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Listing top bloggers on India travel!

“Not all those who wander are lost.”- J.R.R Tolkien

The evolution of traveling from leisure to lifestyle is revolutionary. With digital platforms taking over the world, the travel world has bloomed. And, it is not only in terms of business but also with the rise of its own heroes who’ve dedicated their lives to it. These people have inspired us time and again. They have made us realize how imperative it is to sometimes give at the moment and not worry about the future. Life is all about experiences after all!

Inspiring a whole generation to go sightseeing, these bloggers have made the hidden corners of India virtually accessible for everyone. From the mighty mountains to the golden Indian beaches, or from luxury getaways to vacationing amidst the serene temples of India, these travelers have experienced it all. Believe us; joining them in their ventures will definitely give you the most honest glimpse of Indian tourism. So, without any more delay here is our list of India’s top travel bloggers that are killing the game.

MARIELLEN WARD- Breathedreamgo

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“India: the most unique and transformative travel destination on earth.” – Mariellen Ward, breathedreamgo.

Mariellen Ward is a Canadian born-digital storyteller. Her narrative of India will inspire you to travel the lengths and breadths of the country. She is an unapologetic chronicler who is always dropping truth bombs whilst describing the beauty that the country beholds. An advocate for female solo travel and responsible tourism, this influential India travel blogger stands her ground for a meaningful adventure and is currently located in Rishikesh.

Mariellen’s blog is an encyclopedia that can please the wanderlust of any travel buff. Scrolling through paragraphs of best put words, you will realize how deeply, and madly in love with this country. Believe us; if there is a person, who interestingly enough, understands the tedious travel dynamics of the regional spectrum of India, hands down it has to be her.

Along with her travel experiences and the bizarre facets of the country that she beautifully pens down, Mariellen also talks about ruled-out topics such as ageism in travel or for that matter, travel security. And, if you are searching for anything that screams Yoga and Ayurveda tours in India, no one knows it better than Mariellen Ward.

Check her work here.

ALEX REYNOLDS – Lost With Purpose

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She is fun, she is sassy and she will glue your eyes to your screens. Travel India through the colored filters of ‘Lost with purpose’. You will too fall in love with the quirkiness and randomness of the country. We are thankful that this travel blogger is lost with the purpose of filling our hearts with glee and giving us a heartfelt guide to the boulevards of this country.

Alex is a gypsy soul, a vagabond who has given her life to cultures and landscapes. Traveling was always a part of her life growing up. But it wasn’t until she started working behind a desk that she realized that all she wants to do is travel. Today, this 27-year-old Indian Subcontinent travel influencer puts her A-game in illustrating India and we cannot get enough of her.

Alex considers that she is a cultural chameleon, and we second that. It is pretty evident in her writing that she loves to weave travel memories from the threads of culture. She has covered the thicks and thins of the country so perfectly in her blogs, that all that is left for us to do is to gasp in awe. Have a knack for knowledge? Then, we are sure, her unfiltered blogs on India will make you wonder and giggle (she is funny☺) at the same time.

Check her work here.

MRIDULA DWIVEDI – Travel Tales From India And Abroad

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A dreamer, a believer, and a go-getter, Mridula Dwivedi is a force to be reckoned with. She is a globetrotter who pens her most extravagant travel experiences of India in the most surreal way possible. Her love for traveling made her ditch her career as a professor. And we cannot be more thankful as her work is exemplary. She now travels this land of colossal diversity like a free bird, giving her readers the authentic flavors of India.

Mridula has the best travel blog to read in India. Even large media houses like BBC and The Guardian would agree to that as they featured her within a few months of the launch of her blog.

A boss lady with a million-dollar smile, Mridula Dwivedi is every travel reader’s first choice. If you haven’t checked her work already, then, let us tell you that you are missing some serious reading pleasures.

Check out her work here.

SHIVYA NATH- The Shooting Star

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‘A girl, a backpack and the world’- The shooting star, Shivya Nath.

Building a life and a career is tough but do you know what else is tough? Leaving all those earthly possessions for traveling the world.

Living a nomadic life is no child’s play but not for our next travel blogger. At the tender age of 23, she gave up everything to follow her dream.

Shivya Nath is an itinerant and a prodigy for female solo travel in India. She is a globetrotter who feels very much at home when out there exploring the wonders of the world. She aspires to bring stories and different prospects of life and travel to her readers. And this is one of the many reasons why we absolutely adore her.

Shivya states that she thrives on uncertainty. So, she always has some crazy travel stories that are always a treat to read to share with her readers. She covers every aspect of travel and jots down everything that speaks to her.

Join her on her voyage to redefine adventure travel in India. Just take the road less traveled to the most off-beaten destinations of the country with her already.

Check out her work here.

LAKSHMI SHARATH- Travel With Lakshmi

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Lakshmi Sharath is the face of female travel blogging in India. Her verve to travel the world is taking her places, literally! She has traveled to 5 continents and over 25 countries. But what still stays on her bucket list is a dream to explore India extensively. A storyteller, a traveler, a travel blogger, a writer, a digital influencer, a content specialist, a media professional, and a photographer, Lakshmi is the ace of all travel traits.

