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With exotic beaches, pristine lakes, shimmering backwaters, alluring hill stations, fascinating topography, sky-piercing temples, and mind-blowing culture, this Kerala guide conjures up a canvas that is beyond imagination and comparison.

Given its unparalleled charm, it can’t be eased off the bucket list of any travel enthusiasts. If the magnetic charm of Kerala has swept you too off the feet, this Kerala guide will surely whip up the heady traveler inside you.

Already packed your bags for Kerala? Okay then, let’s land in God’s Own Country.


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From the awe-inspiring hill station of Idukki to the sparkling backwaters of Alleppey and from the sultry beaches of Kovalam to historical soaked sites of Cochin, Kerala is aesthetically pleasing and visually breathtaking.

It is hard, to sum up, all tourist destinations of Kerala in a single article because they are endless, matchless, and boundless. Still, we can try to capture the gist.

Kerala is all about nature’s glory. If you also want to spend some happy moments in the cradle of nature, clap your eyes on the list of must-visit places in Kerala. The allure of these places has fascinated people from the farthest corner of the world.


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On the other hand, Kerala sings the rhythms of calmness in its serene backwaters, it intensifies the sparkle of vivacity in its blessed-out beaches, on the other hand. The untarnished charm of these beaches is further accentuated by swaying palm groves and lush greenery all around.

So, here unleash yourself and get utter peace of mind.

Kovalam Beach

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Jose Raphael

If you’ll talk about the top beaches in Kerala, Kovalam beach will hit the mind first. Owing to its sublime exquisiteness and matchless setting, Kovalam Beach is a darling among the beach lovers.

Twinkled majestically 13km from Trivandrum, Kovalam Beach is actually formed by three small beaches.
The sparkling water and stretching coastline of Kovalam Beach has enfolded the worldwide tourists in its magnetism. To your surprise, you can revel in many water sports activities too in Kovalam Beach.

Bekal Beach

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Muhil Thirumoorthy

If the throng of Kovalam Beach didn’t allow you happy and blissful moments, visit Bekal Beach. It is relatively less crowded and more serene. Owing to that, Bekal Beach rules the heart of lovebirds. Bask in the lure of Bekal Beach and let love bloom between two of you.

Overlooking majestic Bekal fort, Bekal Beach lies in Kasaragod district. Capturing the bird’s eye view of the entire beach from the top roof of Bekal Fort is indeed a surreal experience.

Thoroughly bathed in scenic beauty and utterly doused in a historical saga, Bekal Beach renders two opposing beauty in parallel.

Alappuzha Beach

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pexels jithin murali 7023173

Fondly tagged as ‘The Venice of the East’, Alappuzha Beach is another breathtaking beach from Kerala. Unlike other beaches of Kerala, leisure options are diverse and endless in Alappuzha Beach. From houseboat cruises to swimming, Alappuzha Beach offers ample water sports activities. Moreover, its picturesque surrounding and fascinating vista make it a popular picnic destination in Kerala too.

Luxuriate in the extreme glory of nature and click hundreds of insta-worthy shots. Believe us, the peerless decoy of Alappuzha beach is truly to die for.

Marari Beach

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Located just 11km from Alappuzha district, Marari Beach paints the calmness in its own color. It is so calm and composed that you won’t feel like coming back from here. The gleaming water entwined with a mystic charm splashes the dabs of fascination.

If you want to spend a blissful day sunbathing on a beach with your soul mate, look nowhere than Marari Beach. It is one of the must-visit romantic beaches of Kerala.

Here, laze around the beautiful shoreline and let your heart speak your spirit. From its soothing ambiance to soul-stirring beauty, Marari Beach is the best place your camera would find in Kerala.


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Rishu Bhosale

Kerala is known for its exotic greenery so how could it be bereft of wildlife abundance. In fact, the mesmerizing land of Kerala is bestowed with such a wild splendor that is hard to find anywhere else in the country.

