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Rawla Narlai – A Luxuriating Oasis

Rajasthan is the hub for travelers.

Some come here looking for ways to pamper themselves with luxury and some stay behind to learn the vibrant culture.

But what if we tell you that there is a place tucked away on the foothills of Aravali that accords a beautiful concoction of both of these elements?

Yes, THE ULTIMATE ROYAL ESCAPE! A place where you can relax and reflect while enjoying the luxuries of a heritage hotel. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it is.

Rawla Narlai is a holiday destination you didn’t even know you deserve. It has everything: luxury, history, wildlife, hikes, cave temples, and whatnot.

And like always we have you covered. In this blog, we will explore all the domains of this astounding destination one by one in detail.

So, let’s cut right into the meat of the matter already!

On The Map:

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Rawla Narlai is located right in the heart of the bustling little hamlet of Narlai.

Adorned by Aravalli – a forested hill, this tiny village accounts for one of the most promising rural hotspots in Rajasthan.

This destination doesn’t stand still waiting for admiration. It reaches out and speaks to you, of glory, of joy, and of the golden era.

It makes the perfect pit stop on a Udaipur to Jodhpur Road trip.

That’s because this hamlet is in almost equal proximity to both Jodhpur and Udaipur.

As a result, it also lies in the neighborhood of the Ranakpur Jain Temples and Kumbhalgarh Fort.

Even today, this small settlement stays true to its culture.

While strolling through the streets you’ll still find women in big bangles and veils and men in vibrant turbans.

Everything about this place is quintessential Rajasthani, even the sound of the breeze.

It’s the perfect destination to spend the night if you are traveling anywhere between Udaipur and Jodhpur.

However, to soak in the Marwari culture that’s in its roots, you’ll have to give this place another day or two.

Now that you are very well acquainted with Narlai, it’s time to talk about the big shots of the hamlet – Rawla Narlai.

Rawla Narlai Heritage Hotel

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Rawla Narlai is a 17th-century country manor turned boutique resort located right at the center of the village of Narlai in the heartland of Rajasthan.

The structure earlier served as the hunting lodge for Jodhpur Royals.

In the present era, it invites all those travelers from around the globe who are interested in rural tourism but with the virtue of luxury.

The resort flamboyantly boasts its regal heritage with modest touches of contemporary designs.

In the gist of which, it epitomizes the culture and history of the region in the most lavish way possible.

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Beautifully showcasing the melange of ancient and modern aesthetics, the suites in this heritage hotel cater to all kinds of travelers.

For people with a soft spot for history, this hotel has rooms that have been restored from the original building and are over 300 years old.

However, for people who fancy modernity amidst luxury, the hotel has some great contemporary suites as well in the newly built wing.

The rooms are luxurious and cosy with bold streaks of regal tones.

They are decorated in quintessential Rajasthani fashion with Jalis and flowering motifs.

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Rawla Narlai also has great outdoor spaces for you to unwind.

The resort has lovely gardens, a humongous swimming pool, and a tented poolside spa to release your stress points.

Other than that, if you are a gastronome, then congratulations to you.

That’s because the food here is another element to look forward to. To be honest, the kitchen of the rawla narlai restaurant accords some delectable delicacies.

Out of which it’s the authentic Rajasthani vegetarian meals that bombard your mouth with flavors and is worth all praise.

Convinced to book a trip already? Then, request a personalized quote to Rawla Narlai without any further ado!

Rawla Narlai Sightseeing: Things To Do In Narlai

Tracing Pugmarks On Rawla Narlai Leopard Safari

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Do you fancy the company of wildlife? Then, Rawla Narlai Udaipur will be your ultimate companion on this venture.

Here, on the foothills of Aravali, an exciting open jeep safari on the bumpy boulevards of Marwar waits for every adventure enthusiast.

The safari accords a well-rounded experience where you are able to spot multiple leopards from the comfort of your ride.

But leopards aren’t the only wildlife species you’ll spot during this intrepid safari.

