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Super Essential Travel Accessories 2024-25 For India Travel

Let’s dig right into it, shall we? In this blog, you will learn how the bits and bobbles of technology can make solo travel or even group travel in India a blessing. So, don’t worry about the rugged roads of India or your survival on the limitless Thar Desert in Rajasthan. You have the best travel accessories of 2023 for your rescue.

1. MICROFILTER BOTTLE SET- Choice Of A Smart Traveller

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Are you a patron of the wilderness? Do you love traveling alone to the off-beaten tracks of the world? Then, tampering with water will be the last thing you will want to do and we all know the reason why.

Is that the notion that’s depriving you of the real adventure that’s out there? Then, we believe a microfilter bottle set will be a lifesaver for you in your kit of travel accessories 2019.

Why a micro-filter bottle you ask? Well, that’s because traveling in India comes with a lot of troubles including that finding a reliable source of water that won’t get you sick. So, if you think you will survive on a trek in Himachal Pradesh or on a stroll through the dense forests of India’s National Parks without water, then, you are wrong.

Believe us, this water purifier will be your trusted travel partner in whatever terrain you travel. Why? Well, because this device purifies water from rivers, streams, waterfalls, and even stray water taps. Whoa!

This product has a chemical-free filtration system and keeps water-borne diseases out of your life. Frankly, it is one of the best items to travel with, even when you are planning a trip to a challenging location where fundamental necessities are non-existential. Just choose your favorite colour and you’ll be good to go. The best part is, it won’t hurt your pocket. Isn’t that a win-win already? Plus, don’t forget to try it on your iconic trip to India.

Price range: 3000 INR to 3500 INR.

2. UNIVERSAL ALL IN ONE ADAPTOR – The Saviour To Your Saviour

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In today’s day and age, technology has proven to be a worthy companion when it comes to traveling. Be it for booking, communication, or even sightseeing, gadgets always come in handy. But, what if we cannot use any of our hi-tech gadgets in a time of dire need? Well, don’t smirk at this statement as this mishap can happen to anyone. Because duh! Gadgets are nothing without power.

Are you planning your first trip to India? Then, it is the most important piece of information on the internet for you. Why? Well because the power supply in India is a little different from your country. Let us explain how.

First and foremost, the shape of sockets here in India is mostly circular. So, your flat-pin chargers won’t really work here. Secondly, the supply of voltage here is 220 Volts, which is double that of the United States. So, it’s quite evident that you need a device with multiple socket shapes for converting voltage. This is where the universal travel adapter comes into play.


1. Make sure you buy an adapter in your home country as it will be quite expensive at the airport.

2. Even if you are a local traveller, an all-in-one adapter with multiple sockets will forever be useful.

Price: 200-800 INR

3. TOOTHPASTE TABLETS: Say Goodbye To Old-School Dental Hygiene

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Do you think you will ever be okay to comprise with hygiene? If the answer to this question is a straight-up ‘No’ then we are sure this product will come to you as a blessing. Plus, if you are a camper, then, you will completely fall in love with this travel accessory.

Being a traveller it is important for you to know that not everywhere will you find surplus water. Well, in such situations, forget bathing, a necessity as basic as brushing is a task. But not anymore! With the help of this travel accessory, you can ace the hygiene game even when the availability of water is less.

Just pop a tablet of toothpaste in your mouth, chew it for a few seconds, and brush it away. It is that simple! The tablets will tidy up the insides of the mouth, leaving it fresh and aromatic. Also, no more worrying about the toothpaste tube squishing inside your backpack and spoiling all your valuables.

Do you know it can be a very useful air travel item too? So, the next time you feel a little worn out on a long flight, put these tablets to good use.

We believe that’s enough information to get you a pack already!

Price range: 520 INR approximately.

4. PORTABLE WIRELESS ROUTER- Bridging The Digital Gap!

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In a time when social detox is apparently a thing, living without the internet seems like a nightmare. If you as a traveler too can’t bear the thought of it, then, a portable wireless router is the perfect gadget with which you can have the best of both worlds. Furthermore, if you are a foreign traveler, then, we suggest you buy this gadget the moment your visas are confirmed.

A portable wireless router works on cellular data. That means it will give you lightning-fast speed even when you are in the middle of nowhere. So, whether you are a business person traveling to Indian hill stations or an Insta addict craving for better speed, falling in love with this travel accessory 2023 will be an understatement.

Note: Good news for all foreign travelers! You can now rent phones and wifi routers in India at an effective price of $2.44 per day. So, bid adieu to the communication barriers and say hello to smoother India travel experiences.

