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Experiencing North India: Best of Private Tours in 2024!

Are you a fan of the mountains and chilly-hilly breezes? What a pleasure then, because now you have the tourist map of India North waiting to tantalize you with its sights. If you believe us, then it’s everything your travel heart was craving as Northern India’s travel ecstasy oozes positivity. It’s completely nerve-wracking, with tons of excitement spree and many jaw-droppingly beautiful and full of cultural medleys of India. Your time here can fulfill every travel desire you have. Planning on traversing with North India trips in 2024? Then, you should take these trips to have a fair share of India’s North India trips. No issues, you can thank us later. Cheers, fellas!


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Destinations: Delhi-Chandigarh-Shimla-Sarahan-Sangla-Kalpa-Tabo-Kaza-Chandrataal Lake-Manali
Duration: 12 Days

There is not a single person on this planet who can deny that everyone loves a road trip. Do you too? Then, this is one of the best Himachal Bespoke for you in 2024. Why? Well, the tricky terrains that you will able to vroom your way through are dead gorgeous and challenging at the same time. Who in their right mind will want to miss that don’t you think?

This northern Indian route plan head-starts in Delhi, the focus of cultural mélange. Here, you will get to spend your night prepping up for the ultimate adventure that’s yet to come. It’s in the same token that you won’t even realize how swiftly you will cover a 247-km journey to Chandigarh the next day to get bundles of north India tour places. Chandigarh’s heartfelt beauty will bestow you with its blaze of positivity. Plus, as soon as you will get over its aura, Shimla will welcome you with open hands and its super amazing north India hill station tour packages.

Jaunting to what everyone says ‘Shimla Fever’ traveling up towards the clouds will get you all drenched in nature’s bliss at Sangla and Kalpa. Did you think that it was all the scenic beauty that was in your share? Well, then, give it a thought while witnessing the very surreal Tabo and Kaza. It’s here that the luxury North India tours will shapeshift to a luxurious hamlet adventure. It’s getting amazing already, don’t you think? If you’ll still crave more, then, the eternal tranquility at Chandra Tal is perfect to revel in.

It’s not over yet! That’s because what a trip to Himachal Pradesh is without traversing through the very famous Rohtang Pass. A complete bummer, isn’t it? Then, seal this deal and experience Rohtang Pass while you reach your final destination Manali. That’s some adrenaline rushing and gushing don’t you think?

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Destinations: Leh-Nubra Valley-Pangong Lake-Leh
Duration: 8 days

Addicted to adventure? Then, coddling your adventure-loving heart in the cradle of the Himalayas will bedazzle your North India tour. This north India adventure tour will meet you with the best of mountain escapades and savoring in its awe is a must.

Getting off to a flying start will be a superb landing at Leh International Airport. From here the actual adventure of your North India tour plan will begin. Wait! before it turns all gutsy and reckless, let piousness seep in on this North India tour itinerary. For that, you will have to take a stroll through the corridors of the much-acclaimed Shanti Stupa and Gurudwara Pathar Sahib. If it’s not the spiritual sagas that you’ve been looking for, then, palace-hunting in Leh Palace will be music to your ears.

Disclaimer! Disclaimer! This next bit on your North India tourist places map requires nerves of steel. Why? That’s because the terrain here gets trickier inch by inch. The best part is, that you will make it through on wheels. Sounds like one hell of a journey, isn’t it? Well, that’s Khardungla Pass for you.

After an enticing journey through the meadows of wonder, the Ladakh tour to India takes you to the very startling cold desert, The Nubra Valley. This spectacular valley with two-humped camels has some mobile delights to it. Luckily, you will be able to bask in all its treasures. Woohoo!

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Destinations: Delhi-Pushkar-Jaipur-Agra-Varanasi-Chitwan-Pokhara-Kathmandu-Delhi
Duration: 16 days

If your heart is searching for a spiritual adventure, then by every means this trip is your one true ticket to happiness. It is one such find on the temple tour packages of India that needs no validation; it’s out there spreading its magic.

