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Top Road Trips to Take in India this Year.

Aren’t we all travelers on the inside? Some for life, some for a season, some travel for culture and some for no reason. Nevertheless, there’s this little traveler inside of us that craves to be liberated. And what better way is there to do that than to go for the best road trips in India?

Winding lanes, silver peaks, mystical shores, holy temples, and lofty forts, we have you covered.

Take some time out to indulge in the top road trips in India to know you and your people better. After all, the grand indian route. Traveling on road on your own is a better one.

Isn’t it?

Manali To Leh – Winding In The Steep Roads!

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How about taking out your motor beast to cover some bold winding roads? Does the sound of the engine running while you marvel at the breeze slapping your face amidst the cool rugged terrains in the arms of the Himalayas sound exciting to you? As a matter of fact, a 473-kilometer-long long mountain stretch with a few terrains crisscrosses is just what you need.

Furthermore, The road trip with friends from Manali to Leh will be power-packed and brims with thrill on account of the various famous passes and villages that one comes across while on it.

Manali – Rohtang – Gramphu – Kokhsar – Keylong – Jispa – Darcha – Zingzingbar – Baralacha La – Bharatpur – Sarchu – Gata Loops – Nakee La – Lachulung La – Pang – Tanglang La – Gya – Upshi – Karu – Leh.

Pheww.. Don’t worry, our Leh Ladakh itinerarywill take care of you.

Care to see for yourself? Let the snow-capped mountains enchant you while the risk factor that these silver cliffs possess, enthrall you with an adrenaline rush. Sounds like a game, doesn’t it?

Mumbai To Goa – From Heritage To Rejuvenation!

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Ready for some Bollywood feels? Strangely enough, your true Bollywood experience will begin right from Mumbai itself. Can you help it? It is the Bollywood capital, you guys. Glide through the Western Ghats and enjoy the incandescent beauty and verdure of nature while you do it. As a matter of fact, A 600-kilometer-long family road trip destination is what your inner spirit calls for.

From a city full of drama and heritage, from celebrities to entrepreneurs, and from slums to skyscrapers get yourself on road to the party capital of India. Nope, not exaggerating here. Life’s a party. That’s the motto here. So, get your heart pumping and pulse throbbing for you’re going to slay on NH4 on your bikes wearing your heart on your sleeves for Mumbai, Pune, Satara, Kolhapur, Belgaum, and Goa. Yes, nature is the testimony of how seriously these places are capable of making you one of their own.

Chennai To Kanyakumari – The Southern Stretch To The End Of The Country

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It is 710 kilometers and an unbelievable feeling of conquering the world. That’s what you wanted, right? Chennai to Kanyakumari road trip is not just your conventional short road trip. It is so much more! It is one of the most beautiful road trips in South India.

Yes, it’s so much more than what meets the eye. Dragging along the coastal town slapping you with the wind in all its glory is the route from Chennai – Villupuram – Trichy – Kanyakumari Rd – NH44 in Kanyakumari.

Furthermore, The dotted palm and coconut trees along the shores where waves crash and echo the sounds of comfort welcome you in a warm embrace throughout your road trip.

It’s the one trip where every element of nature takes a step ahead to make friends with you.

Intriguing, eh?

Be that as it may, Reach just in time to witness the rising sun or the crimson red sunset amidst the natural extravaganza that Kanyakumari is.

To know more about the route and what to expect from this southern enigma, check our Chennai to Kanyakumari itinerary. This one serves as your best go- to south India road trip planner. Don’t believe us? You will.

Ahmedabad To Kutch – Western Wonder Of A Surprise!

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If you’re in for a vibrant plethora of offers that any road trip can gift you with after knowing about one of the best road trips in south India, then Ahmedabad to Kutch is the best road trip destination for you. From miles of salty pale mudflats and puddles of water to a grounded, yet a very traditional village routine, you’ll be indulging in it all.

Watch how turban-wearing men go about their daily lives in Kutch and how shy ladies make their houses a home to live in. It will be a total cultural shock coming from Ahmedabad to Kutch. Don’t blame us, we warned you!

