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Bhil Tribal Tour In Udaipur

Owing to the diurnal hustle of your 9 to 5 – Or the noisome city life – It is not rare that you are spiritually drained. Flipping through the pages of your travel journal, all your heart manifests is to sign off and flee the ho-hum. Bhil Tribal Tour in Udaipur will help you ease!

Well, fellow reader, rest assured as you are in for a treat! Hidden away from the glitz and glamour of Udaipur, explore the heartwarming countryside around the city! Take the Bhil Tribal Tour in Udaipur and experience the rural spirit of the Rangeelo Rajasthan of our dear Incredible India!


1. Learn a little about Dhar. 

2. What experiences are in-store?

  • Walking tour of village and farmland.
  • Rural bicycle tour.
  • Aravalli trekking.

3. Taste a slice of the tribal cuisine.

4. Celebrate Indian festivals with the tribals-

  • Holi- festival of colors. 
  • Diwali- festival of lights.

5. Best time to take the Bhil tribal tour.

So, are you on board yet?

Our getaway caravan is here to take you through The Grand Indian Route and drop you off at Dhar, a Bhil tribal village on the outskirts of Udaipur.

We, together with Mr. Kishan Sharma, our certified local guide, are at your service!

So, let us look beyond that tech cloud and ditch our gadgets for a little while.

Put on your comfy sneakers and let us step into this quaint realm of a hermit!

Learn A Little About Dhar, May We?

woman of bhil tribe in Dhar

image source

Rajasthan is home to numerous rural destinations, where one can explore manifold indigenous communities’ stark indigenous culture, heritage, and traditions. However, we are here to talk of one such tribal community- popularly known as the Bhil tribe.

The tribal community residing here shows us another side of the royal Udaipur. Nestled in the verdant environs of the Aravalli Ranges, Dhar is a hamlet inhabited by the Bhils. Unexposed to the waves of urbanization and technology, Dhar still stays true to its old-school roots.


The Udaipur Bhils adorn the walls of their huts and temples with imagery of the Gods, flowers, animals, and birds. They call these wall paintings mandno. Bhil mandno is a stylized line drawing that they have been creating since 1984. They are staunch believers in their culture and tribal artistry and leave no stone unturned to carry on the legacy of their ancestors.

Having minimal outreach to the urban world outside, this unspoiled hermit is a world in itself!

The Aravalli in the Udaipur district cradles countless rivers and creeks and has rich biodiversity; 43% of the area is under forest cover. Since ancient times, the ancestors of the Bhils have been conserving and managing the forests based on their tribal customary laws.

Speaking of its organic charm, the rustic elegance and tranquillity are an excellent foil to the urban spaces of the city, and a foray into tribal Udaipur can be an exceedingly enchanting experience.

So, city folks, do yourself this favor!

Plan at least a half-day excursion to this remote village- connect with the humble natives, relish the unspoiled topography, and learn about their innovative techniques of self-sustenance.

Definitely, one of the best places to visit near Udaipur town!

Actually, leave the job of planning on us- Just flutter your green flag for this wholesome retreat!

What Are You Going To Experience?

rural woman with Tourist making rangoli- Experiencing Cultural things

image source

The half-day excursion takes us to the remote hamlet, Dhar, where we meet and engage with the Bhil tribal community and other village folks. Led by Mr. Kishan Sharma, we will learn about their organic farming methods, and if interested, one can partake in it too. We will also cherish insightful experiences of tribal traditions and cultural immersion.  We get to meander in the village markets and sip on a cup of chai while further interactions with our knowledgeable guide.

Our Bhil village tribal tour ranges from walking tours to bicycle tours. Please wait until we shed light on each of these- see what floats your boat!

First Of All, Let Us Take A Walking Tour Of Bhil And The Village Farmland–

A tribal man walking with leaves on head

To catch the morning sights and sounds, we kickstart our tour at the earliest hour of the day. Post breakfast, we escort you from your hotel to our destination on a 30-minute’ drive through the country roads. We start our tour by walking into the village and interacting with the tribals who reside here in this estate. One thing about them- they stand by the old adage ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (Guest is God). 

How often have you seen people unconditionally welcome outsiders into their abode and make them feel as though they are one of them? That, too, with a broad smile and open arms?

Rare! Well, come experience such warm Indian hospitality with us.

Besides hospitality, we get to have immersive first-hand learning about the tribal lifestyle, culture, and local customs. If you have built a good rapport, they might let you toast a chapati (Indian bread) or two in their earthen oven.