Price: 1000-2000 INR

5. POWER BANK- You’ve Got The Power!

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Emergency does not come to you knocking on your door. It rather breaks into your life, leaving you nothing but surprised, especially when you are busy enjoying the unexplored places in India. So, the first thing as a traveler you should keep in mind is that security is always a priority. It is here where mobile phones play a huge role. Why? Well, what is a better security gadget than a device that can place a call, find maps, check the weather, and even send emergency signals? But, do you know what gives your phone a sense of security? Yes, you guessed it right, power banks!

This device gives you the flexibility of using your phone without the fear of running out of battery. It gives you the freedom of using your phone anywhere and everywhere with a battery backup that can keep you going on long tiresome routes.

Why is it so high on our list you ask? Well, can you live without your phones, even for a day? We rest our case!

Price: 800-1200 INR

6. FEMALE URINATION DEVICE- Travel Without Trouble!

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Sisters, we hear you! As much as we deny it, the struggle of finding a clean toilet is very much real. And, traveling is supposed to be about smiles, memories, laughter, food and drinks. Not about finding a clean hygienic water closet. So, leave all the troubles of finding a clean toilet behind and travel like a free bird with your very own urination device that gives you the freedom to urinate while standing. Sisters, it’s no freedom, but a right for every woman who has ever been to a public washroom. Be the master of your own destiny and don’t even let the nature call spoil it for you.

This cup-shaped silicon accessory perfectly sits on the required area. The operation is simple and effective and will leave you gratified. Plus, if you will buy a silicon model of this product, you will be saving the planet too! Sounds like music to ears, doesn’t it?

Price range: 500- 600 INR.

7. HOODIE PILLOW: Comfort That’s Just One Pull Away!

Travelling can be tiresome and not always will you get the comfort of a bed on any off-beaten tour to India. But that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the treasure trove of this beguiling country and all the amazing travel places in India, isn’t it? That’s why we have for you a minimalist hoodie pillow on our travel accessory 2019 list, which will give you the freedom to sleep anywhere you want. We told you, we have your back and this time, neck too.

This inflatable travel neck pillow takes comfort to a new pinnacle. With the help of this travel item, you will be able to take naps during long flights, road trips, and even small breaks. The best part is that after getting yourself under the comfort of your hood you can cut off any human interaction by just pulling the strings. So, if you are an introvert or just tired, this product will work wonders for you. The ball is now in your court fellas, decide it for yourself!

Price range: 1700 INR.


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Believe it or not, traveling comes with responsibilities. One of which is to capture your travel destination and its essence in the best way possible. As much as we appreciate people clicking those stunning shots, we know that carrying those big bulky cameras is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Are you caught up in a similar turmoil? Then, don’t worry; now you can click super HD images with the help of your smartphone too. How? By using an optical lens with your smartphone duh! Yes, it is actually a thing. Just land on your dream destination, pull out you’re not so heavy phone, and attach this lens. Did you ever think it will be this easy to get a killer photo?

So, the next time you are traveling through Ladakh or enjoying the perks of the Taj Mahal, don’t forget to put this amazing gadget to good use. Enjoy!

Price: 1000-2000 INR

9. ILLUMINATING BELT: Light Up Your World

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What’s the point of traveling if you don’t like late-night adventures? There is no fun in traveling if you can’t nourish your soul with cold winds, star-filled sky, and the chirping of crickets. As mesmerizing as it sounds, this dream can turn into an instant scream when you have no light source and the battery of your smartphone or torch dies. What to do in scenarios like these? Well, we suggest you just press the buttons of your illuminating belt to drive your fears away!

It’s one of the best road warrior gadgets of 2019. Whether you are craving a run in the middle of the night or you are planning on going camping, excursions, or nature walking, putting your trust in this product will always turn out to be resourceful. Plus, it gives you enough freedom to do anything with the rest of your body, especially your hands.

The LED on the belt can be adjusted horizontally to three different light intensities. Plus, you can set the angle of the light manually and lock it for easier functioning. Simple design and futuristic approach, that’s everything an avid traveler looks for in a travel gadget, right?

Price: 2500 INR to 2800 INR.

10. Thermal Blankets: Stay Warm And Comfy

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Are you an avid camper? Do you feel at utmost ease when you are amidst nature’s bounty? Then, we know exactly what you need on those long beautiful nights, the comfort of a warm bed. We know what you are thinking; it’s a luxury that isn’t available everywhere. Well, not anymore!

Gone are the days when you need to worry about keeping yourself warm or carrying mammoth size sleeping bags and blankets to campsites. As for now, you have your own thermal blankets to fall back on whenever needed.

These blankets are made of long-lasting insulating material that is known for keeping the heat intact in all circumstances. Mostly used by mountain climbers, the blanket constantly retains and reflects 90% of body heat, making it one of the most unique travel accessories of 2019.

It’s compact; it is easy to use and accommodates very little space. So, whenever you are traveling the next time, don’t forget to stick it into your first-aid kit.

Price: 300 INR

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