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15 Offbeat Destinations In India

Explore The Mysterious And Undiscovered Depths Of India.

Are you tired of navigating the usual tourist itineraries? Sitting on the couch and flipping through old travel albums.

Doesn’t it sound boring?

If yes, then we have the best thing for you.

Get ready for it and jump into India’s top offbeat destinations, where you can have endless adventures.

Awe! Imagine capturing a glimpse of unexplored terrain that explores through relics of the past and charming hamlets, discovering something at every turn.

Uncover underrated beauty, from rural to urban!

Our curated destinations cater to all your travel desires—North, South, East, and West.

So, pause for mediocrity when you have a list of great travel gateways!

1. Globetrotting to the Shnongpdeng & Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

people walking on hanging bridge in Meghalaya, an offbeat destination in India
Nvr Endng Anupam

Have you ever questioned seeing the beautiful scenery on a calendar and thought of whether there’s a place like this on Earth that genuinely exists?

Real-life dreamland?

You got it!

Mawlynnong is a village in the northeastern corner of India, in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya state.

What’s so special about this village?

This place is where you can find the perfect balance between humans and nature, with the aim of “Cleanliness being next to Godliness.”

To get immersed in nature’s paradise, wander along the streets of this idyllic village with blooming, vibrant flowers at every nook and corner.

One of the vantage points that will enchant you is the 85-foot skywalk tower.

You will feel as if you are standing on top of the world.

Let your dreams come alive at the “Living Root Bridge”, connecting to the roots and streams of natural beauty.

Allow yourself to savor every moment with the village’s fresh air and blue sky. Find God’s Garden.

2. Trekking Through The Snow-Capped Peaks In Sandakphu, Darjeeling

Sandakphu river stream in Darjeeling,  an offbeat destination in India

Ready to explore a hidden gem on foot?

Then join us for the concealed secret of Sandakphu, the mountain peak in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal.

The place is for trekking in the lush green surroundings of the scenic wonders and dazzling grandeur of the Himalayas’ world of natural phenomena.

It’s truly a sight to behold!

Standing atop Sandakphu’s peak will leave you gazing at the impressive outlook of the Himalayan peaks at an altitude of 3,636 meters (i.e., 11,929 ft).

Trekkers will be awestruck by the wonderland with vistas of Everest, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga.

While traversing the trails, watch for red pandas, Himalayan bears, and Satyr Tragopans. And spot the diverse spruce and orchids while trekking.

Embrace the unbounded charm of nature!

3. Explore The Stunning Cliffs And Healing Minerals In Varkala, Kerala

Beach located in Kerala,  an offbeat destination in India
Raimond Klavins

Are you looking for frolicking in the waves and a relaxed walk along the seashore with a guzzle of beer?

It sounds like a laid-back gateway.

Discover the epitome of endless beauty in Varkala, located 50 km north of ThiruvananthapuramKerala, with beaches, cliffs, minerals, and a pilgrimage site.

The destination allows visitors to sunbathe, swim, and rejuvenate with Ayurvedic spas.

Walking along the beachside, you’ll come across stunning views of blue and green seawater, with the beauty of inked blue skies spread out over laterite cliffs.

Varkala is known for the peaceful waters of Papanasam Beach; people head there to take a dip and clear their minds.

Check out Janardhana Swamy Temple, a stunning Vaishnava shrine with two centuries of history and incredible architecture.

Relax and take in the view at Kappil Beach. Don’t miss out on Anjengo Fort and Lighthouse.

It’s the perfect place to take a break!

4. Historical Legacy In Halebidu, Karnataka

deity made by carved rock,  an offbeat destination in India
Chinmay B

Do stones tell you fascinating stories?

Yes, the stones in the temple Halebidu are ancient Indian architecture that portrays the testament of the glorious past through its intricate carvings.

What makes it truly unique?

Delve into the mysterious kingdom stories of Indian history and mythology in the Hoysala empire’s capital city.

Tourists can find the “mantapa” prayer hall inside the temple.

The best time to visit will be in March during the festival of Hoysala Mahotsav, where you can capture the festivity with the vibrant colors of the temple.

Explore further into its secrets and unravel the hidden truth that awaits you!

5. Traditions of the Apatani tribe in Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Woman of Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, India

Do you want to walk through the endless golden paddy fields with a glittering blue sky?

Look into Ziro, home of the Apatani tribe listed in UNESCO World Heritage, in the Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh.

You will indulge in the landscapes of the town, which is 1500 meters above sea level and is a proud home for the Apatani tribe.

September is the perfect time to hear the world’s talent!

If you’re a music lover, Ziro is the perfect destination town, hosting the famous Ziro Festival of Music and welcoming various bands worldwide.

