A HARD RESET: Traveling To India Post Covid-19

COVID-19 has torn the basic financial fabric of the world.

However, it is the travel and tourism sector that has been continuously facing the heat of it. Destinations have gone from being overcrowded to having no crowd at all.

Travelers have transitioned from globetrotters to quarantined. International borders are sealed and the travel world we knew has changed.

With all this, and social distancing becoming a norm, looking forward to an international vacation seems too much for now.

But let’s not forget, there will be a world after the pandemic, a world that will want to travel across borders and overseas.

However, when travel does begin again, what will change? What will stay? Will traveling to India be worth it?

Although it is too early to make long-term predictions, here is our take on how traveling to India post-corona could change.

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Bumps In The Road

COVID-19 has prompted several changes. Mostly positioned towards the tourism and hospitality sector.

It bore challenges that were not only on the consumer side of the business but also on the operational side of it too.

Adapting to these changes have bore challenges for travel companies across the globe.

1. Challenge to keep interest in destinations alive.

2. To stay positive and prepare for the possible surge in business in the months and years to come.

3. Innovate to get back on your feet and attract clients once the pandemic is over.

4. Unlearning previous ways of managing and implementing the new normal to our ideas.

5. Challenges to stay relevant and reinstate the trust of our clients.

And, with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation, the list of these challenges is never-ending.

However, we are still hopeful that once the spread subsides, the travel industry will see some positive changes.

With that being said, here is what we think may happen in the future.

What Will Change?

The Way You Fly

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The aviation sector won’t be the same post-pandemic. Screening at airports will be the new normal.

Passengers will be subjected to thermal screening and can even be asked to fill out some paperwork.

And like other documents, you may have to prove your good health before boarding your flight.

COVID essentials, masks, and sanitizers will also become mandatory for flights.

However, due to the bleeding economy of the aviation sector, the chances of decreasing the passenger count are slim.

So, there is a possibility that the focus of these flights can shift from onboard food and drinks to sanitization and safety to make up for the existing losses.

Experts also predict that airfares will see a drop all through 2021.

However, these prices will bounce back in the years to come. This means traveling to India can become cheaper in 2021. Sounds like a silver lining, doesn’t it?

Choices Of Destinations


In a post-pandemic world, Indian travel will no longer revolve around the tourist Meccas. In fact, Indian Tourism will see a noticeable shift in numbers from travel hotspots to more secluded destinations.

No doubt, even bucket-list items will have visitors once the spread recedes, but comparatively, they will be greeted by a much smaller and more controllable crowd.

On the contrary, the untapped destinations of India will grab the spotlight.

Destinations that are away from the hustle and bustle will become the next best thing to satiate your wanderlust.

So, we predict that places like BeraRawla Narlai, and Gokarna will get the acclamation they deserve.

This is a good thing for all the culture vultures around the globe.

With such destinations grabbing popularity, you will be able to see the real India that’s beyond the glitz and glamour. India that’s true to its culture and heritage.

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Booking Process And Experiences

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Experts predict that your booking experience will also change in the coming years. Earlier it was easier to live out of a bag and make last-minute bookings. Not anymore!

In a post-pandemic world traveling to India will be done mostly via trusted travel agencies.

Accommodations will be handpicked and itineraries will be crafted to perfection to ensure maximum safety.

With this level of reliability on travel agents, their responsibilities will also increase. Now, they will have to provide robust services to their clients to stay relevant.

They will have to come up with innovative ideas to make their booking process easier and attractive for travelers wishing to invest their money and time.

Companies will have to provide safety, additional perks, value for money, and flexible cancellation and refund policies to stay in the game.

So, it isn’t wrong to say that the booking process will change for good.

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Travel Insurance May Become A Necessity

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Travelers anxious to fly to a different continent or country will want to protect their health, physical and financial alike. That’s where travel insurance will come into the picture.

Insurance will help re-establishing the confidence to travel again.

It will free travelers from the fears of getting sick and not being able to bear the cost. That’s why experts predict that travel insurance will become more valuable than ever in the future.


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The post-pandemic era will see a shift to vacation rentals from hotels. Travelers will want to opt for boutique resorts and secluded getaways where social interaction can be minimized.

In the context of India, this means that rural tourism, island getaways, and off-the-beaten-track destinations will reach their prime.