Sights of peacocks, jackals, and many other desert species will also adorn your jungle tour here.

On this wildlife adventure, you’ll be in good hands of knowledgeable drivers.

With them on your side, the odds for you to spot leopards will be 99 percent, higher than on any other safari around the globe. Whoa!!!!

Hiking To The Elephant Hill Via 700 Steps- Elephant Hill Is The Tourist Hotspot Of This Small Hamlet.

And, there is no way you can expect your trip to be complete without paying it a visit.

This hike involves a lot of adrenaline pumping and many wildlife sightings. So, if you are signing up for it, make sure you pull up your socks right away.

On your way up, catch the birds-eye view of the village to plaster it on your travel memorabilia.

This ascend is perfect for snapshots in case you have a shutterbug in you.

And, if you are traveling here at dawn or dusk, then believe us, a mesmerizing sunrise/sunset will be waiting for you here.

En route to the summit of Elephant Hill, you’ll climb 700 steps.

Once you reach the top, you’ll be greeted by the locally revered elephant statue and a Hindu temple.

It is then that your guide will serve you some hot tea for you to enjoy with the landscape. Intriguing, right?

Note: If you take this hike early in the morning, you can even ask the resort for a yoga session at the very top. Crazy, right?

Luxuriating To A Candle Lit Dinner By An Ancient Stepwell

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If you are interested in adding a dash of history to your meals, then this next activity will be a treat for your senses.

Through the thick of the jungle on a nutty trail, the foundation of this experience is kept. From here you are guided to a stepwell ( Baoli) that’s around 1100 years old.

But here’s the catch.

You’ll be reaching this Baoli on the backseat of a bullock cart with a guide who will add more flavor to this journey with myths and tales.

On arrival, you’ll see that the setting, although simple during broad daylight, is decked with thousands of dimly lit oil lamps.

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The dinner served here is very authentic and quintessential Rajasthani.

However, the flickering lights from every direction and a Jogi singing traditional spiritual songs will add more character to this experience.

And, that’s worth vouching for!

Savoring On Tea By The Lake Side

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Imagine standing in front of a crystal clear lake amid the sounds of chirping birds.

With wind brushing against your face and goosebumps running through your body.

And, amid all this, you are having a perfect cup of masala tea. Doesn’t this sound so rejuvenating yet exciting at the same time?

Well, with the lakeside tea experience, the resort is trying to achieve exactly this.

On this escapade, you’ll get the chance to spot many migratory birds whilst enjoying panoramic views of the hamlet. Even thinking about it is giving us goosebumps, what about you?

Falling For Narlai Train Safari

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Train journeys in India are always fascinating.

They are the window to the country’s culture, variety, and color.

And if you are keen on exploring Narlai with this virtue, then, Rawla Narlai Train safari is one great option for you.

Rawla Narlai organizes a half-day trip ( on demand) on one of these trains that run through the countryside.

It is the perfect way for venturing into Narlai’s expanse.

Moreover, if you are willing to take this trip during monsoon season, you’ll get views of the waterfall, which is an amazing add-on.

The safari will be guided and won’t take more than a few hours.

So, even if you are staying in Narlai for a brief period, you can still sign up for this experience. Believe us; it will be worth every penny.

Horse Riding

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Explore the rugged countryside of Narlai on horsebacks.

But mind it, not on any horse, no. We are talking about the purebred Marwari horses that have served the Jodhpur royalty for years.

Complete this exploration from the comfort of age-old saddles that have been passed on by generations.

Let your inner adventure fanatic lose free on the rocky plain terrains of Narlai.

Make the bumpy sandy boulevards your home for the day. Who knows at what point you’d fall head over heels for this place?

Cave Temple Jaunts

Caves and temples are two things India proudly boasts about.

Narlai is no different. Here too, you can go on a cave jaunt to witness an emblem of an ancient civilization.

For this, you’ll have to climb over 100 steps at Narlai Hill.

It’s here you’ll find the famous historical cave temple, Jakalji Mahadev.

