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Luxury tours to Kerala: Handpicked & Bespoke Guide

India is the playground for an assortment of luxury travel experiences. And, Kerala is its shining star in this genre. Famous, for its top-notch resorts and one-of-a-kind experiences, Kerala has some regal charms to add to the concoction of comfort and culture that India bestows.

Luxury vacation packages in Kerala bring to you a wide-ranging platter that can please your luxury travel appetite. From the dainty charms of houseboats in Alleppey backwaters to the splendid stays by the Arabian Sea on the top beaches of India, Kerala luxury tours are the perfect all-inclusive holiday packages to vouch for while planning a vacation in India.

Did the thought of it entice your inner travel junkie too? Then, here are the top luxury tours to Kerala that you should for sure add to your travel journal.


Best Of Kerala Tour

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Nandhu Kumar

Kochi-Munnar-Thekkady-Alleppey-Kovalam [9 DAYS]


  • Chinese fishnets, the highs of the Western Ghats, and the limitless ocean on one side, Kochi will be the paradise you didn’t even know you deserve.
  • Give in to the remote islands of Kochi. Lap up to its very enticing nature walks and beach fun. Put your heart to the utmost glee with a day spent pampering baby elephants at the elephant training center in Kochi.
  • Get your fair share of art, culture, history, and archaeology at the hill palace museum in Kochi.
  • Take a road trip to the tea paradise of the south. Bask in the pleasures of staying in tree houses made entirely from bamboo and hay while you overload your sight and smell with the treasures of Munnar.
  • Turn into a water baby at the quaint backwaters of Alleppey. Live in luxurious houseboats and enjoy scrumptious delicacies made by local in-house chefs.
  • Lose yourself in the wilderness of Thekkady. Pamper your inner wilding at Periyar National Park on your best of Kerala Luxury tour.
  • Hit the gleaming golden beaches of Kovalam to enjoy the tropical charms of the country. Go a bundle on your lazy lays by the crashing waves of the ocean and reflect back to your wonderful southern India adventure.


Discover South India

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Vishwanth Pindiboina

Source Chennai-Kanchipuram-Tanjore-Madurai-Periyar-Alleppey-Kochi [12 Days]


  • Luxuriate in the intertwined urban hues and religious relevance of
  • Stroll through the glittering sands of Marina beach. Turn into the patron of the divine powers at the very reverend Kapaleeshwarar temple. Furthermore, acquaint yourself with the rich history of this country at the Government Museum of Chennai.
  • Rekindle with your theist self at Mahabalipuram. Dive into the culture of this region and drench yourself in its goodness while witnessing the top temples in India.
  • Turn back time to the colonial era. Ride bicycles through the French colonies while gorging on some lip-smacking delicacies on your luxury vacation packages.
  • Add more temples to your India travel list on your discover south India trip. Become a patron of Hinduism and Indian architecture at one of the top World Heritage Sites in Tanjore.
  • Fill your India travel journal with tales and mythologies at the structural spectacle Madurai. Give in your all to its intricately carved temples while rejoicing in the beauty of Dravidian style architecture.
  • Add some jungle tunes to your traditional luxury South India tour. Squeal with joy on a daytime safari to the most beautiful landscapes of India.
  • Calm your mind and relax your soul at the most quaint Indian tourist destination. Float in the backwaters amidst swaying palms with the goodness of Ayurveda.
  • Follow the Chinese nets to land in the capital of Kerala. Get some noteworthy points of history at the Kochi Fort.

Trip To North & South India

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Gaurav Kumar

Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Barli-Udaipur-Kochi-Munnar-Periyar-Alleppey-Marari-Kochi [19 DAYS]


  • Open the window that takes you back in time to the urban capital of the country. Witness the beautiful concoction of time here.
  • Enjoy the Mughal marvels sprinkled across the glamorous city of Delhi. Be amused by its jaw-dropping beauty and sterling entourage.
  • Get high on the scintillating sights of the epitome of love Taj Mahal. Furthermore, re-establish the glory of the Mughal Empire on your travel journal at Fatehpur Sikri.
  • Turn the pages of history from the stories of Mughals to the tales of Rajputana on your Rajasthan adventure. Visit the most quintessential treasures of this state while relishing in the beauty of the pink city, of Jaipur.
  • Enjoy the hues of rural treasures at Barli. Take the road less traveled to this place for witnessing the real India.
  • Add a dash of romance to your Iconic trip to India. Roam on bicycles while reflecting back to this beautiful lake city.
  • Fly to Cochin for a complete change of mood on your trip to North-South India.
  • Enjoy the assorted treasures of a private guided tour to the Jewish quarters in Kochi.
  • Hit the roads for a green avalanche on your trip to the emerald paradise Munnar. Let nature be your guide while you sniff on some aromatic tea leaves.
  • Elevate your India travel experience with a tint of wildlife adventure at Periyar National Park. Keep your cameras and your eyes open for the abundance of flora and fauna that is to come your way here on this wildlife trip to India.
  • Find your zen at the most blissful destinations of all time. Alleppey will be the star attraction of your luxury travel packages in India. So make the most of it.
  • Spend your time in the most bewitching setting of India that accords all sorts of tropical pleasures at Marari Beach.



imthiyas iqbal L H TofhfNg unsplash

Imthiyas Iqbal

If you love the wonderful mélange of age-old customs and new-age lifestyle, then, let Kochi be your muse. With serene backwaters and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea, this coastal destination bestows some really amazing colors to the rich painting of Kerala luxury tours. Here you will find edifices of the yesteryear lying in the most contemporary setting and to be honest that is the beauty of this city. Bedecked in customs and fine art, Kochi is very much capable of winning hearts. So, don’t forget to add it to your luxury vacation packages list in 2019.


