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Culture to India is what the sun is to the sky, a dazzling star that illuminates everything surrounding it. There is no way you can visit this country and not take a dive in its cultural pool. Why? Well, here, all the cultural attractions in India make up a prominent shade that’s very much alive and kicking. Even at places where the population is scarce and also at the most challenging terrains, cultural trip destinations in India is at their best. Fancy some impeccable tints of Indian culture tourism in your travel journal? Then, hop in right away because here the shades of culture are wide-ranging. Have fun looking at our top picks for the cultural attractions in India. We are sure you will love them.

JAISALMER – Camels, Castles And More!

Without much further ado, unrolling the red carpet is the star of our list, the gleaming in the rich cultural heritage of India the golden desert city, Jaisalmer. With forts and palaces matching up to the charms of the limitless desert, Jaisalmer in Rajasthan feels like a royal fairy tale live-in-action. Here, the traditional lifestyle, festivals, and art forms shape the most valuable amulet of the cultural archive, and why not? The ancestors of this plush estate have left behind a glorious heritage that needs no validation of its finesse. Do you feel the urge to pay tribute to it too? Then no doubt, the amusing Kalbelia dance performances, and 3-days desert festival will make your trip a bundle of joy. Read more about Jaisalmer tourism here.

LUCKNOW – The Nawab Of Cultural India

Awe-gasping heritage and flavor food in the air, can any culture trip be better than this? We bet not because Lucknow is a dream where the concoction of Muslim and Hindu traditions plays the strong suits. Here, the streets speak in the dialect of the royals, and the gastronomic avalanche is a common occurrence. You cannot help but fall in love with its art and heritage sites that come up smelling roses on the tourist map of India.

Wasn’t that enough to please your cultural appetite? Don’t worry! We have a lot more information to share with you. Click to read more about Lucknow and bask in its glory. Trust us; its cultural sights in India are completely worth your efforts. In fact, it’s one of the hotspots of pilgrimage tour packages in north India, did you know that?

DELHI – Relishing Legacies Of The Bygones

If there is a city that can give you the best of India in a nutshell, hands down it has to be Delhi. Although bundled with the cultural hues of Mughal India itself, Delhi never fails to put its best foot forward in making its visitors acquainted with the country they love. It has something for everyone and here finding the assortment of any state is not a task but the catch is, that you have to look in the right places. Which places are these you wonder? Well, for that you’ve to read all about Delhi here. We have decoded all that and much more for you. So, thank us later, maybe?

GANGTOK – The Enriching Cultural Chest

A robust developing city on the outside and a Buddhist paradise on the inside, that’s Gangtok for you, my friends. Seamlessly beautiful and intricately presented this estate and star of heritage tourism in Assam bathe in the brightest shades of Indian culture. Basking in its pleasures is just an understatement because you will turn into its patron the moment you discover its juju. Here, beneath the skin of modernization, you will find layers of traditional customs. It’s truly mesmerizing to see the cultural heritage of Northeast India bloom in absolute fervor. Trust us; it will take over your sanity. So, the best thing you can do is lap up to what it intends to offer. For everything else, we have your back.

VARANASI – Religious Rites In Roots!

This next destination on our list is no surprise. Why? That’s because how can you not expect culture oozing out of every nook and cranky from a place that belongs to the divinities itself? So, let us introduce you to the cultural capital of India Varanasi, and the brightest star of the North India pilgrimage tour.

Varanasi being the theological capital of the nation has its hands full of rituals and rites when it comes to sprinkling the magic of traditions. It shows the absolute dedication of pilgrimage tourism in India made to get you to the deepest end of the religious ocean. It is here, that you can expect a whole new universe if you aren’t well-versed in the Hindu customs. The same goes for the food that is flavoring life on the streets. Don’t miss them as they are stunners of the North India pilgrimage tour. Trust us; it is lip-smacking and the bite of its very famous ‘Jalebi’ is capable of taking you momentarily to heaven. Do you want to take this trip yourself? Then, dig into it and learn everything about Varanasi.

JODHPUR – The Brilliant Blue Beauty

Brace your inner culture vulture because this next destination will drive it nuts.

Jodhpur is not just glittering in monuments, rather it is raining culture and arts at every inch of its existence. This flamboyant destination gives its visitors the best of desert culture decked up in dances and folk music. Its history-drenched boulevards and limitless shopping opportunities add to its fervor making it one of the most loved cultural tourism destinations.

A kaleidoscopic vision of the Indian culture makes Jodhpur what it is today. If it’s the culture buff in you that’s screaming in excitement, then pampering it with this cultural city of India is a must. So, read more about Jodhpur tourism here and get more information on North Indian culture.

ALLEPPEY- Finding Heaven On The Haven Of Nature

Nature is the ultimate heritage and Alleppey being its strongest ally in India proves that true for avid travelers like you and us. Par the backwaters and swaying palms, Alleppey is gilded with the charms of culture and customs too. Be it the boat races or the ancient art of healing, a stay in Alleppey will bring to your notice that the culture is incomplete without the aurora of nature. Is your culture-loving heart still craving for more? Then, you can revel in many such treasures of Alleppey here. Go on! Give it a read.

Apex Of The Spiritual Saga

Welcome to Madurai, the oldest continuously inhabited city across the globe and the cultural capital of south India. Isn’t it much easier to imagine why it holds such a special place on our list? Eh! Yeah of course it is.