Strangely enough, you see that’s the beauty of this road trip. It drowns you in the reflections of the real paradox of life while you’re blown by this travel experience on road.

If you care to let reality and the sheer beauty of life sink into your blood and bones, check our Gujarat itinerary. We might be of help!

We might be of help! Strangely enough, you may be surprised to know that this one is one of the best bike road trips in India.

Mumbai To Mt Abu – From The Majestic Sea To The Towering Heights!

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Leaving the mesmerizing tendrils of the Arabian Sea to catch up with the breeze at the top of Mt Abu sounds like a plan? Furthermore, traveling from urban streets to the cobbled ones doesn’t sound so bad, does it? As a matter of fact, Mumbai – Daman – Champaner – Pavagadh – Mount Abu is just the route that you need to be counting on in your India travel package.

Let yourself loose and open to all kinds of possibilities on this road trip standing firmly among the top in the India travel checklist.

You never know, you might be offered little souvenirs or some delicious traditional cuisine by the locals on your way.

And for a fact, we can vouch that just as Maharashtra bid you a warm farewell, Rajasthan will leave no stone unturned in making you one of its own with its opulent culture, tradition and geographic capabilities.

Yes, the mountains are calling you.

Only this time, we are here to help you through our Rajasthan itinerary.

After all, 758 kilometres is a lot. Isn’t it?

Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – The Golden Triangle

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Brace yourself for an unforgettable travel experience blending all that Indian heritage and history has to offer into one at the best road trip destinations. Strangely enough, it would be an understatement to say that the golden triangle road trip is amazing. As a matter of fact, starting from Delhi and moving on to Agra and Jaipur will basically be the reason for a million goosebumps on your skin.

Furthermore, you get to see one of the wonders of the world – The Taj Mahal.

Now, isn’t that something? Would you really turn your back on such an amazing prospect of a road trip? We told you that we give the best road trip ideas. Do you agree?

Explore in the heat of the capital of India, go back in time when Mughals invaded the nation, and finally, come on to enjoy the royalty and everything glittering in the boulevards of the Pink city Jaipur.

Our Golden Triangle Itinerary will make it possible for you. Check it out!

Jaipur – Jodhpur – Udaipur – A World Full Of Colors

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All right, put your happy face on for this road trip is going to be nothing short of a magical fairy tale. Your road trip planner India promises you.

Hard to believe?

Well, we don’t blame you. You’re probably new to this one. It’s Rajasthan, peeps! Need we say more? Approximately 600 kilometers of a stretch covered in colors and vibrancy is what you’ll come across. We all know, Rajasthan takes pride in its opulent cultures, traditions, and the heritage.

Walk along the pink-hued boulevards in Jaipur and marvel at the little blue houses in the sun city of Jodhpur.

Moreover, the last stop will be rejuvenating you even more while you get charmed by the lake city of Udaipur with the majestic Aravalli hills in the background. Yes, with forts, frescoes, palaces, and exotic heritage hotels exhibiting the royal elements of history, this road trip is a time travel for the best.

You do believe us now, right? And if that wasn’t enough, there are some excruciatingly beautiful temples waiting for you to pray in.

To get the best of this road trip, we are there to help you through our Rajasthan destination page.

Delhi – Spiti – The Highway To Heaven

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Furthermore, get your soul-searching biker out and head to the ever bewitching landscapes of Spiti.

A magical valley with silver peaks covered in snow and rugged trails for travelers to get down to the roots of this valley is what Spiti is known for.

Put your game face on for it’s not going to be so easy-peasy but we assure you, it’ll be worth it.

The best route is to start from Delhi – Shimla – Sarahan – Chitkul – Kalpa – Nako/Tabo – Kaza – Kibber/Chandratal

This 450 kilometers long road trip will keep you on your toes. Believe us you, the adrenalin rush due to the extreme terrains and risk factors will make this one an unforgettable adventure. What makes this one of the best road trips is the many passes that you get to come across along with the peaceful monasteries.

Be that as it may, This one is all about discovering yourself, folks. Let our Spiti itinerary being out the best in you. Contact the bike tour operators in India already. It’s essential, we insist.

