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Enchanting Tour of Gujarat – Private India

About The Tour



Walk into a subtle blend of urbanisation and traditions on your trip to Gujarat.

Let yourself feel the very winds of a state where even the food and the roads will take you back in time.

Furthermore, bask in the true Gandhian feels of the place and while you’re at t, why don’t you take back some Khadi that it’s really famous for?

Ahemedabad, Vadodara, Rann of Kutch and Diu will make you never want to leave.

Taste the true paradox of travel from ruins of history to the palm trees of the modern day beach.

Moreover, didn’t we promise you a package?

Well, here it is!


Touch the skyscrapers in Ahemedabad

 Loosen up a bit with The Banjaras of Palitana

 Interact with the tribals of udepur and you’re good to go.

 Surprisingly, break the taboos at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Khajuraho.

 Saunter into the archaeological ruins of a UNESCO world heritage site.

Try finger licking good Gujarati cuisine!

You’ll be welcomed at the Ahmedabad International Airport. Our private chauffeurs will take you to the house of Mangaldas Girdhardas. Bask in the royal beauty of this heritage hotel and prepare yourself for a happy time on your trip to Gujarat.


Visiting the Calico Museum of Textiles, Khadi weavers near Gandhi Ashram, Adalaj Stepwell, Hutheesing Jain temples, and Sidi Saiyyed Mosque.



Dive right into a platter of arts and handicrafts in the Calico museum of textiles on your trip to Gujarat. Furthermore, Blend into the colours of textiles originated from India and found out in a myriad of archaeological sites all over the crazy globe. Cloth paintings, curtains, spectacular sarees and you name it. This is your chance to seep deep into the fashion of handicrafts. Post lunch, treat yourself with the touch of famous Khadi apparels and find yourself astounded with superior weaving skills of the weavers near Gandhi Ashram.


Let’s get you back in time through the passionately built and deep Adalaj step-well on your trip to Gujarat. This 5 story building is nothing short of a miracle when it comes to imperial architecture. Be that as it may, The walls and the galleries of this Indo-Islamic architectural wonder will charm you with their untold and surprisingly beautiful twists and turns.

You’ll believe us, wait.


March into the patio of one of the most significant Jain temples in India devoted to 15th Jain Tirthankara-Dharmnath, on your trip to Gujarat.

Do you like peace? Well, this white marble structure is another feather in the hat for the peace seekers. Moreover, The intriguing and the complex carvings on the walls will leave you speechless.

See that for yourself!


Built by the courageous army General of the past Sultan in 1573, this white mosque is the testimony of superior and world-class craftsmanship by the artists under his instructions.

Get ready to be swept off of your feet on this trip to Gujarat. The intricate carvings on the windows will be a geometrical extravaganza topped with a spike of tranquil artistry.

Don’t believe us?  Go ahead; check it out.



126 km of road journey and you’ll be in Patan. Brace yourself for a good good time on your trip to Gujarat.


We bet you like colours. Don’t you?

Well, it’s gonna be a very happy day for you, folks. Find yourself drowned in yards and yards of mind blowing and ever-so-popular silk sarees. That’s not about it. You’ll get to see and talk to the weavers who spend their blood and tears into the tying, dyeing and weaving these beauties.


You’ll be hopping back in the cars for another 45 minutes long road journey to the town of Modhera on your trip to Gujarat.

Sun temple

Alright, time for some journey back in time through a sample of some spectacular workmanship and spirituality. Dedicated to the God of sun, this temple stands proudly on the banks of river Pushpavati. Marvel at the actually perfectly aligned temple so much so that the rays of the sun fall first on the statue of sun god. Be that as it may, The architecture will leave you speechless with its grandiosity.

Be ready to get charmed under the bright happy sky!


Up for an adventure under the clear night sky?

Get ready to pitch in your tents and have a blast in the arms of silver streaks of land in the Rann of Kutch on your trip to Gujarat.

