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North India & Nepal: How to Plan a Trip

South-East Asia is the treasure chest of cultural facets. And, the Kohinoors of this treasure are the sister countries India and Nepal.

It’s almost too obvious to speak of the incredible landscapes of these countries. However, it is reason enough to visit these states in the first place.

In addition, there is so much to explore. From venerable temples to princely estates and delectable cuisine.

Needless to say, one cannot get enough of it.

But what makes the India and Nepal tour so special for us is its heritage.

It is so vibrant yet so pleasant that it seamlessly makes its way into hearts.

It’s hard to aptly describe the feelings, but some mysteries can only be unveiled when experienced.

And, with our list of itineraries, we hope you do that soon.

With that being said, are you researching tours in India and Nepal?

Or planning a North India and Nepal tour soon?

Amazing! Our comprehensive list of itineraries has you covered. It will give you all the essential information you need whilst giving you some insider tip.

Read on, friends.

In this blog, you will:

  • Find the perfect tours to Northern India and Nepal.
  • Dig into what’s in store for you in these countries.
  • Learn about the best time to visit with other crucial information.

While you are at it, how about you request a quote? Our representatives will reach you by the time you finish reading our Nepal-India tour itinerary. Doubt us? Prove us wrong, and request a quote right away!

Exclusive Spiritual India And Nepal Tour

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Theme: Forts and Palaces, Temples and Pilgrimage

Days: 16 Days

One of the best tours to Northern India and Nepal commences right from the heart of India Delhi.

It then follows an amazing circuit that revolves around myth, mystery, and magic.

On this trip, you’ll experience the cultural drifts in these two states while drooling over lip-smacking delicacies.

And, that is not even where the fun begins.

Do you love architecture? Then, you’ll love the marvelous creations of mankind this trip has rolled up in its sleeves.

More of a nature lover? Then, expect to be running out of your steam for nature’s bliss that sticks with you even after the tour completes.

Our favorite part of this itinerary is the diversity with which it represents Hinduism.

Be it in terms of temple architecture or with the deities in the spotlight. However, even in this whole process, it gives Buddhism its rightful spotlight.

Furthermore, this trip Alps ventures into hill culture, giving you guys some more cultural trinkets to add to your journals.

And, even after all this, it somehow takes you on an unforgettable Jungle adventure. We mean, can it get any better?

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  • Meeting a one-horned rhino on a nature walk in Chitwan.
  • Spiritual awakening in Varanasi, Lumbini and Kathmandu.
  • Witnessing the crowned jewel of India, the Taj Mahal.
  • Take a walk back in time in Jaipur to explore a plethora of forts and palaces.
  • Visiting the only Brahma Temple (the creator among the Hindi Trinity) of the entire world in
  • Learning the path to spiritual salvation at Pashupatinath in Kathmandu.

Can’t get enough? Read more on it here like what you read? Then request a quote right away !

Opulent North India And Nepal Tour

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Theme: Adventure, Forts, and Palaces.

Days: 16 Days

Rajasthan has been on luxury lover’s radar for quite some time now.

That’s because it’s one such place on the planet that believes in plating old-world charms and luxurious stays in a single course.

Don’t worry, the idea of luxury on this trip isn’t just limited to Rajasthan

It goes above and beyond, take our word on that.

What describes this itinerary in a nutshell?

Capitals smothered with a neon-lit skyline, destinations brimming with culture, and impeccable culinary expeditions, describe this trip quite aptly.

Two of the brightest stars of Kathmandu adorn this trip as well. They glue the itinerary together and satiate your thirst for culture with their concoction of Buddhism and Hinduism.

Furthermore, on this trip, living in a palace or a castle is an everyday affair. And, so is seeing a leopard in the backdrop of lava caves.

Having stated that, on this North India and Nepal tour, you’ll never feel short of sights to look at.

That’s because there will always be something bathing in history and shrouding with life.

However, the emphasis will still be on providing you with luxury. And, that’s the whole point of this trip, isn’t it?

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  • Living in Delhi. A city at the crossroads of the past and future.
  • Marvelling at the ocean of blue house, Jodhpur .
  • Leopard spotting adventures and heritage stay at Bera.
  • Redefining zen in the serene city of Lakes Udaipur
  • Using the portal to the past at the gateway of Rajputana –Jaipur
  • Tick off a wonder of the world Taj Mahal from your bucket list.
  • Enjoy the plush history and contrasting yet similar approach to Hinduism in Kathmandu.
  • Basking in the picturesque landscape and slow-paced lifestyle of Pokhara.

Itching to travel? Get the best deals for this trip by request a quote right away we are waiting!

The Quintessential North India And Nepal Tour

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Theme: Temples, Architecture and landscapes

Days: 16 Days

Travelling is a medicine that works wonders when handled with patience.

And, our quintessential North India and Nepal Tour is the perfect example of this.

It puts forward a seductive ambience made up of incredible landscapes and thriving multicultural urban cities.

The way it blends temples with monasteries and the princely state of India with that of Nepal in one portrait is worth witnessing.

With structures making their way on the wonders of the world list and ancient temples professing the glory of the past, this trip is a jackpot for every history buff out there.

Don’t believe us? Just look at the highlights and tell us we are wrong.

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  • Explore the culinary heaven and shopping paradise of Delhi.
  • Feel like royalty at the forts and palaces of Jaipur.
  • Pay homage to the ultimate testament of love Taj Mahal. Also, explore its inspiration and the ghost city in Agra.
  • Dig the best-kept secrets of Indian temples at Khajuraho.
  • Sit by the ghats, see monasteries and overall treat your inner spiritual being in Varanasi.
  • Visit the princely state of Kathmandu that’s one of its kind. Pashupatinath awaits!
  • Admire the spectacular scenery and live for adventure activities of Pokhara.

