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Khichan Chronicles: Where Feathers Tell Tales!

Imagine waking up to a dawn chorus unlike any other!

Not by the familiar notes or a violin, but by ten thousand feathered trumpets.
Each note a delicate thrill, echoing across the golden canvas of the Thar Desert. This, dear discerning traveler, is not a fragment of your imagination. This is the captivating everyday of Khichan Bird Sanctuary– where Thar awakens to the graceful ballet of the demoiselle cranes against the fiery sunrise!

Forget the gilded palaces and bustling bazaars, for Khichan offers a different tapestry of adventure- of the raw, untamed, and unspoiled symphony of nature.

Does the call of the wild whisper in your soul?

Well then, pack your adventurous spirit and give us a call. Together, let’s sweep away by the avian majesty of India’s very own Taj Mahal!


● Wings of Eternity: Khichan in the early 1970s!

● Avian Extravaganza: Khichan today in 2024!

● Tailored Experiences at Khichan- A Symphony for Every Soul!

● Beyond the Wings- Exploring Gems Near Khichan Bird Sanctuary!

● Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Khichan Bird Sanctuary!

1.Wings of Eternity: Khichan in the early 1970s!

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Journey back to a time when Khichan Bird Sanctuary fluttered its wings and took its first flight- metaphorically speaking, of course!

The roots of Khichan’s avian legacy can be traced to the generosity of a local resident, Ratan Lal Maloo. Back in the early 1970s, he began offering grains to a small flock of demoiselle cranes that visited Khichan during their annual migration. This humble act soon transformed into a tradition as more villagers joined in to provide food for the cranes during the winter months.

The migratory birds, finding a reliable food source, started increasing in numbers. To express their gratitude, the cranes continued to return to Khichan every winter. Recognising the unique bond between the villagers and the birds, the area was eventually declared a protected sanctuary in 1988.

Standing today in 2024, the Khichan Bird Sanctuary is not only a sanctuary for birds but also an ode to the harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife .

2.Avian Extravaganza: Khichan today in 2024-

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In 2024, Khichan Bird Sanctuary is no longer a hidden gem but a glittering
jewel in the crown of the ecotourism of Rajasthan.

Take our word for it- you will be mind-boggled by the striking tapestry of migratory birds that graze Khichan! The undisputed stars of the show are, for sure, the Demoiselle cranes. Thousands of these graceful creatures, with their elegant grey bodies and delicate black crowns, paint the sky in swirling grey and black clouds. Their calls, a rhythmic chatter that builds to a crescendo, fill the air with otherworldly music.

Khichan is just a crane haven- don’t be mistaken- it’s not!
Over 200 bird species find refuge and nourishment here, including the elegant. Common Hoopoe, the vibrant Indian Roller, the rakish Desert Wheatear, and the comical Indian Peafowl. Witnessing them flit through the desert landscape with their hues a stark contrast to the ochre dunes is nothing short of a Nat Geo frame- keep your shutter handy!

3.Tailored Experiences at Khichan- A Symphony for Every Soul-

Khichan Bird Sanctuary might be a paradise for our feathered friends but for you, it is a kaleidoscope of experiences custom-curated to woo every soul. Be you a curious birder or a pixel pro, the Sanctuary offers an exclusive melody of memories waiting to be composed.
Are you all ears?

1. For the Nature Enthusiast-

A. Witness the Majestic Dance of the Cranes!

The undisputed highlight of Khichan is the on-set of the Demoiselle cranes. Every year, from October to March, thousands of these graceful creatures paint the sky in a breathtaking spectacle. Their synchronized dances- listen to their haunting calls- feel the thrills of being amidst this natural wonder!

B. Become a Bird Detective!
With over 200 species calling Khichan home, here’s a feathered treasure waiting to be discovered around every corner. Embark on a guided birdwatching tour, armed with binoculars and a healthy dose of curiosity. From the vibrant flash of the Indian Roller to the elusive calls of the Desert Wheatear, unfurl the secrets of the desert sky!

C. Explore the Desert!
The Thar paints the backdrop for Khichan’s avian spectacle, its golden sands whispering tales of wildlife and beauty. Take a jeep safari through the undulating dunes, witness breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky in fiery hues, and feel the magic of the desert come alive. So, buckle up!

2. For the Photography Enthusiast-

A. Capture the Wings of Wonder!
Khichan Bird Sanctuary is a photographer’s paradise! From the graceful postures of the cranes to the vibrant tapestry of desert life, every frame is a treat waiting to be unboxed. No wonder this is a must-must among the things to do in Khichan!