Sounds interesting, right?
Followed by which we head toward the one primary school in the village. The school authorities were kind enough to let us step into the classrooms and interact with the young minds- so let us make the most of this opportunity!

Impart knowledge, narrate stories, or just watch them make the most of what they have- the point is to generate value for both.

We, then, head over to the organic farmlands. From the local farming communities, we can learn about their organic farming culture or straight-up indulge in their farming activities. Are you ready to get your feet dirty? Trust us; it is just the Nature therapy your soul years for!

Over the course of this leisurely tour, we make a lot of memorable stops- seeing sugarcane processing on a family farm, jaggery making, harvesting wheat, plowing by oxen, and more!

Wrap up our excursion with a delicious local meal at Kishan Ji’s home. Makes for a perfect ending to a perfectly happening day out!

Secondly, The Rural Bicycle Tour In Udaipur.

Wonder What’s The Best Way To Travel Around A Place? Bicycling Counts As One Of The Best Things To Do In Udaipur.

Tourists going on a bicycling together

image source

When you are in a place like India, where unanimity is the watchword, we suggest you join a cycling clan. This not only adds extra fun and adventure to your trip but also brings us closer to the geographic tapestry of Udaipur.

To explore cities such as this, our Cycling Tour is the best resort.

Post breakfast, our executive picks you up from your hotel and takes you to the starting point. Our cycling track covers beautiful locations of the countryside, bejeweled by the grounded lifestyle of the locals. On our way, we come across a spot windowing an ethereal vista of the eminent Sajjangarh, also known as Monsoon Palace.

Following this, we pass through multiple hamlets; all the villages that fall under this route have many farmlands and offer an experience to treasure!

Communicate with the villagers, and get an insightful look into their whereabouts, beliefs, culture, tribal cuisine, and whatnot!

In Badi village, we have some refreshments and engage with the family. We also take you sightseeing the marvelous lakes that garner the city of lakes, Udaipur.

Our cycling tours take you out of your comfort zone and try out things you would not even think of doing. In addition, you are also giving back to the community. Yet you await, but why?

Tribal tourism in Udaipur is a treasure trove yet to be unveiled- so explore the unexplored boulevards!

Thirdly, Aravalli Trekking.

Tourist trekking in Bhil Tribal village

We Start At Dhar Village, Where Our Fellow Adventure Junkies Get To Witness The Bhil Tribal Village. One Intermingles With The Villagers, Visits Their Mud Houses And Learns Their Hacks For Managing Everyday Chores. We Will See Their Poultry Farm, Verdant Farmlands, And Cattle Grazing Activities On Them.

This is where we begin our trekking journey. We are to hike through remote hilly terrains and uphill climbs. The pinnacle of these hills depicts a picturesque vista of the Dhar River and the natural beauty, flora, and fauna of the countryside. En route, if we are fortunate, we might catch sight of the antelope, wild cat, and myriad other wildlife creatures.

Are you a wildlife photographer or just a wildlife lover?

You know what to do- keep an eye out and your lenses too!

You do not want to miss this opportunity!

Trekking downhill, we stop by the Dhar River- a seasonal river; during monsoon, it flows with all its might. A farm visit is also arranged during the tour to give you a glimpse of farming and cultivation methods followed in the area.

Solo travelers or groups, these trekking tours led by Mr. Kishan Sharma are appropriate for one and all!

A Slice Of The Bhil Culinary Culture.

Tribal woman cooking rajasthani culinary

image source

Besides cultural diversity, gastronomy is something that makes India stand out from the rest. Rajasthan’s culinary culture is nothing but iconic! Although one can taste the mouth-watering delicacies in manifold restaurants and food joints in the town, nothing compares to a warm home-cooked meal prepared from homegrown ingredients and condiments. The homely essence and the aroma of care and affection commemorate India’s gastronomic legacy.

Are you an epicure? A connoisseur?

Do you have a knack for cooking or for discovering the most coveted condiments of a Mewari dish?

This section is definitely meant for you!

We organize cooking demos for every tour group to help you dig deeper into the cooking culture.

The Bhil tribal families give you traditional Rajasthani hospitality in their abode, where the family serves you a welcome drink. Post meet and greet, the cooking demonstration starts, where you will learn how to make a simple authentic Mewari Veg-Meal.

Under the hosts’ kind mentorship, you can also try your hands at cooking some flavorsome dishes, like Daal Baati Churma and more! During the cooking demo, you will experience the gratification of knowing the Indian families, their values, and the joy of living in joint families.