Full of beauty, love, and the simplest of pleasures this city of the bygones is stunning with its tranquility and glitters of history. If you aren’t a history buff up until now then the Dravidian-style temples, castles, and 14 colorful sky-rising gopurams will turn you into one. If you are one already, then, what harm is in enjoying the best of India pilgrimage tours of South India? So, let piousness follow the onset of your journey with temple tour packages in Tamilnadu.

Did this destination catch your attention? Then, read everything about it and spiritual tour packages in India here.

KHAJURAHO – Home To Love And Its Many Shades

Cultural tour packages in India are incomplete without watching the perfect mélange of religion this country is actually famous for. That is why the Khajuraho Group of monuments with Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain temples walks an extra mile on the historical places in India list with its Nagara-style architecture showcasing the best of the culture of India.

Ornamented in the motifs of ‘Kamasutra’, this paragon of Indian cultural values concretes that passion and romance are no sin.

You don’t have to be a historian to enjoy this fine specimen of craftsmanship. Instead, all you need is the eye of an admirer to relish its beauty. Are you in for that?

UDAIPUR – The Kingdom Of Lakes And Palaces

Get the drums rolling because this next best culture holiday in India will connect with you like none other. Udaipur, with its romantic setting and over-the-top architecture, mesmerizes every visitor. Its fantastic palaces, temples, and havelis are a few of the charms that make it a champion on the top cultural tourist places in India list. Wonder what else is in store for you? Then, all you have to do is read everything about it here.

RANN OF KUTCH – Land On The Moon

Let it get salty, fellas! No, we aren’t spilling any tea but instead, taking you to the largest salt marsh in India. Yes, it’s the Great Rann of Kutch we are talking about, the only place where food, culture, and tribal arts have found a big happy home. It can be yours too at the 6-day celebration, the Kutch Utsav. So, should we expect you visiting? Very well then, here is all you need to know.

We have Dwarka tour packages waiting for you too. Care to take a peek? Very well then, because they are an assortment in their own with their charms multiplying to a 100 with Dwarka Somnath Gir Tour Packages. Here take a look.

MAHABALIPURAM –The Shining Shrines

Hush! The sounds of crashing waters are calling you to enjoy the grandeur of the shrines of the Indian Ocean. This insignia of heritage is an idyllic spiritual getaway that makes you land on the lap of nature. A trip to this charming town devises a breezy day out at the shores with enticing seafood bound with the symphonies of prayers. Do you think you can handle that? Then, read all about Mahabalipuram here and let cultural tours of India take you on this extravagant journey.

Also, gather some information on Tamil Nadu tourism Chennai. There is not a chance that you won’t love it.

HAMPI – Of Rocks And Ruins

Travel back in time to the Stone Age. Here, you will find heaps of boulders perched over elevation, making up an area of 26 sq. kilometers (10 sq. miles). Sounds normal? Then, trust us; the uncanny landscape drawn over this estate will change that for you. Wait! That’s not all. The landscape isn’t the real reason why Hampi is shining in the list of cultural tourist places in India. Rather, it is the Virupaksha Temple and the World Heritage Sites doing wonders for the city.

Have a yen for more? Then, read about it and many suchhttps://thegrandindianroute.com/destinations/karnataka/ destinations in Karnataka.

PUSHKAR – The Ware-Fair Of Heritage

Camels, festivals, and folk arts that speak to the soul, correct us if there is any place more magical than Pushkar. This cultural hub is best known for its camel festival and religious relevance. Be as it may, it acclaims its glory whenever cultural tourism in India is the talk of the town. Furthermore, if you are wondering how then, here is everything you need to know about tourism in Pushkar.

MYSORE – Amidst Palaces And Royal Vibes

The cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore is the flag bearer of Indian culture and Heritage on the World Travel Map. From stunning museums to an amusing heritage site, or from yummy cuisine to vibrant art forms, Mysore has it all. Still, there is one thing that shines brighter than anything in the travel sky here. What? The religious influence is illustrious and very acclaimed. Fancy some details? Here you can have it all.


Study customs from the natural history archive of India. How? By relishing the sights of 63 caves in Maharashtra and enjoying the absolute craftsmanship of that era. Here, you will find the most prized possession dedicated to Buddhism in the 34 caves of Ellora. Also, the magical mélange of religions will be waiting for you at the 29 caves of Ajanta. Isn’t it enough to cater to your cultural appetite? Yes? Then, march towards cave number sixteen for an encounter with the destroyer –Lord Shiva. Read more about it and many such caves in India here.

LADAKH- The Monochrome Of Cultures And Customs

The terrain doesn’t define a culture instead a culture defines a terrain and Ladakh manifests this fact in the high spirits of Buddhism. Here, you will meet the friendliest of people under the patronage of Buddhist Monasteries that shine even in the areas where it isn’t that popular. There is so much to the culture and lifestyle that even a whole blog is less. That’s why we suggest you experience it in sheer vivacity.

When the most challenging terrain is all decked up in cultural tints then, we leave it for you to determine the cultural expertise of the country. Read more about Ladakh in India here.

KOLKATA- The Incubator Of Civilizations

With so many names on the list, are you still wondering which city is called the cultural city of India? Kolkata it is fellas! We’ve saved the best for the last.

Living in the poems of literary heroes and basking in the glory of a heritage that’s like none other, Kolkata brings every possible cultural dream to reality. Here, the fond memories of the British Era and the impeccable fine arts redefine Indian cultural values. Are the songs of the imminent writers and museum displaying the aura of magnificence on your travel to-do list? Then, this plush estate is your place to be. Speaking of museums, have you read our blogs on the top museums in India?

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