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Royal Historic Stay At Heritage Hotels In Udaipur

Have you ever sojourned at hotels that combine glorious inheritance and contemporary extravagance at their best?

Udaipur is one such city in Rajasthan that oozes grandiose legacy and sleek abundance from every corner!

Popularly known as the “Venice of the East,” Udaipur effortlessly exudes richness and royal hospitality in its superlative form. Built during the rule of the Maharaja, Udaipur boasts some magnificent heritage palaces and havelis, now restored and converted into heritage hotels. A stay at one of these hotels is a perfect chance to glimpse the magnificent royal past and the impeccable hospitality showered by the hotel staff. 

These heritage hotels in Udaipur are famous for their impressive architecture, grand lobbies, luxurious interiors, and ancient artwork, which were gradually added and passed on through generations. Every pillar of the property, every artifact showcased, has a unique connection to the royal gossip and stories whispered by the walls of these hotels in Udaipur. 

So let’s indulge in an unforgettable era in India that leaves you mesmerized and craving for more!

Step out of your ordinary lifestyle and splurge into the regal past of Udaipur!

From mesmerising stays and exhilarating experiences, Udaipur has it all, and below are some of our noteworthy recommendations for the most royal experience ever:

Table of Contents

Experience The Panache Of The Princely Era At Udaipur’s Finest Jagat Niwas.

As one walks into this charming Lakeside palace, one is greeted by the elegant charm of this 17th-century structure. Dreamy corridors, ceiling frescoes, regal paintings, elegant furnishings, grand chandeliers, a golden lotus mural, and a classy cream palette complete this magnificent vista.

Gaze at the stunning sunsets, sitting by the lovely rooftop restaurant or the swimming pool overlooking Pichola’s serene Lake. The palace has a 24-hour in-house bakery with various delicacies to satiate your sugar cravings.

Jagat Niwas is famous for its puppet show, and visitors can buy one from a collection of their handmade puppets; as a souvenir to take back home. They also have Indian Classical Musical evenings for visitors to enjoy during dinner.  

The palace offers a variety of rooms with lake views and cozy balconies to enjoy every moment.

Do we hear you craving a luxurious stay yet?

Discover The Alluring Fateh Sagar Heritage Hotel In Udaipur, An Epitome Of Grandeur And Luxury.

Situated in the heart of Udaipur, the Royal Hotel offers a variety of experiences to indulge in. Overlooking the famous Fateh Sagar Lake, the heritage hotel is a perfect amalgamation of culture, grand architecture, and regal hospitality. Traverse the hotel lobbies and gaze at the art and antiquities proudly displayed, each with generations of secret gossip and stories attached to it.

Fateh Sagar Heritage Hotel hotel offers guided heritage walks, where one can relive the mesmerising history and culture of the state. Ask the hotel staff to show you the secret underground tunnel within the property, once used by the royals to move around discreetly. The hotel was once a haven that held gatherings for renowned poets and artists from all around India. 

Relax at the rooftop garden and enjoy the breathtaking vista of the surrounding Lake while indulging in some delicious cuisines finely curated by their master chefs.

Tempted to experience this epitome of luxury that echoes the exciting past?

Explore The Property Of Fateh Nivas Heritage Hotel In One Of Their Vintage Cars.

The Fateh Niwas is one more gem in the list of Udaipur’s treasury of Heritage Hotels!

2.5 km from Lake Pichola, the luxury Fateh Niwas Heritage Hotel boasts a rooftop swimming pool and an elegant restaurant offering a magnificent vista of the ethereal City Palace, glistening Lake Pichola, and the majestic Aravalli Hills. A regal structure that unveils several unique experiences exclusive to the hotel. 

Revel in the beauty of this charming heritage hotel, and indulge in soothing classical music and performances. Rejuvenate your senses with one of the hotel’s signature wellness Ayurveda therapies and delve into some exciting stories about the past narrated by the hotel staff. 

Along with excellent rooms and state-of-the-art amenities, the hotel restaurant promises to take you on an unforgettable gastronomic journey through the flavours of Rajasthan. Carefully crafted local Rajasthani dishes, perfected from recipes passed down through generations.

Enjoy this realm of exclusive and luxurious experiences that leave an indelible impression on you!

Stay at Burj Baneria, a family-friendly boutique hotel with marvelous sunrises.

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How about staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet close to all the places in Udaipur?

