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Are you just about to hop on a jet plane to incredible India? So, Indian travel is in your mind, isn’t it? Well, why shouldn’t it be? After all, India is a land of wonders, the motherland of culture and traditions, and home to colors and vibrancy. But, what do you do to ensure that you have just the perfect vacation that you’re longing for?

Of course, you must be wondering where to stay, how to stay, what to eat, how much to spend, and how to be safe! Well, yeah, we get it. Travel essentials for India right?

Guess what, we are your knights in shining armor. Let us be your India Travel Guide! We, at The Grand Indian Route, have listed the top 20 Indian travel tips. We bet these will make it all worth it.

India is calling you, Pack your bags and run already.

Language No Barrier

ibrahim rifath Y6tBl0pTe g unsplash 1
Ibrahim Rifath

Hey travelers! All ready for Holiday Travel Tips 2018?

Well, please feel free to travel to India. What we have for you are India travel tips in winter as well as the summer.

Alright, there isn’t going to be any communication gap keeping in mind the fact that English is one of the official languages in India. It’s taught in schools and therefore, you don’t need to worry about communicating and better traveling experience. In fact, even the rickshaw wallas and vendors are aware of Basic English. See? We have tips for traveling to India on business for you. Hint hint!

So, chill and pack your bags to come down to India. Your India tour is going to be worth it.

Winter Is Coming. Also, Bye Bye Himalayas

sourabh agarwal R Zcte8oACo unsplash
Sourabh Agarwal

Alright, winter is coming. India Wildlife tours and travel anyone? Travel to India advice coming right up!

Hell freezes over from November to February in the Himalayas, so you would not want to head to these silver peaks during this time. Did you know that all the famous passes like Kunzum la Pass and Rohtang Pass are blocked because of the abundance of icy cold snow all across them? Yeah! Blame the tourism regulation in India.

Well, there’s always an alternative, right?

Head right down to the south and discover the tropical beaches and mangrove trees lining the pavements during this time.

Let your inner beach baby out and India will serve you just as beautifully as it would have in the Himalayas.

Our Kerala itinerary will show you the magic of it all.

Visa All The Way

jon tyson Hid yhommOg unsplash
Jon Tyson

Well, are you planning to come to India? And that too for more than 60 days? You legit need some travel safety tips here. Nope, don’t deny.

You better save yourself from the hassle of the government website which takes time and eventually, all the hard work is done by you.

For a very nominal admin fee, iVisa lets you book your visa in advance and do all the hard work for you. Just sit back and wait for your visa to arrive to embark on a true Indian journey.

And for less than 60 days, you better get yourself an evisa for safe travel. See? Such wonderful travel tips and tricks we have for you.
Happy travel!

Save Money, Fly Cheap!

pexels sahil pathan 13919567
Sahil Pathan

Getting to India has become a lot easier and cheaper!

If you’re from the UK, it’s a win-win! Get yourself a charter flight from Manchester to Goa and you’re sorted.

Also, if you’re from other places, Turkish Air, Qatar Airways, and Air France might prove to be your friend in need.

Don’t believe us? You will. These budget travel tips are so fly, you’ll thank us later. And always fly to Delhi, Mumbai, or Kolkata. They are the cheapest to fly to.

Moving on, taking a flight from NYC to Mumbai will save you from layovers.

See? We care for you.

Train Train Come Again

jk gJhev0YgUcE unsplash

Alright, while you’re traveling on a train, make sure you don’t accept any eatables from any stranger.

As a matter of fact, there are boards in the stations as well telling you to avoid taking food from anyone for it might be drugged.

Be that as it may, it’s not just India; you gotta be careful wherever you go. Also, keep mineral water bottles handy because you might come across untreated water from various natural resources. Moving on, don’t buy eatables from the vendors that sell on the moving train. Also, carry your purses all the time with yourself and keep your bags locked.

Health is the key to a perfect India travel experience. Now these are some handy guidelines for foreigners visiting India.

Keep that in mind.

Booking Shenanigans On Point

debashis rc biswas dyPFnxxUhYk unsplash
Debashis RC Biswas

In India, it is cumbersome to book tickets for buses and trains.

