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20 Enthralling Natural Landscapes Of India

Are you a fan of nature’s ecstasy? Do you feel the need to bond with your wilder roots again? Does your heart pound like a machine on every encounter with nature? Then, with such wide-ranging topography that cater to every travel need, it’s not difficult to find your perfect natural landscapes on the maps of India. From mountains of Himachal to beaches of Goa and deserts of Rajasthan, finding the right fit for every dream itinerary is a child’s play in India. You won’t even realize how vivid the landscapes are in this country and if you wish to get an idea then, pay it a visit on a cultural tour to India. These famous landscapes of India are what you call a blaze of sheer beauty.

If what to see in India is still confusing you. Then, we are here for your rescue. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered already. Here is the list of the top 20 surreal natural landscapes in India that you just can’t afford to miss.

You call yourself a travel junkie right? Let’s see how many of these tantalizing landscapes do you know about.


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The infinite blue sky, sounds of gushing water, songs of the jungle and the company of emerald green woods, nothing can be as breathtaking as the jungle vistas here in Yumthang Valley. Holy-Moly! It’s top-notch in every way possible. No wonder why it is the one of the topmost among the tourist places in India. The most amusing part is, it hits you hard with the nostalgia of the perfect scenery that you must have for once imagined as a child.

Yumthang valley or Sikkim’s Valley of Flowers bloom in the color of its state flower ‘The Rhododendron’ every spring. Being at an elevation of 3564 meters, this valley boasts some breathtaking treasures.

This includes a national park, hot water springs, grazing pastures, and the Great Himalayas. Speaking of treasures, did you know that the carpets of this valley shine with the hues of the rainbow every March?

Zeroing in the picture-perfect surroundings, you will find yourself in the most surreal grounds. Trust us; this mobile beauty and hospitality of Yumthang valley tourism will leave your memory lane with a deep and blissful imprint.

So come, pay homage to this beauty of the East and enjoy serenity on the laps of nature. Dare to lose yourself into its aurora to discover the real you. Sounds like a plan?

Read about many such offbeat destinations on our road less traveled page.

Best time to visit: February – June

Places to visit nearby: Gurudongmar Lake, Lake Tsomgo, Nathu La and Thangu.


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Kodaikanal shines like a yonder star whenever the most beautiful places in India are taken into account. Located in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal aptly justifies its name meaning the “Gift of the Forest”.

This green paradise offers the best of everything, including lush green forests, cascading waterfalls and even sparkling lakes. We assure you that you can pan in any direction and find yourself still surrounded by the beautiful greenery.

It is one of such places in India that deserves all the glitters and shines in the world and why not? It has everything to make it the most desirable place in this country.

Evening strolls and morning hikes while reveling in the town treasures are probably the best ways of spending time here. Kodaikanal accords multiple viewpoints which you can explore in a number of ways. So, follow your heart and explore it by boats, on bicycling and on whatsoever your heart desires.

Are you still craving for more? Then, caves, lakes and gorgeous waterfalls are waiting for you at every corner of the town. All in all, we are sure that coloring your heart in the travel hues of this estate will add more amusement to your life. So, lace up your running shoes because the best of nature is out there waiting for you.

Learn more about Tamil Nadu here.

Best time to visit: July – September

Places to visit: Silver Cascade, Dolphin Nose, Berijam Lake, Pillar Rocks, Green Valley View, And Poombarai Village.


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Another golden tick mark on the top places to visit in India list and it’s completely worth it.

We agree that mountains and hills have charms of mesmerism but the solace found on the limitless golden sands in the Thar Desert is on just another level. It oozes serenity and that too in abundance, enough to bind its visitors to its magic. Do you want to be on its receiving end too? Then, Jaisalmer- the heart of the Thar Desert will be your one true ticket to happiness.

Sand dunes of Jaisalmer – the Golden City of Rajasthan and one of the most loved tourist cities in India leaves no stone unturned to flabbergast its visitors.

It opens up a gateway for all wildlife lovers around the globe to witness the life in the desert. Moreover, it’s not just the animal’s lives that are on display here. The people living in these sands also boast their culture and that too in high spirits.

Jaisalmer’s desert fiesta offers a stay in its royal vicinity. If you believe us, then, it will be nothing like your past camping experience. It will be adventurous, culturally sound and full of desert madness in the company of balmy desert winds. No doubt, you will have the best time of your life in the state’s mud-cottages and Swiss-tents.

So, brace your heart because gorgeous sunset views, camel safaris and much more are coming your way. Did this star strike you already? Trust us; it’s just getting started you guys. So, let’s cheers to that already for this beautiful landscape of India will leave you stunned later.Read more on Rajasthan.