Kashmir – Kanyakumari – The Best Of Both Worlds

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Hold your horses; this is getting super exciting now. Are you a fan of multiple cultures and traditions?

Are you a history buff and a vagabond at the same time?

Strangely enough, this all India road trip is going to be a long one but every bit worth it.

Yes, Kashmir. A whopping 5000 km is nothing short of a miracle on a platter for you. From north to south, from mountains to the seas, from creamy cuisines to spicy curries, and from snow-laden cliffs to the tropical beaches, it will be a myriad of emotions and realizations that you’ll go through on this road trip. Add fuel to your engine and get started already for this one brim with the best road trip tourist attractions.

To know more about the magical differences between north India and south India, check out our North India and South India blog.

Delhi – Srinagar – From A Lot To Nature!

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Furthermore, if you’re on a look out for an amazeballs road trip, this 868 km long one will satiate your thirst for travel. The ones on a hunt for the best road trips for couples, are you listening?

Dreaming of sauntering in the peaceful and enchanting valley of Kashmir? Listening to the sweet cacophony of birds and marvel king at the Himalayas at the backdrop. Could it get any better?

But first, you need to cover up the distance from Delhi to Kashmir. Oh, we promise, it’s going to be a sweet ride. Moreover, With Punjab falling in between, it makes this road trip even better. Drown in the colors and larger than life attitude of Punjab on your way to Srinagar.

Oh! And by the way, no trip is complete without tingling your taste buds with the world-famous Punjabi cuisine. You can’t miss out on it. No, you just can’t.

you’ll be clear about what to expect when traveling to India.

Travel to India right away. We will be waiting.


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Alright, brace yourself for a 114 km road trip gliding through waters and projecting high up in the air. Confused? Well, from the beaches in Visakhapatnam to the winding roads to Araku Valley, the elements of nature combine in a fiery rush. Get in touch with the bike tour operators to make it one of your best bike road trips.

Marvel at the tenacity of the Bay of Bengal and admire the quintessential beauty of the Eastern Ghats. The southern charm in Visakhapatnam is at its best and you’ll see why we say that. Moreover, there is something about the hills that make you want to get cocooned in the laps of nature. Araku Valley will do that on one your most unforgettable road trips in South India that is this one.

By the way, do check out the mysterious Borra caves on your way.

Get ready already! Carry wayward sons.

you’ll be clear about what to expect when traveling to India.

Our India tour packages with prices will throw some more light on tourism in India. You should see.


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We have always talked about the southern charm, the western enigmas, and the northern chills. Let us talk about the Eastern magic of Orissa now. A 36 km long road trip from Puri to Konark comes nothing less than a breath of fresh air. With the canopied road taking you to the land of Sun Temple, the wonders of nature scream at the ones traveling through.

If Puri gives you the luxury to revel in the beauty and spirituality of Jagannath temple, Konark takes you to doors of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sun Temple.

Marvel in the unapologetically beautiful architecture of the same while the Sun blesses your soul.

Also, it’s not always important to go for a thousand miles to experience some road trip of the year.

Small things are beautiful. Just as your cute little road trip from Puri to Konark.


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First thing first, get yourself the Inner Line Permit to enter Arunachal Pradesh. And onwards, begins your adventure road trip.

A 510 km long road journey in the laps of Mountains awaits you to awaken your inner self. Ride your bikes through the winding lanes and steep curves soaring high.

Make sure to make a stop at Tezpur on your first day. Stay overnight and breathe in the fresh air of Assam. Furthermore, visit Christian cemetery and Bhairabi temple in Tezpur for some spiritual awakening.

Cut to the next day, Bhalukpong will steal your heart away with its magnanimous beauty. Further, Bomdila and Dirang will be your other stoppages on your road trip in North East India. Oh, and by the way, Tawang Monastery and Nuranang falls are a must visit.

You’d be a sinner to miss these. Well, have a safe journey, peeps.


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A true blue Bollywood road trip is incomplete without an essence of wildness, the smell of nature, sunroof blaring, and volume turned up. Are you picturing what we are picturing?