Perched atop the Aravalli is a luxurious boutique homestay that wakes you up to some of the best sunrises ever. The place is run by a family from Baneria that served the Mevar Dynasty and later the state of Rajasthan. The architecture Burj Baneria is inspired by the family’s hometown Baneria, with large pillars and ample air flowing in. The charming family-run homestay has 8 rooms overlooking the shimmering Lake Pichola, offering the most peaceful and tranquil stay ever. 

The heritage hotel in Udaipur has earned a 5–star rating from its esteemed customers, making it one of the most popular homestays. 

Sojourn at this palatial homestay filled with exclusive experiences that only a few encounter!

Unlock Your Royal Experience From Kotra Haveli Heritage Hotel

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Are you looking for something more adventurous yet peaceful and rejuvenating? 

Kotra Haveli is a perfect budgeted boutique heritage hotel in Udaipur, located in a quiet place close to the boardwalk. The majestic vintage haveli promises to live up to all your expectations. With elaborate architecture, state-of-the-art rooms with modern fittings, and a reputed staff it is a flawless stay-cation for its guests. 

Located near the city center, reaching all the major tourist attractions on time becomes much easier. Take a serene boat ride on Lake Pichola, or ride horseback to pump your adrenaline. Traverse through the nearby art galleries or hire a scooter and; zip through the busy lanes of Udaipur. Every street in Udaipur is a myriad of colors and a shopper’s paradise. Explore the effervescent markets that are filled with interesting handicrafts. 

Finally, unwind and coddle yourself in the hotel’s Ayurveda spa, and restore and rejuvenate your sore muscles amidst the regal surroundings. 

Do you feel your tensions releasing already? Hurry and connect with us for this regal one-of-a-kind experience!

Venture Into The Enchanting World Of Mahendra Prakash Heritage Hotel

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Ready to transport yourself into this bygone era?

Mahendra Prakash is another vintage Haveli converted into a heritage hotel in one of Udaipur’s prime locations. Overlooking the Sajjan Niwas Garden, the heritage hotel resounds with the timeless charm of the sophisticated Rajput era. 

The hotel’s history, spanning several generations of the royal family, is elegantly narrated through its heirlooms and artifacts on display. The interiors of the 26 rooms; seamlessly blend royal grandeur and contemporary luxury for the comfort of all its guests.

With delectable gourmet, rejuvenating spas, captivating museums, and vibrant markets, the hotel has it all, giving you a perfectly immersive experience. Stay at the Mahendra Prakash Heritage Hotel and celebrate this beautiful journey with their impeccable service.

We are sure, by now, you are craving to embark on the opulence of this bygone era!

Stay At The Brahma Niwas Heritage Hotel And Elevate Your Travel Experience

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Another elegant choice that offers multiple scenic views and a peaceful stay! 

Rated as one of Udaipur’s best Lake View hotels, Brahma Niwas is just a few minutes away from the charming old city. 

The hotel’s spacious rooms boast joint balconies with the most mesmerizing view of the Lake, Making it an ideal place for your morning breakfasts. Their rooftop restaurant also has a stunning yet peaceful view of the Lake surrounded by the mountains. 

Soak yourself in the hotel’s infinity pool, enjoy a scrumptious meal at Udaipur’s famous pure vegetarian restaurant, or indulge in a deep tissue massage at the famous Brahma Spa. Do you seek some adventure? Then enjoy some fun and thrilling water activities they offer around the Lake.

Yes! A list of so many options can get confusing; that’s where our experts come to your rescue! Contact us immediately to help you select the best fit for your needs. 

Enjoy A Cosy Stay In A Colonial Style Inspired By Jhadol Vijay Vilas Heritage Hotel.

Ever imagined waking up to the melody of birds amidst the view of the lush green forest?

Then, Jhadol Niwas is the place to be. Once served as the royal residence, the place is nothing short of a five-star hotel now. Surrounded by hills, lakes and forests, the hotel promises the most breathtaking views throughout your stay.

The hotel’s architecture is inspired by the old colonial style, with the perfect backdrop of the city’s most famous landmarks. Rooftop dining and infinity pool are some of the highlights of the hotel. An embodiment of luxury that’s easy on the pockets.

Ready to make memories of a lifetime?

Explore The Captivating Udaipur While Staying At The Luxurious Shahpura Barliyas House.