No matter what, keep a local sim with all the required data on the phone to book your tickets. Trabug is an Indian phone that’ll help you out. Money-saving travel tips, anyone?

We’re sure you won’t regret these. After all, we care for you. Furthermore, set up an account with a clear trip or the likes of it to book trains and buses smoothly. Because usually foreigner cards get blocked.

Well, the last resort is going to agents to get you to book tickets. They will help you. Or maybe, try in the station itself.

And you’ll be sorted.

Punctuality Is The Key

pexels darshak pandya 2526935
Darshak Pandya

Folks, download an Android app called ‘Indian Train status’ to keep tabs on the schedule of the train.

Usually, the trains get delayed under certain circumstances; it is safe to be updated with their live location so that you don’t waste your time sitting at the stations unnecessarily.

And guess what? You can follow your train from far away while it travels. Isn’t that great? Yes, that was holiday travel safety tips 101. We promise it’ll help you a lot.

Stay Like A Royalty

dr kishan patel L9C56sDeEyA unsplash
Dr Kishan Patel

When it comes to finding accommodation, India will never disappoint you. India is a treasure trove of different kinds of accommodations.

And don’t you worry, it covers every budget.

From a meager 300 bucks for a night in a hostel where travelers from all across the globe weave memories to a lavish and splendid heritage hotel that caters to luxury and comfort, India has got you covered.

So, folks, it doesn’t matter how thick or thin is your wallet. India loves its guests.

Caution – you might want to overstay. Also if you wish to be briefed with some packing tips and tricks for moving, we will be your muse. Write to us!

Stay Cautious. Don’t Be Anxious

arihant daga a9KHeyRyFJU unsplash
Arihant Daga

Well..well..well, it is India and it is bound to make you anxious with all the bustling crowd, narrow lanes, and a mushroom growth of various kinds of hotels and homestays.

Be that as it may, if you didn’t know, let us tell you that it can get stressful to travel in India at times. So, steer clear of anxiety and make this one your carefree holiday by booking your stay in advance. Negotiations in the prices can sometimes be done on arrival but it is safe to say that booking in advance is always a better option.

We at The Grand Indian Route offer some of the best and most comfortable stays in India.

Be Open-Minded

marwan ahmed yF7FCuCJ93s unsplash
Marwan Ahmed

Moving on, India is a place where there are millions of people co-existing. Well, it’s bound to be home to every kind of person possible.

You’ll come across good ones, polite ones and then you may even come across scammers and con artists.

Just be open minded and cautious. Safety is the key. Be open to the possibilities of everything and mold yourself into one strong and cautious traveler.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it?

Research For Its Magical

fahrul azmi 5LEkpdrv1Tg unsplash
Fahrul Azmi

Alright, before you hop on a flight, make sure you research the Indian holiday destinations that you want to visit.

Steer clear of the ones that are usually not deemed safe. Also, keep the climatic conditions in mind and note down if there is an impending disaster like floods, storms and the likes of in any destination. Furthermore, know what medicines to take to India. We pray you won’t need them, though.

We promise this will help you make your trip hassle-free and safe.

So, dig deep within all the travel blogs, news channels, and Wikipedia pages to know more and travel better.

Half information is deadly.

Avoid Being A Nightwalker

pexels shafeek k 17501088
Shafeek K

Are you a woman? Well, then it is advisable to avoid going out in the dark hours alone.

It is tragic but it is what it is. There are still some men who blame women for their predatory behavior. You ask why?

Because they think to be an independent woman strolling outside and knowing what she’s doing while she’s dressed up as she likes she is all set to lead them on.

To our dismay, we can only advise you to be extra cautious. Holiday travel safety tips 2024 & 25 at your doorsteps, peeps.

It’s sad but India still has a long way to go before it becomes completely safe and devoid of such predators.

Money On Record

carl beech GfRO2CGRQ24 unsplash
Carl Beech

Well, India can be daunting when it comes to the plethora of cultures, colors, and traditions here. Need some budget travel tips?

Well, we are your saviors, guys.