To believe it, you have to witness it. Don’t panic, here you’re not going to encounter lions or leopards. Instead, a number of new species of animals. You might not even know the names of some of them. Curious to know their names? Okay, here you go:

Eravikulam National Park

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Arun B.S

Shrouded in the mystic charm of Munnar, Eravikulam National Park is the richest wildlife facet of Kerala. Along with 5 other wildlife sanctuaries, this national park is a paradise for nature lovers.

Being home to Anamudi Peak, South India’s highest peak, Eravikulam National Park is also a natural habitat for numerous species of animals, particularly Nilgiri Thar. Moreover, it is also home to the Neelakurinji flower, which is believed to bloom in every 12 years.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

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After the rich vegetation of Eravikulam National Park, now land in the dry terrain and thorny forest of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Since this region of Kerala receives only 2 months of rainfall, it is extremely arid and dry.

Nevertheless, it contributes remarkably to affluent wildlife tourism of Kerala. A number of species including Spotted Dear, Sambar, and Hanuman Langur call Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary their home.

Given its unmatched flora & fauna, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is a delight for photography buffs.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

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If you’re planning to spend the whole day exploring the unexcelled wildlife beauty of Kerala, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is the place to be. Be it its abundant flora or endemic fauna, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is incredibly rich.

It is home to nearly 1800 flowering plants, 171grass species, 265 species of birds, 35 species of mammals, and 143 species of orchids. Can you find such a rich and diverse treasure trove of wildlife anywhere else? Of course, not!

Once you had enough of flora and fauna, head to soothing Periyar Lake, which is located inside the sanctuary. The lake is exceedingly fascinating indeed.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

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Rahul Ramesh

If there is any place in India where nature blooms at its entire vista all the time, it is Wayanad district of Kerala. Truly, Wayanad is as rich in biodiversity as the unfathomable depths of an ocean.

Don’t believe us? Well, head to Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, which has embraced the mélange of biological heritage altogether in one place.

Given its biodiversity richness, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is shelter to many rare species of fauna including wild dogs and civets. It is also brimmed with indigenous species of vegetation.


When it comes to top honeymoon destinations in India, Kerala is the first choice of every honeymooner. Its dazzling beaches, soothing lakes, sedate backwaters, and mesmerizing hill stations make it a perfect romantic gateway and ensure you an experience that you have always dreamt of.

So, sprinkle some more strokes of romance to your life and breathe in the air of love.


ashkan zohari EiORQpS81cc unsplash

Ashkan Zohari

Munnar is a hot romantic destination not only in Kerala but also in India. The misty hill draped in green attire is a darling among the newlyweds.

Spend a cozy day in its alluring tea plantations amid the cool breeze and warm ambiance. If this is not enough to sparkle a love spark in you, head to Pallivasal waterfall, where nature is all set to embrace both of you in its lap.

Further, get thrilled by the exquisite fauna of Eravikulam National Park and admire the exoticism of nature.


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Arnold Antoo

Summing up galore fascination of Wayanad is like counting the stars, which obviously you can’t. Known for its peculiar camping experience, Wayanad offers you a completely different honeymoon experience.

Here, forget the love that is restricted only to chocolate & candlelight dinner. Try something different and spend some romantic moments in the cradle of nature.

To make it best, spend a camping night here staring the star-studded sky endlessly. Before leaving Wayanad, visit the heart-shaped lake, which is indeed a must-visit place for honeymooners in Kerala. For that, you need to trek Chembra peak.


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Swastik Arora

If beaches make your love bloom at its all color, Alleppey is the best place for you. Stroll hand in hand in the beautiful coastline of Marari Beach and let the spirits of love pervade in you. Or maybe, you prefer to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset with your soul mate in Alleppey beach.

Cool splashes of water touching the feet, pleasant breeze kissing the cheeks, and enthralling view of the sunset in front of your eyes will truly give you the experience to cherish for a lifetime.


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Harsh Suthar 

When it is about the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala, Thekkady marks its presence inevitably. Seeped into sheer calmness, Thekkady is a perfect romantic escape for lovebirds. Here, luxuriate in the tranquility of Mullaperiyar Dam and let your love come out.

