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Rajasthan Travel Guide

Revealing Rajasthan: Your Ultimate Guide!

In the royal heartland of India, a land of kaleidoscopic culture and stark history, lies the enthralling odyssey, Rajasthan!

Being the imperial jewel of India’s crown, Rajasthan boasts a sumptuous tapestry of traditions, architectural masterpieces, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Be it the regal palaces and forts or the vast stretches of golden desert, Rajasthan stands its ground as a cultural cornucopia!

Etched in the archives of time as the sovereign capital of the Rajput dynasty for over a century, Rajasthan is the fourth radiant apex of the illustrious Golden Triangle Tour of India.  

Our meticulously crafted Travel Itinerary for Rajasthan is your passport to an unparalleled sojourn across the opulence of Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and more!


  • Unravel the Pink Magic- Jaipur!
  • Unleashing the Untamed Wilderness- Ranthambore National Park.
  • Attain Salvation at the Spiritual Paradise- Pushkar!
  • Resort to the Spiritual Oasis- Ranakpur!
  • Unwind, De-stress and Be One with the Soil of Rajasthan- Chandelao Garh.
  • Where Nature and Humans Coexist- Guda Bishnoi Village.
  • Experience Blue Awakening- Jodhpur.
  • Delve into the Golden City heritage tour- Jaisalmer.
  • Beckoning of the Bold and Royal- Udaipur!
  • Discover the abundant charm of Rajasthan- Bikaner.
  • Open Air Art and Culture at its Best- Mandawa!

Sounds lovely, eh?

So let us dive right into our exclusive cheat sheet of travel destinations in Rajasthan– cherry-picked by our travel experts for you!

1. Unravel the Pink Magic- Jaipur!

Jaipur 768x1024 2

Let’s commence your Rajasthan adventure in great pomp and show with an exploration of Jaipur’s crown gemstones.

Amer Fort, also known as Amber Fort, in Jaipur is a colossal fort complex that embodies the grandeur of the Rajputana era. But what takes centre stage is the famous Amer Fort elephant ride, which ensures a fun and memorable experience for you and your loved ones!

Ravenous after the lofty ride?

So are we!

Let’s dine like royalty on the Wind Palace rooftop! Enduring the ravages of time, this crimson-tinted tower stretches into the heavens, affording photographers an enthralling panoramic vista to capture- oh, the otherworldly sunset view!

Nestled in the heart of the Pink City, the Wind Palace of Jaipur, is an architectural marvel fashioned to resemble the holy crown of Lord Krishna. How enchanting is that!

Might you be jaded by now?

No worries, your Jaipur adventure  doesn’t end right away!

Reside in opulence at City Palace royal suites and for a night or two, live like a Rajput royalty! The City Palace of Jaipur sings myriad legends and stands as a testament to the history of Rajasthan and is an extraordinary quintessence of the Rajputana architectural vogue. Be smothered by its awe-inspiring essence right the moment you step in!

2. Unleashing the Untamed Wilderness- Ranthambore National Park.

tiger 5185780 1280 1024x702 1

Pixabay – rohan_aug1988

Let our chauffeurs take you on a road trip to Ranthambore, our next adventure destination, on your Golden Triangle India Tour.

Surrounding the eminent Ranthambore Fort, the Ranthambore National Park is sure to get your adrenaline pumping!

Encounter the thrilling allure of Ranthambore’s famed Bengal tigers, as our expert guides lead you on exhilarating safaris.

Immortalise the moments as you witness these fiery creatures in their home ground.

Besides tigers, the dense thicket is home to more than 300 species of birds, so birdwatching in the Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary is another viable option!

Excited already? So are we; let us redefine your wildlife adventure narrative here in the royal heart of Rajasthan!

3. Attain Salvation at the Spiritual Paradise- Pushkar!

pushkar 1024x768 1

On your road trip to Jodhpur from Jaipur, take some time out to explore some unmissable wonders- one of them is the divine Pushkar.

Popular for being a city of vibrant colours and divinity, Pushkar is a must-visit stop on your North-India Tour! Owing to its vibrancy, culture, and history, the magnetism of the city is breathtaking!

