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Places to Visit in India- a Bespoke Guide!

Larger than life. Supremely cathartic. Whirlwind of diversity. For the 7th biggest and 2nd most populous nation worldwide, India, these would be suitable adjectives.

How often do we visit a country that feels more like a continent?

From the lofty Himalayas in the North to the sparkling Waters of the South – From the bustling city lights to the serene hermits- Off we are transported in the blink of an eye!

Cherry-picked by our team of travel experts, this cheat sheet of Places to Visit in India offers a wholesome feast for any travel appetite!

✔ Rajasthan-
● Udaipur- The Romantic Awakening
● Jodhpur- The Blue Majesty
● Jaisalmer- The Golden Oasis
● Jaipur- The Kohinoor
● Chandelao Village- One with Nature
● Rusirani- The Rural Beauty
● Mandawa- A Best-Kept Secret
✔ Delhi- Heart of India
✔ Uttar Pradesh-
● Fatehpur Sikri- Timeless Testimony of Mughal Architecture
● Agra- Erstwhile Capital of Mughal Raj
● Varanasi- Spiritual Capital of India
● Sarnath- Epitome of Sheer Bliss
✔ Bihar-
● Bodh Gaya- Buddhist Spiritual Oasis
✔ Tamil Nadu-
● Mahabalipuram- The Pious Trails of the South
● Pondicherry- French Route to Spiritual India
● Kanyakumari- Tropical Gem of the South
● Madurai- Lotus City of India
✔ Kerala-
● Munnar- Greenery Avalanche
● Thekkady- where Love is in the Air
● Kovalam- Paradise for Thalassophiles
✔ Maharashtra-
● Ajanta Ellora Caves- The Mystical Caves of India

✔ Uttarakhand-
● Rishikesh- Spiritual Paradise

✔ Jammu and Kashmir-
● Leh- Heaven on Earth

✔ Himachal Pradesh-
● Spiti Valley- Adventure Awaits

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So, what’s the holdback?

Get on-board! Our getaway caravan is here to take you through The Grand Indian Route and show you the vivid contrasts and unrivaled culture of India.

1. Udaipur, Rajasthan (The Romantic Awakening)-

Ever dream of a royal wedding? Opulence being its watchword, Udaipur is a grand concoction of ethnicity and novelty.


Enveloped by the verdant Aravalli Hills, Udaipur in India is one romantic getaway! The 11 mansions fabricated by Maharana Pratap shall take you back in time on an adventure through old-world royalty and culture.

From its lip-smacking gastronomic legacy to myriad intricately carved temples, Udaipur reeks of extravaganza and beauty.

If we could not convince you yet, check out our detailed section on Udaipur for more!

2. Jodhpur, Rajasthan (The Blue Majesty)-

Regarded as the Blue City or the Sun City, Jodhpur invites you on a quest to behold the glory of the past.


The entire city is built around the mighty Mehrangarh Fort, home to architectural marvels like the imperial Umaid Bhawan Palace, the picturesque Jaswant Thada, and many more!

The soul of the City of Jodhpur resides in the vivacious streets of the city. Explore the bustling shops, hotels, and food joints, and interact with chirpy locals.

Enjoy the fun-filled festivals commemorated with great pomp and show here. Oh, to the memories you would make!

Want to know more about Sun City? Click here.

3. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan (The Golden Oasis)-

Enclosed by the mighty Thar, Jaisalmer in India popularly known as The Golden City of Rajasthan is definitely worth your while.



Walk down the royal corners of the timeless forts. Pay your homage at the best- kept secret of Jaisalmer- The Jain Temples. Whether you are an ornithophile, a wildlife photographer, or both- Gadisar Lake is the perfect resort for you!

If sightseeing is not floating your boat anymore, Jaisalmer also offers some thrilling action!

From Desert Safari to Dune Bashing, Rajasthan’s very own Golden City sports the best of both worlds- wilderness to luxury, you’ll find it all! Excited to know what more Jaisalmer has in store? Check this out.

4. Jaipur, Rajasthan (Kohinoor of Rajasthan)-

Just as Rajasthan is incomplete without Jaipur, your trip to India is incomplete without experiencing this world-class Indian destination.

