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Cheetah adventure

Adventures of Castle Bera near Udaipur

Masked behind the madness of touristy Rajasthan, there’s a hamlet called Castle Bera lesser known to the world.

Royalties live here in a castle, leopards roam here free and you’ll find some of the biggest crocodiles here enjoying the afternoon glee.

There is romance, adventure, emotions, and fervor in the entourage of this place, making it akin to a Bollywood Blockbuster. But what’s hiding behind the drapes of its monochromatic pre-apocalyptic terrain, is a rural charm that uniquely scripts the story of an interdependent ecosystem.

Come, savor its perks and make it a staple on your Rajasthan adventure. Because without Castle Bera, a rural India trip will anyways be a bummer.


Rajasthan adventure

Castle Bera 

Bera is a small hamlet in the Pali district of Rajasthan. It is located somewhere in between the famous Udaipur to Jodhpur road trip and stands tall as one of the most exciting destinations of Rajasthan today.

What makes this place an unrivaled charm is its tag of the “leopard spotting capital of the state”. In the gist of which, it scripts a story of love and respect that resonates with everyone, making for a pretty legit reason to pay this place a visit in the first place.

A lady with the car

Castle Bera 

Bera is topographically blessed and strategically placed amid the Aravalli Mountains. And, it’s no secret that it does brims in scenic beauty.

To concrete the finesse of its landscape there are dams and lakes surrounding the village with River Jawai flowing along the stretches of this hamlet.

Bera is an archetypical Rajasthani hamlet with the same color and fervor that paints the rest of Rajasthan. However, experiences here take a turn as they are strongly inspired by desert scenery, unbeatable sunsets, and forest plains.

HOME STAY AT CASTLE BERA – About The Heritage Hotel


Castle Bera 

Relish in the lap of luxury at Castle Bera.

This 200-year-old heritage hotel will help you savor the rich past of the region and here that’s you’ll explore the extremes of rural tourism in India.

With its name attached to the revered Maharana Pratap, this beautiful property has some remarkable mentions in Rajasthan’s history.

Today, it is a private residence of Thakur Baljeet Singh.

Castle Bera is the India of your dreams. It is rural, regal, romantic, and everything. It showcases luxury and rural stay under the same light, which is quite rare even for a country like India.

If we talk about what this heritage hotel offers, then, what’ll come in the picture will be a total of 5 homely rooms. All are decorated in the most royal fashion. However, even with all this bling, you’ll experience a sense of exclusivity and belongingness here because of the staff and homely facilities.

Believe it or not, there are many more rooms on the property. However, the owner believes that opening the best 5 rooms to visitors renders a more exclusive and comfortable stay. And, we cannot agree more.

Inside, the aesthetic is widely comprised of princely nostalgia that is hard to get over. There are stone arches, fireplaces, and rooms all decked in traditional textiles and classy wooden furniture.

The dining scenes here are the most enjoyable. Having a home-cooked meal around a long dining table below a bedazzling chandelier and sharing experiences like a family is what makes it stand out.

During your stay, even the royal family will assist you from time to time to ensure that you are getting what you deserve. So, keep in mind, you’ll never be left unattended.

Castle Bera brims with simplicity and comfort. Moreover, there are tons of things to do in and about Castle Bera that will be included in your package


1. EXPLORE THE ARID JUNGLE BOOK- Wildlife Spotting In Bera


Castle Bera 

Despite the hostile terrain of Rajasthan, grabbing an opportunity to spot wildlife in this desert land is an opportunity in itself. However, when it’s amalgamated with a village stay, there is nothing that can beat this experience.

That’s exactly what the Castle Bera tour emphasizes on.

Like every rural village in India, Bera also knows how to live in harmony with nature. As a result of which, it accords some serious pleasures of wildlife spotting.

Moreover, the wildlife sightings here will come with the perks of easy spotting. That’s because catching a glimpse of a wild animal will not be that big of a task here all thanks to its arid and rocky topography.

Bera and the region surrounding it have about 90+ leopards. Plus, if you do the math right that’s 1 leopard per 1.5 km, making it tangible that finding a leopard here is just a pan away.

Following the pugmarks of these Leopards, you’ll also run into some other majestic as of the region. That includes an exceptional number of blue bulls, wild jungle cats, Hyenas, Wolves, Jackals, and many other animals.


Castle Bera 

Driving through the gleaming paddy fields of Bera one might never think that what you are driving into is a leopard country. However, when you fix your eyes on the cluster of rocks in a little hillock it becomes evident that you are looking at a custom build aboard for these wild cats.

The best part is; you’ll be escorted by the local staff that has been living in this area for all their lives. Just imagine the places they can show you and the sights that they’ll help you catch for your memory lane. Worth it!

Driving  the gleaming paddy fields of Bera

Castle Bera 

So, expect to be glued to your binoculars and have your heart in your hand. For all, we know you’ll have a blast!


owl sitting on the branch of the tree

Castle Bera 

Castle Bera is famous for its bird-watching session that includes the perks of catching more than 100 species of bird on one’s lens.

Northern shoveller, pied avocet, tufted duck, Kentish plover, and Brahminy duck are to name a few birds that’ll accompany you on this activity.

