Spiritual India: Tours to do in 2024-2025

Are you planning to burst your comfort bubble in search of your truth? Do you think you can put yourself out in the world to discover your purpose and calling? Then, you’ve landed in the right place.

Believe us, if there is any country on this planet that can give you an out-of-body experience while teaching you lessons for life, it has to be India.

Spiritual Tours to India are a blessing for anyone in pursuit of self-discovery and happiness. These India trips are capable of extending your boundaries and giving you new lenses to see the world.

Still not convinced? Give this piece a read and we are sure by the end of it, you’ll agree with us.

Wondering what you are signing up for? In this blog we will answer the following:

1. How spirituality and religion are two different concepts and how should you inculcate them both on your next India adventure?

2. Why take a spiritual journey through India?

3. Which top spiritual tours in India you should look out for?

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Spiritual Travel At A Glance

IMG 20240330 WA0030 1
IMG 20240330 WA0030 1

Often people confuse spirituality with religion. Religion is indeed a part of spirituality, however, it doesn’t hold substance the other way around.

Spirituality is a sense of belonging to someone/something that is bigger than us. Something that helps us to be in the present and discover our finite infinities.

However, apart from religion and pilgrimage, spiritual travel is also about landscapes and cultures. Both of these aspects, not only give life a new perspective but also offers an out-of-body experience which, quite frankly, everyone longs for.

The purpose of spiritual travel is to be in the present without the baggage of the past and the worries of the future. It is a transformative voyage that connects you to the power within and assists you in discovering inner solace, purpose, and clarity.

A trip that is the perfect amalgamation of what your mind, body, and soul need to align.

Reasons To Take Spiritual Tours To India

IMG 20230408 104640 796
IMG 20230408 104640 796

Spirituality is the heartbeat of India. Believe us, there are a plethora of spiritual retreats in India that will help you in your pursuit of truth. Read the following to understand why a spiritual tour to India is a win.

A Canopy Of Landscapes

Connecting with nature and experiencing the flow of energy is an integral part of spiritual travel. Recent studies suggest that basking in nature has positive impacts on our brain, body, and emotions.

Sacred Journeys in India presents you with an assortment of enticing natural landscapes that will help you strengthen your bond with nature. It is filled with beguiling views and enchanting sceneries that make the spiritual journey of India a feast for anybody’s existence.

A Mine Of Experiences

To align your chakras and dwell deep into spirituality, you need experiences that bring you out of your comfort zone. That’s because sometimes we need to gain new perspectives and view the world with joyful curiosity.

If you agree to that, you will also agree to the fact that there is no better place than India to fall back on for unique experiences. Believe us, a trip here will teach you new things about yourself every day!

Cultural Immersion

When you dive deep into different cultures, you find answers to the questions you weren’t even asking. Understanding different traditions and lifestyles handover the power of knowledge that always comes in handy.

India is laden with such knowledge, all thanks to its colossal diversity of cultures and traditions. If there is one place on Earth that can impart your wisdom in abundance, it has to be India.

Opportunity To Move A Notch Up In Meditation Meditating Is The Route To Personal Transformation And Spiritual Acknowledgement. And, We Cannot Think Of A Better Country Than India That Can Teach You This Art Of Living. Don’t You Agree?

Meditating is the route to personal transformation and spiritual acknowledgment. And, we cannot think of a better country than India that can teach you this art of living. Don’t you agree?

Now that we’ve made our point let’s talk about spiritual tour packages in India that you should look out for.

Top 12 Spiritual Tours To India For Your Body Mind And Soul:

Spiritual Trip To Himalayas – Spiti Tour Circuit

Delhi-Chandigarh-Shimla-Sarahan-Sangla-Kalpa-Tabo-Kaza-Chandratal Lake-Manali

4 2

Are you a silent adventure craver? Is traveling to the mountains your calling? In that case, a trip to Spiti will be the key to your door of spiritual awakening.

