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Rural of Jodhpur, A Village Safari

Experience the rural of Bishnoi, Chandelao Garh & Salawas. Thank you Chhota Bhai Prajapat & Praduman Singh Ji for providing the Images 🙂

Jodhpur is a picturesque Rajasthani city which is very popular with tourists around the globe.

The secret of Jodhpur’s popularity lies in its vibrant and diversified culture that hits home with every travel-loving soul.

But do you know that its many neighboring villages inspire the culture of this city? A round trip to these villages will make you fall in love with the city even more.

That’s why we bring to you the ultimate Jodhpur Village Safari.

A tour that will help you understand Jodhpur’s ethos fully and completely.

It is a journey that will take you off the tourist trail and deep into the heartland of rural Rajasthan.

On this trip, not only will you be able to understand Jodhpur more intimately but will also learn more about its intricate art and craft.

So, why wait? Hop in this info-wagon to know what all you can do on this safari.

Hey! In case you want to cover this safari on a Rajasthan Tourrequest a quote here.

We promise that in no time, our representatives will help you plan your customized itinerary. Give it a try now!

Highlights Of Jodhpur Village Safari

  • Meet the staunch worshippers of nature at Bishnoi Village.
  • Try your hands at the potter’s wheel in Singhasini Village.
  • Take the Guda Nature walk to spot a plethora of birds and animals.
  • See the process of block printing in Kankani Village.
  • Visit the land of magical carpets at Salawas Village.
  • Enjoy a homestay in Salawas.
  • Be a part of the community-based tourism in Chandelao Village.

Now that you are well acquainted with the safari plan let’s discuss each aspect of this safari in detail!

Meet The Staunch Worshippers Of Nature At Bishnoi Village Of Khejarli

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Your Jodhpur Village Jeep Safari Tour will kickstart from Khejarli Village.

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Bishnoi Village of Khejarli or Khejarli Village is home to Rajasthan’soldest ecological tribe. Also famous as the sole witness of India’s first-ever green movement, the history of this hamlet reeks of love and devotion.

A Little Backstory On Bishnois:

Bishnoi is a sect of the Hindu religion that follows 29 rules to become appreciative and worthy confidants of nature.

Central to their existence is the Khejri tree that’s sacred to the community, thus the name Khejarli Village.

The people of this village live off and for nature.

They have created such a symbiotic environment in their locale that even animals like Gazelles and Blackbuck roam freely here.

However, what brought the spotlight to this rural paradise is an incident that happened way back in 1730.

Over 363, including women and children, gave their lives to save their sacred Khejri tree from falling. That’s the level of passion they share for nature.

What To Expect?

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By adding this experience, you have booked yourself an info-ride to the concept of a primitive lifestyle.

Also, learning what makes Bishnois so passionate about the environment in the first place is another brownie point for this safari.

In Khejarli Village, you will spend the day talking to the rural folks and learning their history.

In the gist of which, you’ll also see the famous tree memorial near Jambheshwar Ji Temple.

Do you know that the Bishnois also share their crops with the animals and work with wood only after a tree is fallen?

More such facts about the naturalist lifestyle await you here.

Location: 27 km south-east of Jodhpur

Insider’s Tip: An information that you must know about this village before your visit here is that, here the things that we consider necessities are luxuries.

That even includes electricity. So, do not expect flamboyance; it is nothing like the other touristy destinations of Rajasthan, and that is its beauty.

We have already talked about Bishnoi Culture in detail. If you are interested in knowing more, do give it a read.

Try Your Hands At The Potter’s Wheel In Singhasini

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Shape your Jodhpur Village Safari into a vessel of happiness at Singhasini Village.

A swarm of freshly made pots under the sun is how you will remember your first encounter with this tiny hamlet.

People often state that pots kept for drying in the village resemble cannonballs giving the entire landscape of the town a battlefield vibe. And we cannot agree more.

What To Expect 


In the village, you will witness an array of households engaging in the art.

And, it’s not just the men that will be working on the pieces, you’ll also see women and children lending a hand to keep this ancient craft alive.

We are sure you’ll be awestruck to see the magic of pot-making live in action.

To be able to witness how a mere lump of clay can convert into unique shapes is beyond explanation.

Then, don’t miss it, we assure you there is nothing more therapeutic than the touch of clay against your palm.

The ancient art Pottery is presumed to be crucial antiquity.

However, this beautiful art of ceramic making is dying eventually. So, do your bit while you are here.

Support the locals, talk to them, and if time and your clothes permit, do try your hand at the potter’s wheel.

Haven’t tried pottery yet?

Location: 20 km south of Jodhpur

Take The Guda Nature Walk For A Wildlife Adventure.

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IMG 20200830 WA0039

If your heart  belongs in the wild, you will enjoy the Guda Nature walk on your Village Safari in Jodhpur.

What’s so special about it you ask?

Well, when was the last time you saw animals roaming freely even in the presence of humans?

Yeah, exactly our point!

Guda Nature Walk revolves around Guda Lake.

The presence of this artificial lake makes Guda Village an oasis in the land of heat and sandstorms.

What To Expect?

The walking trails around the Guda Lake and smaller adjoining ponds are where you will be able to spot exotic wildlife.

If you sign up for this experience, you will have the opportunity to see blackbucks, chinkaras, blue bulls, desert foxes, Indian jackals, and a plethora of migratory and local birds.