Best time to visit: October- March

Places to visit in Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer Fort, Tazia Tower, Badal Palace, Patwon Ki Haveli, Windmills, and Jain temples.

Want to indulge in the desert experience?

We have the perfect Rajasthan Itinerary for you!

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Imagine yourself dripping with nature’s very best while enjoying a quaint ride down the stream on a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? As fascinating as it sounds, it is indeed a landscape of India that deserves more recognition for its jaw-dropping beauty and aesthetic finesse.

In fact, it’s the most popular answer to the very famous question, “what things to do in India?”. Duh! We cannot make it any more obvious you people.

Float on the backwaters of Kerala in huge, slow-moving houseboats decked up with five-star amenities. For sure, your comfort and experience will hit the high mark here. No doubt, you will fall in love with the interiors, especially with the cozy bedrooms, modern toilets, and furnished living room.

Despite all the comforts and amenities, the most amusing part of this estate is that you can enjoy the goodness Ayurveda on your houseboats. As much as we know that the views are beyond comparison here, this exclusive service takes the excitement spree on another level. Weren’t we right for calling it one of the best tourist destinations to visit in India?

The marriage of soothing breezes and swaying palms in the environment elevates the aura of this landscape. We assure you the sights of this haven will not leave your unconscious mind very soon and there is no doubt about that.

Read more about the houseboat fun in Kerala here

Best time to visit: June till August

Other top places to visit in Kerala are Kochi, Thekkady, Munnar, Wayanad, and Kovalam.


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best places to travel in India

Best places to visit in India include a scenic landscape that is different from all the other mentioned in this list. This landscape is cold as well as desert but in all shades of white. Yes, we are talking about the cold mountain desert of the Himalayas that will get you all caught up in its mood and Tibetan feels.

As subtle as we want to be, it’s, in fact, one of the places to visit before you die. We said that! Now it’s all up to you.

Spiti valley packages in Himachal Pradesh are a blessing in no disguise. Its topography, people and quaint undertones make it an exemplary bid on the places to visit in India list.

This silent valley is the gateway to the northernmost reaches of the country. Although scarcely populated, the culture here is absolutely promising. Do you wish to see its prominent cultural colors too? Then, the Tabo Monastery, the oldest in the world, will cater aptly to your desires.

It’s no surprise that this paradise looks breathtakingly gorgeous in the cradle of the Himalayas. That’s why places like Kibber and Losar in its territory stands there for their fallback and comfort. How thoughtful, isn’t it?

Do you know that there are many such small villages that keep the list of surreal sites going on and on? No? Then, learn about all of them while reading everything on Himachal Pradesh

Best time to be in Spiti Valley: June to September.

Places to visit: Key Monastery, Tabo monastery, Lhalung Monastery, Suraj Tal, Kunum Pass, Pin Valley National Park, Kibber and Udaipur.

Craving for a holiday in Spiti?

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Indian landscapes are incomplete without its lush tea covers. It is because of the surrealness these sceneries offer are leveling up the scenic show of the country every now and then. Playing a crucial role in this genre is the beautiful green tea meadows of the south which is also celebrated as one of the best tourist places in India, Munnar.

Munnar, the ‘Kashmir of South’ and one of the top places to visit in India is an ecstasy of natural charms that successfully makes a place in every heart. The travel tales of this estate kicks off with the delights of living in a tree and goes as far as riding on an elephant.

This estate gives every traveler a chance to bond with their wilder roots and no doubt; the experiences it offers are unrivaled. That’s because not every place offers you the opportunity to enjoy bird watching on an elephant back, isn’t it?

Munnar is the ultimate destination for anyone whose travel appetite is larger than life. Uniquely, the town’s Echo Point and Shikara rides very well cater to this fact. If this sounds like music to your ears, then Munnar is your deal to steal.

Best time to visit: June – September

Top places to visit: Kundala Lake, Rose Garden, Pothamedu Viewpoint, Anamudi Peak and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Scenic trek through the meadows of wonders, leading to the land where fairies reside is pretty much everything that you need to know about this next destination. Blessed with the alluring sights of the Himalayas, the valley of flowers in Uttarakhand is the one true love of every travel junkie around the globe.

‘Valley of Flowers’ is wrapped in the blanket of snow for most of the year but when it breathes in the summer air, its magic stupefies. It is during this time that you will witness the most delightful sights of it painted in the colors of the rainbow.

Believe us when we say that it is dead-gorgeous. The pink-hued river, scented atmosphere and pearl white complexion of its beautiful glacier adorning the valley call out for a visit. Will you be able to lap up to its pleasures then? Well, that we will see.