Well, this one for us had got to be the best road trips in December India.

Well, if there’s any highway to wonders of wild, it is undoubtedly this one. A 235 km long stretch of the road taking you to Bandipur through the honeycombed forest is just what you need to get your adrenaline rushing.

If you have a thirst for wild, rugged and raw, then Bandipur National Park will never disappoint you.

Imagine moving from away from the bustling and hustle in the city towards the calm and green countryside.

PS- the wilderness is the added charm.

You’d love it all, won’t you?

Check our wildlife tours for even more trips like this one.


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A small yet amazing road trip is waiting for you in Rajasthan.
If you are in for experiencing an epiphany, then take this mesmerizing 369 km road trip.

Udaipur- Ranakpur- Kumbhalgarh- Bishnoi Village- Chandelao Garh- Jodhpur

Kickstarting from the land of dreams and the paradise of lakes – Udaipur, this trip covers the beauty of Rajasthan in a nutshell.

It unveils the hidden gem of Ranakpur that’s otherwise hidden behind the shadows of other touristy destinations of the state.

Here to get yourself architecturally high is an understatement, as destinations like Kumbhalgarh add grandeur to this whole experience.

Oh, and did we tell you that Kumbhalgarh is the Great Wall of India, and the next in line to get this tag?

However, if you are expecting more rural charms, even then, this road trip won’t disappoint you. Rather, it will take you on a voyage in the sands of time where culture will be seen incubated even after so much modernization. For this, you’ll get close to the folks of the villages of Chandelao Garh and Bishnoi village.

Where on one hand Chandelao Garh will be all about serving as a community, a trip in Bishnoi Village would be a life lesson for all the nature enthusiasts.

So, let us get this straight. All in all, on this road trip, you’ll get two touristy destinations Udaipur and Jodhpur, a temple that’s nominated as a potential Wonder of the World, a Fort that’s as great as the wall in China and two villages where you’ll learn quintessential art forms. Hmm… isn’t that everything and more you can ask for a road trip?


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Have you got 10 hours in your hands? Fancy a road trip to the mountains, lush greenery, and tea estates?

A 600 km long adventure road trip through the tosses and turns on your road to Munnar brings out just the southern rustic charm you are on a lookout for.

Nope, you can’t miss out on this one if you happen to rush to the south of India.

Wondering about which route to take? Well, we’ll tell you!

Chennai-Trichy-Dindigul-Udumalpet-Munnar, take this one up on your road trips in India tour and thank us later.

With hairpin bends in the middle but temples and lakes as the rewards after a long journey, the road trip from urbanized Chennai to natural Munnar are quintessential in its own way.

Sniff in the trees and tea plantations, maybe?


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North Eastern India is something and that you’ll come to know on this 55 km long best road trip in India. Speaking of which, this one is probably of the unexplored road trips in India. Makes it even more mysterious, right? North Eastern India is probably the best site for road trip planning in India.

Starting from Gangtok, vroom all the way to the exotic Lake Tsomgo that will leave you smitten with all the beauty around it. Mountains are calling. Can you hear them too?

The hairpin bends are thrilling on their own, let alone the final reward of Nathu La Pass’ spectacular and blood rushing beauty.

Mind cruising in through the unabashed terrains while you experience the road trip of a lifetime?


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Well, the South of India never shies away from accepting the fact that beaches and backwaters are what it is a proud home to. But, did you know that mountains and lush greenery are just as much the gems of Deccan India? Carry wayward, our sons and daughter, this 266-kilometer long road journey is just what you need to awaken your senses and rejuvenate your mind.

Starting from Bangalore, where hustle meets chaos, where buildings soar high with determination to touch the sky to Ooty, where nature walks and the trees rustle to have a secret adorable talk with the chirping birds, this one is bound to fill you with silence and thoughts. Yes, to find yourself amidst the silence of nature is something all the road trips in India aspire to help you with.

Our Karnataka itinerary will be able to lure you into embarking on this journey right away.



Alright, now this is one road trip that you cannot miss out on. Nope, just cannot.