Astrophotographers! Pay attention, it’s your time to shine.

Well, basically the stars will.

Camp overnight in the wilderness and thank us later for bringing you to the gold of Gujarat.



Visiting Ajrakhpur and LLDC Museum


Gear up for a little morning Safari and unleash your inner wildling on this trip to Gujarat. Furthermore, Wake up to the sunset and mount your jeeps to catch glimpses of various mammals and jungle cats in the wilderness of Kutch.

Before the adrenaline rush calms down head back to the campsite for a scrumptious breakfast out in the open.

Exciting, eh?


Brace yourself for a 5 hour long journey to Bhuj. While you’re on the way, capture bizarre moments on the streets of Gujarat and trap them for a lifetime within your shutters.

Surprise yourself with the glimpses of Banjaras raw on the streets traveling on camels.

Intriguing, eh?

Also, don’t forget to check the ever famous salt pans.

Well, that’s what Gujarat is all about. Right?


Step into the world of block printing and a myriad of colours straight from natural sources. Be that as it may, It’s going to be a wonderland of glowing cloth collection. This form of cloth art is known as Ajrakh.


Our private tour guides will take you on an art travel on your trip to Gujarat. The living and learning design centre is basically a hub for artists and craftsmen of Gujarat.

Get to see how they turn their traditional art into wonders for our global market.

Pure magic, we tell you.

Art is life, isn’t it?

Furthermore, After an eventful day and mid-route treats you’ll finally be reaching to the comfortable stay in Bhuj.


Visiting Nirona village and Bhirandhiaro village



Prepare yourself to dive right into the local art and culture of Banni region of Gujarat in Nirona village on your trip to Gujarat.

Are you an art lover?

The one of a kind Rogan paintings by the Khatri family will leave you stunned.

And if that wasn’t enough, cute little houses with bright coloured wood will make you want to transform one of the same into your own household.

Yeah, it’s gonna be pretty interesting.

You’ll then be arriving at Hodka for a satisfying lunch.


Dive right into the charm of local handicraft by women and tribal houses of the Meghwal tribe brimming with bright painted walls. Also, do check out the superior intricacies in the glass work inside the walls of the houses of these vibrant nose ringed ladies. Be that as it may, your good luck bells might just ring and you might get to hear to the globally renowned Meghwal musicians.

Fingers crossed!




Visiting Naulakha palace, Bharwad, and Rabadi villages



After a long 6 hours road journey you’ll end up luxuriating in the royalty of The Naulakha palace.

Marvel at the beauty of the edifice and the exhibits of royal brassware, textiles, silver crafts and the likes of them.

Be that as it may, Hands down the royal experience of your trip to Gujarat.


Interaction time! Go around the Bharwad and Rabari villages to interact with the local people and get to know the raw and bizarre Gujarat.

Exciting, much?


Get behind the wheels for a 4 hour long journey to Gir national park via Junagadh.

You’ll be surprised and tempted to hoard the gem encrusted tapestries and carpets to take back home. Pamper yourself?

Be that as it may, Junagadh will never disappoint you in the history department. Furthermore, The forts and the added Buddhist relics will leave you stunned and curious for more.

By the end of the day our chauffeurs will have dropped you to the Gir birding lodge for a warm overnight stay.


Wake up for an early morning Safari. Bathe under the crimson sky and morning sun.

Put your game face on for you might just get to see the rare Asiatic lions.

Undoubtedly, the little wildling in you will be thrilled to see every possible animal and bird of the nature.

Ah, sweet.



Visiting Diu Fort, St. Paul’s Church, and St. Thomas Church


On your trip to Gujarat, get ready to step into the island of Diu after a two hour long road trip.

Bask in the subtlety of palm trees and the breezy vibes against the Arabian Sea. Be that as it may, this island is quintessential!


This 17th-century Portuguese edifice of tranquil architectural style will give you an odd sense of peace.