So, get ready to witness the most vibrant natural carpet of flowers in India. Who knows? You might come across some endemic animal species here. Also, read about Uttarakhand here.

Best time to visit: June – mid-August

Places to visit nearby: Hemkund Sahib, Nanda Devi National Park, Valley of Flowers National Park and Roopkund.


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If there is a surreal scenic destination that deserves a special mention on our list, trust us; it’s this one. Are you wondering why? Then, let us tell you that no definition of beauty can aptly describe this heavenly lake in the Jammu and Kashmir. Like every other beautiful thing, this one too comes with a price but the price is a treat in itself.

How? Well, it allows you to enjoy mountain biking on the roughest and most dramatic routes of India. Can this get any better? Yes, it certainly does with the fact the lake change colors with temperature.

The pleasures of the Pangong Lake tour packages are not confined to its stunning views or its colors that complement the rustic brown mountains in the background. Not so surprisingly, it is the trail that it leads you that does the real magic here.

All in all, its blue waters are enough to leave an everlasting impact on your memory and turning it to a patron of India landscape. Are you ready to lap up to the mojo of this tranquil name on natural tourist attractions list?

So come, pamper your inner travel-buff while soothing the craving of the green panther in you via some bird watching. For everything else, here is your perfect itinerary to Ladakh.


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Covered in the carpets of thick white snow is our next scenic landscape of India that certainly calls out for a visit. Gulmarg, the ski destination of Jammu and Kashmir is an enticing beauty in the purest form. It’s one of those interesting places in India that capable of dropping your jaws. Believe us it certainly is.

Gulmarg is known to the world as the “heartland of winter sports in India” and trust us; you will get to know why as soon as you will enter its boundaries. This snow clad mountain town feels like a fantasy that is too good to be true as India scenery. Take that not only from us but from everyone who ever paid it a visit.

Gulmarg is home to many tantalizing spots and the world’s highest Golf course is one of them. The feels and chills to the place add up to the breathtaking views from this height. In addition to its efforts in boosting adrenaline, many soothing spots sits in the vicinity of the same. Some of which will even give you a detailed idea about the theological chapter of the country. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

As dreamy as the scenery of Gulmarg is, the actual beauty of this place shines in its winter carnival. Do you wish for a tint of its fervor on your travel journal too? Then, you have to add a pinch of this adventure to your most beautiful places in India list. Because why not?

Also read, Jammu and Kashmir.

Best time to visit: December – mid-March

Places to visit nearby: Gulmarg Gondola, Khilanmarg, and Alpather Lake.


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Take the road less traveled to land onto the lesser known scenic landscapes. This North-Eastern province that is ornamented with the flowers of its names has a different charm to its ambiance. It’s a fact that only a true gadabout will understand why it is one of the best places to visit in India.

Dzukou Valley has some stunning vistas in its expanse that catches instant attention. Its enticing grace and cozy households down the valley embraces the inner wilderness of an avid traveler. This rolling meadow is the happy place for many trekkers who wish to enjoy the treasures of nature but with minimal difficulty. If you are one of them too, then this place will be equally reviving and rejuvenating for you too. Some say it is must see in India, if it is or not, that’s totally up to you.

Best time to visit: June – September

Places to visit nearby: Naga Heritage Village, Japfu Peak, Kisama Heritage Village, And Kohima War Cemetry.


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With only the colors of the sky and the mountains in its vicinity, Stok Kangri in Ladakh is a dream destination for every true traveler. The thrills at this 6000 m high and most beautiful places in India give an introduction to high altitude mountain climbing. So, if you have the nerves of steel, Stok Kangri will never disappoint you.

Get ready to interact with the sky and get lost in the clouds. The chilling winds and sunlit charms are the treasures of this estate. It will make you fall in love with it without even you realizing. In the same token, the burst of adrenaline at every nook and corner of this sanctuary screams out for an adventurous streak.

Trailing through Stok Kangri is one of a kind experience that makes fighting the steepest of slopes a piece of cake. Trust us; the sights of it won’t be leaving your notion spree idle. Yes, that’s the power of this place. So, don’t forget to add it to your India bucket list.

Trust us; the sights of it won’t be leaving your notion spree idle. Yes, that’s the power of this place. So, don’t forget to add it to your India bucket list.

Loved what you read? Do you have a knack for adventure sports? Then, learn all about Adventure travel in India here.

Best time to visit: April to mid-May

Similar places to visit: Nubra Valley, Pangong Lake, Stok Palace, Tso Moriri, Turtuk, Alchi, Hemis National Park, and Khardung La Pass.


