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Leopard Safari in Jawai!

In the canvas of earth, hiding behind the overpowering hues of development, there still is a shade of life true to its roots and closer to Mother Earth.

In this emerald region, harmony prevails for humans and animals alike.

With Leopard Safari in Jawai, we are trying to explore this wonderland in detail.

We are aiming for a wildlife holiday that’s not just about wildlife spotting but also about exploring the deep-rooted culture.

So, if you are a nature buff with a little more love for big wild cats, then, you need this trip in your life.


1. Learn why Jawai is the leopard-spotting capital of the world.

2. Accumulate knowledge of Leopard Safari in Jawai.

3. Gather information on booking procedures, charges, and more.

4. Know about places to visit nearby or other things to do near Jawai.

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From The House Of Leopards: Why Jawai Safari?

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Jawai has acclaimed worldwide recognition for its unique ecosystem. Here, humans and leopards live together without invading each other’s land.

Leopards in the Jawai region house in natural caves shaped by lava millions of years ago.

They eat cattle and sheep from the many herds here and have adopted a lifestyle where they do not need to hurt anyone to survive.

Amazingly, there hasn’t been a single case of misconduct by leopards in the past hundred years in this region.

Leopards roam freely here without any worries, which is a jackpot for any wildlife enthusiast.

Other than this, the unvegetated terrain of Jawai with rocky outcrops leaves no room for the leopards to camouflage.

Hence, making leopard-spotting very easy and accessible here.

About Jawai Safari: Leopard Safari Bookings

Leopard Safari bookings

Leopard Safari in Jawai, Rajasthan is unique and very different from the other wildlife adventures in India.

That’s because the Safaris here are led by locals who’ve spent their entire life on these terrains.

Their local expertise and instincts with animals give exceptional odds of seeing a leopard here.

Note: As per the conservation efforts by the Rajasthan authorities, private lands in Jawai are closed to outside visitors. Only, the local hotel/resort owners are permitted to carry forward the safaris in open-topped 4×4 safari gypsy.

So, there aren’t any set Jawai leopard safari timings.

But generally, Safaris are usually carried out in two phases: the morning and evening. Details of which are mentioned below.

Jawai Safari Summer Timings:

Morning – 5 to 8 am; Evening – 5 to 8 pm IST.

Jawai Leopard Safari Winter Timings:

Morning – 6 to 9 am; Evening- 4 to 7 pm IST.

There are no definite channels of booking these safaris. However, the best way to get your hands on the best deals is by booking this safari with the Grand Indian Route.

Toss in a few more destinations and request us a quote.

We’ll craft the perfect itinerary for you, that too within your budget. So, what are you thinking? Request a quote now.

Best Time For Leopard Safari In Jawai:

September to February is the best time to enjoy the leopard safari in Jawai because of the pleasant climate.

Let’s Talk Money: Leopard Safari Charges

Now, coming to the leopard Safari prices. If you are living in any of the Jawai resorts ( with all the amenities and amazing travel plans) then the prices are inclusive of which plan you opt for.

Roughly, a private 4 seater gypsy for each Safari will cost you around 65 USD or 4500 INR.

Note: The above-mentioned prices may change depending on the season you travel in.

The better option is to book this safari via your India tour provider.

Don’t have a tour agency in mind? Then, you are missing out on the best one that’s providing you with all this info. Just saying!

Castle Bera

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A heritage hotel in the Pali district giving hotels worldwide actual goals for a wildlife resort.

This castle-turned hotel offers an authentic Rajasthani stay with the royal family.

Castle Bera boasts candid interactions with the Rabari tribe and Bera Leopard Safari, which is one of the top Safari experiences in all Jawai.

Also Popular for cultural Immersion, hill temples, and village walks

Rawla Narlai

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From a wildlife getaway of royals to a boutique resort, Rawla Narlai ,has traveled miles to reach where it is today.

It is one of those few wildlife getaways in the Jawai region that offers a lot of recreational activities like stepwell dinner, horse riding, hikes, and treks along with its usual leopard Safari plan.

Also famous for stepwell dinner, caves, and elephant hill trek.

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Jawai region is also famous for its bird-watching session and crocodile sightings by the Jawai Dam.

Here, you can catch more than 100 species of bird including the northern shoveller, pied avocet, tufted duck, Kentish plover, and Brahminy duck.

The best part about this safari is that it takes place against the beautiful backdrop of crystal clear waters, which alone is fulfilling.

Village Safari

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Imagine having a one-on-one interactive session with a tribal family, learning their lifestyle and tradition. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? With village safari in Jawai, you’ll be aiming exactly for this, raw and unadulterated interactions with the Rabari tribe. You spend a morning or an evening with them learning about their history while munching on some flavourful food. Sounds like a plan?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are Some Tips For Leopard Safari In Jawai?

1. If you have a professional camera, make sure you carry an extra zoom lens with it.

2. Safaris in the evening give better odds for seeing a leopard.

3.No need to carry binoculars as the guide will provide you with one.

What’s The Best Way Of Enjoying Leopard Safari In Jawai?

The best way of enjoying Leopard Safari in Jawai is on a Udaipur to Jodhpur road trip. On this road trip, you’ll be able to catch all the charms of rural Rajasthan along with this exciting leopard Safari.

This itinerary will be:

Udaipur-Ranakpur-Kumbhalgarh-Narlai-Bishnoi Village-Chandelao Garh- Jodhpur

However, if you plan on visiting this area solely you may need the following information:


1.140 km from Udaipur, 80km from Abu Road

2.300km from Ahmedabad.

Nearest Railway Station:

Jawai Bandh

Nearest Airport:

Ahmedabad and Udaipur.

What Are The Other Things One Can Do Along With Leopard Safari In Jawai?

There are a lot of things you can do in the nearby areas. The top things on the list include:

1. Exploring the aspiring wonder of the world – Ranakpur Temple Complex.

2. Sauntering in the paths of Kumbhalgarh Fort (2nd Great Wall after China).

3. Having a candlelit stepwell dinner at Narlai.

4. Eating from the royal palette at Bera.

5. Enjoying the rural charms of Bishnoi Village.

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