Her blogs are straightforward, descriptive, and directly from her heart, a combination you will not see anywhere else. She makes her readers live these travel adventures with her. Her diction, her blogging tone, her photographs, and everything else on her blog is just perfect.

She interacts with her readers and makes sure that she talks about everything. That’s why on her blog you will find her travel experiences, blogging tips, and also information on scrumptious food platters around the globe.

Travel with Lakshmi is a delight for every travel reader. Needless to say, it is on many lists, has won many awards, and has also collaborated with many tourism boards. Still, what remains a constant for its readers is quality information, thought-out topics, and lots of love.

Check her work here.

RACHEL JONES- Hippie In Heels

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India is home to anyone who wishes to resonate with its myriad of landscapes and rich diversity. Apparently, that’s what attached our next blogger to this colossal land.

Rachel Jones chose to immerse in this colorful insanity of cultures over everything else. She found a home on the beaches here and eventually met the love of her life somewhere in between all the extensive travel. According to her, she is a hippie in heels. A person who loves luxury and dressing up as much as a lazy lay on a beach. She loves to keep moving and enjoy the spectacle, that is India.

‘Hippie in Heels’ is a slice of Rachel’s life. Here she tells the world that it’s okay to live your dreams. And that to travel luxuriously you do not need a fortune in your bank accounts. Her blog narrates stories of her living her best life out of her backpack while still fulfilling all her travel desires. It is the reflection of her keen observation that makes us feel every ounce of what she tries to convey.

Rachel has written a whole guide on India. Still, the topmost attraction of her blog is her detailed illustration of the beaches of Goa and everything about it. So, give it a read already!

On a sad note: Rachel passed away in May 2019. She was a wonderful soul who inspired many to travel. Our heart goes out to her family and friends. Our love and prayers will always be with them.

Check her work here.

ARNAB MAITY – The Wireless Wanderer

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With a travel spree, a wandering soul, and artistic eyes, with all these traits Arnab Maity is a shining star of the infinite travel sky. He is a photographer and a very imminent travel writer. According to him, traveling is for everyone and is definitely not a luxury.

“The Wireless Wanderer” started off as a means for Arnab’s mother to keep track of him. This would also help her travel virtually with his thoughts and views. Later, his blog became an inspiration to every travel-loving heart and motivated them to ditch their couches and hit the road.

Arnab believes that everyone should taste the wholesome flavor of travelling and your job should never be a hurdle in that. He vouches for taking small getaways from the hubbub of life to experience what’s out there waiting for you.

Arnab on his blog jots down every minute detail about his travel. The most affirmative one is mention of his brief conversations with friends and locals. This India travel blogger has many accomplishments rolled up his sleeves yet his work is just getting better and better.

Do you wish to sign up for an aesthetic treat from India topped with detailed information? Then, the wireless wanderer will definitely push your excitement buttons like crazy.

Check out his work here.

SVETLANA- Maverick Bird

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Svetlana is the editor and owner of the blog Maverickbird. Just like the name suggests, this Indian travel influencer is an independent soul who loves to capture culture through her lenses and mind. She is a solo woman traveler who has traveled to over 35 countries. Still, she fancies the travel opportunities in her home country, India.

She is living her dream and making it her full-time career. On her blog, she promotes travel not only as a hobby or passion but also as a way of living. And, it is here that she shares learnings, experiences, and everything that is on her mind while she travels.

With an experience of over 15 years of traveling, Svetlana is the perfect person to follow if you have any queries regarding travel in India. Even if you are not much of a reader, do follow her for the amazing pictures that fill up her blog. Shower her some love you all!

Check her work here.


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Have you ever taken a road trip to India? If you are planning to take one any time soon, Sankara is the person to follow.

Sankara Subramanian is the patron of uncanny routes. His life on the roads is the one he pens down beautifully in his digital travel journal. He is a full-time professional travel blogger, a forever nature enthusiast, and probably the go-to travel blogger for some great India travel tips.

Sankara’s blog is a scrumptious concoction of his thoughts, travel experiences, and well, vegetarian food. His material speaks the language of his soul. And, because of this authenticity, he is ruling the travel world online and offline. Still, he has so much on his bucket list!

Driven by his calling of traveling and his royal Enfield, Sankara is out there to win the world. Join him to rule the rugged routes of the country. Who knows? You may find the destination of your dreams in the gist of it.

Check his work here.


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While checking the boxes of life, what if you find your calling? That’s exactly the narrative of the story of our next travel blogger.

Sandeepa and Chetan are Indian couple bloggers that have gained recognition all around the globe for their adventure in the secluded lands of India. Believe us, they’ve lived the phrase “Home is where your heart is” which in their case is traveling. They’ve excursed the Indian peninsula extensively. But it was the Himalayas that made them realize that they love the roads more than anything in the world. And as they say, when it is your calling you know it.

Their blog is a beautiful marriage of clever words and awe-gasping pictures. Moreover, it is home to their travel stories of off-beat destinations and will open up the horizons of Indian travel for you.

Flag bearers for responsible tourism and homestays, Sandeepa and Chetan are winning hearts with their whimsical journal on the country. Theirs is a beautiful love story bounded by love and bejeweled in similar interests. They have proved it to the world that everyone can live their fairy tale and marriage is just the beginning of new opportunities.

Check their work here.

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