B. Delight at the Golden Hour Magic!

As the Sun dips below the horizon, the Thar Desert transforms into a canvas of fiery hues. Immortalize the cranes silhouetted against the golden sky, the dunes bathed in a warm glow, and so on. These are memories that will stay etched in your mind forever!

C. Embrace the Human Connection!
The essence of Khichan is photo-worthy too. Photograph the warm smiles of the villagers, the unique architecture of the mud houses, and the children playing amidst the feathered guests. Your photographs will tell a story that goes beyond the beauty of nature, showcasing the human connection that makes Khichan truly special.


A. Embrace the Village Life!

From the vast tapestry of our rural tours in Rajasthan you must have conjured up the aesthetics of a Rajasthani countryside already- haven’t you?

Well, Khichan Village is no different. The warm hospitality, the lip- smacking authentic Rajasthani cuisine, the unique traditions and customs, and the gleesome smiles with which they embrace you are beautiful. This is your chance to connect with the soul of the place and learn more about Khichan and its cultural significance.
So, dear globetrotter, what do you think?
Let the rhythm of the wings guide you to this awe-inspiring
ornithological odyssey!

4. Beyond the Wings- Exploring Gems Near Khichan Bird

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While the Bird Sanctuary in Khichan might be the star of the show, your desert adventure doesn’t end there! Here are some places to visit near Khichan Bird Sanctuary:

A. Phalodi Fort- Carved in the 17 th Century, the Phalodi Fort whispers tales of Rajasthan’s vibrant past and is one extraordinary testament to the top forts in Rajasthan. Its imposing walls, adorned with intricate Rajputana artistry, stand as silent sentinels to the echoes of bygone rulers. Around 20 minutes drive from the Bird Sanctuary, the Phalodi Fort, Khichan is highly recommended for history buffs alike.

B. Golechha Haveli- Wander through the intricately carved walls and colourful courtyards of Golechha Haveli, Khichan.
It’s a traditional haveli offering a glimpse into the bygone era of Marwari merchants- delight for history buffs!
The stunning architecture and the ornate decorations echo the vibrant cultural heritage- delight for architecture afficionados!

C. Shri Bhadariyaji Mata Temple (with a special attraction!)-
Shri Bhadariyaji Mata Temple, roughly one and a half-hour drive from Khichan Sanctuary, offers spiritual solace that the temple tours of India are revered as. But the special attraction over here is the Bhadariya Library. Built 16 feet underground beneath a temple, the library holds the title of Asia’s biggest undergroundlibrary with over 9 lakh books covering a wide range of subjects.
We can’t recommend it enough!

D. Jain Glass Temple-
You must’ve heard of the Ranakpur Jain Temple , haven’t you?

A dazzling gemstone near Jaisalmer and around 20 minutes drive from the Khichan Bird Sanctuary, the Jain Glass Temple (or Godi Pashvanath Temple) offers a sublime refuge amidst the golden Thar. With its vibrant glass mosaics depicting deities and mythical creatures, during the daytime, sunlight dances through glass panels, transforming the interior into a kaleidoscope of colours. Step inside and be mesmerised by its unique beauty!

E. Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary-
Time to escape the desert heat and embark on a wildlife safari in the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary. Embark on a safari through acacia woodlands, spotting blackbucks, antelopes, and myriad birdlife. This haven for flora and fauna offers a breath of fresh air to the scorching dunes. So, trade the desert winds for tranquil lakes and leisurely boat rides. Discover the hidden gem of Gajner, where wildlife thrives!

5.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Khichan Bird

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1. Where is Khichan Bird Sanctuary located?

– It’s located in the Phalodi sub-district of Jodhpur district in the state of Rajasthan, India.

2. What is the best time to visit Khichan Bird Sanctuary?

-The prime time for birdwatching is from October to March, coinciding with the migration of myriad birds.

3.How to reach Khichan?

-By Air: The nearest airhead is Jodhpur Airport which is 150 km from Khichan Village.

-By Train: The nearest Railway Station is Phalodi which is around 10 km from the village.

-By Road: Phalodi, the closest town to Khichan, is well-connected with major cities of Rajasthan.

4. Are there any homestays or hotels near the Sanctuary?

-Yes, absolutely!

Khichan offers manifold charming homestays nestled within the hermit, immersing you in local life. Alternatively, nearby Phalodi has hotels catering to various budgets. Contact us for further assistance.

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