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Travel Solo: Best Places To Travel Alone In India

Some things are enjoyed to the fullest when experienced exclusively. Travel, by all means, is one of them. You can enjoy it in high spirits only if you set yourself free into its juju. And, in a country like India where cultural trips are the top things to do, a deeper thought process is required which comes only when you are traveling alone.

Trust us; it’s not the same as it is when you are traveling in a group. That’s because here you become the master of your travel destiny and depend on no-one but yourself to make the experience one of its kind.

As a matter of fact, the travel solo culture is not that prevalent in India. Still, there are many places that give full justice to solo adventures without even asking for it. Do you also wish to travel to these amazing places in India? Then, trust us; you will never be lonely, even when you are all alone, that’s the beauty of taking a solo trip. Do you think you can handle that? Then, for starters, here is a list of the 20 best places to travel alone in India.

SHIMLA – The Pilgrimage Of Budding Solo Travelers

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If you are traveling solo for the very first time, then Shimla is the finest place to give your solo journey a head start.

Nestled amidst the most placid scenery, Shimla seems promising for a budding solo-traveler in terms of accessibility and amenities. If it’s the budget solo trips in India that you are looking for, then your search is over.

No harsh temperatures, no limited supplies just subtle, soothing breezes and the company of Mother Nature. Intrigued, eh?

Food is life is in this beautiful sanctuary. Enjoying authentic Himachali cuisine or otherwise munching upon your favorite comfort food at the innumerous cafés is one of the best things to do here.

Shimla in Himachal Pradesh brings you the joys of toying in the toy trains and rejoicing in an aura that’s like none other. You will be surprised to know that besides being a summer hill of the Himalayas it also has a 12 km long stretch placed right in its heart.

Did you think it’s only the scenic treasures that you can revel in here? Then, you’re mistaken. This meadow of wonder boasts a travel medley.

As a result of this, with high-pitched culture and spirituality, history also manages to bag a decent place in the heart of its visitors.

If you want to solo travel in India for the bliss in seclusion then this one of the best cheap places for solo travel in India will take you by no surprise.

Read more on Shimla here.

Best time to be in Shimla: March – September

Places to visit: Jakhoo temple, the Ridge, Jakhu hill, Pabbar Valley, Gorton Castle, and Bantony Castle.

RISHIKESH – Sages And Religious Sagas

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The paradise of Indian solo travelers!

Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is a surreal site that tick-marks many travel genres including adventure sports, Yoga & Ayurveda, and of course religion.

The diversity of travel themes in Rishikesh makes it yet another fantastic destination to traverse alone and a charmer of solo travel packages in India. Other than the perks mentioned above,

you can really enjoy your time gazing at the stars or for that matter enjoying the sunset and the sunrise by virtue of the Holy Ganges. Who gets to do that every day?

Rishikesh is not just another chapter in the theological handbook of India. Rather, it’s an epic flourishing the art of living in the most peaceful setting. And, when you think you know this place well enough, Rishikesh flabbergasts you with the pleasures of Hippie culture and mod cafes.

If you think that’s all, then, we suggest you to spend some time camping on the bank of the Ganges. There is no recreational activity better than this because you know, Nature always heals.

There is no better way to rejoice in this push estate than to travel here alone. Why? Well, meeting new people, and learning new culture and customs can be best done without any bondage. We believe in that. Do you too? If that’s a yes, then, read about Rishikesh and many such sites here.

Best time to visit: September to mid-November.

Places to visit in Rishikesh: Ram Jhula, Pramarth Niketan, Triveni Ghat, GANGA Beach, Ner Waterfall, and Trayambakeshwar Temple

TAWANG MONASTERY – An Emblem Of Spiritual Richness

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Are you a traveler who prefers taking the road less traveled? Do you keep searching for group trips for singles in India? If yes is your answer, then this next treasure of the Himalayas will make you dance with excitement.

Nestled at an altitude of 3048 meters, Tawang is the ultimate paradise for solo travelers and backpackers. Whether you are a single male traveler India or a write of a solo female traveler blog India, basking in its glory will be your option.