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Watching pounding water falling into a crystal pool amidst the luscious greenery and nutty woods is a satisfying sight on every level, don’t you think? What if this divine treat of nature is also the tallest plunge of the country? Increases the excitement doesn’t it? Well, that’s what this place is all about.

With a height of 1115 feet, Nohkalikai falls are the largest waterfall in India and fifth largest in the world. It’s beautiful and it is serene but the most interesting thing about it is still the stories attached to its name. The legends here revolve around the life of a lady who lived in the woods with her infant after her husband’s death.

The story continues on her getting remarried and working in the woods while his jealous new husband ends up killing the infant. Although the story of its name is a little dark, the scenery, on the other hand, dazzles like gold. If that got you all caught up, then read about many such spooky stories from ancient India.

Best time to visit: October- May

Other places to visit: Eco Park, Thangkharang Park, Mawsmai Cave, and Seven Sister Falls.


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Loktak Lake offers another level of uniqueness to this list of scenic delights with the only floating National park in the world. It shimmering blue waters at places to see in India list breaks by vegetation that harbors many endemic species.

You will find thatched huts all around these floating islands and the best part is you can actually fish here on a doughnut-shaped canoe. It screams amazeballs to us, what about you?

Loktak Lake boasts the rarest scenery in the world. If you plan on visiting this beautiful, then brace your heart because every site is going to flabbergast you. Are you a nature fanatic? Then, you will love your time by the lake enjoying this golden spectacle of nature. If in case not, you can still come here for perplexing headshots in your travel journal. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

Do you know that this Lake is home to 57 species of water birds and 425 species of animals? Whoa!

Also, read about other wildlife reserves in India here.

Best time to visit: November – March

Places to visit nearby: Phumdi, Sendra Park, Loukoi Pat Lake, and Loukoi Pat National Park.


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Okay, we cannot just complete our list without mentioning the beauty that exists on the islands of India. Andaman and Nicobar islands are the emblems of beauty that star struck everyone who pays them a visit. With a diverse marine environment, opaque blue waters and snow white sands, Andaman and Nicobar stand sturdy as one most striking destinations in India.

This quaint heaven on Earth is mostly known for its remote beauty. Moreover, the existence of its 572 islands is just the icing on the cake. Here, in this plush estate, you will come across a friendly mix of the population, making it a hub for endless opportunities.

There are two ways of spending time here; either you can indulge in the aquatic water sports or just have the best lazy lays. Either way, you will have the time of your life.

The exquisiteness of this estate, splendor coastlines, fantastic forest covers, and diving possibilities makes this place an ideal destination to cover in India. So, bash up to world-class diving experiences in the middle of nowhere.

If that didn’t get you melting then the purple-flamed sunset will do it for sure. Also, read about many such beach destinations in India.

Best time to visit: September till March

Places to visit: Havelock Island, Baratang Island, Radhanagar beach, Viper Island and Mount Harriet National Park.


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If there is one such place that is capable of making visitors fall head over heels in love with it, hands down; it has to be Khajjiar. This quaint yet stupefying hill station is everything you can ever imagine on a holiday.

It ticks marks every box on your travel checklist and flabbergasts you with its beautiful mountain landscapes. Not only this, it is its soothing climate and peaceful aura that speaks to a true traveler, making them never want to leave.

Khajjjiar, the most surreal hill stations of Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh is famous in the world as the “Mini Switzerland” of India. This hushed getaway is the most loved hill destination that has loads of treks to offer to every adventure loving heart. Pines, deodars, a pond, and lush green meadows adorn this place, making it a bouquet of amusement.Still, it is its history that gets all the limelight. Speaking of the limelight, do you know that Khajjiar’s lake is the proud possessor of two floating islands? Well, now you do. So, learn much more about it and other places in Himachal here.

Best time to visit: October – March

Top places to visit nearby: Khajjiar Lake, Khajji Nag Temple, Drikung Peak, Panchpula and Jagdamba Temple.


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Harsh mountains, green mystic villages and an oasis of wonder pretty much make up the Nubra valley we know today. There are sand dunes, monasteries, a ruined palace and even a whole new culture (Balti) to be discovered in its premise. There is so much more to this place that bashing up to its pleasures can be a task in itself.

Are you up for that?

Like every Tibetian Plateau, Nubra valley is also a high altitude cold desert. But don’t confuse it to be barren. The villages here are very much fertile with a variety of fibers, fruits, and nuts growing in them. If you plan on visiting this startling destination, then getting all loaded with Buddhism is just an understatement.