On this trip, get ready for beguiling views, twisty roads, and a few cultural drifts. Also, be prepared to closely watch the lifestyle of the hills while tapping into the untouched beauty of this high-altitude paradise.


For The Mind:

1. Visiting one of the oldest Monasteries in India ( Tabo Monastery) which is also famous as the ‘Ajanta of North’ because of its carvings.

2. Learning about Buddhism and its teaching from the grassroots.

For The Body:

1. Have an out-of-body experience while trekking to Chandratal Lake.

2. Get hypnotized by the sights of mighty Kinner Kailash on your way to Kalpa.

For The Soul:

  • Experiencing the lifestyle of high altitude villages, such as Kaza, Tabo, Sarahan, and Sangla. Here, live with locals to closely monitor their slow-paced life, traditions, and lifestyle.

Was this your soul trip? Then, read about it in detail here.

Sacred Mystical Journeys: Ladakh India

Leh-Nubra Valley-Pangong Tso Lake-Alchi-Likir-Leh

5 3

A trip to Lakdah is a transformative escapade. It helps you connect with your surroundings, fall in love with life and explore the mystic beauty of the Himalayas.

On this trip, look forward to hopping on a motorbike to traverse one of the most difficult roads on the planet. Let the adrenaline be your spiritual guide on this tour so that your adventurous bliss remains achievable.


For The Mind:

1. Feel the flow of energy while you in calm sit inside the Hemis Monastery. While you are at it, gasp in awe at the breathtaking views and reflect to the sounds of fluttering prayer flags.

2. Forget your blues while gazing over the serene blue Pangong Tso Lake.

For The Spirit:

1. Conversing with the monks of Alchi and Likhir; exploring the depths of Buddhism.

2. Understanding the cultural contrast of the hills.

3. Learning the history of Ladakh at Leh Palace.

Interested in taking this trip? Read all about it here.

Hills And Himalayas Travel In India

Amritsar- Dharamshala – Pragpur – Shimla – Delhi

6 2

“Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.” ― Jeffrey Rasley

There is no better way to unwind than to run to the mountains and relax amid the bounty of nature. Closer to heaven, with green foliage, beguiling sights and tall pine trees, one can easily reinvent peace and serenity on this North India Adventure.

Take this trip if you are a tree hugger at heart. If you do, believe us, you’ll cherish each second of it.


For The Mind:

1. Find peace in the holy chants of the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Dip your feet in the sacred pool believed to have healing powers and eat the blessed food to kickstart your journey.

2. Explore the diversity of cultures in the home of the Dalai Lama, Dharamshala.

For The Body:

1. Travel through the serpentine roads while enjoying beguiling views.

2. Throw a little feast for your eyes with the lofty snow peaks, deep gorges, lush green valleys and fast-flowing rivers of Himachal Pradesh.

3. Take a plethora of treks in McLeod Ganj.

For The Spirit:

1. Enjoy the hubbub of Shimla and that of its famous mall road and ridge.

2. Tour the mini capsule of time Pragpur that is laden with architectural and cultural tokens.

Sacred Mystical Journeys Of Landscape

Bangalore – Mysore – Coorg – Chikmagalur – Hassan – Hampi – Badami – Goa

7 2
7 2

Do you patronise nature? Do you find yourself gasping for air when you are amid the beauty of earth? Then, it is only a journey through vivid landscapes that can give you the blissful experience you’ve been longing for.

On this journey, you’ll see lush carpets of greenery, a city smacked with the landscape of stone age and a beach destination that fades the pumping adrenaline.


For The Mind:

1. Strengthen your roots with nature on a wildlife jaunt at Bhadra National Park.

2. Finding the secret of life in the famous caves of Badami.

3. Exploring the colonial-era churches of Goa.

For The Body:

1. Trekking to the smokey waterfalls and basking in the wonders of nature.

2. Tapping into the sports of bouldering in Hampi.

For The Spirit:

1. Discovering the many architectural styles of Karnataka.

2. Seeing the changing hues of life, one state at a time.

3. Watching the sunset over the horizon in Goa and connecting with like-minded folks.

Do you think that this can be an ideal trip for you? Then, learn more about it here. However, if you are sure, how about you request a quote now?

