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Festivals are an alluring concoction of emotions working silently to subtract sorrows. They have co-existed with us since the beginning of time to provide strength and a reason to celebrate life. In fact,

they are the fountains of happiness that are very much capable of taking anyone on cloud nine. Do you wish to go there too? Then, book yourself for the best of experiences at the festivals of India. Although the types of cultural tourism in India flaunt many vibrant hues, the one that gives you a glimpse of things to know about Indian culture is indeed the one to cherish.

Festivals of India have the most cheerful stars on the world festival calendar featuring the impeccable Indian heritage. This country possesses a fortune when it comes to colossal diversity and it is indifferent in the case of its festivals too.

Planning a trip to India? Well then, you cannot miss the amazing Indian festivals on your itinerary. Still, wondering on which festival to put your bet on?

Don’t worry; we have your back. So, here is the list of festivals of India that you cannot just miss showcasing on your Indian festivals picture chart.


Stunning hues of red and yellow complimenting the cool tones in the ambiance are what you will sign up for at the Modhera Dance Festival.

Your month of January will be in absolute bliss if you plan on visiting India for this three-day fiesta at Modhera in Gujarat.

Are you a fan of the golden age? Very well! Your trip here will pretty much revolve around the best architectural marvel of that era. Imagine, soaking yourself deeper into the cultural pool of this diversely rich estate of India.

Furthermore, the delight of basking in the joy of this most celebrated fiesta of Indian festivals and celebrations is amazingly dreamy. What’s your take on this? Isn’t it music to your ears too?

Enjoy the representation of the rich Indian heritage with the language of dance at this religious festival of India.

We bet you will certainly turn into a patron by just a glimpse of it at the most beautiful foreground, the Modhera Sun Temple. The festivals of India images are going to evolve for good on this trip for you. Are you ready for that?

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The royal roots and the shimmering lands of Rajasthan invite you to paint the desert in the colors of festivity at the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. This pristine name on the national festivals of India list also speaks the language of tribes.

There is beauty, fervor, and lots of flavor food anchored to this 3-day extravaganza in Rajasthan. Did that get you worried about the scorching heat?

Well then, don’t let it ruin your plans this time; this festival will knock on your doors during the pleasant month of February. So chill!

Three days in complete merriment, hmmm, that’s a lightning deal to steal, isn’t it? Well then, it’s all yours. Believe it or not, nothing is too much here as it is a combination of Rajasthan’s plush culture and some rare-crazy competitions.

So, get ready to make yourself familiar with terms like Camel-polo, Camel dance routines, Camel sprints, and the longest mustache display. Intrigued much? Fortunately, that’s the magic of India.

This royalty of north Indian festivals is here to win hearts. Got strangled in its fascination? Well, you can learn more. about it and Rajasthan here.


Storming boats tearing the calms of the Kerala backwaters, a treat to the senses? Well, more of a feast we must say. You must be thinking it’s just a race, why are we ranting about it?

Well, to your surprise, it’s not just the pumped-up adrenaline during the race that makes this event a success, No… No. It is the deep-rooted traditions and customs associated with it that turn it into a gala event.

This festive treat happens to cross each of its spectators’ hearts during the time of the Onam Festival (which is another festival of Kerala).

This strong blend of two powering flavors on the festival palette turns every visitor into an admirer and that my friend is a fact.

Are you planning on visiting South India during this time? The ball is in your court, then. Decide which boat festival suits your itinerary because the options here are limitless and why not? The top cultural festivals of India are right at your disposal.

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Do you get chained to the rhythm very often? Does your heart dance with happiness every time you see something captivating? Well, if that is the case, then, there is no better place for you than the Konark Dance Festival in Odisha.

Here, you will get a chance to alter your definition of beauty. We say that because every inch of the sun temple where this festival takes place screams artistry.

Moreover, it’s a great place to socialize! Who in their rightest mind would not want to root for this social festival of India?

Your mind here will juggle between emotions and why not? Who gets to spend their December at a heritage city every day, right?

This upcoming festival in India is a bliss for all festive hearts and if you too love tourism fairs and festivals of India, then it’s all that you will ever ask for.

With the amazing dancers on the go, this festival puts up a dazzling show that is much appreciated by travelers around the globe. Breathe in the history of India! Trust us; there is no better way to spend a vacation.

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A multi-day livestock fair with camels, horses, and elephants on display, it calls out for a visit, doesn’t it?

Step into the majestic kingdom of royal India for an eight-day carnival that will pamper your inner culture vulture like a dream.

The abundance of colorful themes, friendly competitions, and mind-boggling art pieces make this festival an unrivaled treasure.

