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A Private Taj Mahal Tour! 

Fairytales whisper of grand palaces, but none hold a candle to the Taj Mahal. Imagine a love story etched in marble- so magnificent it transcends reality! 

OK, now, close your eyes and picture yourself at One of the Seven Wonders of the World. On a private tour, we unveil the Taj just for you and your loved ones. A Mughal masterpiece coming alive, its secrets whispered into your ears by your own private guide.  

So, reach out today for your Taj Mahal private tour


  1. Time Travel: the Story of the Taj Mahal!
  2. Taj Mahal in 2024! 
  3. The Architectural Wonder of the Taj Mahal! 
  4. What are the Must-See Corners in your bespoke Taj Mahal Day Tour?
  5. A Culinary Cornucopia: 5-star Restaurants to Street Food!
  6. A Shopper’s Paradise: From Artisan Treasures to Bustling Bazaars!
  7. Meet Mr. Kishore Gupta- Your Private Guide on your Taj Mahal Private Tour

Time Travel: the Story of the Taj Mahal!

time travel the story of taj mahal

Together, let’s step back in time to 17th Century India. A land of opulent palaces and treasured secrets. 

The Mughal Empire reigns supreme, and a young prince named Shah Jahan falls head over heels for a fiery Persian princess, Mumtaz Mahal. Their story of love blossoms- Mumtaz becomes not just his wife but his confidante, his constant companion. 

Fast forward a few years, and Shah Jahan ascends the throne. With Mumtaz by his side, he ushers in a golden age for the Mughals. But it is when a tragedy strikes.

Mumtaz breathed her last in childbirth, leaving a heartbroken emperor drowning in grief. 

Shah Jahan is inconsolable. His world crumbles and the merry colors of the empire seem to fade into a dull ache. To immortalize his love and Mumtaz’s memory, he embarks on a project that defies the imagination of humankind. 

The year is 1632, and the seed of the Taj Mahal is sown. 

You’d be surprised to know that over 20000 artisans, including sculptors, calligraphers, and jewelers, all united under the vision of a heartbroken emperor. 

Finally, in 1654, the Taj Mahal of Agra was unveiled. On paper, it’s a mausoleum, but to describe it’s a poem etched in marble, an ode to immortal love. 

Taj Mahal in 2024! 

Today, the Taj Mahal of Agra stands as timeless as ever. Its brilliance hasn’t dimmed with the passage of centuries. If anything, it seems to glow with an even more profound beauty. 

The white marble gleams like royalty under the Indian sun, with its intricate carvings whispering stories of a bygone era. 

2024 brings a renewed focus on preservation. Efforts are underway to combat pollution and ensure the Taj Mahal’s pristine allure endures for generations to come. 

Do you want to know about the vibrant celebrations?

If you visit in February, you might be lucky enough to witness the Taj Mahotsav, a ten-day festival celebrating Indian art, crafts, and cuisine. The city of Agra shines bright with a rich tapestry of Indian culture against the backdrop of its claim-to-fame. 

The legacy of endless romance still lingers in its corridors! 

If you are in love, you should celebrate your love story in the Taj. 

What does a private Taj Mahal tour allow you? 

You get to create your own romantic narrative. Hand-in-hand with your significant other, soak in the unwavering devotion of Mughal ruler Shah Jahan.  

The Architectural Wonders of the Taj Mahal! 

architectural wonders of taj mahal

The Taj Mahal- One of the Seven of the World- a name synonymous with everlasting love and architectural brilliance has mesmerized our hearts for centuries. 

  • A Fusion of Styles: Mughal Magic!  

But beyond its romantic legacy, lies a symphony of architectural vogue that makes it a melting pot of artistic influences. Mughal architecture, itself a blend of Persian, Indian, and Islamic styles, takes center stage. The white marble, a signature Mughal element, reflects the purity of Mumtaz Mahal’s love and creates a sense of eternal peace. 

  • Intricate Inlay: a Story Etched in Stone! 

Look closer, do you see the exquisite pietra dura (inlay work) adorning the Taj?

Semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli, carnelian, and jade are meticulously embedded into the white marble, forming floral patterns, geometric designs, and verses from the Quran. They tell stories of love, loss, and the paradise that awaited Mumtaz. 

  • Calligraphy: the Language of Love! 

Verses from the Quran, poems praising Mumtaz Mahal’s beauty, and even Shah Jahan’s own declaration of love in black and white marble calligraphy adorn the arches and gateways of the monument.

  • Reflecting Beauty: the Power of Water! 

The reflecting pool in front of the Taj represents the purity of the soul and the Garden of Paradise. When the Taj Mahal is reflected in the pool, it creates an illusion of mirroring the monument in heaven, a testament to Mumtaz’s exalted status. 

  • Beyond the Mausoleum: A Grand Complex!

The Taj Mahal in Agra isn’t just a single structure; it’s a sprawling complex. The red sandstone gateway (Darwaza-e-Rauza) welcomes you into a Charbagh (four-quartered garden), a symbol of paradise in Islamic tradition. The mosque and the guest house flank the mausoleum, showcasing the balance between the spiritual and the worldly. 

So, come, delve deep, and explore! 

Discover why the Taj Mahal of India continues to inspire awe and wonder centuries after its creation! 

What are the Must-See Corners in your bespoke Taj Mahal Day Tour?

what are the must see corners

Odds are you are on your Golden Triangle Tour of India and Agra is your home for a day or two. 

And how can you go without visiting the city’s claim-to-fame, the iconic Taj Mahal?

But the Taj Mahal, given its larger-than-life complex, can seem a little overwhelming and mind-boggling, don’t you think so?

Rest assured though, our discerning guests, this exclusive guide comes as a relief on your Taj Mahal private tour. 