Spiritual Yoga Tour To India


8 2

Yoga and meditation have taken over the world by storm and taught it the new meaning of spirituality. So, it only makes sense to explore this genre at its birthplace, doesn’t it?

This trip is all about Yoga, which is a vital component in the art of living. This element, when combined with the goodness of Indian landscapes, can do wonders for your spiritual growth. Mark our words!


For The Mind:

1. Waking up to the sounds of chirping birds and lush greenery in God’s land – Kerala.

2. Exploring the internal infinity while practising yoga in the backwater of Kovalam and on the beaches of Kumarakom.

3. Sniffing and buying tea from the tea gardens of Munnar.

For The Body:

1. Digging your feet into the warm sand and unwind to the sounds of crashing waves.

2. Pamper yourself with the goodness of Ayurveda and forget all your blues.

For The Spirit:

1. Meeting the local folks and enjoying the best food joints in Kochi.

2. Visiting local villages and learning the lifestyle of the tropics.

Want to learn more? Here you go!

Enlightening Buddhist Tour


IMG 20240330 WA0031
IMG 20240330 WA0031

Uncover the path of enlightenment on the Buddhist Circuit of India. Explore the most important hotspots of Buddhism by tracing the life trajectory of Gautam Buddha.

Explore the realms of one of the largest religions in the world. In the gist of which, learn how science and spirituality are synonymous, and how you can benefit from it.


For The Mind:

1. Meditate under the Bodhi Tree at the Mahabodhi Temple. This tree is the descendent of the tree, under which, Gautam Budhha attained spiritual awakening.

2. Devote yourself to the quaintness of these Buddhist Sites in India.

For The Body:

1. Tantalise your taste buds with finger-licking food in the city of Nawabs – Lucknow.

2. Gasp in awe at the timeless beauty of Taj Mahal.

For The Spirit:

1. Meet Buddhist scholars and monks. Learn about their beliefs, culture and traditions.

2. Recharge your culture meter with the very spiritual and equally busy Varanasi.

Ready to go on your next spiritual Buddhist adventure? Here is everything you need to know.

Varanasi Spiritual India Excursion


10 2

Find the balance between peace and chaos at the spiritual capital of the country. Sit by the ghats, explore a plethora of temples and learn about the oldest religions of the world.

While you are at it, on this trip, give yourself a chance to identify the different layers of culture that this country possesses.


For The Mind:

1. Sit by the ghats and find the balance of life amid the chaos of Varanasi.

2. See the confluence of three holy rivers and traditions that follow in Allahabad ( Prayagraj).

For The Body:

1. Explore the royal capital Jaipur for a little insight into the life of royal India.

2. Stand afront the mystical Taj Mahal. Find yourself in awe by this Wonder of the World, just to find the contrast.

For The Spirit:

1. Revel in the hustle and bustle of a thriving metropolis Delhi.

2. See the cultural contrast in Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

3. What are you waiting for? Request a quote, eh! You can also read more if you want.

Pilgrimage Tour Packages To South India


11 1

This tour has stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, ancient temples and welcoming people, all of which creates the perfect setting for inner and outer exploration.

What else can one ask for?


For The Mind:

1. Exploring several Dravidian style temples, learning their history and the mysteries that are attached to them.

2. Bathe in the Triveni Sangam to wash away your sins and get liberated from the circle of life and death.

3. Find peace in colonial-era churches in Pondicherry.

For The Body:

1. Behold the sights of UNESCO world heritage sites.

2. Luxuriate to the limitlessness of life while relaxing to the sounds of crashing waves in Kanyakumari.

For The Spirit:

1. Bicycle rides through french alleyways. Trying exotic cuisine and immersing into the cultural melange of Pondicherry.

2. Finding peace in a thriving metropolis, Chennai.

Read more about it here.

Kerala Spiritual Journey


12 1
12 1

Kerala is the ace of all travel genres and the paradise for peace seekers around the globe.