Pushkar Camel Fair celebrates the day of sanctity in Hindu mythology and you will certainly see the prominent tints of theology everywhere at the fair.

This festival of Pushkar is quite a deal for avid travelers. It alone attracts over 200,000+ visitors to Rajasthan. So, pre-schedule your October and November, and get ready to star-mark this holiday in your travel journal. We will meet you there!

The land of crazy diverse culture is within your reach so, grab this only opportunity and fulfill your travel fantasies.


Follow the aurora of tribal India to witness the ‘festival of festivals’ at the Naga heritage village in Kohima, Nagaland. If you are someone who is head over heels for tribal culture, it’s just everything you could have ever asked for. If not, then, it’s time for you to fall in love with it.

This week-long festival that takes place in the month of December proudly boasts the cultural variance of the tribes in Nagaland.

Once you get the chance to be there during this time, losing yourself in its traditional Naga Morungs exhibition, food stalls, medicine stalls, flower show, cultural medley, and even fashion shows is an understatement.

Hornbill Festival will offer you a win-win situation where you will get to learn about the mystic tribal culture while enjoying your time at one of the most placid landscapes of the world. A true patronizing emblem of Indian culture and heritage, you couldn’t have asked for more.

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Medieval chariot races in the 21st century, seem like a dream but what if we tell you it’s not? The Kila Raipur festival is basically the first ever rural Olympics of the world that features sports born on the rural soils of India.

If you are thinking that it is an internal affair, think again. This festival is equally popular among sports enthusiasts worldwide and why not? It features some of the most exciting sports on the go.

So set your sails for India to make February a month to remember. Your time here will be in harmony with your rushing adrenaline and it’s not just about sports.

Yes, there are different elements to this festival, including fairs and exhibitions. Furthermore, to learn about the importance of cultural tourism in India truly makes it one hell of an opportunity. Did that push your excitement button like crazy? Well, then you know what to do.

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Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir is not just about the charms of landscapes, it is an equally strong player in the sacred games too and the Hemis festival proves that true.

Hemis festival is one of the few Indian festivals that happen to follow the Tibetan calendar. This aesthetically ravishing festival adorns the mountains and brings the barren desert to life.

Hemis festival is the pride of the Hemis Monastery and professes the triumph of good over evil as its theme. Apparently, besides all the theatrical ecstasies that you can watch, dancing monks are a thing here too.

We will give you no further pointers except for the fact that you will forget all the hassles in your life once you experience the tide of tranquility taking over. There is so much waiting for you at this North Indian festival. So, enjoy!

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November it is folks!

If you are up for an annual cattle fair on the auspicious day of the full moon, then, the next festival on our list will make you scream with excitement.

Unlike the cattle fair of Rajasthan, this one in Bihar cultural tourism destination has an engaging mythical story attached to it. Do you want to experience the religious segment of this fair?

Then, listening to the fables of the two brothers, who accidentally spelled each other, will serve the purpose. Not enough for your theological appetite? Then, a dip in the holy river Ganges will just work in your favor.

You will get to touch and feed the mighty elephant while the auction goes on and don’t even get us started on the jeweled items that they will be showing off. Even a glimpse of it is just too priceless!

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If history is your subject of interest, then let India be your professor for two fun-filled days at the Elephanta Cave Festival in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Come here to carve some cave tales and fill your heart with the rhythms of varied cultures.

The Elephanta Cave Festival will take you on time travel which will certainly make your inner history maniac jump and shout with excitement.

The location, dancers, setting, costumes, and everything else about this event redefines every word synonymous with charismatic.

Come, land on the illuminating island that is the abode of the preserver of the universe, and lose yourself completely on the dances, skits,

instrumental and vocal recitals happening here. Furthermore, book yourself to encounter the aurora of life in the very comforting month of March. So, hope to see you there.

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The elegance and glam of Indian dance forms are exemplary. They bind you with their stories and leave you gasping in awe.

Do you want to get your fair share of these theatrical marvels against the backdrop of a UNESCO World Heritage Site too? Then, come along and make your February a star on your travel calendar.

The Khajuraho festival is a celebration of mankind that excellently showcases the beauty of emotions. It succeeds in doing so with a number of dance dramas featuring intricate footwork, ravishing costumes and of course arresting emotions.

Your days in the Kujaraho festival will be spent admiring the swiftness of Kathak, the sophistication of Bharatnatyam, the softness of temple dance from Odisha and the dance drama of Kuchipudi and Manipuri.

So, let the symphonies of India make your heart groove at the Dance Fiesta in Madhya Pradesh.


Celebrate harvesting in India! Yes, it is a big thing here. To your surprise, this event is celebrated with all the heart in very high spirits here in Kerala.