With beauty dripping in every direction, this valley becomes the best host for all the solo traveling souls out there.

How? Well, blissful treks, amazing panoramic views, and ultimate camping opportunities, what else do you need?

Does your heart hit its tranquil spot a little harder? Woo! Then, this destination will turn out to be an absolute blessing for you. Rocking in the cradle of the Himalayas, this monastery redefines bliss.

You can completely lose yourself in its aura and find your spirit animal instead. The silence of the valley, the dedicated folks, and picture-perfect frames, Tawang Monastery is a true champion of champions on the solo-travel map.

Believe us; it will come to your notice when least expected and will bind you with its charms so that getting it off your heart will be a task.

Are you still no sure about it? Then, we will let the piousness of this valley speak to you. You’ll have a change of mind, trust us on that.

Loved what you read? Then, read more about many such places on the road less traveled here.

Best time to visit: March – October

Places to visit: Sela Pass, Madhuri Lake, Nuranang Falls, Gorichen Peak, and P.T Tso Lake.

GOA – The Pint-Sized Spice Of India

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Beaches, bikinis, and beauty in every inch, this is partially the Goa we want you to travel. Partially? Yes, because what you know is just a percentage of what this estate intends to offer. So, why don’t you travel here alone for a little change in opinion?

Witness this grandee of the solo travel destinations India alive and kicking. Sounds like a plan?

Goa, the hippie hub of the country is widely popular for many reasons and surely more than for the lazy lay on its beaches. It is, in fact, gaining momentum in the travel universe among fellow solo travelers for its culture, water sports, Yoga, and Ayurveda retreat as well.

Proving itself as a complete package, Goa hosts the best solo travel in India opportunities. It welcomes wander-craving souls with open arms to experience a distinct flavor of its ambiance and bedazzling options for group trips for singles in India.

The aesthetic pleasures of this state are note-worthy. Strung in a line uninterrupted by the hustle and bustle of the cities, the beaches of Goa are the pride Arabian Sea.

Although Goa tops up the zen and tan, there is no doubt that its spiritual heart beats even more loudly. Still, the best part is that at any time of the day, you can convert your trip into a spicy affair. And, we mean that literally.

Who will not want to be a part of this hippie legacy and spiced sagas? So, treat yourself to the most fantabulous group tours for single travelers in India. See you there!

Best time to visit Goa: November – March

Places to visit: Panaji, Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Arambol and Old Goa.

LAHAUL – SPITI – The Twin Land Of Wonders

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Taking a trip to the unexplored terrains of India is not less than a roller coaster ride. One moment you feel all pumped up with adrenaline. At another, the tranquil vibes hit you hard and start taking over your subconscious mind.

Why travel there alone, you ask? That’s because getting lost in the beauty of this valley is a lot easier when you are alone. How? Well for starters, it helps you to reflect back instantaneously to the alluring landscape you’ll see.

Furthermore, it assists you to look at life from a different perspective. To add to its fervor is the fact that it’s a completely safe women’s solo travel groups India. Isn’t that enough to get you there?

Welcome to the humble abode of positivity and fervor. Here, even snow-clad beauties stand beside its visitors in absolute glory.

Trust us; this beautiful valley is very much capable of channeling your energy into a whole new direction. Still, the most enticing part to look forward or are the homestays on the lap of the Himalayas. Sounds like glitters and shines to us, what do you think?

Also spreading its wings wider into the sky of adventure hotspots, this graciously serene district of Himachal Pradesh will meet you at Rohtang Pass.

So, get ready to taste the wilderness of extreme adventure treks amidst the snow-capped enchantress. Can you hear the mountain calls?

Know about this destination in detail. Read all about Lahaul-Spiti here.

Best time to be in Spiti Valley: June to September.

Places to visit: Key Monastery, Tabo monastery, Lhalung Monastery, Suraj Tal, Kunum Pass, Pin Valley National Park, Kibber and Udaipur.

ALLEPPEY – The Balmy Tone Of South India

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Calming backwaters, amazing palm picturesque and you enjoying the treasures of nature while floating swiftly on a houseboat, doesn’t it sound dreamy?

