelers from all over the globe can find comfort in India since from Kashmir to Kanyakumari people are capable enough to speak a plethora of foreign languages.

Be it Portuguese or French, you’ll be able to get by here.

Did we break the myth for you?
Good, because that’s what we want the world to see.

Réservezvos billets!

You Tell Us It’s Only Hot In Here, But Is It?

Furthermore, one of the most widely believed myths about Indians is that it is hot and humid all year round.

Is it really?

As a matter of fact, India has the perfect blend of hot, cold, humid, and pleasant.

Hike up to the Himalayas to feel the goodness of icy silver peaks and chilled air, sway to the rhythm of the warm breeze of the deserts of Rajasthan, and play with the beach waves in the tropical hit of the coastal regions.

You see?

That’s the perk of being surrounded by the mighty Himalayas and the oceans. Have you separated these myths from the facts already?

Be that as it may, will you still call India hot?

Veggies All Day All Night. Is It?

We fail at understand why people think that all Indians do is gorge on vegetarian food.

Folks, India is much more than that. Let us bust one of the most widely believed myths about Indians.

Surprisingly, you’ll find all kinds of lip-smacking kebabs and other non-vegetarian dishes.

No, Indians do not shy away from eating what is edible and legally acceptable.
You know that India is a peninsula, right?

Why would you ever underestimate what it has on a gourmet platter for you?
Damn right, from some exotic seafood to beef, meat, and pork, you better indulge in all.

Yes, finger licking is good!

Taj Mahal Is All That You Need To See.

Let us be the ones to bust one of the most misleading myths about India.
No doubt, we give all the credit to the Taj Mahal for being one of the wonders of the world.

But is that all India is known for?

As a matter of fact, India is flooded to the brim with some of the world heritage sites speaking volumes of its past and opulent Indian culture.

We bet you will be smitten by the architectural designs of the popular edifices of RajasthanDelhi, or even Tamil Nadu for that matter.

Furthermore, the Mughal architecture sprawled in Agra and the likes of it will enchant you with their beauty.

Oh, The Food Everywhere Is Too Spicy To Survive It.

Alright, we know that food is the best thing that has happened to humanity. Well, second to travel!

It is one of the most widely known myths about India that all India serves on a platter is some extremely hot and spicy gourmet.

Did you really think that India being a country so diverse in culture would not have a myriad of cuisines to rule your taste buds?

Of course, you’ll find food that’s way too spicy too. But that’s not the end of it, folks.

Travel to every nook and cranny of India to relish the street food and regional cuisines that are gastronomic.

Be that as it may, you’ll be licking your fingers if you get to taste the awesomeness of Mughlai cuisine or even the seafood for that matter.

Yeah, try the delicacies and you’ll see what we mean.

The Land Of Snake Charmers And Elephants, Is It?

That’s what they call India. And we agree to disagree with one of the biggest myths about India.

As a matter of fact, If you think you’ll find elephants walking randomly on the roads everywhere you’re in for a colossal disappointment. Historical myths of India, anyone?

Furthermore, if you’re expecting to see the snake charmers at every corner, let us tell you it won’t be happening unless you’re in Rajasthan.

And yes, even there you won’t find them everywhere.

Just because other countries rarely witness such a thing doesn’t mean India should be tagged as the land of snake charmers.

In fact, we worship snakes in a way because of Lord Shiva, therefore, trapping one is not something we really appreciate.

Go ahead, witness this Hindu myth and legend getting busted for yourself!

India Is A Poor Country!

Let us debunk another one of the myths about India. We’re glad we’re doing this for you.

People across the globe think that India is a poor country and that there are beggars everywhere you lay your eyes.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s pretty normal for any country to House some poor people.

Be that as it may, India, according to a recent survey, is the 11th country to house the maximum number of millionaires.

Does that smell of poverty to you?
Moreover, you can spot any kind of luxury car and house in the country. You name it and you’ll see it.

Ah, felt good busting this myth, we swear.
It doesn’t end here, we have a few more myths about India that you need to separate from the facts, right away!

Hinduism Is The Only Religion Here! Is That True?

So nothing disappoints us more than hearing another one of those myths about India which says that India is home to only Hinduism as the religion.

If there’s anything that can be more wrong, we’d be glad to hear about it. Because as much as India is known for its diversity, it is religiously so diverse.

With people belonging to so many religious backgrounds living in unity within this huge country, it is only right to call it as secular as it can get.

Be it Christianity Islam or Hinduism for that matter, you’ll find people belonging to all.

Strangely enough, that’s the beauty of incredible India. And we haven’t felt prouder doing anything as much as we did while busting one of the biggest myth about India. Yes, this one.

You Are More Likely To Get Scammed In India.

There’s nothing more disheartening than coming across this of all the myths about India.

We can’t be happier debunking this one.

As a matter of fact, Indians live by the consent of “AtithiDevoBhavah” which basically means that our guest is our God.

The kind of home away from home experience and hospitality that you’ll receive in India through its decent and welcoming citizens is something you’ll cherish even after going back.

Of course, little thefts and tragedies can happen anywhere.

Why should India be labeled for the same?
When in reality India is nothing but extremely hospitable to its guests.

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