Kick-starting from the capital of the country Delhi, this North India trip makes subtle moves to make you fall in love with the country. Still, it doesn’t take long enough for these places to visit in North India in November to take you back to the Royal Era. Although this transition will be hours long, you won’t even realize it because duh! The magic is too overpowering. The land of the Rajputs and the company of the forts need to be cherished. Still, we know for a fact, that the destination you’ll visit next will bring you much joy. So, brace your heart because next up on this tour is an encounter with the much-celebrated Wonder of the World Taj Mahal in Agra.

The journey to Agra is not just a ride but a blissful affair loaded with the shines of Fatehpur Sikhri. It is one such to visit in north India with the family that will always keep you wanting for more. Furthermore, Agra will be the turning point of this travel extravaganza because it’s from here that your spiritual sprint begins. From the epicenter of Hinduism in Varanasi to the apex of Buddhism in Lumbini, religious notes on this trip will be hitting the highest pitch. It’s after the Lumbini visit that things get all decked up in excitement. Why? That’s because now you will get to travel to Nepal. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is, so, lap up to the treasures of Pokhara and Kathmandu.

Kudos to the temple tours of India! For it has shaped the spiritual sagas of the nation into an exciting journey.

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image source Destinations: Delhi-Pushkar-Jaipur-Agra-Varanasi-Kolkata,
Duration: 12 days

Capture the essence of the best of North India trip in an escapade that proudly boasts culture, literature, and surreal landscapes. The ‘Discover North India’ trip travels leaps and bounds in order to get you drenched in the bold flavors of this vivacious country. Do you think you can match up to its aura? Well, the first thing you need to do is to prepare yourself or the blaze of exotic destinations that are brought to you by Delhi. Enjoy you guys!

Next up at this one of the most bedazzling North India golden triangle is a vibrant trip to the pristine palaces in Rajasthan. Here, you will enjoy the vibrancy of Pushkar, the flamboyance of Ajmer, and the charisma of Jaipur under the roof of the Rajputana. From here, the trip twists the sands of time and takes you to Agra, the most popular destination of all time. If you are thinking that one of the Seven Wonder of the World Taj Mahal steals the entire spotlight here, then, you are mistaken. That’s because all the other Mughal structures here have the same charms making it one of the most amazing places to visit in north India in May.

Moving forward with the memories of this jarring city, Varanasi will come to you like a tranquil wave of spirituality. It’s here that you’ll learn about religions and their influence on the people of India. By the same token, your trip will move further to the cultural capital of the nation Kolkata. The charms of this quaint city and stars of its cultural sky have no match to the shopping spree you’ll come across here. So, make the most of it.

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Destinations: New Delhi-Mandawa-Jaipur-Ranthambore-Agra-New Delhi
Duration: 8 days

One of the most iconic trips to India with the treasures of the wildlife is a match made in heaven. It’s probably the very best time to visit India golden triangle. So, you can very well evaluate that not rejoicing in its magnetism is a sin. No pressure, just saying!

For fact, this itinerary doesn’t have all the top names of the North India tourist places list. Still, we can assure you that you’ll love what you’ll read and the sea. Laying the cornerstone from the ultimate travel junction New Delhi, this North India tour itinerary manages to pull all the right strings. Delhi with its amazing history, surreal structures, food, and multiple shopping paradises adds more magic to the tour. Furthermore, this seminal trip then continues with a visit to the royal village, Mandawa.

A stay in Mandawa will open the doors of the Rajputana for you. By the same token, traveling to Jaipur will be a cherry on top of your North India Wildlife. Here, the forts and palaces add dashes of mesmerism to the trip and you won’t even realize how caught up you will get in this whole bonanza. Now, brace your hearts as you can trace the pugmarks of the royal beast from here. No doubt, it will take you bewildered wildings in Ranthambore National Park. Here, sleep under the sky in the company of nature and let Mother Nature do the healing.