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Aswin NY

Brewing in the aromatic fragrance of tea leaves, Munnar is the lush green paradise of Kerala. Smothered in nature’s bounty, this vibrant destination is famous in history as a hill station and former resort for the elites of British rule. Here in Munnar one of the most luxurious experiences is to ride on an Asian elephant like the royalty you are and after you are done with it, getting a shower from its trunk becomes a major highlight of the trip.

Today, Munnar stands as one of the best places to travel down south. And, it’s not just the natural beauty of this estate that has helped it bag this title; the mere existence of Eravikulam National Park, a safe haven for the endangered Nilgiri Tahr helped it with the accolades it flaunts today.


deep MKw8kpBkfrY unsplash 1


If greenery has to ever be redefined, we are sure Thekkady will definitely be the right synonym for this word. Situated in the Idukki district of Kerala, Thekkady is one of the top tourist places in India. This is because this scintillating estate is home to the very reverend Periyar National Park. Although, this amazing tourist destination of India is very famous for its wildlife endeavors, what makes it stand out in luxury vacation packages is its private tour of spice plantations. If this isn’t the luxury you are expecting from a Kerala Luxury tour, then we rest our case.


house 6577913 1280


Alleppey is one destination that has already made its home in the hearts of avid travelers, whether they do or do not wish to travel to India via luxury vacation packages.

This zion of blissful experiences is one of the top picks when it comes to Kerala luxury tours. And why wouldn’t it be? It is the paragon of tranquillity and luxury after all.

Things to do in Alleppey give you the opportunity to live in a giant houseboat that is laden with all top-class amenities.

Providing high-end services like freshly prepared food from personal chefs, a tour of the Alleppey houseboat is no less than a dream for luxury travel enthusiasts. So, adding it to your list of places on a trip to India is mandatory.


kovalam 5054255 1280


Known to many as the pearl of India, Kovalam in Kerala is a beach town by the Arabian Sea and is famous for its laid-back vibe.

Best known for its very famous lighthouse, Kovalam stands sturdy as one of the top destinations on luxury travel packages to Southern India. What makes it so popular among the locals and foreigners you ask? Well, that’s because this beach town offers shallow waters and low tidal waves that are perfect for a relaxing getaway far from the hubbub of city life.


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Delhi is the mini model of this country decked in the most vibrant colors of urbanization. This age-old city and current capital of India is one of the most important places on our luxury travel list because what is luxury without a touch of urbanization and globalization, right?

Delhi blooms with the blessing of the bygones. Traces of which can still be seen in this fast-paced city. So, if you are up for a perfect concoction of the old and new at the most luxurious places to visit in Delhi, then missing out on it will definitely be a bummer.


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You have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the paragon of love Taj Mahal. Nurturing this age-old edifice is another beautiful city of India that adds the perfect amount of glitter and shine to the luxury vacation packages of this country.

Agra basks in the glory of the Mughal Era and is home to two of the most beautifully and strategically designed structures of that time. Adding this city to your luxury tour in India will not only bestow some royal treasures to your trip but will also add the richness of Indian history to your already lush travel platter.


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Stijn Dijkstra

With luxury in the air is our next destination, adorned with the wonders of Indian architecture.

Jaipur, the pink city of India is one of the most beautiful destinations when it comes to witnessing the finesse of the Rajputana reign.

Bejeweled with the wonders of Indian architecture, Jaipur shines as one of the top places to experience luxury in India. Furthermore, its palaces, luxury getaways, and private tours add more brownie points to its name.


udaipur 3241633 1280


Famous as one of the top romantic destinations, Udaipur does accord many luxury travel experiences that you may miss out on in various parts of India.

This lake city gives its visitors the opportunity to live in a floating palace while enjoying the sparkling views of Lake Pichola. The city consists of many other heritage hotels that are offering the best of services in order to comply with its luxury travel initiative. So, don’t miss it for the world


chennai 3405413 1280


Chennai is all shades of contemporary on the Southern India map. This awe-inspiring destination is one of the few in India that beautifully showcases the culture and tradition of the country whilst thriving for urbanization and globalization.

Festooned with mod cafes and luxury hotels, Chennai is the medley of everything fine.

This city is the keeper of Southern India’s artistic, religious, and culinary traditions and it never fails to infectiously influence people with its cosmopolitan glamour. So, the next time you wish to visit a wholesome destination on your luxury vacation packages you will know where to go.


art 186962 1280


Have you ever been to a place that feels so much like home? Well, then believe us Kanchipuram will be one of them on your Kerala luxury tour. Famous for its handmade silk sarees, Kanchipuram is a pearl on the time capsule of India.

The history of this age-old capital of the Pandava dynasty dates back to the 6th and 8th centuries. Although today what you will see will be a modern town bedecked in high-end facilities, the reminiscence of that era will still be a noteworthy pointer of this city.


temple 52034 1280


Tanjore is the foundation of the most remarkable civilization in Dravidian history. With an unparalleled historical legacy, Tanjore on your luxury vacation packages 2019 will be a hectic affair.

Festooned with chaos, the definition of luxury in this destination will be more inclined towards historical richness.

There are intricately carved temples and pristine palaces out for display here in this city giving its visitors the historical luxury they deserve on a trip to India.


temple 6056417 1280 1


Etched to the soulful symphonies of Hindu prayers is Madurai, the spiritual wonderland of India.

This soulful city is the best-kept secret of southern India. With tales and lore attached to its name, Madurai accounts for the richest and the most spiritually luxurious experiences in Southern India. So, missing on it will be letting go of a jackpot.

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