It definitely does and you won’t be able to deny the pleasures of its top-notch facilities. We mean when we say that’s its one of the best places to travel alone in Kerala. The magic of the backwaters is such that it will teach you the art of living.

Also, being appreciative of life will be an added bonus. In each case, with the passage of every second, you will fall for life a little more.

What’s so special about Alleppey? Well here, the modern twist to the traditional houseboats does the magic and makes this place a stunner at places to travel alone in South India list.

If you are wondering why not to take travel groups in India for this sanctuary, then, what is a better reason than enjoying your own company while getting the best massages?

Yes! For a little more pampering than usual, then you can always fall back to the authentic Ayurveda facility here. It’s the knight in shining armor of this top name of the solo trip packages India. Correct us if we are wrong, who wouldn’t want that?

Alleppey in Kerala the stellar solo female travel destination in south India is also best known for its never-ending cultural fiestas that will make you never want to leave. The customs and rituals are a great part of the daily chores of the locals.

Also, the festivals with great traditional relevance remind the world that everything in Alleppey is very much connected to its ancient roots. Consequently, you cannot just leave with a handful of memories.

Knowledge will be the ultimate gift of this plush estate, count us on that. Was this destination successful in winning your heart? If yes, then, read everything about Kerala Tourism here.

Best time to visit: June till August

Other top places to visit in Kerala is Kochi, Thekkady, Munnar, Wayanad, and Kovalam.

KUTCH – The Ivory Footprint Of Gujarat

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If there is one name that shines at the solo travel packages in India list, hands down it has to be Kutch’s. This largest salt marsh of India is rising to fame as the most loved backpacker destination in India.

Why? That’s because it offers travelers the opportunity to interact with the lost tribes of Gujarat while camping in the middle of nowhere.

Are you a fan of history hues amidst wildlife callings? Then Kutch will be your blaze of light on a holiday alone. This beautiful sanctuary is home to many endemic species and as a matter of fact, is loaded with historical edifices.

So, if you catch sight of an Indian wild ass while driving casually around the estate then, don’t get too excited, it’s quite normal here. Also, you can enjoy the spiritual sprint while doing some nature hunting. Well, that sounds like a deal.

Kutch in Gujarat changes the travel game in India and we say that with assurance because you won’t find a destination as diverse as this.

There are deserts, beaches, top-notch structures, nature parks and best of all, the biggest festival of all time Rann Utsav. Can you think of any reason for not loving this place?

We can’t either. So, plan your trip to Kutch and gift yourself with one of the best vacations to take alone.

Best time to visit Gujarat: October – March

Top Places to visit in Gujarat: Bhuj, Ahmadabad, Daman and Diu, Sasan Gir, and Ahmedabad.

LEH – Shining Like Gold In The Cold

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Leh (Jammu and Kashmir) is one such travel destination that invites group tours for single travelers in India with the nerves of steel. It is because the high mountain routes here require an adventurous heart to motor its way.

The sights of the dusky valley, the sparkling waters of the Pangong Lake, and experiences that are worth a lifetime, Leh is everything a traveling heart desires.

It’s one such traveling-alone destination that doesn’t catch you by surprise but mesmerizes you with its existence. And, if you feel like an avid of traveler, then, you cannot deny that traveling here alone is the best decision to make.

Let us break it down for you. When you travel to a mobile place like Leh, planning a stay can be a hassle but not if you are traveling alone.

That’s because you can always find a place for one even if you are wishing to visit the last motorable village, Turtuk. Also, you can travel wherever you want with the perks of getting to know the culture a little closer.

We told you traveling alone will be a deal. As for Leh, there are no words to describe its beauty and the fact that the largest monastery rests here add up to the joy of visiting it alone.

Do you think giving Leh a chance for a solo trip in India is worth it? Then, read everything we have on it and plan your perfect trip to Leh here.

Best time to visit: April to mid-May

Don’t miss visiting the Nubra Valley, Pangong Lake, Stok Place, Tso Muriri, Turtuk, Alchi, Hemis National Park, and Khardung La Pass.