The spectacular lure of Thekkady gets even more fascinated at sunrise. Here, take a long stroll holding each other’s hand and infuse refreshing energy in you.

A soothing boat ride amid the gentle waves and your better half beside you. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Well, Thekkady offers this experience for you. Just head to Periyar Lake.


Kerala is pristine and flawless in every form. Once you have enough of its green attired valleys and meadows, turn your gaze to its alluring lakes & waterfalls, which are indeed a visual delight. So, if you want to treat your weary eyes and soul, these lakes are the best for you.

The floating clouds kissing the shimmering water look really ethereal. In a real sense, they add a magical beauty to the surreal charm of Kerala.

Ashtamudi Lake

pexels ajith g maniyan 18653417

Ajith G Maniyan

Being the second largest lake in Kerala, Ashtamudi Lake is the crowd-puller. It is called Ashtamudi because it has 8 channels of water.

If you think it is just another lake, you definitely need to visit this lake on your Kerala tour. Wondering why? Well, what makes it unique from others is its luxurious houseboats.

Yes, here you can revel in its deluxe houseboats. So, enjoy the cruise capturing the breathtaking views of verdant greenery and coconut trees.

Periyar Lake

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Formed across Mullaperiyar River during the construction of Mullaperiyar dam, Periyar Lake is truly a sight to behold. Known for its serene setting and awe-inspiring surroundings, Periyar Lake also offers boat cruises.

Since it is beside Periyar wildlife sanctuary, you can enjoy the thrilling sightseeing of animals. As you’ll enter this region, the mellow chirping of birds will welcome you warmly.

Here, just sit in a corner and adore the bewitching beauty. Hands down, Periyar Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala.

Athirappilly Waterfall

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When it comes to top waterfalls in Kerala, Athirappilly waterfall makes the first entry on the list. Standing tall to a height of nearly 80 feet, it is known for trekking, swimming, and of course for its mesmerizing beauty.

If you’re an adventurous freak, try your hands in the daunting trek of this waterfall. In fact, this is one of the most adventurous things to do in Kerala.

Guess what, this waterfall has even rendered its captivating charm to many Bollywood and South Indian films including Bahubali. Now, don’t tell us that you need any more reasons to visit this enticing waterfall.

Soochipara Falls

omkar jadhav urMbGaBBjbg unsplash

 Omkar Jadhav

Yet another beautiful waterfall of Kerala. This one is much taller than that. If you have never done waterfall trekking, Soochipara waterfall trek can be really intimidating for you.

It has a height of 656ft, so start trekking only if you have strong stamina. Else, just sit in a corner and feast your eyes on the scenic beauty of this majesty waterfall.

Surrounded by deciduous lush forests, the waterfall is truly a hidden trove of beauty. If you’re a photography buff, Soochipara Fall is a delight for you.


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Yannic Läderach

A guide to Kerala tour is incomplete without a mention of ‘Ayurveda treatments’. The glory of Kerala is not restricted only to natural beauty. Rather the state is known for its plentiful yoga retreats, spa, and Ayurveda retreats.

Here, soak your body, mind, and soul into physical and mental rejuvenation and feel the deepest core of serenity in the land of tranquility. Believe us, they will re-energize you in every aspect.

So, once you’re done with sightseeing in Kerala, make sure to go on Kerala Ayurveda tour too. Maybe, you feel tired after a long trip. No? So why not to revitalize yourself before leaving the state. Isn’t it? Well, head to these places.


When you’re in Kerala, you’re bound to visit Ayurveda resorts of Kerala. After Rishikesh, probably it is Kerala only, where this holistic science still flourishes at its best.

Don’t believe us? Well, then you need to visit Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness Resort. If you can afford a luxurious stay, no other Ayurveda resort can be better than this in Kerala.

Lavished with posh facilities, high-class dining, rejuvenating spa & massage, and luxurious houseboat, this Ayurveda resort offers unnumbered on Ayurvedic programs.