With so many things to offer, your expenditure gets out of hand at times because everything is fascinating.

Keep a record of your expenses and make sure to limit your expenses to 20 USD. Speaking of which, it’s usually spent on food. So, keep tabs on your splurging and you’re good to go.

Lesser The Places, the Better The Travel

karthik sreenivas jhbmcadJ2io unsplash
Karthik Sreenivas

Furthermore, India is a big bundle of surprises, endless destinations, and travel wonders.

It’s natural for you to want to cover every place up in a go.

Since we care to give you a memorable and comfortable travel experience, we advise you to pick as less as destinations to cover on a circuit as you can.

Take your time, relax, visit the attractions, and marvel at the beauty of each destination.

After all, every destination deserves a fair share of your time, doesn’t it?

Be a patient appreciator, can you? Also, India would be the perfect place to give you Thanksgiving travel tips. Just saying. Take the hint already!

Hunt For A Siamese Twin!

tom watkins T3EAIfDZScQ unsplash
Tom Watkins

It’s better two than one, isn’t it?

Well, it’s a smart move to share your room and food with a buddy.

Why, you wonder?

The expenditure will be halved. Can you really ask for more?

To be honest, the food in India is also served in decent quantities. So, it’s better to enjoy the fruits of your money with someone. Ditch those India travel guidebooks. Instead, find yourself a twin and get on with this unforgettable adventure called Incredible India.

Food In The Tummy!

shreyak singh 0j4bisyPo3M unsplash
Shreyak Singh

If you’re in India, you ought to try the famous curries of India.

From spinach curry to tomato curry, everything is finger-licking good.

Moreover, your food experience in India is incomplete without tasting the magnum opus of food in north India.

Wondering what it is?

Yes, butter chicken. Dive right into the mountain of rice and smear it with some butter chicken gravy while you devour the pieces with the other hand. Foodgasmic, we must say.

Also, you can choose to eat it with chapati or naan too.

They’re just as mouthwatering.

Planning The Itinerary

pexels axp photography 19160117
AXP Photography

So, you’re planning on an India travel?

As a matter of fact, you need to be well prepared before you hop on a jet plane. The Grand Indian Route has some itineraries ready for you to make your travel experience smoother and sorted. Also, give yourself some free time in the midst of it too. That’s one of the top travel and tourism tips in India that we give.

You need to relax and savor it all. From north to south, and east to west, they have it all covered.

Just plan your travel beforehand and you might as well take their help.

It’s suggested that you start from Rajasthan.

It’s the jewel of India. We are not even exaggerating!

Packing On Point

pexels cottonbro studio 4427659
cottonbro studio

Before you come to India, make sure your packing is on point. Let us be your muse for packing tips and tricks for moving.

Carry a first aid kit, some cotton clothes for hot and humid destinations, jackets, gloves, and thick boots for snow-clad ones. Might we say, bikinis and Hawaiian shirts for the tropical ones?

Safety and comfort are imperative. Therefore, carry a neck pillow, bike chains to tie your bags in the trains, a torch, and a sleeping bag. In case, you’re a backpacker.

Also, don’t overpack. Keep it light, keep it happy.

Travel Insurance For The Win

pexels porapak apichodilok 346885
Porapak Apichodilok

While in India, you might come across a lot of dirt and bad hygiene. Make sure you have travel insurance done.

Also, before you start getting a check-up or any tests, enquire about the cost. A lot of small private hospitals are keen on scamming tourists. Also, do not take any medicine from the chemist in case of an upset stomach. Because that may weaken your immunity if done over and over again.

Consult a doctor.

Be safe and be cautious.

When In India, Do It How Indians Do

yoga 2232806 1280

Of course, English is one of the official languages of India and almost everyone knows how to converse in the same, but it is advisable to learn a few basic phrases and words in Hindi.

Your experience with cab drivers, auto drivers, vendors, and hawkers will become better and happier.

It’s good to blend in the crowd, isn’t it? Keeps you safe. That was the last of our India travel guide for foreigners.

So, these India travel tips are some that we swear by. We hope you do too. They’re geniuses!

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