With Castle Bera, you’ll be able to see beyond your regular horizon and will be able to polish your observational skills.

The best part about this escapade is that it will take place against the beautiful backdrop of Jawai Dam which alone is a win.


Castle Bera tour will chauffeur you to the dam site and help you catch a glimpse of these aerial beings in the best way possible.

So, get your cameras ready as you will be spammed with different species of birds from all across the globe.

3. Conquering Hilly Terrains For A Glimpse Of Hill Temples

Conquering Hilly Terrains For A Glimpse Of Hill Temples

Are you a fan of treks and hikes? Then, this next activity will get you balling!

Imagine, beating the hills in their own game and rewarding yourself with the sights of some amazing Hindu temples. Sound intriguing, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly how this is going to be.

Come take the blessings of the divine and in the process, let the gates of your adrenaline wide open. Just so you know, it will be rocky, sweaty, and tiring but it will be totally worth it.

The best part is you don’t have to be religious in order to partake in this activity. All you need is some spirit and hiking shoes and you’ll have the best of time exploring the rural delights of Rajasthan.

On this venture, temples on your list will be Dev Giri Temple, Kambeshwar Mahadev Temple, and various other shrines that’ll open up themselves to you only if take the chance of hiking. Who knows, there might be a unique cultural token waiting for you at these temples. So, don’t miss it for the world.

4. Resonating To The Tribal Tunes At Bera Village

Resonating To The Tribal Tunes At Bera Village

It’s no rocket science that learning culture is effective only when you experience it from close proximity. Opulent Village walks serve this purpose imminently for the visitors of Castle Bera.

Village tours in Castle Bera bring you closer to the world of Rabari Shepherds that are popular for their large flock of goats and red turbans.

Getting to know them and learning their life lessons is a takeback from this experience. Because it’s not every day that you get to learn about a tribe living in harmony with wildlife, right?

Come cycle your way through the rugged boulevards of Bera just to understand the primitive lifestyle of the locals.

In the gist of which, witness the pinnacle of their beliefs at the local temples and spiritual sites.

5. Royal Picnic At Jawai Dam

Royal Picnic At Jawai Dam

Jawai Dam is the Zion for photographers and is the perfect vantage point from where you can take some exquisite photos of the entire region.

If you were craving to capture the splendid beauty of the hills and the Jawai River, this is the place to be.

Jawai Dam hosts a plethora of birds all around the year and is home to the beast of the river crocodile as well.

Come here to catch these wild beings in the pinnacle of their glory while appreciating the beauty that surrounds you.

As a matter of fact, crocodiles here make an unforgettable sight. These big chunky fellas (over 15 feet) don’t care for the world and pose for tourists in the most ferocious way while sunbathing.

Castle Bera Nearby Places To Visit.

jain temple chaumukkha mandir


Ranakpur Temple is the Holy Grail for Jains across India.

On your Castle Bera Tour, it is the epitome of architectural finesse that brings to life the unique culture of the Jains.

After the nerve-wracking experiences of the Castle Bera tour, spending time relishing the beauty that this temple provides imbibes a balance to the whole trip.

Built beauteously from ivory white marble, this temple complex has many small shrines all dedicated to the first Tirthankar of the present day half-cycle in Jain Cosmology.

Today, Ranakpur temple is nominated amongst the top 77 wonders, for the tag of the new seven wonders and that’s just amazing!

Reasons To Visit Bera:

Castle Bera 

  • Authentic Rajasthani culture
  • Beautiful panoramic view
  • Unrivalled history
  • A package deal on a rural Rajasthan tour
  • Wildlife spotting on a Jurassic world topography
  • Luxury stays with the sense of princely nostalgia

How To Reach Castle Bera

Castle Bera 

En route Udaipur – Jodhpur route:

  • Bera is situated near Jawai Dam 50 kms from Ranakpur.
  • It is 180 kms from Jodhpur and 150 kms from Udaipur.
  • Nearest Airport:
  • Udaipur(134 kms),
  • Jodhpur (173 kms)
  • Nearest Railway Station:
  • Jawai Bandh (18 kms)
  • Sirohi Road (37 kms)
  • Falna (38 kms)

Best Time To Be In Castle Bera:

Two Cheetahs

Castle Bera 

Castle Bera is a timeless beauty no matter what month of the year you visit it.

However, the activities that make this place a winner need a little track of mercury.

  • In summers (March to June), the mercury level in Castle Bera rises as high as 45 degrees Celsius.
  • On the contrary, in Monsoon (July to September) the temple temperature rises pleasantly with medium rainfall.
  • Winters (November to February) drop the temperature to as low as 2 degrees. However, the days are very pleasant.


Apart from the fact that during winters it’s pleasant to be in Rajasthan, the months of October, November and February are the months are the best to explore the finest of the fine in Bera. That’s because during these months, Jawai Dam is flooded with birds and leopards can be seen for longer durations without any difficulty. Also, it is during this time, one gets to enjoy the extremities of the weather existing here.

If in case you aren’t able to visit during this time, then venturing here somewhere around spring calls for a decent say.

On the contrary, summer months (May-July) and chilly winters days (November-December) in all cases should be avoided. That’s because the sightings of leopards and birds reduce drastically around this time.

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