This particular festival bags a place on our list due to the stardust it generously sprinkles on the whole state. Believe us, it’s one of the most mesmerizing events of festival tourism in India.

Onam festival in Kerala is believed to welcome the season of spring. It is celebrated as an amalgam of many beautiful rituals coming together to celebrate the gift of life. In the same token, it quaintly explains the role of fairs and festivals in tourism.

There is no match for the festivity you will see on the streets during this time. Furthermore, watching the people wearing those many shades of white will certainly get you monochrome high.

This 7-day event tourism in India is nothing without its lip-smacking delicacies which feature yummy savories and assorted desserts. Did that get your mouth all watery? We bet it did.


Are you up for another Buddhist fest in the company of the Himalayas? If yes, then November is the month for you fellas.

Come to Ladakh to celebrate this beautiful extravaganza and take back a bag full of memories with you. Losar is celebrated in many places in India, but the authenticity and deep-rooted traditions that you will experience in Ladakh will be one of a kind. Why?

Well, it is due to an age-old history related to King Jamyang Namgyal that makes this celebration a New Year special here.

This festival brings fervor and color to the valley. The rites and rituals practiced here during this time will make you acquainted with Buddhist and pre-Buddhist practices.

Are you taking a trip to Ladakh during this time? Well, then don’t forget to miss the taste of the local beer Chang, it’s a specialty of this festival.

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Another one from Rajasthan, wondering how did it manage to get our all-Indian festival list? That’s because it is an international festival showcasing the vivid hues of folk culture in India.

Did that interest you? Well, then you how enchanting this festival can turn up, isn’t it?

Jodhpur Riff coincides with ‘Sharad Purnima’ the night of the brightest moon and that makes sense too as this festival shines like a star every year.

Although this festival is endorsed by UNESCO, it is its authenticity and connection with the roots of India that always takes away the spotlight.

This 5-day gala summit that takes place in the month of October will take you on a cultural roller coaster. So, fasten your seat belts because you are going to get pumped by the Indian culture rush.

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The misty clouds of winter circumscribing the enchanting ivory-marbled Taj Mahal, sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Yes, it certainly is, and so is your chance to celebrate the Taj for 10 whole days.

Agreed? If yes, then come, and welcome spring in the most imperial way possible at Taj Mahotsav.

Recollect the memories of the Mughal era, while watching the grand convoys marching through the streets in company with decorated elephants, camels, and drum beaters.

Do you want to take back a piece of Taj with you too? Then, the impeccable pieces of the craft village (where this festival takes place) will certainly take your heart away.

This India International travel & tourism exhibition is a complete winner with its fine pieces of craftsmanship, regional food, culture, and traditional performances. So, note down that February is the month for you fellas.

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Yoga for life, is that the case with you too? Then, how can you miss the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh -one of the top 10 cultural cities in India?

Yes, that is no dream but a reality in Uttarakhand. Here, you can practice the different forms of Yoga while getting pampered by a touch of nature. Isn’t that something you were living for? We bet it is.

Rejoicing to this Indian culture for kids and grownups, you will travel leaps and bounds in the cosmic universe.

The real tea about this 7-day festival is that it helps you to get closer to the roots of Yoga and make you practice it in the company of many Yogis from around the world.

There is no better way to immerse completely in the celebration of the art of living and learning the major styles of Yoga from enlightened Spiritual leaders. Also, book your seat with India Yoga Tour Packages.

Did that speak to you in every way possible? Well, there is more about Uttarakahand than just this. Read it for yourself.


Dancing to the medley of Indian folk music under the full-on white desert of India can strike anyone and the Rann Utsav is all about that.

It is a manifestation of unique cultures that even gives the chance to the tribes to outshine the sky of cultural heritage.

Kutch being an ecologically and ethnically diverse district very well caters to the right flavor of vigor and hospitality needed for this festival. You will find yourself falling in love with every inch of it by the end.

This three-day cultural carnival is the apple of every traveler’s eye. Other than the usual cultural ventures of this festival some offbeat activities like Golf cart racing,

ATV ride, para-motoring, meditation and many more also adds up to its fervor. Isn’t that something to really look out for?


Are you craving for some different flavors in India? Very well then, this next festival in India will offer you all that you need for fulfill your travel appetite.

The Bihu Festival is the heart of Assam that celebrates the harvest. If you are lucky enough to land in the state sometime during this time, then you should make some space in your bag already. Why? That’s because you will be returning with lots of gifts from Assam.

The lush green meadows surround the setting of this festival while the contrasting white and red hues that are worn by the people are breathtakingly beautiful too.

Are you up for bashing up to its joy? Well then, land here in the months of October and November, and get yourself drenched in the divinity pool of this state. We bet you will love it.

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