Journey within the Taj Mahal Complex:

  1. The Main Mausoleum: Thanks to the navigation of your private guide, a visit to the centerpiece of the Taj will leave you breathless. The flawless white marble. The exquisite Pietra dura inlay work. The calligraphy inscriptions. All will leave an indelible mark on your heart!
  2. The Reflecting Pool: Take a moment to admire the iconic reflection of the Taj Mahal in the still waters of the reflecting pool. 
  3. The Mosque and the Jawab: Flanking the main mausoleum, explore the mosque (still a functioning place of worship) and the Jawab (guest house). Your guide will explain their architectural significance and more!
  4. The Mehtab Bagh: Also known as the Moonlight Garden, this serene Mughal garden offers a verdant touch in your Taj Mahal private tour. So, don’t miss out! 

On your Golden Triangle India visit to Agra, Taj Mahal isn’t all that’s in store! 

While it is the star attraction, Agra City offers a treasure trove waiting for you to unlock- isn’t that fulfilling?

Beyond the Taj Mahal: 

beyond the taj
  1. Agra Fort: 

Shreds of evidence of the Mughali archaeological prowess will take you aback throughout the trip! 

Agra Fort is another. With several splendid surprises, we will let you unravel this opulent monument. Embark in the decades and have a first-hand feel of the Mughali lifestyle! 

This fort is the pinnacle of Mughal power, culture, and creativity. So, please take advantage of it while on a Golden Triangle Trip

  1. Taj Museum:

Learn the history and art associated with the Taj Mahal at the Taj Museum. In your Agra day tour, your guide shall navigate the exhibits, showcasing Mughal artifacts, miniature paintings, and calligraphy. Get a well-rounded context for your Taj Mahal experience!

Fun Fact- Do take a look at the nifty celadon plates. These were said to have split into pieces or even changed colors if the food served in them was poisonous. Such a cool thing, isn’t it?

  1. Fatehpur Sikri (a bonus mention):

An eminent and abandoned city in Agra known for its archaeological brilliance, Fatehpur Sikri , makes a special mention in our list of places to visit in Agra.  

If you haven’t been fascinated by Mughal architecture yet, you will fall for the historical relevance of Fatehpur Sikri! 

All these historical gems make for an excellent itinerary of places to visit in Agra in 1 day. So, have at them! 

A Culinary Cornucopia: 5-star Restaurants to Street Food!

A culinary 5 star restaurants

As we discussed before, Agra is a melting pot of myriad cultures. So is evident not only in its sterling architecture but also in the cuisine of the city. Agra offers an abundance of choice when it comes to food, ranging from classical Indian dishes to scrumptious Mughlai culinary delicacies. 

Following is a breakdown of some of the must-try restaurants on the Agra day tour:

High-End Mughlai Feasts:

  1. Peshawri:

Dining at Peshawri is not your regular luxurious, family-style, five-star experience- it’s something special, something delightful!

Dubbed ITC Mughal’s crown jewel, some have gone so far as to say that Peshawari is Agra’s best luxury restaurant. 

Try their signature Dal Bukhara and their assortment of succulent kebabs and tikkas. 

  1. Esphahan at The Oberoi Amarvilas:

Delight in a truly luxurious culinary experience at Esphahan, the signature restaurant at The Oberoi Amarvilas. With breathtaking vistas of the Taj Mahal, savor dishes like Raan-E-Sikandari and Murgh Makhani. Each bite is an ode to Mughal culinary artistry! 

Local Delights: 

We have segregated the must-try street food dishes based on their location:

  1. Seth Gali:
  1. Aloo Tikki.
  2. Lassi. 
  3. Khurchan. 
  4. Sadar Bazaar Chaat Gali:
  1. Aloo Chaat. 
  2. Gol Gappe. 
  3. Faluda. 

You must’ve heard of the famous dessert of Agra- Agra Petha. This translucent dish is simmered in flavored sugar syrup to make it very delectable. Some recommended places are Munna Lal Petha Wale and Panchi Petha. 

We bet your mouth is watering already! 

A Shopper’s Paradise: From Artisan Treasures to Bustling Bazaars!


In your Agra day tour, besides the Taj Mahal private tour, do you know what’s one of the best things to do in Agra?

Right, shopping in the famous markets of Agra! 

Well, Agra may not be high on the list of fashionistas, but it is undoubtedly a haven for people looking to add something unique to their collection. 

High-End Splendor:

  1. Taj Khazana: Are you looking for a curated shopping experience?

Taj Khazana, a government-run emporium, showcases exquisite, handcrafted souvenirs and textiles made by local artisans. 

  1. Mughal Carpets and Art Emporiums: 

Step back in time here, a family-run business renowned for its exquisite hand-woven carpets and Mughal miniature paintings. 

These are a few much-loved and highly recommended places to find yourself a timeless piece of art. 

Do you wish to walk the streets and explore the local markets?

Dive into the vibrant chaos of Sadar Bazaar (check out their leather goods, apparel, and handicrafts) and Kinari Bazaar (famous for their fantastic collection of shoes). 

Add a touch of local India to your wardrobe! 

Meet Mr. Kishore Gupta- Your Private Guide on your Taj Mahal Private Tour! 

Meet our guide Kisore Gupta

Owner of Private Tour Guide Agra, Mr. Gupta, boasts over 15 years of experience showcasing Agra’s hidden gems and rich history. His extensive knowledge, coupled with his passion for storytelling, makes your Taj Mahal luxury trip enriching and unforgettable. 

So, that brings us to the end, your bespoke Taj Mahal day tour awaits. Contact us today to craft your unforgettable journey! 

Image credits – Mr. Kishore Gupta from Agra – Thank you so much Kisore Ji 🙂

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