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Rural Walking Tour of Rajasthan

In the heart of India beats the rhythm of eclectic culture and the echoes of an
illustrious history. Tucked away in its western wing gleams with pride a Yellow
Sapphire- the royal soil of Rajasthan, rural walking tour of Rajasthan awaits!

While the stately palaces, bustling cities, and glitz and glamour of Rajasthan
often make it to your travel diary or social media feed, the soul of the royal land
lies veiled within its rustic rural canvas.
Beyond the famed façade, how is Rajasthan?
An uncharted realm where time tiptoes along ancient traditions, where the
colours of slow life breathe vivacity into every nook and cranny.

Join us as we tread beyond the well-trodden paths on our Walking Tour of


  1. Bhil Village (Nature Embraces Tradition!)
  2. Tribal Village (Nature’s Mirror, Udaipur’s Gem)
  3. Jawai Village (Go wild!)
  4. Countryside Settlement Village (Harvesting Heritage!)
  5. Pottery Village (Moulding Moments!)
  6. Brahmpuri (Paint the Town Blue!)
  7. Hathai (Jodhpur Chronicles!)
  8. Bhil Village (Nature Embraces Tradition!)

Rajasthan is home to numerous rural destinations, where one can explore manifold indigenous communities’ stark indigenous culture, heritage, and traditions. However, we are here to talk of one such tribal community- popularly known as the Bhil tribe. 

The tribal community residing here shows us another side of the royal Udaipur. Nestled in the verdant environs of the Aravalli Ranges, this hamlet is inhabited by the Bhils. Unexposed to the waves of urbanization, Bhil village still stays true to its old-school roots. 


The Udaipur Bhils adorn the walls of their huts and temples with imagery of the Gods, flowers, animals, and birds. They call these wall paintings mandno. Bhil mandno is stylized line drawings that they have been creating since 1984. They are staunch believers in their culture and tribal artistry and leave no stone unturned to carry on the legacy of their ancestors. 

Having minimal outreach to the urban world outside, this unspoiled hermit is a world in itself! 

The Aravalli in the Udaipur district cradles countless rivers and creeks and has a rich biodiversity. Since ancient times, the ancestors of the Bhils have been conserving and managing the forests based on their tribal customary laws. 

Speaking of its organic charm, the rustic elegance and tranquillity are an excellent foil to the urban spaces of the city, and a foray into tribal Udaipur can be an exceedingly enchanting experience. 

So, city folks, do yourself this favor! 

Definitely one of the best places to visit on your rural walking tour of Rajasthan.

Actually, leave the job of planning on us – Just flutter your green flag for this wholesome retreat! 

2. Unexplored Tribal Village (Nature’s Mirror, Udaipur’s Gem)–

In the heart of Udaipur’s rural canvas lies the Bhil Tribal Village,a treasure trove awaiting to enchant your soul. Here, time dances to the rhythm of tradition, and nature paints a breathtaking backdrop for an experience that transcends mere sightseeing!

Amidst the winding paths that lead to this hermit, an air of serenity greets you, guiding you towards the village’s crown gem- the awe-inspiring Badi Lake.

Wonder a mirror reflecting the blue horizon and the greens of the Aravalli!

Whether it’s a leisurely walking tour along the lakeshore or simply soaking in the panoramic vistas, every moment spent by the Badi Lake in the City of Lakes hits home!

The magic of Tribal Village isn’t solely in its scenic allure; its in the essence of stories whispered by the Lake- the very lifeblood of the Bhil Community . It embodies the residents’ profound relationship with nature, nurturing the land, and the waters that sustain their lives. It is a legacy of reverence passed down through generations!

Offering respite from the bustling city life, Badi Village is a haven where heritage breathes through its ancient architecture and rustic simplicity. Although this village is a tad more developed in terms of technology and education, the villagers welcome you to their humble abodes with warm smiles and unwavering hospitality.

3. Jawai Village (Go wild!)-

Nestled amidst the rustic kaleidoscope of Udaipur lies the Jawaia picturesque haven that owes its flowers to the whispers of untamed wilderness.


Jawai holds a secret beyond the emerald fields- a thrilling adventure that sets pulses racing. Imagine this- as twilight casts its spell, the village reveals a different face. Among the rocky outcrops, stealthy predators- the elusive leopards- roam freely, a silent spectacle of nature’s grandeur.

A guided leopard safari is a must!

On your walking tour of Rajasthan, come across a world where nature is entwined with the enigmatic allure of wildlife. If you are an adventure seeker or a green panther, Jawai is one of the best off-beat destinations in India for you!

But if you think that’s all Jawai has in store, hold off till you meet the community of shepherds!

Seeking an in-depth experience into the heartbeat of Rajasthan?

Jawai, Udaipur offers a delight!

Interacting with the local shepherds opens a window to a vista unseen by urbanization, where the timeless wisdom of the land intertwines with the nomadic spirit of these custodians of the wild. Have your little ones foster a deep appreciation for the symbiosis between humans, animals and the land they call home!

From herding their flocks through the undulating landscapes to comprehending their age-old traditions and survival techniques, you will also take home some first-hand knowledge!  

4. Countryside Settlement Village (Harvesting Heritage!)-

Up next on our walking tour of Rajasthan is a pastoral haven, Countryside Settlement Village- a verdant tapestry woven with the green and yellow threads of farming prowess and the enduring spirit of its farming community.

As the golden Sun graces the horizon, this hermit turns golden to the shimmer of agricultural meadows- one to behold!

