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The sands of time very well know that Indian history is impalpable. Panning from genres like history to transportation and even doll collections, museums in India have always been a treasure to the country. If embracing this rich history and heritage is your first priority too.

Then, lapping up its treasures by visiting the most popular museums in India is something you shouldn’t miss on your India tour. Don’t know where to start from? Then, follow our lead to get all drenched in historical tales at the 20 stunningly popular museums in India.

National Museum, New Delhi

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Bracing the capital of the nation is the largest museum of all time, the National Museum. Yes, so if you are searching for the largest museum in India name, then this is it.

Founded on the soil of India’s capital New Delhi, this beautiful masterpiece has been the grace of the Janpath area since 1949. The exhibits here proudly showcase the artistic and historic treasures of the country and make it concrete that this museum is the best Heritage museum in India. Furthermore, among the famous museums in India, this one speaks volumes about the aura of the nation.

The National Museum New Delhi houses artifacts that will certainly flabbergast you. Believe us; it is rocking the Indian museum list. Here, you will get a chance to travel in time to the ancient Harappan civilization. Moreover, artifacts from various periods, including Maurya, Shunga, Satvahana period, Kushana era and Gupta period will definitely push all your excitement buttons. In addition to all this, the other galleries including exhibits from the cultural and artistic archive of India are also a treat to watch.

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Shivalik Fossil Park Museum, Himachal Pradesh

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Do you love the melodies of nature accompanying the songs of history? Then, this museum with the best of this genre will cross your path at the most scenic landscapes of India. Although there is no certainty to which type of museum is popular in India, each of them boasts a different story altogether. Shivalik Fossil Park Museum for a fact is a unique one among them.

Shivalik Fossil Park as the name suggests is a quaint museum in the laps of the Himalayas that features various fossils and life-size replicas of the mammals that once were part of this area. Here you will get the opportunity to walk the sands of time with species that were lost in it. This adds up to the reason why you should plan a trip here. So, learn about it and many such places in Himachal Pradesh.

Government Museum, Tamil Nadu

Madras museum theatre in October 2007

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The Government Museum of Tamil Nadu also known as the Madras Museum is a utopia to every science and history fanatic. Located on the busiest area in Chennai, this amazing knowledge hub is the foreground for geology, anthropology, botany and zoology lovers around the globe. In addition to that, its history fiestas of the ancient South Indian times featuring Chalukyas, Chola and Vijayanagara are always seen adding more glory to its name.

If that’s intimidating for you, wait until you enter its humongous library. Trust us; you will definitely lose your mind to the number of books that they have there.

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Museum, Maharashtra

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu museum (also known as the Prince of Wales Museum) is one of the most pristine places to go to whenever you are in Mumbai. The Museum features 200 awe-striking miniature paintings, jaw-dropping arm-gallery, and sculptures from different theological grounds including that of Nepal. Trust us; panning through the museum will give you the chills as you’ve never experienced before. Furthermore, this art museum in India is best known for its jaw-dropping beauty. Won’t you love a piece of it?

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Calico Museum, Gujarat

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Calico Museum is one of the flag bearers of the heritage museums of India. It puts its best foot forward in providing its visitors with the best of experiences. Whether it is its Haveli-style architecture or preserved fabrics that are centuries old, Calico Museum proves itself to be the one true love of every avid culture-vulture all time every time.

Founded in the year 1949, Calico Museum is one such place on the maps of Gujarat where gorgeous cloth paintings and textiles take away all the spotlights. Trust us; even a walk through the galleries fills you with joy. Moreover, you will find yourself contemplating and appreciating the beauty that is sprinkled here in every direction.

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Stok Palace Museum, Leh

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If there is something more heavenly than the ambiance of Ladakh, hands down it has to be the Stok Palace that is famous for giving Leh-Ladakh its unique identity. This museum is probably the smallest museum in India. Still, the representation of life in the mountains and Tibetan culture makes up for everything else. Also, learning about this Indian museum history is an experience of a lifetime.

This one-of-a-kind museum features crowned jewels, real artifacts, praying instruments and also, some hidden gems of Buddhism. If that is not enough to get you there, then learning about this Indian museum’s history will do the rest.
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Naval Aviation Museum In Vasco Da Gama, Goa

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Are you someone who aims for the sky? Do you wish to fly high and that too literally? Then, the Goa State Museum will definitely give you an abundance of wonderful assortments to revel in for a lifetime.

Naval Aviation Museum breaks every stereotype about Goa. It proves that Goa is not just about beaches and parties but has a deeper influence in the countries rich history too. This museum makes you come face to face with 13 life-size aircraft. With amazing facts list and items of aviation, Naval Aviation Museum proves itself to be one of the most influential hotspots of Goa.

Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad

Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad India

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Salar Jung Museum is the wonderland of ivory-cut sculptures and everything else that oozes beauty. The museum is tagged as the museum with the world’s largest collection of artifacts. It matches up to the glory of its title with 40,000+ plus amazing items on display.

There are four main galleries in this museum including the ones with Indian art, Middle Eastern art, Far Eastern art, European art, and children’s section. Each of these sections is carved to perfection and will make you completely lose yourself into it.
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Shankar’s International Doll Museum, New Delhi


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Dolls have evolved enormously in centuries; still, they are the most accurate sources for cultural and fashion relevance for any era. Shankar’s International Doll Museum present this cultural variance in a beautiful exhibit that is everything a true culture-buff aspires for.