In Thrissur, the vibrancy of a beach and serenity of an Ayurvedic resort stand side by side. So, in your Kerala tour, make sure to feel this unworldly experience. The beauty of this spa & Ayurvedic center is that here you can get world-class Ayurvedic services at reasonably low prices.

Luxuriate in its sea-facing lounge and admire the beauty of Nattika beach while enjoying a soothing massage. You can also go for many other Ayurvedic treatments. Moreover, here you can revel in various indoor games as well.


True to its name, Ideal Ayurvedic Resort is an ideal Ayurvedic resort when it comes to top-notch holistic health programs.

Unlike other Ayurveda resorts, it provides Ayurvedic treatments for some lethal diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and weight problem.

Given that, it is one of the most popular Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala. Other than its healing spa treatments, its scenic surroundings will soothe you within and without.


If you want to wallow in the cradle of nature and in the embrace of Ayurveda together, there can’t be a more suitable place than ‘Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort’. Leave the therapies and treatments aside. First, treat your eyes with the mesmerizing surrounding of the resort.

If this is not enough to rejuvenate your body and soul, indulge in its Yogic treatments, which will surely ease off the tiredness of your body and will increase the calmness of your mind. So, here kick back and enjoy some peaceful moments.

In a real sense, this resort offers a rare blend of modern amenities and traditional Ayurvedic services.


What makes Kerala unique from the rest of the world is its appealing backwaters, which will add a distinct flavor to your Kerala tour. Whether you’re looking for a romantic gateway in Kerala or just a fun-filled trip, Kerala backwaters will undeniably make a place on your list.

Loaded with a rich natural beauty, these backwaters are the must-visit tourist places in Kerala. If you can’t visit all, make sure to treat your eyes with some of the most fascinating backwaters of Kerala

Alappuzha Backwater

harika g xHSYnudJJoc unsplash

Harika G

In Alappuzha backwater, you can witness nature at its finest form. From its lush surroundings to shimmering calm water, Alappuzha backwater is known for its scenic beauty. It never fails to intrigue visitors no matter how many times you have already been there.

The backdrop of palm-fringed coconut trees further accentuates the lure of Alappuzha backwater. Once your eyes have enough of this fascinating beauty, revel in its deluxe houseboat cruise.

These houseboats are so luxurious that you can find even bedrooms, a kitchen, and a balcony. What could be better than capturing the breathtaking view of backwater from the balcony? No? Then, go for it.

Alleppey Backwater

alleppey 3992549 640


Alleppey is the soul of Kerala tourism. Whether you want to spend a fun-filled day at a beach or want to chill by a lake, or maybe you want to enjoy a boat cruise amid the calmness of a backwater, just head to Alleppey. It makes sure to offer you everything in one place.

Aptly tagged as ‘Venice of the East’, Alleppey is home to several backwaters. Believe us, you need an entire day to explore the matchless decoy of Alleppey backwaters. If you wish, here you can revel in the fun-packed boat ride too.

Kasargod Backwaters

mary anne h q jFrkO0EEM unsplash

Mary Anne H.

A fun boat cruise amid the deepest calmness of water and the panoramic scenery all around. Sounds stunning, no? Well, then turn to Kasargod backwaters, which are all set to embrace you in its magnetic fascination.

Being a top backwater destination in Kerala, Kasargod is draped with green paddy meadows, sky-touching coconut trees, and of course, the never-ending stretches of backwaters.

To be honest, Kasargod has an extravaganza that is hard to describe in words and paint in colors. So, visit and behold it yourself.

Kumarakom Backwaters

alleppey 2817032 640 1


With its unmatched topography and peerless glory, Kumarakom adds uniqueness to Kerala tourism. Though it is known to be one of the best places in Kerala for Ayurveda, it is no behind when it comes to natural wonders.

No, we don’t lie. If you don’t believe us, head to Kumarakom backwaters, which are the seal marks of spelling magic of Kumarakom. Decked up with verdant greenery, engaging landscapes, and alluring hillocks, Kumarakom backwaters provide a cruising experience like none other.