If you have no idea what we are talking about. You can read and learn all about them here.

Travelling Companions

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Long Journeys Will Beat Short Getaways

Gone are the days, when taking various small getaways annually was a piece of cake. In the years to come, hopping on a plane won’t be as easy as before. However, what might be lost with the idea of gram-worthy pictures can reinstate post-pandemic.

We are pointing to the emphasis on experiencing a destination instead of just exploring it.

When traveling begins again, long vacations in a single country will be on every bucket list.

People will travel extensively and will make the most out of their holiday.

The idea of responsible tourism will propagate and travelers will want to undo the harms that mass traveling has done.

Road Trips Will Make A Comeback

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The condition of public transport in India was already hanging by a thread. With the spread of Coronavirus, reliability on such modes of transport will become obsolete. People will either opt for airways as their preferred mode of transportation or will fancy road trips in private sanitized vehicles.

However, for the majority of the places in India, one cannot just simply travel via a flight. So, road trips will return and this time they will stay.

Interested in Indian Road Trips? In that case, you can read about the top road trips in India here.

Possible Travel Trends That You Will See Post-Pandemic Safety First!

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Safety and sanitation will become an essential filter for choosing any service; aviation, accommodation, and travel planning alike. It’s only fair for travelers to expect this, given the present scenario.

Hotels and transportation facilities will move from being aesthetically clean to becoming clinically clean.

In the future, possible common touchpoints in rooms, hotel lobbies, and places susceptible to spread will be eradicated.

The remaining ones will be sanitized to ensure maximum safety.

Brand War – Only Trusted One Will Survive

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We know… the title is way too dramatic but that’s how it is going to be.

Post-pandemic, only those brands will survive that have adapted to the global changes and were flexible enough to make possible amendments.

Brands (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies) will have to establish a sense of belief among their clients to get back on their feet.

Contactless Tourism


The hospitality sector is already gearing up for a new world. Contactless Tourism is their trump to cope with the already bleeding losses.

According to this, hotels will equip their employees with PPE kits, closely monitor safety protocols, and will ensure clients do not come in direct contact with the employees.

There is a possibility that the same can be followed by other industries too.

Ethical Wildlife Tourism Will Make A Comeback


The aftermath of the Coronavirus spread has sparked the debate of ethical treatment of animals.

What may follow can be a surge in people supporting accredited initiatives that are working to conserve and preserve nature.

This also means that less celebrated wildlife reserves and natural ecosystems like Jawai will also get the attention they deserve.

Responsible Tourism

With the same logic as mentioned above, travelers will cherish the experiences they had and will want to incubate them for future generations.

As a result of which, travelers will rely less on plastic while traveling, will litter less, avoid already exploited areas, and will travel to give back to the community as well.

We are hopeful that travelers around the globe understand the need of the hour and adapt to a responsible way of traveling.

Travel Agents Will Become Saviours


As we already mentioned, post-pandemic, travelers will opt for travel agencies with amazing ground support and local expertise.

The idea of packing a bag and traveling nomadically will become rare. People will want to ensure safety and credibility.

Wondering how to choose a travel expert? Read this blog on choosing your luxury travel expert in 10 steps for insights.

What Will Not Change?


Despite the sea of changes, India will still be a natural spectacle and a constant bucket list item.

The deserts of the west, mountains of the north, oceans of the south, and lush greenery of the north-east will still continue to enthral you.

The cold desert of Ladakh will still give you chills and a houseboat ride on the backwaters of Alleppey will still help you find your zen.

You’ll still be able to hear your voice echo on a mountain trek and will still be able to dig your feet on the golden sands of this country.

Your favorite world heritage sites will still sand sturdy and you’ll once again be able to drink from the chalice of brimming heritage.

Tigers and antelopes will still cross your path and spotting leopards in caves will never be out of boundaries for you.

The India you loved and valued will be at your disposal, no matter what, welcoming you with open arms.

We promise you that things that you loved about this country won’t change because of a pandemic. And, we will be by your side, showing you how.

TGIR will continue to provide you with amazing handcrafted itineraries at a competitive price.

We will continue to keep you on the top of our priority list, ensure your safety and render top-notch services and luxuries.

Pandemic or not, we promise to be your ally and bring your travel dreams to reality. So, hang in there! We know times are tough but your next India adventure will be worth the wait!

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