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The Epic 2023-24 Rajasthan Road Trip From Mumbai

If you haven’t noticed by now, we love road trips! Long drives with the windows down, music up and wind caressing our faces definitely stir our hearts. Is it the case with you too? Then, surprise-surprise, we have a road trip itinerary for you that will change your life.

Think of it as a New Year’s gift from us!

So, let us cut to the chase and give you what you signed up for. Here it is, the ultimate Rajasthan Road Trip from Mumbai that we mapped for you to make your 2021 a real treat.

Do you need our help planning and organizing this itinerary or any other itinerary on our website? Contact us here, and we promise that we will help you in every possible way. Now, that this is out of the window, let’s get back to the itinerary!

The Itinerary We Curated Just for You:

Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Mount Abu- Udaipur- Jodhpur- Jaisalmer-Bikaner-Mandawa-Jaipur-Ranthambore-Chittorgarh-Surat-Mumbai

Daily Break down of the Rajasthan Road Trip from Mumbai

Day 1| Arriving In Mumbai And Exploring Its Cultural Facets

If you are a native of Mumbai, skip this day and start from Day 2.

For everyone else, know that most flights land at this financial powerhouse of the country. While many travellers will want to get on the itinerary as soon as possible, we will suggest you spend some time here, for this city has fantastic things to offer. Add a day at least to explore this place properly. Believe us, and if you do, you will thank us later.

Gateway To India

A unique landmark in India, Gateway of India, marks India’s chief port. Built during the colonial era, the monument is now a famous photo spot for every traveler in and around the country.

Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves is a UNESCO world heritage site that boasts an array of rock-cut cave temples dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. Located on an island in the Sea of Oman close to Mumbai, these 5th to 8th-century caves will prepare the ground for what else is to come your way on this road trip.

Day 2| Mumbai To Ahmedabad

531 KM (Estimate drive time: 9 hours)

Day 2 will be spent mostly on the road, but don’t you worry, you won’t get bored, even if it is for a second. Why? That’s because the charm of seeing the topography, language, and attires change completely as one moves from one state to another will keep you occupied throughout the trip.

In case you started early and reached Ahmedabad on time, spend no time in the hotel. Head out to enjoy the city’s vibrant culture. Else, relax and recharge for what is in store for you the next day!

Day 3| Ahmedabad

A true reflection of Gujarati culture, Ahmedabad is a charmer. Dotted with malls and shopping centers on one side and architectural delights on the other, this city is worth spending a day on. However, if you are under a time constraint, and have Rajasthan prioritized, you can skip exploring the city.

In case you don’t, do visit the following:

Swaminarayan Temple

If you are early birdy, attend the morning prayer of Swami Narayan Temple. This shrine is a marvelous example of 19th-century structures, a stunning temple with vivid colors and intricate carvings.

Dada Hari Vav

Dada Hari Vav is a 500-year-old step well-marked by labyrinthine carved walls, columns, and pillars. The Stepwell is seven stories and portrays the prowess of Indian artisans in high spirits.

Sabarmati Ashram

Once Mahatma Gandhi and his wife’s residence, this place is undoubtedly one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions. Situated on the serene stretch of the Sabarmati River, the ashram is a living museum of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and showcases his personal belongings.

Day 4| Ahmedabad To Mount Abu

227 km (Estimated Drive Time: 5 hours)

Enjoy the drive from Ahmedabad to Mount Abu on buttery smooth lanes. See the topography dye in the prominent hues of green as you venture into the oasis of Rajasthan.

Once you are there, embrace the Aravalli hills’ lush greenery and bask in the colorful mix of rustic houses and posh bungalows that embellish the landscape.

Day 5| Mount Abu

There is a lot to relish in Mount Abu – from lakes to hilltops and temples to gardens. This oasis of the desert state has a plethora of charms to offer to its visitors. Here are some:

Dilwara Temple

Considered to be among the best specimens of architectural perfection is the 13th-century Dilwara Jain Temple Complex. Carved with perfection out of white marble, the five temples of this complex redefine the meaning of intricacy.

Nakki Lake

The first-ever man-made lake in India, Nakki Lake, is a tranquillity ticket for every peace-seeker. Go on boating expeditioNs here or climb up to the famous toad rock to catch the panoramic view of the lake.

Mount Abu Sanctuary

If you are a person of the wild, you have to visit the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary for bird-watching escapades and a high-altitude jungle safari. We think that’s enough to get you there, isn’t it?

