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Places to visit near Udaipur

Udaipur is a charmer. It is a pearl on the infinite ocean of Rajasthan, astonishing travelers with a mere glimpse. We are here with the updated list of handpicked places to visit near Udaipur!

Everything in Udaipur is worth fussing about. Be it the lakes, the palaces, or even the gourmet food that aromatises the streets.

However, there are places beyond Udaipur that are less known to travelers. And, believe us, they are equally worthy of your attention on your next Rajasthan adventure.

These places within the proximity of this city can turn you into a happy monkey. In this blog, we will discuss these top places to visit near Udaipur so that the next time you visit Rajasthan you can add them to your itinerary too!

Let’s begin, shall we?

Kumbhalgarh – The Undefeated Fortress

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Sprinkling a little history onto your travel journal is always magical.

However, when you are doing this standing on the edge of a fort that’s considered to be the next in line to call itself the ‘Great Wall’, the experience elevates a notch up.

Kumbhalgarh is a hidden gem of Rajasthan on the Udaipur to Jodhpur road trip that deserves all eyes. It is one of those lofty forts in Rajasthan that’s handing over the legacy of this desert state from one generation to another.

This fort is huge and magnificent.

As a result of which, it renders some of the most breathtaking views of the Aravalli range that you won’t be able to catch otherwise.

Come here for a little walk in the past and to acknowledge the prowess of Rajasthani craftsmen.

Distance from Udaipur: 86 km

Kumbhalgarh timings: 9 am to 5 pm

Ranakpur Jain Temple – The Shrine Of Dreams

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Turn your happiness meter to its very extreme at the beautiful Ranakpur Jain Temples.

Famous around the globe for its marble murals and carvings, Ranakpur Temple is a must-add to any Rajasthan itinerary.

This temple complex is one of the most revered pilgrimages for Jain devotees around the globe. It is one of its kind, to say the least.

In fact, the magnificence of its entourage is such that it is also nominated for the Wonder of the World list.

In this 15th-century structure, you’ll come across the power of devotion while living and breathing in myths and mysteries.

Panning through the corridors of this architectural marvel you’ll find stories fleshed out on over 1000 pillars.

Taking a close look at these pillars you’ll realise that no two pillars are similar in this complex.

An airy, color-changing abode of the Jain divinities commissioned because of a dream, If that doesn’t scream amazing to you, we’ll gladly rest our case.

Distance from Udaipur: 93 km

Opening and Closing Timings: 6:30 am to 8:15 pm


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Staying at a heritage hotel is amongst the few bucket list items that cannot be missed. It’s the perfect door for exploring the culture, history, and rituals at the same time.

Narlai brings you this experience wrapped up in the authentic Rajasthani flavor.

Set on the foothills of Elephant Hills, Narlai is a village well known for its wildlife hunts, cultural immersion, and rural expedition.

At the heart of this village is Rawla Narlai, a sophisticated heritage hotel that oozes the authentic charms of Rajasthan.

With a rooftop café, a pool, finger-licking food, and cozy rooms, we are sure that you’ll admire every second of your stay here.

So, if you want to live and breathe into the magic of rural Rajasthan, this place will be your best bet. Count us on that!

Distance from Udaipur: 120km

Jodhpur – The Ocean Of Culture

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One of the best places that complement the white tones of Udaipur is the prominent indigo hues of Jodhpur.

With its skyline defined by the mighty Mehrangarh and with Brahmin blue quarters decorating the grounds, Jodhpur looks surreal on the travel map of Rajasthan.

This city is the gateway to Thar and opens up the doors of charms for travelers around the globe.

Travel in Jodhpur revolves around winding streets, aromatic shacks, serene lakes, and a plethora of temples that believe it or not are one of a kind.

Jodhpur- the former capital of Marwar also brims with pristine palaces.

So, the next time you are here don’t forget to look out for the most famous ones – Jaswant Thada and Umaid Bhawan Palace.

This city is undoubtedly the heart and heartbeat of Rajasthan and attracts the maximum number of tourists around the globe. Fancy a visit? Then, do request a quote.

Distance from Udaipur: 250 km

Bera – The Leopard Capital

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Udaipur is blessed when it comes to being surrounded by esteemed marvels. Bera with all glory is one such name on this list.

Famous as the leopard-spotting capital of the world, Bera Village in Rajasthan is an incredibly unique spot to take a vacation in 2023.


Well, that’s because this destination has everything you’d ever want from a holiday package.

Let’s list them down for you.

One, as we mentioned before, it’s one of the most prominent places to spot leopards, and believe us, the odds of seeing a leopard here are quite high.

Two, this place comes with the pleasures of enjoying a day as a rural folk with the members of the Rabari tribe, which is amazing.

And, three this destination accords some breathtaking views to take back for life.

Yes, it does, be it the water shots of crocodiles at Jawai Dam or the scenes captured below the star-studded sky at village camps, Bera never leaves you disappointed when it comes to panoramic treasures.

What more does one need?

Distance from Udaipur: 136 km


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Are you a sucker for forts and palaces? Well, then we are sure that you will love Chittorgarh for what it is.

Famous in India because of the fable of Queen Padmini committed Jauhar, Chittorgarh is a massive fort city that was the former capital of the Sisodia dynasty.

Perched on a rock on the banks of the Berach River, Chittorgarh is a spectacle to catch and one of the top things to do near Udaipur.