It is the land of god that shines brighter for those who come with an open mind and a warming heart.

A centre stage for culture and landscape, Kerala in every shape and form helps you walk stronger in the path of spirituality.

On this trip, get ready to be amazed by breath-taking views and unique experiences. However, amid all this make sure you have ample room in your stomach for the finger-licking food.


For The Mind:

1. Luxuriating in nature and greenery that surrounds it.

2. Walking into the wilderness of Thekkady.

For The Body:

1. Taking Ayurvedic massages in houseboats on the backwaters of Alleppey.

2. Signing off from the grind by relaxing on the beaches of Kovalam.

For The Spirit:

1. Bathing elephants in Thekkady.

2. Enjoying the cultural and theatrical arts of Kerala in Kochi

Were we able to pull some strings? If yes, you can learn more about it here or simply request a quote.

Offbeat Rajasthan Tour

Delhi- Mandawa-Bikaner Desert Camp-Jaisalmer-Bishnoi Village-Chandelao Garh -Castle Bera-Udaipur-Jaipur-Rusirani-Agra

13 1

If on your spiritual escapades, your motive is to understand the vivid nature of life on the planet, we will suggest you take a village tour in Rajasthan.

The sheer simplicity of life that exists behind the curtain of glitz and glamour in this state is worth witnessing.

On this trip, stay at the royal estate of India while enjoying the best of landscapes, culture and traditions.


For The Mind:

1. Cycling through the boulevards of Udaipur- the city of lakes

2. Finding peace in the excitement of living in the middle of nowhere at Bikaner Desert Camps.

For The Body:

1. Leopard Safari in a rural heritage paradise, Castle Bera.

2. Exploring the largest open-air gallery of the world in Mandawa.

For The Spirit:

1. Genuine interactions with the folks of Rusirani and Bishnoi Village.

2. Learning the art of handicraft making in Chandelao Garh.

Read more on it here.

Wildlife India Tour


14 1

Are you an outdoorsman who lives for the mystiques of nature? Then, your spiritual awakening will cross paths with you on a unique jungle safari in India.

On this trip, you will get to be in your element and embrace the wilderness. Moreover, on this trip, you’ll also see what India is best known for, its plush history.

However, we won’t tell you how and when; take this trip to see it yourself.


For The Mind:

1. Explore the nutty woods with emerald toppers. Meditate to the sound of chirping birds and let nature do its magic

2. Revel in a peaceful bird watching session on the backseat of a rickshaw.

For The Body:

1. Feel your heart racing for a thousand miles on your encounter with the wild beast of Indian jungles

2. See the white tigers along with the orange ones in all their glory.

For The Spirit:

1. Explore Islamic relics in a city that brims with life. Delhi will be the melting pot of culture that resembles India in a nutshell.

2. Meet people of different dialects, cultures and traditions while exploring the wildlife riches of this country.

Read more about this trip here.

Explore Caves In India



Last but not the least, we have the very beloved explore caves in India trip. Now you must be thinking, why caves out all the other wonders you can experience in India? To that we will say, why not caves!?

Caves around the globe have incubated with time. They are the raw representation of life and lifestyle, which always come in handy in exploring the realm of life and its different meanings.

So, to fuel this urge of understanding, on this trip you’ll visit caves of different eras and religions. That’s already a win, isn’t it?


For The Mind:

1. Experience the pinnacle of devotion at Shirdi.

2. Visit temples that are poles apart from one another on the trip.

For The Body:

1. See a plethora of different caves on this trip to understand the lifestyle and beliefs of ancient Indians.

For The Spirit:

1. Let the chaos be your muse in the city of life Mumbai. Witness the parallels of life from slums to skyscrapers in the city of lights.

2. Set your inner gastronome free in the food paradise Hyderabad.

Read more about it here.

India is a treasure trove of spiritual experiences and these are just the top spiritual trips to India that will add value to your travel. If you found any of these trips stirring your heart, request a quote right now!

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