Day 6 And 7| Driving To Udaipur And Exploring The Whimsical Wonderland Of Rajasthan

163 km (Estimated drive time: 3 hours)

Today you will commence your journey to the city of love and the supposed “Venice of the East”. Reach the destination in the morning, gorge on some delicious breakfast by the lake, and begin your Udaipur adventure. Jagdish TempleIf there is a place from where you need to start your Udaipur exploration, it has to be this place. Decked in Hinduism’s glory, this temple is famous for its beautifully crafted idols and evening aarti.

City Palace

Udaipur’s pride since 1559, The City Palace is perhaps our favorite of all the Udaipur attractions.

An iconic landmark, constructed FOR 400 years by multiple Mewar rulers; it flaunts a beautiful amalgamation of Mughlai, Rajasthani, European and Chinese architectural styles.

Lake Pichola

For sunset head to Lake Pichola. See the sun drown into the horizon of the lake, watch the skies turn pink and the city light up like a thousand stars.

Bagore Ki Haveli

Pamper your culture-loving heart with “Dharohar” – the evening cultural show of Bagore Ki Haveli. See dancers groove to quintessential Rajasthani melodies and find yourself swaying with joy.

Day 8| A Dreamy Car Ride To Jodhpur Via Ranakpur And Kumbhal Garh

244 km (Estimated drive time: 5 hours)

Spend day 8 traversing the buttery smooth highways of Rajasthan. In the gist of which, explore the two hidden gems of the state. Believe us; nothing will quite prepare you for your encounter with these structural marvels. So, brace yourself!

Ranakpur Jain Temple Complex

Otherwise, famous as one of the potential candidates for the “Wonder of the World list”, Ranakpur temple is far quieter and almost as beautiful as any other structure in the state.

Famous for its 1444 uniquely carved pillars, strolling through its corridors, admiring the intricate craftsmanship and not-so-subtle details in storytelling is what will you do here.


India’s strongest fort which houses the second longest wall in the country stands out like a beacon on the Udaipur to Jodhpur stretch.

A UNESCO world heritage site, the fort consists of several Hindu and Jain Temples that are revered throughout the state.

*Reach Jodhpur in the evening to enjoy the street food escapades.

Day 9| In And Around The Colorful Streets Of Jodhpur

Spend this day to lose yourself in the blue alleyways of Jodhpur. Go on a walking tour to see the city from its grassroots or behold the beauty of the mighty Mehrangarh Fort. You can also extend your trip at this point to take a village safari to the nearby Bishnoi and Chandelao villages.

Mehrangarh Fort

Perched on a hill, 400 m above the city, Mehrangarh Fort is a stunning example of Rajasthani architecture and grandeur. Being one of the oldest and most magnificent forts in India, this structure is colossal and beautiful.

See the fort museum, enjoy its intricate architecture, and even go zip lining here. We recommend visiting this fort in the late afternoon, to avoid the scorching sun and to catch the sunset over the city.

Bishnoi Village

Do you want to get a feel of rural India? You must take the Bishnoi Village Safari – a trip revolving around the lives of India’s oldest nature conversationalist tribe.

Chandelao Garh

Chandelao is another village you can venture to if you have the time. People of this quintessential Rajasthani Village are advocates of community-based tourism and believe in empowering women via their local art form.

*You can also see Jaswant Thada and visit the local bazaar to catch the buzz in Jodhpur.

Day 10: Jodhpur To Jaisalmer, Seeing Osian And Staying At Sam Sand Dunes

281 km (Estimated drive time: 4 hours)

Take an early morning drive to Jaisalmer. The trip will majorly be on a national highway, so rest assured you won’t have any inconvenience reaching your destination. Moreover, we are covering another off-the-beaten hotspot en route. So, we are sure boredom won’t be a question here.


Famous as the “Khajuraho of Rajasthan”, Osian is home to Osian Mata Temple, an architectural marvel famous for its medieval era paintings. See this 9th–century structure through the lens of an explorer to make the most of the experience.

Sam Sand Dunes

Let the sight of the endless Thar invoke your true inner child. Get mesmerized by the beauty of its landscape and watch the sunset over with sun-kissed sand. Stay in cozy Swiss Tents, ride a camel, enjoy tribal cultural shows, and go on a village safari to experience desert life. Believe us; you won’t find a chance quite like it, so, use it in the best way possible.

Day 11| Bask In The Glory Of The Golden City Of Jaisalmer

Today, drive to the city to catch hold of Jaisalmer’s incredible structures.