On this walk, a local guide will accompany you and will make sure that you catch every tiny bit of it.

Other things that you can do in Guda Bishnoi Village:

Take a jeep safari in Bishnoi Village of Guda to meet the local folks.

Enjoy the hospitality and the sights of pretty mud houses.

It is here that you will learn more about Bishnoi traditions that even involve having opium tea as a welcome drink.

Partake in their daily chores, explore their beautifully decorated houses, and learn a bit more about the Bishnois here.

Location: 25 km from Jodhpur city.

See The Process Of Block Printing In Kankani.

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In Rajasthan, the tradition of hand block printing on textiles is around 500 years old.

All over Rajasthan, you’ll find a glimpse of this art in a plethora of textile items.

As of Jodhpur, this tradition shines in odhnis/chunris (scarfs), which are mostly sourced from the village of Kankani.

Your next pit stop on this journey is this very village.

What To Expect?

From the moment you’ll enter the village you’ll see artisans working immersively on their art.

Hand block painting as a process requires steady movement and careful hand-eye coordination.

Seeing folks nail this job and working to attain symmetry is one of the prime reasons why tourists keep coming back here.

As the name suggests, hand-block printing is a manual process.

This means that you will find no two prints similar here. However, the talent of these craftsmen is such that finding flaws is borderline impossible.

The prints that you will come across while watching the villager’s work will be mostly geometrical.

If you may please, you can also try printing a few lines. We suggest that while you are at it, talking to the people will help you enjoy the process even more.

Location: 22 km from Jodhpur.

Insider tip: Don’t forget to get your hands on some block-printed items while you are here. You’ll get a great deal if you will directly buy from the folks.

Visit The Land Of Magical Durries – Salawas Village.

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Up next on your village safari day tour Jodhpur, you have the weaver’s village of Salawas.

Salawas are famous for its durries are the flag bearers for the versatility of Rajasthani craft.

Used as a carpet, bedding and even for packaging, durry is a versatile textile that’s produced mainly in the villages neighboring Jodhpur.

What Is A Durry?

Also famous as a Marwari carpet, a durry is a sort of rug made primarily with jute, cotton, and sometimes wool. It is not a carpet but a versatile textile that can be used in multitudes of ways.

This vibrant home decor item generally showcases a tribal aesthetic. Salawas durries are weaved on village looms in vibrant colors with tribal motifs.

So, while visiting the village, keep their struggle and hard work at the back of your mind. It will help you appreciate their work even more.

It takes a total of 2 months to complete a durry, and if the design is more intricate, it may take even longer.

What To Expect?

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12 3

As soon as you enter the workshop, you’ll see artisans carefully working on the loom.

In Salawas, Durry making is a tradition that is passed on from generation to generation.

So don’t be shocked if you see children working with the same dexterity as adults.

In the workshop, you’ll see the magic happen with your own eyes.

However, to fully immerse yourself in the experience, you can also try your hand on the loom and weave a few rows.

If you like, you can also purchase a durry for yourself here. Believe us; you’ll save a tremendous amount of money if you buy a rug here.

Location: 18 km from Jodhpur

Homestay In Salawas

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The real essence of taking the Jodhpur Village Jeep Safari Tour does not solely lie in its tourist attractions.

It also lies in the homely traditional Rajasthani hospitality that one can experience only through a homestay.

That’s why we have for you the perfect homestay in all of Jodhpur.

What To Expect?

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blog46 14 1024×768 1

Ditching expensive hotels for a homestay in the mud houses of Rajasthan has many perks.

A freshly prepared home-cooked meal, a lot of time with the locals, and listening to stories are a handful of them.

Rest assured that you won’t be facing the harsh extremities of Rajasthan here.

To take care of this issue, you’ll be provided with beautiful, fully air-conditioned huts.

But besides that, everything else will be unadulterated.

You’ll still eat food cooked on an open-fire stove and will always be able to follow the locals as they complete their local chores. It sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Location: 18 km from Jodhpur.

Insider Tip: Do request your travel agent for an Osian desert safari along with your plan. It will cost a little more, but we are sure you’ll love Osian for its history and unconventional desert safari.

Be A Part Of The Community-Based Tourism In Chandelao.

blog46 15
blog46 15

Last but not least, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the most revered villages of Rajasthan.

Located 40 km outside Jodhpur, this tiny hamlet will add a dash of luxury and royalty to your safari.

Here in Chandelao, you’ll get to live in a haveli and meet a bunch of self-reliant women.

blog46 16
blog46 16

Sundar Rang

Part of the rural experience in Chandelao is Sundar Rang – a craft center next door to Chandelao Garh.

This center employs women and often provides schooling programs for the ladies that work here.

On your visit to this center, do participate in learning their art, and don’t forget to volunteer to teach them a thing or two about English.

What To Expect?

Chandelao stands tall at everything it preaches to be. It is a haven for culture-loving souls and the perfect conclusion to our Jodhpur Village Tour Package.

Insider’s tip: If you are planning to stay here a little longer, do not forget to go on a village-wildlife safari with His Highness Praduman Singh.

And, with that, we conclude our Jodhpur Village Safari. Did the above-mentioned information itch you to take this safari? Then what are you waiting for? Request a quote for Jodhpur Village Safari right now!

Picture Credits: Chhotaram Prajapat and Praduman Singh.

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