Believe us, the soul-stirring charm of Kumarakom backwater will keep you in awe throughout your journey.


A Kerala guide can never be completed without discussing this question. Of course, you must be aware of the distinctive features of your tourist destination so that you can experience them yourself. No?

If you’re stuck with this same question before heading to Kerala, stay relax. We’ll tell you everything in our guide to Kerala tourism. You just make sure to read it carefully because Kerala has a long list of things that represent its inevitability.

Bharatanatyam Dance

gagan kumar chawda r8QbBMYPu o unsplash

Gagan Kumar Chawda

Bharatanatyam is the signature sign of Kerala. The melodic sound of ankle bells accompanied by the subtle expressions of dancers has enthralled the world.

If you want to get a sight of Malayalee art, culture, and tradition altogether, attend a Bharatanatyam dance show. These dance performances are so absorbing that you’ll find yourself rapt even if you have no idea what rhythms are going on in the background.

Ayurveda Massage

yoga 702696 640


When it comes to the finest Ayurvedic treatments in the country, Kerala comes first on the list without a doubt.

Whether you want just a spa massage or a deep Ayurvedic treatment, Kerala has a remedy for everything. You’ll be doing injustice with your Kerala tour if you’ll be back without getting a soothing Ayurvedic massage in Kerala.

You can definitely get a spa massage anywhere, but Kerala adds its own magic, which you can’t feel elsewhere.

Various Cuisines And Spices

kerala 4424016 640


Talking about Kerala guide and not mentioning the exceptional cuisines of the state would be like narrating a story and not disclosing the name of the hero. Isn’t it?

The luscious foods of Kerala have left the people mouthwatering not only in India but in the whole world. So, when you’re in Kerala, make sure to gorge on the traditional cuisines of Kerala like Appam, Idiyappam, Malabar Parota, Coconut Toddy, and many other.

Don’t restrict yourself just with luscious dishes, rather spice up your Kerala trip with pungent spices of Kerala too.


Even if you’re not on a spiritual tour to Kerala, the towering temples of Kerala deserve your attention anyway. Put the spirituality aside and speak of the unrivaled architecture of these temples.

Believe us, the meticulous architecture incorporated with intricate carvings will spellbind you in its enigmatic maze. Their dazzling embellishments make them the best places to visit in Kerala at night.

Manifesting the ideal Indo-Aryan craftsmanship, the architecture of these temples is unequaled indeed. Given the fact, they never fail to impress the tourists

Diverse Festivals And Culture

sleeba thomas yYX3eFJPvUg unsplash

Sleeba Thomas

Kerala is diverse in every aspect. You can witness its diversity at the best in the festivals of Kerala. If you really want to get colored in the cultural colors of Kerala, plan your tour during a Malayalee festival.

Onam festival is the biggest festival of Kerala. Nevertheless, the people of Kerala celebrate many other festivals too. So, be a part of them and behold the vibrancy of Kerala.
Here, you’ll see everyone drenched in the deluge of liveliness.


Kerala is brimming with the wonders. There is a lot to be seen, felt, and explored. The tourism of Kerala is so diverse that it will leave you mesmerized every time no matter how many times you have already been there.

When you’re in Kerala, you can never run out of new things to do in Kerala. In fact, your Kerala tour would be incomplete without reveling in these activities.


Other than a cruise in its serene backwaters and a soothing massage in the top-notch Ayurvedic centers, Kerala has many other things to tickle the soul of its tourists. Among all, it is the elephant ride.

You might have seen this in films. Now, you yourself relish the pleasure of elephant ride. You can explore the remote villages and offbeat destinations of Kerala with an elephant.

If you want to enjoy an elephant ride at the best, head to a wildlife sanctuary.

Go On A Village Tour Of Kerala

Kerala is enthralling inside out. Nevertheless, its rural charm fascinates the people the most. The reason being, they are the unspoiled trove of beauty. So, once you’re done with sightseeing of Kerala, go on a village tour too. This is one of the top things to do on your holiday to Kerala.