BODH GAYA- Pray, Preach And Repeat

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If you are feeling a little inclined to your spiritual self, then a trip to Bodhgaya in Bihar will definitely help.

This spiritual estate where the Buddha attained Nirvana attracts many travelers who are willing to learn a percentage of what Buddha did during the process.

This beautiful destination is blessed with architectural wonders, some right there in front of every eye and some hiding out. All you have to do is follow the prayer flags that will lead you to the descendant of the Mahabodhi tree.

Remember the tree that Prince Siddhartha sat under to attain spiritual salvation? Yes? Then, you can evaluate its bliss.

Get geared up for an encounter with an estate that sings the song of the existence of Buddhism in the world. We are sure you will love what you will learn here but again, the rule is that there should be no distractions.

Only then, your mind and soul can be in actual harmony. Are you ready for that? Even if you are not, the ambiance will help align your chakras.

This splendid site on single travel packages in India and the oldest brick structure of the East deserves a chance on your solo-travel journal, don’t you think? If that’s a yes, then please your inner cultural savvy. No pressure! Just enjoy the journey and your encounter with the diamond throne built by Ashoka.

Also, do plan a trip through the Buddhist circle. Let us be your guide.

Best Time to visit Bodhgaya: November – February

Follow the Buddhist circuit by visiting Shravasti, Patna, Kushinagar, Lumbini and Varanasi.

SANGLA – Orchards, Walnuts And More!

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We’ve all heard about finding solace in solitude and trust us; this next destination will give you a live example of that. Welcome to Sangla Valley where off-beaten tracks take you to an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban areas.

This beautiful valley is all decked up in tranquil motifs making it a complete dream.

Sangla valley is hands down the pride of Himachal Pradesh and traversing it on the wheel comforts every adventure-loving heart. If you are someone who adores the treasures of a hill station, then trust us, there are many gorgeous ones here.

Moreover, soul-feeding in this wonderous terrain demands a dash of adventures like the ones in camping, trekking and whatnot. Still, it is the visit to Bering Nath Temple and Chitkul that pleases the heart.

Your time in this challenging terrain will be in the company of apple orchards, apricots, walnuts, cedar trees, and glacial streams. Isn’t it enough to push your excitement buttons like crazy? No? Then your travel appetite will need the touch of its distinct culture for nurturing.

Yes, it’s something to definitely look out for. So, get, set and go to this valley of wonder and be your own solo trip planner.

Also, read about other such destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

Best Time to visit: March- June, September, and December

Places to visit: Sangla meadows, Berin Nath Temple, Chitkul Kamru Fort, Zanghu Nagas Temple, and Basteri Village.

ZANSKAR VALLEY – Where Spirituality And Adventure Collide

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Another valley on our list coming right up. Hey! Trust us; it’s a completely different story here at this topping trip of solo travel packages in India.

How? That’s because the beauty here is adorned with the prayer bells of Buddhism. Why is it a star destination you ask? Well, it gives you the perks of Leh and Ladakh all at once. What else do you need?

Zanskar Valley is another pristine destination that shines on the solo trip packages in India. Be it in terms of price and experience, Zanskar deserves a place in your heart and also your India travel list. This silent valley is the abode of the monks but that’s not the only reason why solo travel in India packages love Zanskar.

It is also because of its semi-desert terrain and nerve-wracking adventure sports that your visit to Zanskar is an adventure of a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? You know you can pay it homage while motoring your way to Ladakh, right?

So, read about it and Leh-Ladakh here.

Best Time to visit: mid-May – mid-October

Places to visit: Pensi La Pass, Darung Darung Glacier, Padum and Rangdum.

JAISALMER – Turning Back The Sands Of Time

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A trip to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is one of the best vacations to take alone. Here you can enjoy living in camps and eating lip-smacking delicacies right from the royal platter.

The best part is, you can do it all while enjoying the limitless views of the desert. Isn’t that enticing?

trip to Jaisalmer comes with the pleasure of sailing on the ship of the desert (the Camel). Exploring the golden sands and meeting like-minded people is something to look forward on a trip here.