Religiously this place is famous as the city of Meera, the ultimate devotee of Lord Krishna. Don’t worry you’ll hear about her from anyone and everyone you’ll encounter here.

However, Chittorgarh today is famous as an architectural hub that is far more beautiful than anything you’ve seen up until now.

Give it a try and we bet you’ll thank us later for it.

Distance from Udaipur: 119km

Pushkar – The Spiritual Sanctuary

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Pushkar is the enigma of the Hindu religion.

Widely famous as the rose garden of Rajasthan, this city is one of the oldest cities in India.

What makes this spiritual haven stand out is its relevance in Hinduism which gave it the name Pushkar. However, that’s a story for another day.

For now, all you need to know is that this destination is an amazing pit spot if you want to understand Hinduism a little more closely.

And, the plethora of temples in this city makes that benchmark pretty easy to accomplish.

Apart from that, the timeless city of Pushkar also accords scenic vistas for nature lovers around the globe.

All thanks to its location that’s just in the middle of three hillocks. However, the spotlight stealer is Pushkar Lake that tranquilizes everything and everyone in its proximity.

Distance from Udaipur: 277 km

Rajsamand – The Religious Hub

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If you love knowing about religions and their tokens, then, we are sure this next destination will be your favorite spot on our list.

Located 67 km north of the widely popular destination Udaipur, is the small town of Rajsamand.

This tinsel town derives its name from the second-largest manmade lake in the world.

Besides being an important foreground for architecture enthusiasts, this place is sacred for several other reasons among the people of different sects of the Hindu religion.

Within the profound boundaries of this town, travelers can find a plethora of temples. Out of them, the temple of Shrinathji (chief deity of the Vaishnava community) holds the utmost importance.

Rajsamand is also home to the miraculous idol of Dwarkadhish which holds a sacred place in the hearts of all Krishna Devotees.

However, besides all this theological treasure, the town is also known for its marble craft.

Do you know that this town is the single largest marble-producing unit and district in the country? So, buying a marble idol after loitering around the temples and the lake is a must here.

Distance from Udaipur: 61 km

Dilwara – The Heart Of Jain Pilgrims

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Believe it or not, in India the marvels created as an ode to the divinities are always the most incredible pieces built by mankind. Dilwara is a living example of this.

Dilwara Temple Complex is among the most beguiling pilgrimages in the country. Nestled on the lap of Aravali hills in Mount Abu, this temple is a masterpiece in every shape and form.

For any traveler, visiting it on the Udaipur tour, this place becomes a treasure trove of culture and devotion.

This 11th-century edifice is a successful venture by Vastupal Tejpal and Vimal Shah, who created this wonder for Jain pilgrims around the globe.

A tour of this place is full of surprises as one cannot imagine the opulence of the interiors from just the look of this temple.

However, once you get inside, going gaga over the patterned roof, walls, archways, and pillars are palatable.

This complex is home to 5 temples each dedicated to Jain deities.

Out of them, it’s the Vimal Vasahi and Luna Vasahi that are the most widely famous.

So, if you plan on visiting Dilwara on your tour to Rajasthan be assured that you’ll sign up for a day filled with panoramic delights.

And, that’s worth making this destination a staple on your next India vacation, doesn’t it?

Bishnoi Village – The Abode Of Naturalists

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Last but not least we have the Kohinoor of Rajasthan’s village tourism- Bishnoi Village.

Home to the most nature-loving Bishnoi tribe, this tour is an untampered sneak peek into the lives of this cult.

This destination comes with the perks of visiting over 5 villages, all quite distinct in their demeanor.

As you stroll around each of these villages you’ll realize how life without what we consider basic amenities flourishes and prospers.

Bishnoi Village is all about you getting to know the folks and lending them a hand in their everyday chores including cooking, weaving, pottery and even shepherding.

Plus, it’s not that far from Jodhpur.

That means you can cover these two in one go. Can anything be better than that?

Distance from Udaipur: 232 km


What Is The Best Time To Visit Udaipur And Other Places To Visit Near Udaipur?

The best time to visit Udaipur is between September and March. But we know that one cannot always wait for the best time to start vacationing.
So here is a monthly breakup of Udaipur’s climate to help you start planning.

November To February:

These are the months of winter in Udaipur and its adjoining areas. The mercury rises to a maximum of 30 degree Celsius during this time.
The minimum, however, is maintained around 12 degree Celsius, making it a pleasurable time to visit Udaipur.

March To June:

These months bring scorching heat and sunstrokes to Udaipur.
The maximum temperature during this time is around 45 to 40 degrees Celsius. Avoid visiting Udaipur or for that matter Rajasthan during these months.

July To October:

This season is the best time for budget travelers. The climate remains pleasant during this time with little to no tourist influx. However, heat in the adjoining areas of Thar remains a concern.

What Is The Best Way Of Exploring All The Best Places To Visit Near Udaipur?

Covering all the popular destinations near Udaipur in one itinerary is only possible on a Udaipur to Jodhpur road trip.
This way you can enjoy the charms of each of these places while still adhering to a meaningful itinerary.
The route you can follow for this can be:

Udaipur-Chittorgarh-Kumbhalgarh-Narlai-Ranakpur-Dilwara-Pushkar-Bishnoi Village- Jodhpur

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