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Located in a picturesque location, the hotel offers exquisite accommodations ensuring a luxurious and comfortable stay. Whether unwinding in the elegant surroundings or participating in cultural activities such as traditional dances, henna painting, and cooking demonstrations, the hotel offers an immersive experience for the entire family.

Large traditional Rajasthani rooms, opulent furnishings, and excellent hospitality are the highlights of this heritage hotel. With more accurate region knowledge, their staff can deliver excellent personalized services and curate unique experiences to ensure an unforgettable holiday. 

Ideal location, extravagant ambience, impeccable service, and glorious history, Shahpura Barliyas House promises a memorable stay to all its guests.

Experience The Epitome Of Culture And Rich Heritage At The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace Hotel.

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Have you witnessed a Big Fat Indian Wedding?

You might catch one at The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace Hotel. The hotel is most known for holding luxurious weddings, events, and ceremonies for people worldwide. Its steeped history and magnificent surroundings make it a top choice for most destination weddings. Its beautifully sculpted 4 lawns can hold any category of functions. 

Designed by Maharana Fateh Singh, perched atop a hill, the hotel glows magnanimously. The guests feel the charm of this hotel through its glorious ambiance, marble floorings, intricate carvings, and ancient artifacts. Spacious rooms with tastefully adorned paintings and splendid views showcase the regal grandeur of a real palace. 

Try some of the palace’s indoor games, such as croquet and billiards, or shop for Rajasthani souvenirs and accessories from its indoor shops. 

Come and experience the best from some of our carefully handpicked hotels today!

Stay At The Grand Crescent-shaped hotel Called Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel

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Are you curious how the kings and queens treated their royal guests?

A stay at the Shiv Nivas Palace Hotel will give you the most royal experience ever!

An early 20th-century palace, now a heritage hotel, is within walking distance from famous temples and the City Palace Museum. The hotel is run and owned by the royal family of Mewar, who currently resides in a smaller palace adjacent to this one called “Shambu Niwas”. 

Greeted by an opulent reception hall adorned with flower arrangements, the hotel once served visiting dignitaries for the royal family. Adorned with elephant paintings, manicured gardens, and silver artifacts in the walkways, they perfectly illustrate luxury and extravagance. 

The rooms are adorned with antique furniture, beautiful glass chandeliers, and Rajasthani art painted on walls; every corner exudes vintage elegance and grace, transporting you to one of the richest eras of India. The grandly decorated hotel can also arrange romantic private dinners with amazing views from your balcony. 

The hotel has a swimming pool with sunbeds, elegant dining restaurants and bars, a luxurious spa, and indoor and outdoor activities.

Come and live that fairy tale dream that you have always been wanting to!

Escape The City Chaos With A Stay At The Raas Devigarh Heritage Hotel

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Up for a long road trip around Rajasthan?

The rooms in the Palace Hotel are a mixture of contemporary and ancient styles. With regal accommodations, the hotel is extremely kid-friendly. Throughout the hotel, you will find artifacts; some are saved from the ruins, while some are restored to their original glory. They have placed the king’s original throne in the restaurant as a display for guests to admire. 

A stay at one of their 11 suites is highly recommended, each tastefully designed around unique themes and artifacts on display. Luxurious bathrooms with marble tubs and double vanity. 

The hotel has plenty of amenities like a billiards room, table tennis rooms, a movie theatre, and a swimming pool. There’s a specially curated historical tour of the palace just for children. 

Kindly contact our reputed travel agents for more details about this palace to make your trip successful!

Satisfy Your Royal Curiosity With A Stay At The Chunda Niwas Palace Heritage Hotel.

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Not just another heritage hotel, the beauty of this hotel will leave you completely amazed!

A premium heritage hotel retreat that took 16 years to build in the hopes of reviving old-age architecture. A stately structure with 46 rooms overlooking Lake Pichola. Soak yourself in the magnificence of its embellished domes, hand-painted frescoes, and mirror work artifacts. 

Chunda Niwas Heritage Hotel boasts intricately carved details, two pools (one indoors and one outdoors), a fitness center with the latest equipment, and a beautiful restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. 

An upscale boutique hotel within a short driving distance of all major attractions. 

Believe us; you have seen nothing like Udaipur at all!

These revamped palaces and havelis are excellent reminders of the glorious past. These royal abodes allow you to relive the royal past and admire the treasure left behind, Luring tourists worldwide.

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