Jain Temples

Kickstart your morning with the blessings of the divine. Get awestruck by the timeless beauty of the seven sunbaked sandstone temples of Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort believed to be one of India’s largest forts, is a living and working part of the city, unlike all the other forts and palaces in Rajasthan. Famous for its winding lanes, fort museum, shops, and eateries, you cannot leave this edifice’s premises without a sensory overload. Spend your morning exploring the nooks and crannies of this place, and do take time to munch upon the delectable cuisine served in its cafés.

*After lunch leave for Bikaner – 330 km (Estimated drive time: 5 hours)

Day 12| Marvel At The Red City Bikaner

Bikaner is, without a doubt, a stunner. With its red overtones and dazzling architecture, it will win you over in a matter of seconds.

This city has a lot to see; some of our recommendations are mentioned below:

Junagarh Fort

Formerly the primary residence of the kings of Bikaner, Junagarh Fort is among the few Indian Forts that is not perched on a hill. Comprising endless Jali work and red sandstone carvings, all of which are typically ornate, Junagarh Fort makes for one of the most incredible structures in Bikaner.

Lalgarh Palace

A Rajasthani structure made in European style is the perfect way to describe Lalgarh Palace. Famous for changing colors concerning the sun, this palace is a must-see in all of Rajasthan.

Karni Mata Temple

30 km from the city of Bikaner, is a rat temple dedicated to the local deity Karni Mata. This temple is rather famous among tourists as rats (in thousands) move here freely and are considered to be the incarnation of the Goddess’s devotees.

Day 13| Visit The Lesser-Known Rajasthani Town Mandawa

202 km (Estimated drive time: 4 hours)

Take an early morning drive to Mandawa. When you reach here, go on the Fresco Haveli Tour, and see this World’s most extensive open art gallery up close.

Once you are done adoring this Bollywood’s favorite town, decide whether you want to spend the night here or get going to Jaipur. We recommend you catch your breath and book a room in one of these Haveli-turn hotels.

Day 14 And 15: Embrace The Hustle And Bustle Along With The Stunning Structures Of Jaipur

169 km (Estimated drive time: 3 hours)

After arriving at Jaipur in the morning, spend some time understanding the city and its culture. Once you are well adjusted, see the following to make the most of your experience.

Hawa Mahal

The Labyrinth of the East and the Crown of India are two ways to define the beauty that is Hawa Mahal. Sitting on the edge of the city, Hawa Mahal or the Palace of Wind is famous for its honey-combed 953 windows and intricate latticework.

Amer Fort

Amer Fort or Amber Fort is a UNESCO world heritage site comprising stunning architecture and sheer gorgeousness. This beautiful fort outside the city is home to a plethora of temples and palaces. Other than that, it also has a twist of Mughal facets in its predominantly Rajasthani design. Do take a guided tour here if you want to understand the complexity of its history best.

Jaipur City Palace

The epicenter of all the hustle and bustle of Jaipur lies in the Old City Centre – the former royal family’s current home. Made up of complex buildings, courtyards, and gardens, City Palace is a treasure trove of Rajasthani trinkets containing a museum, and colorfully decorated doors and corridors.

Day 17 And 18| Follow The Pugmarks At Ranthambore National Park

Take an early morning drive to Sawai Madhopur, check in a hotel, and recharge until you hit the forest in the evening for your first-ever Rajasthan Jungle Safari. Spend your time carefully following the trails and spot as many animals as you can.

We know that only a single trip to the place won’t be able to fulfil your desires. So, take two more chances with your tiger spotting luck on a morning and evening safari the next day.

Day 19| Enjoy Your Last Encounter In Rajasthan At Chittorgarh

296 km ( Estimated drive time: 5 hours)

Drive to Chittorgarh today to visit the very last fort on your list. You can stay in Chittorgarh for the night; however, if you feel you can drive, head to Surat after the fort visit. We would highly recommend you stay here and relax as the next two days will be hectic.

Chittorgarh Fort

The largest fort complex in India, Chittorgarh is a fascinating place to explore. With an expanse of 6 km in length and 500 m across, this magnificent structure strategically sits on a hill camouflaged by the neighboring hillocks. Come here to relive history and pay homage to the Rajput valor.

Day 20: Early Morning Drive To Surat

566 km (Estimated drive time: 11 hours)

*Stay in Surat for the night.

Day 21: Back To Mumbai

279 km (Estimated drive time: 5 hours)

And that was it, the ultimate 2021 Rajasthan road trip from Mumbai. If any shape or form, it managed to intrigue you (which we know it has considering you made it to the very end), ping us to help you book this entire trip! Request a quote now to talk to our travel expert. We will see you on the other side!

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