The famed Pushkar Lake, named after Brahma’s flower, which is believed to have created the Lake, is the perfect spot for you to take a holy dip or just sit for a tad self-reflection- whatever sails your boat!

If you are visiting somewhere around October to November, you just hit the jackpot! The widely revered Pushkar Fair greets you with all its exhilarating vibes!

4. Resort to the Spiritual Oasis- Ranakpur!

Ranakpur Jain Temple, a spiritual paradise for Jain pilgrims, is following up on our list of Places to Visit in Rajasthan!

Nestled amid the secluded valley of Aravalli in Rajasthan, Ranakpur is nicknamed ‘a spiritual oasis’- Rightfully so!

Home to a sterling plethora of Jain temples, the quaint town echoes the pristine architectural tapestry of Jain artistry and sculpting. On your Temple Tour to India, missing out on this gem is a sin!

Not just pilgrims but if you are a fellow green panther, Ranakpur is idyllic for you too!

Smothered in profuse greenery, this tranquil village is enclosed by the misty blue Aravalli mountains. The abundance of natural landscape in the wildlife sanctuaries and picturesque waterfalls and lakes make for an incredible nature therapy you never knew you needed!

5. Unwind, De-stress and Be One with the Soil of Rajasthan- Chandelao Garh.

chandelao garh 2

Praduman Singh

Are you looking for a rural holiday destination in India ? Chandelao Village welcomes you wholeheartedly!

The Chandelao Garh, a fortress-style ancestral home-turned-homestay offers a serene experience of traditional Rajasthani hospitality in a placid countryside setting.

You know what the best way is to explore a place, especially an Indian village? Taking a stroll around.

An evening stroll around the Chandelao Village unfurls the sights and sounds of an Indian hermit like no other!

What unites everyone here is the warmth and love with which they greet visitors- you will hardly feel away from home!

6. Where Nature and Humans Coexist- Guda Bishnoi Village.

bishnoi village 768x1024 1

Are you a fellow wildlife photographer? A green panther? Well, well, Bishnoi Village is no less than a treat! Inhabited by the Bishnoi community, the village is known for its vivid array of exotic wildlife and nature. It is a habitat for hundreds of migratory birds and animals.

Besides wildlife, Bishnoi village  offers an impressive one-on-one lesson on pottery and hand weaving by their talented home-grown potters and weavers!

We bet you are excited to get your hands dirty!

Pro tip- Try and make a friendly rapport with the natives, they may also let you in their village chores and learn a thing or two about Rajasthani culinary culture!

7. Experience Blue Awakening- Jodhpur.

Jodhpur image 768x1024 1


Explore the majestic jewel that Jodhpur is on our exclusive Travel Itinerary for Rajasthan, custom-crafted for discerning travelers seeking a lavish escape!

Nestled in the royal heartland of India, Jodhpur City presents to you a world of opulence, history, and sublime beauty.

Wander through the mighty Mehrangarh Fort, where legends of battles and monarchy linger in the wind!

Find yourself lost in the labyrinthine lanes of the Blue City of India, adorned with azure-hued buildings- oh, a photographer’s treasure trove!

When your tummy groans of all the exploration, savor regal Rajasthani cuisine in palatial settings- royal style!

Overwhelmed by everything? Call it a day and sleep a sound sleep in the lap of luxury at Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur or other heritage hotels in Jodhpur- feel like a queen/king!

With our exclusive tailor-made Rajasthan itineraries , you will embark on a journey ensuring memories for a lifetime!

8. Delve into the Golden City heritage tour- Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer 2

Take the scenic road trip from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer  to uncover the golden treasure of Rajasthan!

Together with us, explore the Golden City of Jaisalmer like never before!

Walk down the royal corners of the Jaisalmer Fort – one of the last ‘living forts’ remaining in the world!

Being a brilliant exemplar of Rajasthani architecture, the grand Fort happens to be home to myriad temples, eateries and handicrafts stores to find the perfect gift for your loved ones back home ! What are the things to do in Jaisalmer ? You will be spoilt for choice- trust us!

How about having a serene Bada Bagh Oasis experience? Standing as a testament to Rajasthan’s rich past, the verdant Bada Bagh, Jaisalmer amidst the arid desert landscape makes for a surreal hotspot for Jaisalmer tourism.