From palace hunts to glamping and even royal stays, Jaipur knows how to charm its visitors. Imagine yourself taking a sip of a perfectly brewed tea in a beautiful palace that too in the middle of a lake. At Jal Mahal, this is a reality, trust us!

Jaipur 768x1024 1

Being in the wild with the wild at Ranthambore National Park- makes for a pitch-perfect wildlife excursion.

Ride on an elephant back and breathe the royal breeze in Amer Fort- the empress of fortresses. How impressive!

Amongst other wonders, the stark diversity in the food, handicrafts, and traditions promises you a once-in-a-lifetime adventure here in the city of royalty, Jaipur.

5. Chandelao Village, Rajasthan (One With Nature)-

Sit back- Let loose-Chandelao Garh in Jodhpur welcomes you wholeheartedly!

This fortress-style ancestral home-turned-homestay offers a sterling experience of traditional Rajasthani hospitality in a placid countryside setting.

Places to Visit in India- a Bespoke Guide!

An evening stroll around the Village lets you treasure the sights and sounds of an Indian hermit- local craftspeople work their trade, animals graze in the narrow village streets, ladies in vibrant native dresses fetch water from the lakes, and kids play in the streets.

Everyone greets visitors with great love- Don’t hesitate to say hi. Need more reasons to be fully convinced? Click here.

If you feel you need some assistance in exploring this paragon of beauty, let The Grand Indian Route serve you well.

6. Rusirani, Rajasthan (Rural Beauty of Jaipur)-

Etching its place in the Cultural Trips in India, Rusirani Village is a small hamlet nestled amidst the Aravalli in the Capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur.


Rusirani takes you back to the time when there was a negligible supply of electricity, petty communication services, and weak transportation.

It is wild how standing in the 21st Century, the villagers are still living ages behind.

This Village works in collaboration with various committees of the Village. Every native plays an integral part in the management. Thus, top-tier management is guaranteed!

Moreover, the locals welcome you with great warmth in their abodes, which is very rare in this time and age.

Rusirani Village is an authentic cultural experience that’s true to its roots at every level.

But this is not all- Learn more here!

7. Mandawa, Rajasthan (A Best-Kept Secret of Rajasthan)-

Are you a Bollywood buff?

Well, Mandawa in Rajasthan is the second home of myriad Bollywood directors; Many Hindi films have been shot here. The small town’s rustic ambiance and maze-like bylanes make for the perfect setting.

mandawa 768x1024 1

Be it cultural or architectural- Mandawa has perpetually been alluring foreigners with its riches.

A trip to Mandawa gives you a chance to experience the royal, spiritual, and lavish history of the region. So, brace yourself for the time of your life! Complete your family trip to Rajasthan with a heritage tour to Mandawa- How? Here is how.

8. Delhi (Heart of India)-

Yeh Delhi Hai Mere Yaar (This is Delhi, my friend)- the famous line from Dilli-6 (an acclaimed Bollywood film) sets quite the mood for our following location on Places to visit in India.

Delhi, being the Capital of India, is the heart of the country.

delhi 1024x768 1

The cardinal city of India is infused with history and culture with a legacy that dates back several centuries.

Explore the massive courtyard and impressive architecture of Jama Masjid and climb up the minarets for a breathtaking panoramic view of the city.

Marvel at the Qutub Minar, built on the ruins of a fort surrounded by greenery and the grandeur of Red Fort, which is yet another Mughal masterpiece. Take a guided walk around the heart of Old Delhi– explore the narrow alleys. Delhi street food is heaven for epicures! See for yourself.

9. Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh (Timeless Testimony of Mughal Architecture)-

If you have read or heard about the architectural prowess of the Mughals at Fatehpur Sikri, you get to witness it too!

Fatehpur Sikri 674x1024 1


An abundance of palaces, mosques, and monuments adorn the city. Constructed using red sandstone, this city features the Indo-Islamic architectural style.

Here we must mention the magnanimous Jama Masjid, the colossal Buland Darwaza, the beauteous Palace of Jodha Bai, and many more wonders. Click here to read more.

The whimsical alleyway of the abandoned city paints a fine backdrop to enjoy in all seasons.

Here at this World Heritage Site in India, you get to behold the finesse of Indian architecture while traveling leaps and bounds with history. Lucky were those who got the opportunity to capture this timeless beauty in their lenses, but is it ever too late? No.