Once cooked and ready to be served, we end the day by enjoying the delish relish all together. Exchanging stories of our nations, this is the perfect ending to a fun-filled day!

Celebrate Indian Festivities With Us!

India is one nation hued in vibrant colors of manifold festivals and celebrations. Perhaps, no other country celebrates as many festivals as we do!   These celebrations, holding different significance, taking place in different seasons, known by different names, and rainbow-colored, bind the diversity of India together as one soul. Talking of Indian festivities, check out our guide over here.

In Rajasthan, the royal land of Marwar, fairs, and festivities are finely blended, traditionally grounded, palpably felt, visually mottled, ethically varied, and grandly celebrated. A special mention goes to Diwali- the Festival of Lights and Holi- the Festival of Colours. These are two of the few festivals celebrated with great zest in Dhar.

Outsiders, especially foreigners, have shown us immense love and enthusiasm to commemorate these religious fiestas with us- Bhil style!

1. Holi: Festival Of Colours (March 2024).

People playing holi in Udaipur

Air seeped in ecstasy and merriment tinted in the colors of one’s heart, to sum up Holi. Every corner of Udaipur is draped with vibrant colors of exhilaration. Holi also holds a rather holistic significance to it- but we will leave that research to you. Instead, let us tell you how you can make the most of this celebration amongst the Bhils in their village, Dhar.

In the morning, you and your companion(s) are going to be escorted down to Dhar, where Kishan Ji and his family will give you a warm welcome hug. The organic color powder will be provided to you all, and on the streets of our village, we shall enjoy ourselves by smearing colors on one another.

Celebrating such a big festival in an unfamiliar place might worry you with questions- But rest assured, our trustable executive will be there with you at all times at your service.

Must you be jaded after all that soul-stirring fun? We got you. Feast on our home-cooked veg lunch and non-alcoholic beverage. Imagine the treasure trove of memories you will travel back with!

2. Diwali- Festival Of Lights (November 2024).

Tribal women doing festive ritual on Diwali

Etching its place as one of the most celebrated festivals in India, Diwali is predominantly celebrated by Hindus worldwide. On the auspicious evening of Diwali, people light up endless Diyas (clay lampsand adorn their homes with lights of various sorts. Custom is to wear ethnic wear- ladies clad in saree incorporated with extensive jewelry and men in kurta or any other ethnic garment. Furthermore, they spend precious time with their family, prepare sweets, feast, and burst crackers.

Join us on this auspicious evening at our abode!

Yes, we can make that happen too- you say it, we do it!

Our executive will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at Dhar. One rarely gets an opportunity like this- make the most of it! We share the joy and happiness of Diwali by distributing sweets and crackers to underprivileged children. After all, everyone deserves a night of ecstasy.

After sharing a laugh or two with the young souls, we head towards Kishan Ji’s home, where we witness the festival’s most auspicious moment- worshipping Goddess Lakshmi. Indians worship Goddess Lakshmi for good fortune and wealth, and they pray for all things good. Along with it, we illuminate our neighborhood with lamps and candles, and fireworks paint magical pictures in the night sky.

A traditional veg dinner marks the ending to a night we both are going to treasure for an eternity!

Reckon, What Is The 

Best Time To Take This Bhil Tribal Tour In Udaipur?

Bhil Tribal Woman making chapati

Instead of being the experience of a lifetime, a trip to India can be soul-crushing if you do not pay attention to the climate chart. Uniquely, there are six major climate types in India. But, hey, we are here for you! Let us let you know the ideal seasons to take a trip down the arid roads of Udaipur.

Ideally, the best time to visit India is from October to the end of March. During the early winters to early spring, we see a well-balanced climatic algorithm prevailing over this province. Thus, making it a perfect time to visit the royal state of Rajasthan.

Monsoons can be one of the best times to travel if you are under a budget and want to avoid the tourist rush. Moreover, nature is at its absolute best during this time, and the climate is just too pleasant. Monsoons are ideal for places like Dhar, where nature plays the most significant role! Witness Mother Nature nurture herself to her fullest and bless us visitors with an unparalleled tribal tour experience in India. How poetic is that?

Despite the seasonal conveniences, our getaway caravan’s here to take you through The Grand Indian Route and drop you off at Dhar, a Bhil tribal village on the outskirts of Udaipur. Overshadowed by the popularity and opulence of Udaipur, explore the gratifying countryside on the outskirts of the city! Take the Bhil Tribal Tour in Udaipur and experience the rural spirit of Incredible India!

Ram Ram!… Greetings! 

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