Jaisalmer to a solo traveler is an odyssey that takes you on a voyage to the old times. Yes, Jaisalmer is about royal history too. Its royal tints although hidden, are the most surreal ones in Rajasthan.

Experiencing them in the vicinity of the Forts stages the events of the past right in order and makes it easier to connect with them. No doubt; it can give anybody anxious chills.

Despite the overpowering flavors of royal India, Jaisalmer has some temple trailing and gorging experiences right around the corner too. Fancy its pleasures? So, take a Rajasthan solo tour now!

Best time to visit: November – March

Top places to visit in Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer Fort, Sam Sand Dunes, Badal Palace, Tazia Tower, Jain temple, and Patwon-ki-Haveli.

GULMARG – The Foreground Of Beauty

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Tagged as one of the best Ski destinations in the world, Gulmarg in Kashmir is as beautiful as it is serene. This high altitude region is no doubt the sole love of every adventure junkie who traverses North India.

Why? Well, amidst the clouds and blankets of snow this destination also hosts extreme winter sports. Isn’t that enough to take your excitement to the high road?

Gulmarg is dreamy but the road leading here is another story of bliss altogether. Embellished with the nutty trails of pine and fir, your way to Gulmarg will be a fairy tale of its own kind.

So, bring your inner adventure heart to enjoy the perks of skiing, tobogganing, heliskiing, and snowboarding in this plush estate. So what if you are planning a visit in summers? The camping, hiking and golfing fun will be your trusted companions then. Also, read about many such destinations in Jammu and Kashmir here.

Best time to visit: December – mid-March

Places to visit nearby: Gulmarg Gondola, Khilanmarg, and Alpather Lake.

AGRA – Mughal Delights

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Agra in Uttar Pradesh is at its best when you pay it a visit with all your heart and soul. You enjoy each and every glimpse of this beauty while reveling in the magic of its phenomenal edifices. That’s the case with Taj as well.

Viewing Taj as a sole admirer is 100 times different than visiting it with family and friends. How? Well, visiting it alone definitely gets you more caught up. You will observe even the tiniest of detail, even if you’ve visited the place many times.

Agra comes with the impish glee of the Mughal Era and why not? It was once the capital of this glorious dynasty.

Be it the symmetrical gardens of Taj or its mirror image across the Yamuna or be it the very magnetic Agra Fort with many pristine palaces, every structure here speaks volumes about the magnetism of that era.

Doesn’t it call for a solo visit? Yes? Then, learn everything about Agra Tourism here.

Best time to visit: October – March

Other top places to visit in Agra: Agra Fort, Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah, Akbar’s tomb, Mehtab Bagh, Moti Masjid and Fatehpur Sikhri.

COORG – Smells Like A Teen Spirit

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Imagine yourself in a sanctuary that seems like an establishment, sounds like a forest, smells like a tea garden and feels like a complete delight.

Isn’t that the most blissful feeling ever? If it is for you, then Coorg is on the same frequency with your inner being.

If you go by what we suggest, then it’s definitely the pool of tranquility you deserve. Furthermore, we know you deserve the best. So, why wait?

Well known for its coffee plantations, Coorg in Kerala has emerged as one of the most famous eco-tourism destinations in India. But what makes it extra special is the fact that it’s among the best places to travel alone in India for a girl.

Perched in the Western Ghats this beautiful sanctuary is the only destination in South India that gives you the pleasures of waterfalls, National Parks and Buddhism all at once. Isn’t that enough to pay it a visit? Yes? Then, read more about Coorg here.

Best time to visit: October – March

Top places to visit: Madikeri Fort, Wayanad National Park, Kutta, Srimangala and Kushalanagar.

AULI – Sliding Over The Snow Blankets

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Are you a leisure seeker as well as a travel junkie? Then, this next destination will star mark your travel aspirations simultaneously.

Situated at an elevation of 3,049 m, Auli is the perfect getaway for all adventure-loving hearts around the globe. It is widely famous for its twisted ski routes covered in snow in winters and hiking fun in the summer season.