After basking in the glory of the nutty woods, next up on your trip will be the ultimate epitome of love, the Taj Mahal. Frankly, it will not come to you alone on your discovery of North India rather it will bring to you many other enticing Mughal edifices too. So, get a kick out of it and many such travel arrays in the most iconic trip to India.

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Destinations: Leh-Nubra Valley-Pangong Lake-Alchi-Likir-Leh
Duration: 8 days

A Holiday in Ladakh is a luscious treat for the senses. Not very contrasting with Gulmarg Tourism, here too the topography gives an impression of the state’s panoramic treasures and every other avenue speaks volumes for its cultural charms. Whether you are culturally curious or even an imminent history hacker, everything on this tour speaks aloud, and that too in the right tones.

This trip will set forth from Leh, the monochrome paradise of India. Get bundled with the joys of the cosmic universe and roll in the tales of history. Trust us; it’s more cheerful than it sounds.

The stay in Leh will be the one with all the mobile pleasures of Diskit and Hunder. It will plaster a smile on your face and also enthrall you with its minimalistic lifestyle. Here you will learn a thing or two about Buddhism but the only thing that we want you to look out for is the very tranquil, Pangong Tso Lake. This surreal lake changes color with temperature. That’s amusing, don’t you think?

The final destination of this North India tour will ask you to dive into the divinity pool of Buddhism because two of the most celebrated monasteries will cross your path here. So, get all drenched in Buddhist motifs and call it a day.

Read in detail about this trip here. Are you interested in similar trips? Then taking a tour to northeast India will help you big time. Don’t know where to start from? Here read about Northeast India tour itinerary.


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Destinations: Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Jodhpur-Udaipur
Duration: 11 days

Take out some golden ink because this next tour should be written in gold in your travel journal. Completing it as a 5 days North India tour isn’t that great of a task but how can we let you not explore it to its farthest inch? We care for your travel dreams, you know!

Your Delhi to Rajasthan Adventure will start from its pride, the capital of the nation Delhi. Delhi will give you the age-old vibes but this scenario will turn to Mughal India as you will head towards Agra. This charismatic city is a living legend with realms of the Mughal era shining brighter than ever. Moving forward, this north India tour for 14 days will introduce you to the best of Rajasthan. This includes a stay in Pink City Jaipur, Blue awakening Jodhpur, and Kingdom of Lakes Udaipur. There can never be enough of the amazing destinations in Delhi for Rajasthan adventure.

Do you think alike? Then, read in detail about this trip here.


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Destinations: Delhi-Agra-Lucknow-Sravasti-Lumbini-Kushinagar-Patna-Bodhgaya-Varanasi-Delhi
Duration: 15 days

Retrace Buddha’s footprints and shoot aces on your Buddhist India tour. It’s one such gem north Indian temple tour that beautifully defines the vividness of the religious treasure chest of India. Brace your hearts for this trip and knock on your doors with the all-time favorite New Delhi. It’s the vibrancy of this city that will get you all pumped up for the serenity that follows.

Next in the travel queue are two stunning locations in Uttar Pradesh, Agra, and Lucknow. There is no way we can be missing these wonders on our list of tourist places in the northern plains of India. Later, the Buddhist circuit will reach out to you in all its glory. Consequently, you will get a head start on this spiritual adventure in Shravasti, the spot of two miracles. Moving forward and falling back on the Buddhist haven at Lumbini is what’s on your journal next. Yes, Lumbini a very jarring Buddhist site. Did you really think we would let you miss this zion of the north Indian temple tours?

Still, the zenith of the trip will be the spot of final Nirvana in Kushinagar and the spot of spiritual enlightenment in Bodhgaya. Furthermore, it’s Varanasi and the realms of the earliest institution Nalanda that adds the right amount of glitters to the trip. We told you, it’s going to be a roller coaster of emotions. Now you will agree too.

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