Itching to travel? Get the best deals for this trip by requesting a quote!

The Buddhist North India And Nepal Tour

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Theme: Religion, Temples and Stupas

Days: 18 Days

Booking escorted tours of India and Nepal?

We are sure a Buddhist tour tracing the life trajectory of Lord Buddha will attract you.


That’s the next best thing to do if not for the culture of these countries.

And, why wouldn’t it be?

India gave birth to this religion and Nepal gave it its spirit. So, there is no better place on earth than these sister nations to study Buddhism closely. Don’t you agree?

Our Buddhist North India and Nepal tour offers travellers a new lens to look at these otherwise popular Hindu countries.

This trip starts with the staple golden triangle itinerary. It then unites with the ever blissful Buddhist Circuit, giving us the collaboration we never knew we needed.

Stupas and monasteries will become household names on this trip.

Along with, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Still doubting its brilliance? Have a look at the highlights and tell us if you feel differently.

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  • Exploring the ins and outs of the old world and fashion capital New Delhi.
  • Caress your history-loving heart with the city of palaces Jaipur.
  • Redefine bliss while looking over the epitome of love Taj Mahal.
  • See the great Ashokan pillar in Varanasi along with the ruins of the stupa where the mortal remains of Buddha existed.
  • Visit the temple of Maya at the birthplace of Buddha, Lumbini.
  • See one-horned rhino and more than 500 exotic species in Chitwan.
  • Unwind to the serene Phewa Lake in Pokhara.
  • In Kathmandu, visit the famous monkey temple. Pray in and around the oldest stupa in Nepal.

Do you think this trip will help you attain your travel nirvana? Then, request a quote for this Buddhist India and Nepal trip here.

Heritage India And Nepal Tour

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Theme: Culture, Architecture And Religion.

Days: 22 Days

When some of the best destinations on the planet team up to add value to a trip, the itinerary looks just like the one we’ve mentioned here.

This tour speaks of history, passion, belief and of the brilliant human mind.

It keeps a tight grip on heritage while wholeheartedly embracing the newfound cool.

From bustling bazaars to spectacular sceneries and ever-ruling opulence, this trip leaves no stone unturned to impress you.

Our favourite element of this one of best India and Nepal tour packages is the nostalgia it garners.

In the gist of which, it put on display some incredible work that is a treat to every eye.

There are temples, palaces, nature’s beauty and so many cultural tokens to cherish.

Moreover, on this trip, you’ll learn how two ever-growing metropolises can have a bit of a romance to them.

You’ll notice how stories of yesteryear live in ancient structures. And, you’ll get a hold of why India and Nepal are considered to be the treasure trove of culture.

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  • Discover the different shades of New Delhi.
  • Sit by the ghats of Varanasi and be a part of the extravagant Ganga Arti.
  • Explore Nagara-style architectural symbolism and erotic sculptures in Khajuraho.
  • Step into India’s medieval era at Orchha. Temples, structures and beauty await!
  • Fulfil your Indian dream by marvelling at the Taj Mahal in Agra.
  • Exploring the many palaces of the pink city Jaipur.
  • Rejoicing to the leopard capital of the world Bera.
  • Epitomising serenity in the white city of Udaipur.
  • Paying homage to the only Brahma temple in the world in Pushkar.
  • Exploring the unique blend of urbanisation and devotion in Kathmandu.
  • Sauntering in one of the best world heritage sites laden with wildlife – Chitwan.


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What is the best time to take the India and Nepal Tour?

Like the best time to visit India, for the India and Nepal tour, months after the monsoon, October onwards are considered best for exploration.

These months are best for strolling through the beautiful structures.

That’s because during these months the air is cleared by the rain and also the edifices turn shiny.

Moreover, during these months you’ll save yourself from the scorching summer heat.

Now, if you are planning your visit around winters (November- Feb), then know that India and Nepal both get chilly during these months.

So, pack accordingly.

Some perks of travelling during this time are the winter festivities, like Pushkar Camel fair and Pokhras New Year Street Carnival.

What are some things you should know about India and Nepal before taking this tour?

  • The currency in both of these countries is called Rupee. However, Indian Rupee and Nepalese Rupee are quite different. One Indian Rupee converts to 1.6 NPR (Nepalese Rupee). Note: If you have already got your currency exchanged in India, there is no need to do it again in Nepal. That’s because shops (both big and small) here accept payments in INR as well. Note: If you have already got your currency exchanged in India, there is no need to do it again in Nepal. That’s because shops (both big and small) here accept payments in INR as well.
  • Make sure you visit India first and then Nepal. That’s because, after the cultural shock in India, Nepal will be quite easy to travel.
  • Networks and Internet: Internet is not a problem anywhere in North India. It’s cheap and quite fast compared to the Internet facility in Nepal. Tip: Buy a sim in India as soon as you land in India as well as in Nepal. It won’t cost you much as both phones and sims are super cheap here.
  • The train network in India is quite efficient but it’s not the same for Nepal. Having said that, as the majority of the Indian population travel by train it’s advisable to book 2nd or 1st AC tickets in advance.
  • Book everything in advance. From accommodation to transport, plan your days down to every detail. That’s because last-minute bookings don’t really work well in these countries.

Want to avoid the hassle, how about you craft your itinerary with us and we will take care of the rest. Sounds like a plan? wink*

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