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Why should You Visit Alleppey in Kerala

Alleppey or Alappuzha is nested where the Laccadive Sea romances the coastlines of Kerala. To think of a vacation in Kerala is to think of houseboat rides in the Alleppey backwaters and meals on banana leaves. The most mouth-watering and wholesome meals are enjoyed on the same, under a windy, pastel blue-hued sky. But, that statement is as cliched as it gets.

Alleppey tourism is home to many more activities, tourist spots, and natural beauties than given credit for. A pre-analysed trip can help you chalk out a trip that serves to amaze in the most veteran backpacker or hobby-tourist, alike.

Still, it will be the Alleppey Kumarakom houseboat packages that will be in the spotlight. Let us have a gander at a few of the activities and sights that grace this beautiful city.

Mapping The City:

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Among the long, dusty roads peppered with coconut trees as far as the eye can see, the tourist in you can start with the places to visit in the heart of this town. Although there is no shortage of places to visit in Cochin and Alleppey, we personally suggest you follow your heart. Trust us; Alleppey works wonderfully with the heart. Give me a chance, you guys!

The Ravi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum which was built by its namesake, philanthropist, and coir industrialist, is a showcase of family relics and artifacts. Artwork bearing religious motifs also graces the long, somber hallways.

Once done with the museum, one can make their way to the beautifully constructed houses of Gods. ‘The Venice of the East’, as it is endearingly called is home to a secular and cross-faith community.

The St.Mary Forane Church, Arthunkal Church, Tiruvalla, and Karumadi Temple are a few among the many architectural fine-works where tourists can be closer to the spirit.

The Krishnapuram Palace also beckons traveling souls to the outskirts of Oachira town.

Seafood Served Up:

karimeen kerala cuisine healthy


The South of India may be synonymous with Idlis, Dosas, and Sambhar but that is not where the munching stops. The proximity to the Arabian Sea makes for a palette that is rife with marine food items. Keralan dishes are known for the multi-flavored curries that marinate meat and fish for zest.

But it is the fish curries, the colloquially known ‘karimeen’ that brings the crowd to the yard! Also, accompanied by a healthy dose of prawns, lobsters, and crabs, Keralan seafood might just about convince you to chuck the cutlery and dig in with your bare hands!

Racing Up The Waters:

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The Alleppey houseboat is the common choice of couples honeymooning or photographers and thinkers looking to spend time alone with nature, alike. Alleppey honeymoon packages although grab the majority of the attention, Alleppey backwater tour packages aren’t too behind either. However, wiser is the traveler who researches the lay of the land, or in this case, the waters. Turn your ship wherever your heart sails!

Alleppey backwaters houseboat shines with world-class amenities. Are you someone who rather seek a quaint getaway? Then with Ayurveda and Yoga on the go, Alleppey houseboat packages are truly your travel match made in heaven.

It is one such experience that needs you to dive deeper into its tranquility. Let go of every thought and only then, will see the magic Alleppey backwaters tour live in action.

The list of places to visit in Alleppey houseboat is lengthy. Trust us; it truly is! Furthermore, it opens up the door to the never-ending natural vistas and gosh! You cannot imagine how amusing of a treat it turns out to be.

Looking for Alleppey boat house packages? Here is everything you need to know about it and the Alleppey backwater boat ride.

The ‘Vallam Kali’ is a shindig loved by anyone who’s a Keralan at heart. The awards are touted as precious and honorable to a great degree. Thus, draws hundreds of competitors from all parts.

The boats here are also popular as snake boats. That’s because of their sheer length, which can accommodate over 100 paddlers! The reference to serpents comes from the artistic carving of the boats, where the front ends usually have reptilian facsimiles.

The races usually take place during the monsoon season, around the vicinity of Onam. Don’t you think you deserve a houseboat trip in Alleppey at this time? Yes? then, book your perfect trip to Alleppey now!

The Allepey Beach Life:

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Alleppey is famous for visitors who throng the beaches in great numbers. However, unlike most of the beaches in India, the main reason to visit Alleppey and specifically its beaches is its pristine conditions.

The white fine sand feels gingerly moist and not at all coast. Allepey Beach is the best option for the crowded beach affair, and with its “Sand Art” festivals it makes for a man-made sight to behold.

For the reclusive seclusion, of course, there is a better alternative only 10 kilometers outside the city of Alleppey, the Marari Beach. Accompanied by the canopy of towering, lush green coconut trees, the yellow ochre sands sit many wandering souls looking to enjoy the somnolence of the sunset alone.

Alleppey honeymoon places bring to you the perfect site to hook up your hammocks. And, Marari Beach is one of them, with coconut water stalls, snack vending options, and restaurants. But interestingly, not smack in the middle of the beach.

Miles To Go:

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If getting away to the famously titled “God’s Own Country” was not enough, and the peace and tranquillity of the boat rides and beach walks have made you only more insatiable, then Allepey won’t let down with the number of picturesque destinations.

Painted in red and white stripes at the dawn of the millennium, Alappuzha lighthouse on the Alappuzha Beach is a hauntingly beautiful place to be. Although it closes a few minutes shy of dusk, the tower which stands 30 feet tall is admissible to tourists for a mere 10 INR ticket.

If this still leaves you pining for nature best enjoyed in solitude, then head 13 kilometers away from the city, on one of the boats to the beautiful Pathiramanal Island. Home to a variety of exotic birds, the Island rounds of the Allepey trip by etching it in memory.

Shining as one of the top honeymoon places to visit in India, Alleppey is quite rooted. You will always find this place a wonderland of travel treats and Alleppey honeymoon houseboats add the right amount of romance. Join us in this love saga, see you on the other side!

Soak In Spirituality:

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There is nothing better than falling back to spirituality. Especially in God’s own land Kerala. And, when this surreal experience knocks your door at the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey, it is imperative to enjoy its treasures in high spirits.

Alleppey, like every other city in Kerala, lives by age-old customs and traditions. Here, spirituality showcases the prominent hues of Christianity and Hinduism. In fact, there is no shortage of temples and churches here. These temples of South India and churches are history’s best keeps. And, why wouldn’t they be? They are famous for maintaining the heritage and tradition of the region.

An evening in these sacred grounds will fill your heart with glee. Not only do they ooze positivity into the ambiance but also add more calmness to the aura of Alleppey. Getting to enjoy the different religious practices and witnessing their grandiosity is another reason to visit Alleppey. Why? Well, to learn about a community, the best way is to learn about its cultural and religious practices. So, have fun exploring the spiritual chapter whilst adding some spiritual charms to your travel journal.

Some Famous Religious Places In Alleppey:

St Mary’s Church

Nagaraja Temple

Chettikulangara Bhagavathy Temple

St Andrew’s Florence Forance Church

Ambalapuzha Krishna Temple

Latin Catholic Church

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