Brimming with culture and heritage, the vibrant colors of India will blind you.

Start off from Jaipur on one of the best road trips in India by car. Explore the pink city with its boulevards and beauty to later move on to the Golden city of Jaisalmer via the blue city of Jodhpur.

Sounds confusing? Don’t worry, we have your back. The roads are superb and you know what the best part is?

Throughout the route, you can pamper your tummy with traditional Rajasthani Cuisine.

Could you really ask for more? But then again, yes you can. Do not, under any circumstances, forget to experience a night safari and camping under the stars in the desert in Jaisalmer. Moreover, the crystal clear sky is worth capturing through your lenses, just saying. *winks*


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How about literally gliding through the road? Well, not exactly. But what if throughout the way there is just water and a lot of water on either side during one of your motorbikes trips in India.

Yes, a 13.5 km long road trip over the Pamban Bridge in Rameshwaram is just what you need to rejuvenate yourself.

The vast expanse of water comes off as a breath of fresh air.

Too much of natural beauty around? Well, that’s India for you. Let yourself lose, untie your hair, and feel the water beneath you. Oh, the breeze slapping your face will be nothing short of bliss. You have 20 minutes for this spectacular ride, don’t you? The Deccan charm will grow on you, we promise.

Go down south, already!


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How about literally gliding through the road? Well, not exactly. But what if throughout the way there is just water and a lot of water on either side during one of your motorbikes trips in India.

Yes, a 13.5 km long road trip over the Pamban Bridge in Rameshwaram is just what you need to rejuvenate yourself.

The vast expanse of water comes off as a breath of fresh air.

Too much of natural beauty around? Well, that’s India for you. Let yourself lose, untie your hair, and feel the water beneath you. Oh, the breeze slapping your face will be nothing short of bliss. You have 20 minutes for this spectacular ride, don’t you? The Deccan charm will grow on you, we promise.

Go down south, already!


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Let’s venture from the capital of India into the capital of Rajasthan that shines on the Rajasthan road trip map.

Yes, you guessed it right.

Set on a journey from Delhi to the pink city of Jaipur. While you vroom your way through the roads on one of your best road trips in Rajasthan, watch the Aravalli range dancing along and let yourself be smitten with its beauty.

The vast expanse of water comes off as a breath of fresh air.

From the colonial heritage of Delhi, you’ll be diving into the colors and vibrancy of Jaipur. And guess what! The highway to Jaipur is just as smooth. Well, you deserve a smooth ride, don’t you?

Jaipur waits to surprise you. The royal heritage of Jaipur drips from every nook and cranny. From the Hawa Mahal to the city palace, the opulence of Rajasthani culture and tradition resonates from every wall.

Our Golden Triangle tour blog will make this road trip clearer and more interesting for you by giving you insights on the Rajasthan road trip itinerary from Delhi.

We bet on it!



Get ready for a very delightful 180 km long road trip in India. From where to where you ask? From Kolkata to Digha, of course.

Well, if you’re a Bengali you’ll swear by this road trip. The perfect means to spend your weekend, this one takes the road trips in India up a notch.

Marvel in the lush grandeur of nature throughout your route to Digha. And the smoothness of the roads will leave you mesmerized.

Furthermore, what is in it for you, you ask? The beach!

Need we say more? Let your inner beach baby out to gallop on top of a pony around the beach. Or maybe just maybe, let those waves crash your toes while you make little sandcastles of your dreams. Sounds like a perfect weekend plan, right?

Come on, pack some sandwiches and head to Digha already!



Have 3 hours in your hands?

Well, keep them reserved for one of the best adventure road trips in India.

From the culturally so opulent land of the pink city Jaipur through the smooth roads to the wilderness of Ranthambore, this one is what every adrenaline junkie should snort on. Like literally.

Be that as it may, the Bassi wildlife sanctuary in the middle of the route is just a mere introduction to what intense wildlife and natural wonders Ranthambore National Park has in store for you.

Nope, we are not exaggerating. Lions, tigers, and bears await you!