You will find fish in the same field.

Does that sound strange?

The Apatanitani people have their traditions, religion, and language to preserve their unique cultural identity, which includes the trade of paddy-cum-culture.

Welcome guests as God. You will find a kindred spirit in the people you meet.

6. Explore A Wide Range Of Flora And Fauna In Tadoba, Maharashtra

A tiger in the water body,
Dhruv Maniyar

Want to explore and witness the wildlife sanctuary?

Get into Tadoba, a stunning place for tiger reverse in the Chimu Hills in Maharashtra.

You will find a national park encompassed by an extensive 600 sq km of lush surrounding forest with the world’s largest tiger population.

Bird lovers can explore the 195 species of birds found here.

The place will also dive deep into the rich biodiversity of landscapes, meadows, hills, and valleys.

Bengal tigers and other wildlife await on the safari ride at Tadoba National Park.

7. The Wettest Place On Earth Is Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

A large waterfall surrounded by lush greenery,  an offbeat destination in India
Shipon Karmakar

For those craving to savor the magic of the monsoons, Cherrapunji is a top-notch spot to explore.

Would you like to dance in the rain?

Experience the joy of dancing in the rain, where rainfall is record-breaking.

Indulge in the lush green landscape of the monsoon with famous sites like Nohkalikai Falls and Seven Sisters Fall.

Behold the marvels of nature like never before!

Trekking through the hills and dense forests of the mountains will allow you to experience the beauty of nature.

Wipe your face with a cool breeze and misty clouds from the hilltop and explore the town’s natural atmosphere.

If you’re feeling adventurous, explore the wettest place on the planet, Meghalaya.

Don’t wait for the rainy season; come and feel the spell of Cherrapunji!

8. Home To Ancient Buddhist Monasteries, Leh Ladakh, And Jammu And Kashmir

a building on top of the mountain during daytime,
Ananya Bilimale

Are you seeking an ethereal adventure?

The wait is over!

Travel to Leh Ladakh, in Jammu and Kashmir, which will capture your soul with a jaw-dropping destination nestled with the Himalayas snow-capped mountains.

The place will take you to the past and the ancient heritage of the Buddhist monasteries’ culture.

The scenic beauty of Zoja La, Sharding La, and Chang La reveals captivating views of mountains and valleys.

The lake waters in Leh, Ladakh, look like mirror reflections glittering with rays of the sky, a visual treat for visitors’ eyes and souls.

And this is not the end!

Find adventure modes like trekking, mountain biking, jeep safaris, and rafting to discover your inner dare.

Leh, Ladakh, is also famous for its diverse collection of culinary traditions, a canvas of Tibetan, Kashmiri, and Indian flavors.

Find the place for you with an all-in-one adventure!

9. The radiant pearl resting in the lap of the Himalayan range, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Multi colored Gate to enter in Tawang Valley,  an offbeat destination
Rohan Chowdhury

The tales of war have always enthralled us as they transformed the world.

One such place less explored by travelers that reveals its secrets and beauty is Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

The place will take you to the untold stories of the Indo-China War and reveal the beauty at every footstep.

It would be best to get a special Inner Line Permit to explore the spot.

When you come in, a shiny gate with a Buddhist monk in a single-colored scene will greet you.

It will make you feel like you are entering another world, beckoning you to venture.

The vibrant prayer flags and the tranquil lake will give you a chilled welcome to the place.

Not just about the monastery.

We can see the mix of vintage and modernity in the living culture of the place.

Those who want to witness the beauty of the Himalayas can visit the Sela Pass at a height of 13,700 m.

You will find inspiring stories at the Jaswant Garh War Memorial.

Check out Tawang’s stunning scenery if you’re tired of the same old hill stations.

10. Amenable Society And Authentic Depiction Of Rusirani, Jaipur

An old broken gate,  Jaipur

Have you ever realized how many interesting stories are part of our culture and history?

Then take your journey to Rusirani village in Jaipur, revealing the vibrancy and exquisite charm of the bygone era.

The heritage tells the tale of the Pandavas, who lived there before the war and constructed divine temples, stepping stones, and mansions.

Get yourself indulged in the beauty and tradition of Rajasthani architecture, and mural painting is a treasure trove.

What else can you discover in the fascinating village of Rusirani?

The non-profit organization INSPIRE has improved the village by providing infrastructure and education for the girl’s children.

Explore the place with new experiences on your Golden Triangle itinerary.

Want to take a closer look at Rusirani? Then have an excellent time reading.