Wait! Auli (Uttarakhand) is not done with its showers of blessing yet. This elite hotspot of places to travel alone in North India list has many more cultural and religious frames to place your travel stories.

Will you want to give it a chance to do so? Well then, Joshi Math and the very sacred Badrinath Temple will be some great additions to your travel journal.

Did you find that intriguing? Then, learn about it and many such in Uttarakhand here.

Best time to visit: November– March (Skiing), and May – November (Summer Getaway)

Top places to visit: Auli Ropeway, Auli Artificial Lake, Gorson Bugyal, Joshimath, and Chenab Lake.

MUNNAR – Greenery Avalanche

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If your inner nature lover wants to fly in open fields in the company of rich flora and fauna then, Munnar in Kerala is the destination for you.

Traveling solo here comes with the delights of rekindling with your wilder roots. Various hiking escapades and tea garden exploration will adorn your visit here.

The best part is you can do it all on an elephant back. Isn’t that just amazing? Well, then it calls for a visit.

Swaying palms, soothing breezes, lush green carpets and the smell of tea leaves, that sounds like heaven to us, what about you? It does?

Then, why not be a part of it. So, pack your back and head to Munnar for there is nothing that you won’t want to add on to your perfect itinerary. What are you waiting for?

Read everything about Munnar in Kerala here.

Best time to visit: October – March Top places to visit: Kundala Lake, Rose Garden, Pothamedu Viewpoint, Anamudi Peak and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

AAMBY VALLEY – Shoot From The Sky

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Does jumping off from a height give a scare-bite on your throat? No? Then, this next destination will certainly turn out as your absolute favorite.

Famed as the ultimate skydiving destination of India, Aamby Valley is certainly the solo travel destination you need in your life. Why? Well, it check-marks every criterion, be it the fact that it is very well planned or the artificial or natural wonders in its vicinity, everything adds up for it.

A finger-licking food platter waits for you in this city. It helps you cope with the adrenaline rush you’ll experience later when you push your adventure limits here.

Trust us; everything is so smooth that you won’t even believe how well it went. So, surrender yourself to a variety of adventure sports here. Otherwise, there is always a good time to fall back on many such activities in Maharashtra.

Best time to visit: October – February

Top places to visit: Korigad, Lion’s point, Pawna Lake, Bushi Dam, and Mrugagad.

MAJULI – The Island District Of Assam

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Majuli is the largest river island in the world that showcases a very distinct and endangered avifauna species. Located in the River Bhramaputra, these wetlands are the most amazing hotspots for experiencing a very different rural ambiance and biodiversity.

If you are a culture vulture then, this trip can come to you as a bonus on a budget solo trip to India.

So, break free on your solo travel and take the road less traveled to Assam to become a part of this merriment.

This surreal destination is not just beautiful but so culturally lavish that you will not be able to get over it soon.

That’s because of the tribal culture that accounts for this largest freshwater island’s uniqueness. Do you know there are many other such destinations in India? No? then,

learn about many such rich wildlife sanctuaries here.

Best time to visit: October – March Places to visit: Molai Forest, Dakhinpat Satra, and Sri-Sri Anuniati Satra.

PONDICHERRY- French Route To Spiritual India

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Last but not least is the French-like colony in India that gives you the colonial feels in seconds. Pondicherry also known as Puducherry is a stellar destination that you need to travel alone.

Be it for the quaint bicycle rides through these colonies or the seaside beach fun, exploring Pondicherry alone is a blessing in no disguise.

Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu is a legacy tailored to historical and spiritual motifs. Here, it needs no rocket science to realize that it’s the glorious history of this estate that has made it what it is today.

No doubt, breathing and living amidst them makes this tour an experience of a lifetime. So, don’t forget to indulge in its rich culture and try tasting the real flavors of its travel assortments. For everything else, read more on Pondicherry here.

Best time to visit: October – March Solo travel in India, Places to travel: The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry Museum, and Sri Kokila Ambika Temple.

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