Here, you will find a number of monasteries proudly looking over the world. If it’s not Buddhism that excites you then, sights of two-humped camels will unquestionably get you electrified.

Is interacting with the tribal communities and breathing in a unique culture is what you expect out of this place? Then, the valley will certainly please you the most, fortunately.

Best time to visit: February – April and August – November

Places to visit: Diskit, Hunder, Sumur, Panik and Turtuk.


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Among the list of famous places to visit in India, Kashmir is the name that shines in gleaming gold. And, it is its Dal Lake that aptly fits the title of the ‘Jewel in the crown of Kashmir’.

The scenic delights of this awe-inspiring destination can be spotted easily from the nearby Mughal gardens. Other than that you can always enjoy the perks of house boating on its waters. Isn’t that enough to make anyone go crazy? We guess it is.

Read about many such places in Jammu and Kashmir.

Best time to visit: May – November

Places to visit: Pari Mahal, Kathi Darwaza, Hazratbal, Hari Parbat, and Shalimar Bagh.


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With the enunciations of prayers in backgrounds and nights that lightens up by the flames of spirituality; Varanasi is one such tourist city in India that needs no introduction and is probably one of the best places in India.

This spiritual haven that is home to many sages and devotees stands strong on our list mainly because of its beautiful sights of the River Ganges. There are so many things that add up to its scenery that naming a few might not do it full justice. Still, the sights on your very first look of this settlement will overwhelm you with emotions.

The Ghats of Varanasi are riverfront steps that take you to the bank of Holy Ganges. These Ghats in the Hindu religion are not only important for bathing and recreational purposes but play an equal role in cremation ceremonies too.

Despite its religious relevance, these Gats are perfect spots for any culture vulture to dive into India’s divinity pool and watch it at its very best. Catering to the same is the Ganga Arti that garnishes the River in the hues of Spirituality every evening.

Don’t worry! No matter how crowded it gets, you will still, manage to get amazing views of this phenomenon. How? Well, what else are the 88 Ghats in its vicinity for?

So, enjoy your time by the banks of the River Ganges and allow yourself to fall for the vibes here. Also, read more about Uttar Pradesh.

Best Time to visit Varanasi: November – March

Places to visit in Varanasi: Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Dashashwamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Dhamek Stupa, and Ramnagar Fort.


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If you are a water baby by heart, then this next destination will plaster a smile on your face. Lake Pichola, the most bilingual sites in Udaipur is one such man-made wonder that reflects the magnificence of the adjoining grey-blue mountains and lofty palaces back to the universe.

This famous landscape of India and largest Lake of Udaipur calls out for a visit because of its sublimed atmosphere and peaceful aura that make anyone its patron.

As soon as you’ll step foot on Udaipur, Lake Pichola will welcome you with all its grace and beauty. Despite its tranquil water that takes way maximum spotlight, the 4 islands in its dominion will get you all tied up.

That’s because these islands are ornamented with the craftsmanship of the Royal times. Does feeling like a royalty entice your heart? Then, get ready to get all drenched in the finesse of Jag Niwas (Lake Palace), Jag Mandir (Lake Temple), Mohan Mandir and Arsi Villas. For everything else, read about Udaipur in Rajasthan here.

Best time to visit: October – March

Places to visit nearby: City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Jag Mandir, Fatah Sagar Lake, and Saheliyon-ki-Bari.


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Welcome to the white salt desert of India that competes with the moon in terms of tranquility. This beautiful destination is home to many endemic species and your time here will be spent in absolute cultural immersion.

The Great Rann of Kutch is a winner and certainly the closure we needed for this list because its bliss has no match. You can trust us on that.

Kutch is the most ecologically and culturally sound region of Gujarat. This paradise has an abundance of travel assortments within its boundaries and reveling up to each one of them is a task. The estate showcases awe-gasping topography; eloquent culture and alluring wildlife that will make you go head over heels crazy for it.

To cap it all, the dancing lights or ‘Chir Batti’ in its infinite sky here shines brighter than ever in the travel sky. But for its blaze of light, you need to give everything into it. Do you think you can do that?

There are a million reasons to fall in love with Kutch and culture is one of them. Surprisingly, many of its aspects are still untouched by the world. Yes, that’s true, the heritage and cultural archive of this region still not known to many.

Do you wish to explore it? Then, you need to pay Kutch a visit yourself. Are you ready? So, plan your trip to Gujarat now!

Best time to visit Gujarat: October – March

Top Places to visit in Gujarat: Bhuj, Ahmadabad, Daman and Diu, Sasan Gir, and Ahmedabad.

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