The myths or say history attached to this cave talks about the great Indian Sage Shri Narad meditating here to please the God of destruction, Shiva.

Later, his followers constructed this temple here to pay him an ode.

According to locals, the hill and even Narlai were named after this very Sage.

On your trip here, you’ll find this beautiful and secluded cave temple in its absolute grandeur.

Believe us, if you plan on pampering your spiritual self on this trip, this place will help you through and through.

Gratifying Village Walk

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If it’s the cultural immersion you fancy, then exploring the neighboring region of Godwad will be a win for you.

Hop on a jeep from Rawla Narlai and vroom your way to the neighboring villages.

It is here you’ll learn more about the lifestyle of rural folks and Rajasthani people in general.

This village also has more than 350 temples for you to explore. Some of which are even from the 14th century.

Take a walk in the village and meet the closely-knit community of people who are more than happy to welcome you.

They’ll invite you into their homes and share their life lessons in the most candid way possible.

And, if you think it cannot get any better, then sadly you are mistaken.

On this village walk, you’ll also get a chance to savor delectable Rajasthani cuisine, which is a treat any day.

And, to end it on a high note, you’ll spend the evening with them chit-chatting under the star-studded sky.

Already impressed? How about you request a quote now and by the time you complete the blog our representatives will reach out to you.


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October to March.

The best time for Rawla Narlai is the same as the best time to be in Rajasthan, or for that matter, the best time to be in India.

During this time of the year, the weather conditions are pleasant and the heat is bearable.

However, if you are planning to visit at any other time, here is everything you need to know.

April to June: April marks the onset of summer in Rajasthan and in all the major tourist destinations in India. so, if you are planning your trip around this month, be ready to face temperatures that can be as high as 52 degrees centigrade.
July to September: These months are the monsoon months in the state. Nature is at its best during this time because of rain showers. However, this is also the peak season for the estate. So, expect a lot of tourists during this time.


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By Air:

To reach Rawla Narlai by air, you’ll have to land in the bigger cities of Rajasthan.
If you are a domestic tourist then, landing at Udaipur or Jodhpur is the best option you have in hand.
However, if you are an international tourist then, you may have to land at Jaipur and continue your journey from there via roads or trains.

By Rail:

Although Rajasthan has a network of well-connected trains, there is no direct train to Rawla Narlai.
The closest railway station to Narlai is Falna Railway Station which is 45km away.
From here, commutes like buses and taxis are available to reach Rawla Narlai.

By Road:

If you are traveling via your own car, then reaching Rawla Narlai would be easy. Here is its Distance from other famous destinations.

Udaipur115 km
Jodhpur128 km
Jaipur339 km

However, if you plan to visit it via a bus, then Rajasthan State Transport Corporation buses will be your saving grail. They have a number of buses running to and from Narlai.


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What is the best way to visit Rawla Narlai?

If you want to enjoy Rawla Narlai on an exemplary Rajasthan Tour, then it’s best you add it to your itinerary as a pitstop between Udaipur and Jodhpur.

Narlai is right in between Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh.

Plus, it is a better lodging option than the ones available at both of these sites.

That means staying here will enable you to enjoy the opulence of Rawla Narlai without having to comprise your tours to Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh. Isn’t that a win?

What’s the best time for Leopard Safari in Rawla Narlai?

Rawla Narlai offers both morning and evening Safaris.

And, with the great odds of leopard sightings here, both the time slots are great for spotting leopards.

What are the room options in Rawla Narlai and how to choose?

The rooms in Rawla Narlai are segregated into two domains.

One of them is the heritage suites that are restored from the original age-old building. The others are Narlai Suites in the newly built extension.

Now, if you are a culture buff with a knack for history, the heritage suites are perfect for you. However, if you have a more contemporary taste, opt for the Narlai suite.

Note: Amenities are the same for all suites.

Hey, you made it to the very end of the blog! This means that Rawla Narlai pulled the right strings for you. So, what are you still waiting for? Request a quote now to book yourself this luxurious rural expedition.

Image credits – Rawla Narlai

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