11. A Sanctuary For Spectrum Wildlife: Jawai, Rajasthan

A small town in the mountains in  an offbeat destination in India
Mohsin Marui

It’s hard to believe it, but have you ever visited the hometown of the Leopards?

Jawai, a beautiful village in the Pali district of Rajasthan on the banks of the Jawai River, is the only place in India where you can see leopards wandering freely.

Does it sound frightening?

No need to get afraid!

The leopards in Jawai have a tranquil and harmonious life with humans and have attacked no one.

You will find Jawai Bandh, a wildlife area, in the village.

Great spot for safari lovers!

Enjoy the exciting morning and night jeep safaris, exploring the caves of leopards and other wildlife. Your safari driver will give you time to spot them.

Jawai Bandh is an abode for many birds and wildlife animals like leopards, white foxes, jungle cats, hyenas, sloth bears, crocodiles, and more.

As you meander around the village, you will see the attractive clothing of the Rabari tribe (also known as Rewari), with its peculiar dress code.

Are you enjoying what you’re reading? Keep reading about Jawai here.

12. A Path Towards The Cosmic World: Lonar Crater, Maharashtra

Drought land in Maharashtra.  an destination in India
Vivek Sharma

The universe is more than just what we can see. It also includes a fantastic range of art in many fascinating forms.

How was Na essential to the masterpiece?

The magnificent site of Lonar Crater in the state of Maharashtra embraces the nature of an artist and creates the unique design of a lake.

Mystery of the crater!

People believe the pristine lake in the middle of the crater results from the celestial bodies that hit the Earth’s surface with a diameter of 1.8 kilometers.

They provide you with a stunning, tranquil environment for visitors to examine the beauty of nature through the lake.

The temples surrounding the lake look like they guard and protect the crater.

Well! It can remind us occasionally of the captivating charm that the universe can bring to this world.

13. A Different Journey To Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

Houses on Mountain of Shimla,
Nomad Bikers

Open the door to uncover the breathtakingly beautiful natural landscape.

It will fill you with great anticipation as you imagine what awaits you on this journey.

Spiti offers a mesmerizing haven for those searching for serenity in the bliss of nature. 

Anyone can travel to experience beauty and peace!

If you take the time to search diligently, you will uncover a selection of Buddhist cloisters in multiple places.

The Kunzum and Barchala Passes are your best bet if you want to reach the top. It’s a popular trek and one of the highest spots in Spiti.

If you want peace and calm, the valley near Dhadkan and Chandratal Lake provides a beautiful view. 

Look into the adventures!

Take on daring activities like climbing, rappelling, and being outdoors here. 

The farther-away, high-up valley between India and Tibet has landscapes that are hard to believe.

Spiti Valley is famous among travelers in India! 

Let this captivating landscape sweep you away! Check out the detailed reading here.

14. Having Some Time Off In The Hills Of Kalimpong, West Bengal

a temple in West bengal,  an offbeat destination in India
Ankan Dey

If you are looking for stress-reducing tea, you don’t have to go too far; the mountains of Darjeeling and Kalimpong in West Bengal are open for visitors.

It is famous for its flower plantations and is a greener hill station on a ridge above the Teesta River. 

Something primarily known in the town is the alpine forests, filled with unique flowers and orchids.

You should visit Buddhist monasteries like Zang Dhok Palri Phodang to see their epic Tibetan Buddhist scriptures and learn about Himalayan culture.

Few people come to Kalimpong, but there’s still enough to do to keep you busy for a few days.

Get active and check out the Teesta for trekking and river rafting.

Kalimpong has a great religious center; you can see the Himalayas from there.

Catch the best views by going to the hill at sunrise.

15. The hospitality of the Ao Naga tribe in Mokokchung, Nagaland

Ao Naga Tribe in Nagaland,  a unknown destination to people

To step away from the fast-paced life, discover the beauty of Mokokchung.

After Kohima and Dimapur, there’s the third major city in Nagaland, with a culture from the northeast and towering 4,430 feet up.

Here you can see the biggest gathering of the Ao Naga tribe, with traditional and modern practices.

There are hills with trees everywhere, a stunning view of colorful buildings, a calming atmosphere, and people who are so kind.

Great place to take your family! 

This district has a tremendous cultural background and is home to several Naga tribes, the biggest of which is the Ao tribe. 

The historical spots Longkhum village has megaliths, and Chuchuyimlang village has traditional architecture, making this town a place.

The town celebrates festivals yearly, like Moatsu in May and Aoleang in April.

Mokokchung celebrations are full of eating and having a good time.

People are turning more and more to exploring less popular locations. 

Also, visiting offbeat destinations in India can help find peace and tranquility and create lasting memories.

Out of the many destinations, which one are you planning to visit?

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