Oh, and by the way, do not miss out on the jungle safari while you camp out into the woods. Weekend sorted?

Just so you know, there is Ranthambore fort waiting to be admired by you for its rustic old charm.

Care to do that?

Our wildlife tour itineraries will give you just the adrenaline rush and pump in the blood that you need with our 10 days Rajasthan road trip.

Check it already! Hurry up!


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Fancy strolling in one of the French colonies of the past? Well, here’s your muse.

Take your bike and get behind the wheels. From the chaotic, bustling, and soaring city of Bangalore to one of the corners proud of being to some good Deccan charm of Pondicherry, this road trip is a special one.

Are you looking out to discover yourself in peace and calm?

The Auroville Sb serenity beach will give you the luxury of just what you are looking for. Meditate among the many travelers seeking peace while the waves crash at your feet. And when you’re done, you know what to do. Don’t you?

You got to play some in the water. Let yourself lose to the ease of life on this road trip in India.

Our Tamil Nadu itinerary will make you dive right into the waters of serenity beach.

Care to check it out? We insist.


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Furthermore, on the list of best road trips in India, there is one that has to be there. No ifs and buts.

Which one? Undoubtedly, the one that takes you from the capital of India Delhi to the capital of royalty Mandawa.

Check out the history of India, be it political or architectural, in Delhi while you add fuel to your car to get you on the road to Mandawa where royal households and Havelis steal your breath away with their timeless beauty.

By the way, are you an art fanatic? Well, then Mandawa is going to make you the happiest. The frescoes on the walls and the painting on the ceilings are just as spectacular as the opulent architecture of these high-storied edifices.

Get back in time to witness the lifestyle of the Rajputs.

Peace the warriors.

If you go through our Rajasthan itinerary, the number of wonders and surprises you’ll get to experience will be more than what anyone could ever ask for. Nope, not exaggerating!


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How about taking a head start for a journey through the famous Malabar coast to one and the only party capital of India.

Yes, we’re talking about an eventful road trip from Mangalore to Goa.

Mind you, it’s a long-long journey. Drive your car along the palm-dotted coast for 354 km to land up on a beach where everyone plays the character of a party animal.

Gorge on some of the best seafood while you chug down beer cans to your content. Sounds like a fun weekend trip?

Sure it is!

Visit the various churches and forts in Goa to give yourself “Dil Chahta Hai” feels. It’s not so bad to star in your own movie, now is it?

Hurry up! Clear your entire schedule to make time for this unforgettable rendezvous.

Our Goa destination page will let you in on the secrets of this tinker town. Yes, you gotta check it out. Right away! Go ahead, why don’t you?


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Fancy unwinding to the goodness of nature ? Then, this Hyderabad to Kunnur road trip will be a blast.

Competing for the spot of the most beautiful road trip in India, this 916 km road trip is a tangy concoction of the cultural flavours of India.

On this road trip, you will start from the city of Nizams where delectable food is the highlight of every street.

From here on buttery smooth roads you’ll head to Bangalore, the silicon valley of India .

Later, this trip will take you to Kannur, India’s most popular nature’s retreat. On this 15 hour road trip, you’ll travel to three different states and will enjoy the distinct culture of each one of them. So, what are you waiting for? Make bookings for your road trip right now!


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Time to pick your bags and kick-start your bikes, folks!

The weekend is here and so are your plans to experience the best of road trips in India. Starting from Chandigarh, the city beautiful, to end up at the home of royalty in Chail, this road trip is a quintessential mountain journey.

Sure, mountains are calling you. Would you like to make them your safe haven this weekend?

The Chail Palace awaits your visit wrapped in a warm hug of the Himalayas.

The roads are at their finest. So, be carefree, this one is going to be a smooth ride with hairpin bends and winding roads brimming with kiosks to help you with a steaming hot cup of Chai.

You should definitely take a break on your way.

We got your back; our Himachal Pradesh destination page will introduce you to the wonders of Chail.

Check it out, folks.

A road trip is incomplete without a passion for travel and an even bigger passion for discovering yourself on the way to the best places to the road trip.

Take your chances with us, maybe?

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