Their story unfolds across its lush fields, where every crop is a brushstroke painting the landscape in hues that change with the seasons. In this hermit, generations of skilled farmers have tended to the fertile lands, nurturing the very essence of life with every seed sown and every harvest reaped.

Imagine the kaleidoscope of stories must their withered hands hold- stories of determination, and a profound connection to the soil!

Clasp their hands and listen to them first-hand- quite literally!

As you tread the untrodden paths, you are no longer just a tourist; you are one of their own. That’s one of the many things that you will treasure about them – we bet!

Embrace the warmth of the villagers, witness the dance of growth in the fields, and discover the artistry behind rural sustenance!

In this village, tranquility isn’t just a state of mind; it’s a way of life- a canvas painted with the hues of hard work, heritage, and the humble nobility of the farming soul!

On your Rajasthan diary fill up a page with this rustic tale, where every furrowed field whispers stories of dedication, and every farmer, a custodian of an age-old legacy!

5.Pottery Village (Moulding Moments!)-

Tucked away amidst the rustic charm of Rajasthan the Pottery Village paints a vivid picture of skilled artisans shaping clay into exquisite works of art. Here pottery is not just an art; it’s an invitation to cherish the magic of creation!

Imagine yourself surrounded by the earthly scent of clay and the whir of the pottery wheel. Every street resonates with the rhythmic symphony of spinning wheels and deft hands moulding clay into vessels that share tales of heritage and craftsmanship!

The village bustles with the infectious energy of artisans meticulously etching intricate designs onto their creations- a testament to their dedication and artistic finesse.

In this hermit, pottery mirrors the essence of daily life. From utilitarian earthenware to ornate decorative pieces, each creation reflects the fusion of tradition and innovation, a harmonious blend of the old and the new. 

Can you get your hands dirty in clay? Absolutely!

In Pottery Village, you are an artist in the making!

The artisans eagerly invite you to come, play with clay, and mould your imagination. Sit at the potter’s wheel, feel the clay yield to your touch, and witness your vision taking shape with every spin.

Sounds fun, right?

Take home more than just a souvenir; take with you the memories of laughter, learning, and a hands-on experience with the soul of this pottery paradise!

The Pottery Village in Udaipur is nothing short of a living museum, where every corner exudes the fragrance of earth and the vibrancy of cultural pride!

6.Brahmpuri (Paint the Town Blue!)-

Next stop on your walking tour of Rajasthan is the Old City of Jodhpur. The fascinating world of Brahmpuri brings you a treasure trove steeped in Brahmin culture and everything through the blue lens!

In Brahmpuri, each footstep resonates with the heartbeat of tradition. The residing Brahmin community adorns the streets with tales steeped in history. They welcome you in rituals at ancient temples and share the warmth of their storytelling traditions over a cup or two of aromatic chai.

But what indeed mesmerises the senses is the ethereal blue that blankets- it speaks volumes about the Brahmin community’s reverence for tradition. These azure walls aren’t mere swellings; they are living testament to the soul of Brahmpuri– a visual delight, indeed!

As you wander these cobalt-kissed alleys, the air seems to shimmer with a mystical allure. The intricate designs and cool graffiti adorning the houses and walls are nothing but expressions of artistic fervour and cultural pride. What an impressive fusion of heritage and aesthetics!

Guided by our star guides, the walking tour of Rajasthan is a visual feast for photographers!

It unravels the intricacies of Brahmpuri’s architectural heritage. Discover the intricate carvings, the detailed motifs, and the unique architectural styles that characterise blue houses. Each step unveils not just the exterior charm but also the cultural significance and historic relevance embedded within these structures.

These walks are an immersive experience that encourages interaction with the locals, encouraging storytelling sessions, engaging in cultural performances, and fostering a deeper understanding of the heritage behind every wall.

Your walking tour of Rajasthan in Old Jodhpur City is a must-do thing here because it is a sensory journey. They are a step into the past, a commemoration of culture, and an opportunity to unravel the artistic and historic allure of the enchanting Old Jodhpur!

7. Hathai (Jodhpur Chronicles!)-

In your Old City of Jodhpur walking tour, a vibrant canvas of culture and community, painting tales of the past unfolds at Hathai . Here, the cobblestone streets echo with the rhythm of life- the laughter of locals, the clang of artisans, and the whispers of a bygone era.

A walk around is perfect to reveal its true treasures- the souls who call it abode!

Each face tells a story, etched with the richness of Rajasthani heritage and an unwavering pride in their roots. Having a word with them is a journey- an immersion into their traditions, their daily rituals, and their infectious zest for life.

Hathai is a kaleidoscope of experiences- a symphony of sights, sounds, and aromas that transport you into the heart of Jodhpur. From tantalizing aroma wafting from street food stalls to the melodies of folk tunes dancing in the air, every moment is an invitation to embrace the city’s cultural mosaic.

Amidst the maze of colourful markets and ancient architecture, Hathai beckons adventurers and culture seekers to unravel its mysteries. Your walking tour of Rajasthan is an interactive journey, where every encounter adds a stroke to the vibrant painting of the City of Blue- how it looked and how it looks!

Amidst the heritage havelis, colourful bazaar, and the vibrant pulse of daily life, Hathai invites you to deep dive into the authentic spirit of Jodhpur- a cultural rendezvous where every encounter adds another layer to the captivating story of this ancient city.

Well, we have approached the end of our walking tour of Rajasthan, but you know what that means?

It is the beginning for you to experience all of this and more first-hand!

Khamma Ghani… You are welcome!

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