Moreover, The lighthouse just adds up to the charm.

Don’t believe us?

See that for yourself.

Also, don’t forget to pray within the holy walls of gothic style St. Thomas church in  Diu Fort.


Amidst the sunny coves and white cliffs, you’ll find yourself appreciating the good things in life within the walls of baroque styled lavishly wood carved church of St. Paul.

No doubt, Peace will definitely come to you in the arms of palm-grove Portuguese colony on your trip to Gujarat.


You’ll be visiting the local fish market to see how the livelihood of the local people is managed.

Moreover, the full of life procession and throttle will make you happy with good vibes.

Do not forget to interact with the smiling and hospitable local people.

Take the rest of the day to luxuriate in the best of the luxury beach resort.

Some sunbathing? Some tanning?

Some pampering, eh?



You’ll be on the road to Palitana after a lip smacking breakfast. 4 hours later, lie on the comfortable beds of your luxurious heritage stay.

Take the day to indulge in some self-pampering sessions.

Also, Go shopping and fill your bags with memories and reminders of your trip to Gujarat.

Oh, Sweet sweet travellers.




Put your game face on for you’ll be climbing a hefty 3000 stairs to reach to your moment of liberation and extreme spiritual contentment.

Furthermore, A complex of 863 temples crowning the Palitana hill will be welcoming you with their utmost beautiful architecture and good vibes.

Can’t wait, right?

Don’t forget your water bottle, though.


Do you like hacking history?

Are you a legend buff?

March right into the remnants of the Indus Valley civilisation on your trip to Gujarat.

Find gems in the ruins of Lothal on your trip to Gujarat.

Furthermore, After you’re done getting stunned over and over again by the incredibly smart past of India mount your cars and get on a 127 km long journey to Vadodara.

Rest for the day





Brace yourself. for a two hour long journey to the village of Chota Udepur on your trip to Gujarat.

Let the colours of the tribal market seep into your blood and bones. Also, get to interact with Bhils, Rathwa and other communities. Exciting, eh?


Later, get to visit a UNESCO world heritage site. Totally worth the time spent their, we promise.

Champaner Pavagadh archaeological park will give an odd sense of contentment to the history buffs.

Do check out all the eleven building to surprise yourself with the beautiful Indian history on your trip to Gujarat.

As the end of the day nears, our private chauffeurs will take you back to Vadodara.



Visiting EME temple and Tambekar Wada



Secularism at its best! Visit the aluminium clad edifice built by the workers of electronic and mechanical corp. The Indian army brings together all the religions under one roof here in this temple.

How cool is that?

Be that as it may, you can’t miss out on this one.


Walk into royalty at the Tambekar Wada of Bhau Tambekar.

The three storied edifice exhibits some of the most spectacularly gorgeous murals.

Well, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Let the paintings all over catch your attention on your Trip to Gujarat.

Your trip to Gujarat ends here and you’ll be taken to the airports in Vadodara and Ahmedabad according to your flight schedule.

We hope to make your trip a memorable one.

Well, India welcomes the guests with irrevocable love.

See us soon again.



Accommodation at above proposed hotels or similar in a twin room.

 Ground transfers and tours through an air-conditioned car on private basis.

 Entrances to the monuments.

 An English speaking local guide during the sightseeing tours.

 Assistance on arrival and departure points

Meals Not Mentioned In the Itinerary

 Any expenses of personal nature such as tips, telephone bills, laundry etc.

 Any alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

 Insurance and medical-claim.

 Expenses incurred during the emergency situation or evacuation.

 Any airfares, International or Domestic.

 Any unspecified, optional and suggested activities.

 Any Cost Arising Due To Natural Calamities Like Landslides, Roadblocks, Etc

 Any Increase in Taxes or Fuel Leading To an Increase in Surface Transport

 Any thing, which is not mentioned in the list of inclusions.

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