Cap off your day with a grand night in Sam Dunes luxury camping ! In the heart of the mighty Thar desert, Jaisalmer, the Sam Sand Dunes offer a mystical landscape that changes tints with shifting sands, creating an ever-evolving canvas of natural artistry.

Spend a night or two in the luxury desert camps and bask in the rustic allure of the Thar!

No, this is not all at all!

The highly revered Golden City of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer has one too many wonders to offer, including the much-celebrated Jaisalmer Desert Festival  – you will be overwhelmed!

Let us make you the perfect Travel Itinerary for Rajasthan based on your taste and expectations of this luxury Trip to India – Why hesitant? Reach out to us!

9. Beckoning of the Bold and Royal- Udaipur!

Udaipur image


Udaipur, nicknamed the City of Lakes, beckons with its noble allure- Or we should say mind boggles visitors with the plethora of Places to Visit in Udaipur!

Drench in the magnificence of the City Palace, Udaipur. Having served as a backdrop for manifold Hollywood and Bollywood films, Udaipur’s City Palace is a royalty among royalty!

Bask in the serenity of the Saheliyon Ki Bari retreat! Also known as the courtyard of the maidens, this garden is a pristine amalgam of lotus pools, elephant-shaped fountains, and pavilions made out of white marble. If this is not the experience of a lifetime, we are not sure what it is!  

Unravel the stark history of Bagore Ki Haveli Heritage Site. This architectural marvel is a window to the lavish lifestyle of the elite merchants of Udaipur and is a quintessence of archaic Rajasthani artistry. We owe it to our guides who make gripping storytellers; their captivating narratives and intricate details enrich your Udaipur experience.

Luxuriate in the extraordinary experience of Lake Pichola Sunset Cruises. The enigma of the lake, the exceptional temples and the surrounding palaces complement why it is a must-visit! Speaking of its blissful sunsets, the glimmering light rays of the setting sun that kiss the sparkling water create an unparalleled spectacle!  

Unfurl Udaipur’s grand heritage, soul-soothing retreats, and enticing cruises, all in one remarkable destination!

10. Discover the abundant charm of Rajasthan- Bikaner.

india 2825842 1280 1024x686 1

Pixabay – DEZALB

With our bespoke travel itineraries, immerse yourself in the regal of Rajasthan as you visit Bikaner!

Every place in Rajasthan has a unique style of architecture, so don’t you worry about redundancy- Bikaner city is no exception!  

What makes Bikaner a must-visit amongst heritage tours of India ? Bikaner’s architectural marvels like Junagarh Fort (or Bikaner Fort), Gajner Palace , Laxmi Niwas Palace, and the beauteous Karni Mata Temple does so!

Are you a shopping connoisseur?

The splendid local markets, famed for their traditional artistry and lip-smacking delicacies, will take you in awe!

Elevate your travel experience with our custom-curated itinerary- book your Rajasthan adventure  in Bikaner today!

11. Open Air Art and Culture at its Best- Mandawa!

Mandawa in rajasthan 1024x768 1

Shahi Palace Mandawa

Vibe to the zenith of luxury with our tailor-made Mandawa tour on your Travel Itinerary for Rajasthan!

Discover the architectural gems adorned with intricate frescoes of Mandawa, Rajasthan , a testament to its stark history and artistic finesse.

Together with us, we will delve into the lavishness of Havelis such as the acclaimed Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli, Murmuria Haveli, Bansidhar Newatia Haveli, Mandawa Haveli and the magnetic Thakurji Temple.

Have the regality on your stay at world-class hotels, promising a blend of modern amenities and traditional charm!

Explore the bustling bazaars and see if you land on any rare piece! Savour authentic Mewari cuisine at fine dining joints- treat your tastebuds!

In short, a heritage tour of Mandawa Rajasthan is undoubtedly an unmissable opportunity while in Rajasthan !

Feeling overwhelmed with everything? No worries, we will help you narrow down your Travel Itinerary for Rajasthan depending on your interests and tastes.

All you got to do- Send us a quote– The Grand Indian Route will take it from there!

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