Explore the rustic lifestyle and enjoy every bit of it. Take a stroll through the green paddy meadows, lush mangrove forests, and infuse refreshing energy in you.

And yes, don’t forget to carry your camera along with you because you’re going to get many worth capturing scenes here

Enjoy A Stay On A Houseboat

A houseboat stay is one of the must-do things in Kerala. You can certainly go for luxurious hotels, but a stay on a houseboat is just priceless.

Do you fancy to revel in an offbeat experience while you have all the luxurious amenities? Yes? Well, go for a houseboat stay in the backwaters of Kerala.

Here, enjoy a boat cruise with a home-like stay capturing the breathtaking vista of nature and playing with the splashes of water.


Kerala is bizarre, truly. Here, in every single step, you’ll find something that can be experienced in Kerala only. Like a stay in a tree house! Can you find this pleasure anywhere else in the world? Of course, not!

So when you’re in Kerala, don’t miss a chance to feel the dreamy experience of staying in a tree house. The dense forests of Wayanad make this dream a reality.

Spending a night in the cradle of nature listening to the whispering melody of air and enjoying the company of birds is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Try Your Hands In Fishing In Chinese Fish Nets In Kochi

Have you ever done fishing? Of course not! no? Well, Kerala gives you an opportunity to enjoy this unusual experience. You just need to visit Kochi. There you’ll see huge Chinese fish nets and also many fishermen.

It is the time of dusk and dawn when they actually come in action. Nevertheless, they are buzzing with the crowd throughout the day.

Here, you can try your hands in fishing. If it seems impossible to you, just sit in a corner and admire the beauty.

Stroll Through The Tea Gardens Of Munnar

Munnar is the crowning jewel of Kerala. Carpeted with lush greenery, it is known for its verdant tea meadows. Stroll through these sweeping tea plantations and breathe in the aromatic air of tea. Given that, it is one of the top experiences to do in Kerala.

What about relishing a cup of tea in the land of tea? Just mind-blowing! No? Well then, don’t miss this chance on your Munnar tour.

Here, spend quality time in the lap of nature and capture the breathtaking greenery in your digital lens

Explore Kuttanad

Once you have enough of elevated hill stations of Kerala, go down to Kuttanad, which is located about 1 to 2 km below sea level. Given its peculiar geography, Kuttanad is a popular tourist destination in Kerala.

This tiny town is known for its lush greenery, quaint surrounding, and awe-inspiring scenery. If you have never seen paddy fields, Kuttanad will surely be a delight for your eyes because it has plenty of them.

In entire Kerala, you can’t find a greener region than Kuttanad. Here, as long as your eyes would reach, you’ll see only and the only greenery. Behold this panoramic beauty and admire the glory of nature


The fun of a trip is increased million times more when you plan it in the right season. Isn’t it? So, before finishing up Kerala travel guide, let’s discuss the peak season of Kerala tourism too. However, Kerala is one such destination that is draped in a mesmerizing beauty all the time.

Nevertheless, if you want to witness this magnetic wizard in its all splendor, visit between the months of September to March. Other than its touristic glory, many cultural events and grand festivals also take place during these months.

If you can’t make it happen in winters, visiting Kerala in monsoon months can be the best option for you. During this period, Kerala is soaked into serenity, vivacity, and exquisiteness. The rivers playing with water, trees dancing to the tunes of wind, and mountains romancing with clouds never fail to allure the visitors.

If you’ll talk about summers, Kerala is blazing hot. So, visit Kerala in summers only if you can manage to beat the heat. However, Kerala is less congested and budget-friendly for summer tours.


Kerala is the backbone of Indian tourism, so you don’t need to worry about its transportation network. No matter what corner of the world you’re traveling from, it is well connected and easily accessible.

If you’re going by air, land in Cochin International Airport. It is just 29km from the main city. If you prefer the train, Ernakulum Junction Station would be the best halt for you.

And if you’re traveling Kerala by your own vehicle, nothing can beat this option. Capturing the view of its layered landscape and languid lure while driving is indeed a visual delight for eyes. Contact us to know more!

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