Shankar’s collection of dolls categorizes the exhibits according to their origins. These dolls have primarily been collected UK, US, UAE, Africa, New Zealand, Asian countries and of course India to name a few. This doll museum has over 160 glass cases and trusts us; the collections of dolls you will see here are one of a kind. So, fasten your seat belts. Consequently, let the toy-town of New-Delhi speaks for itself.

Indian Museum, Kolkata

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Rahul Pandit

Indian Museum in Kolkata is best known for its palace-like architecture, solemn ambiance and unique displays that leave everyone dumbstruck. As for your reference, visiting the Indian Museum in Kolkata is a dreamy affair. It involves lapping up to a long list of spellbinding attractions including fossils, artifacts, paintings etc.

In addition to its limitless knowledge stream and stunning sights, Kolkata Museum also puts onto display Egyptian mummies that aren’t that casually seen in India. It certainly calls for a visit, don’t you agree?

National Rail Museum, New Delhi

National Rail Museum Entre

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Were you a big fan of railways in your childhood? Then this next museum on our list will definitely help you rekindle with your inner child.

Are you looking for a fun escape with a balance of knowledge and merriment? Then, this museum with over 100 life-size trains on display is definitely a place for you to be. National Rail Museum amazes everyone with its 10-acre land and toy train trips that take the fun on the run every day. In addition to that, the museum also puts up on display an amazing collection of antiques. These antiques range from furniture, working model, historic photographs, signaling tool and so much more.

Bhau Ji Lad Museum, Maharashtra

Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum esterno 01

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Life in a metro-city is always hectic but for a fact, it wasn’t always like this. Don’t you wonder how things were like back in the time? If yes is your heart call, then step foot onto Dr. Bhau Ji Lad Museum for some amazing insights.

All decked up in 19th-century motifs, this ancient museum explains how life was like back then in a nutshell. You will see a plethora of decorative art collections, clay models, costumes and even pictures preserved in the best way possible to define that era in its best. If that’s everything you aspire in your India tour, then you should plan your Mumbai trip now.

Napier Museum, Kerala

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Learning about the rich history of Southern Indian delight while panning through an architectural marvel is a dream anyone can live in Napier Museum Kerala. The magic of the art forms and the presence of the intricately carved structures just add up to the aura of this beautiful edifice here at Kerala museum. So, if it’s the culture of Kerala you wish to explore. There is no better place to be in.
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Karnataka State Museum

Government Museum Banglore 305

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The Karnataka State museum is all drenched in cultural flair; all thanks to its perfect representation of Indian culture. As one of the oldest museums in India, Karnataka State museum stands tall among the most popular museums in India. With a wide variety of artifacts and existing popular southern culture, this museum makes it easier for anyone to feel connected to the roots of the country.

Its famous display includes sandalwood crafts, Rajasthani embroidery, antiques from Mohenjo-Daro and terracotta from Mathura. Other than that, its multiple galleries (artifacts gallery, painting gallery, armory gallery, sculpture gallery, and modern painting gallery) have different magic to it. Do you want to lap up to its treasures and pleasures too? Then,

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Jaigarh Fort Museum, Rajasthan

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Located in the vicinity of the Jaigarh Fort, this museum is an amusing gateway to learn about the legacies of the royals from the royals themselves.

The fort is divided into three main areas preaching to three main genres- the Hall of Warriors, the Armory Hall, and the Painting Hall. Although all these halls differ in the narration of the valor tales, they do talk about their glorious past in unison. So, if you are intrigued by it already, then imagine its impact when you get here.

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Kerala Folklore Theatre And Museum

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Sanoop M Narayannan

Opening up the cultural archive of Kerala to experience the aurora of dance, music and more is something to revel in for a lifetime. Cultural museums in India have made a unique identity on the travel maps of India and if your inner cultural buff intrigued by the cultural colors of India too. Then, a heartfelt experience is waiting for you at the Folklore Museum in Kerala.

Revel into the magic of its masks, sculptures, costumes (of the traditional and ritual art form), musical instruments, rare medicinal manuscripts, astrological secrets, and much more.

Maharaja Sawai Singh Museum, Rajasthan

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Another shining name in the ‘palace museums’ list is the very famed and well-kept museum of all time, Maharaja Sawai Singh Museum. This proud name of Rajasthan boasts the best collection of painting and gives an amazing tribute to the bygones. Its top features are Chariots, Armors, Art galleries and textiles of the different eras. So, what are you still waiting for? Plan your perfect Rajasthan trip here

Jawaharlal Toy Museum, Pondicherry

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With the French feels of Pondicherry is this very famous museum that reckons the unconditional love of toys and their evolution in the passage of time. Named after Shri. Jawaharlal Nehru, this museum caters to his love for children. Featuring toys for different states of the country, this amazing museum is a must-visit hotspot on the travel map of India. Also, read Pondicherry tourism.

Kite Museum, Gujarat

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Kites are Gujarat’s travel assortment. You can find its impact on the state’s capital as a whole museum is dedicated to it here. Kite Museum in Gujarat boasts an extraordinary collection of kites and types of papers that are used in making kites. Other than that, the main attraction is still the custom-made kites. They include mirror work kites, 16-22 cm long kites, Japanese kites, and block print kites.

Archeological Museum, Gujarat

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Last but not least on our list is one of the best archeological museums in India. Dedicated to ancient civilizations, this museum professes the style of intricate town planning in that era. Trust us; the perfection of various utilities for town planning is more gripping than it seems.
So, revel in its glory and plan your trip to Gujarat here.

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