10. Agra, Uttar Pradesh (Erstwhile Capital of Mughal Raj)-

If you are a fellow historian, Agra is the perfect paradise for you!


Why? That is because besides homing top-notch Mughal structures and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Agra’s compelling mayhem, cluttered streets, are sure to arouse a poetry or two.

Places to visit in Agra kickstarts with the ICONIC and Agra’s claim to flame- Taj Mahal, followed by the Abode of Royals- Agra Fort. Go back in time and have a first-hand feel of the Mughali lifestyle!

In the evening, stroll down the buoyant streets of Agra and shop till your wallets drop! Oh, Agra is a paradise for connoisseurs- Mughlai Cuisine is their hallmark. Devour till you burp!

11. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (Spiritual Capital of India)-

Much like a full- course meal, a trip to India gives you a taste of every sort!

varanasi 1024x768 1

Our incredible India is best known for its spiritual aura. Varanasi is practically the spiritual capital of India owing to its numerous holy temples, serene bathing Ghats, and more!

Safe to say, there is no place quite like Varanasi.
A trip to Varanasi is incomplete without a dip in the holy Ganges- Ask why?

People from all walks of life come here to wash off their sins in the holy river and attain Moksha in this sacred place.

In fact, many have decided to make this their second home- that’s the magic of India’s very own Varanasi.

So, request us a quote and take that first step into making your Cultural Trip to India a huge success!

12. Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh (Epitome of Sheer Bliss)-

Away from the humdrum of Varanasi, Sarnath is arguably the best Buddhist circuits in India- every traveler’s sweet escape!

braj kishor 99fJbRG7e4U unsplash

Braj Kishor

Sarnath is the spot where the first sermons started for Lord Buddha. The hassle-free streets and the Buddhist monks walking around form the backdrop of this must-visit gem in the Uttar Pradesh.

How can you go to Sarnath and not chant prayers at Dhamek Stupa? Counted amongst the top must-visit stupas in India , Dhamek Stupa is a magnificent edifice of the power of Buddhism. Meditate- Pray- Preach- Repeat!

13. Bodh Gaya, Bihar (Buddhist Spiritual Oasis)-

Are you seeking inner peace? Do you want to discover your soul and spirit?

Come to Bodh Gaya, where harmony meets enlightenment.

vishwjeet kumar PepsloMrpcU unsplash

Vishwjeet Kumar

Located in Bihar, Bodh Gaya is home to the divine Mahabodhi temple, where, under the Bodhi Tree, Buddha attained enlightenment.

Visit Bodh Gaya on your Buddhist Trip to India and tread firmly on the path of spiritual salvation.

14. Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu (The Pious Trails of the South)-

Counted among the best in Tamil Nadu, Mahabalipuram is yet another destination that has managed to carve its name in the books of Indian history.

This insignia of heritage is an idyllic spiritual getaway that makes you land on the laps of Nature!

elephants 573776 640


This UNESCO World Heritage Site in India offers your way truckloads of monuments, sculptures, scenic beauty, and culture! Is that all? No.

Enjoy a breezy day out at the shores of the Indian Ocean, with enticing seafood with the symphony of prayers.

Furthermore, a tailor-made itinerary gives you the pleasant taste of serenity with a tangy twist of adventure sports. So, can you handle that? We bet you can!

15. Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu (French Route to Spiritual India)-

Head to the French-like colony in India that gives you the colonial feels in seconds!

Pondicherry is a perfect Indian holiday destination for its exotic beaches.

krishnaja UnQNMxQaqR0 unsplash


Pondicherry reinstates its place among the best tourist places in India for the graphic elements of tourism it brings off in one single plate- Fascinating French history and architecture and serene temples defining Indian culture.

Being home to Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry is also sparkled with spiritual glory.

Be it for the peppy-painted house or the grand colonial building- Be it for the quaint cycle rides through these colonies or the beachside merriment.

Solo trip or family trip to India, Pondicherry makes for an experience of a lifetime. All in all, Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu is one of the best tourist spots in South India.

15. Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu (Tropical Gem of the South)-

Witness the confluence of 3 oceans at the southernmost point of the Indian Peninsula!

raimond klavins 2DXkfBWWYRo unsplash


However, the winsome beach city is best known for its beaches, memorials, and temples.

Moreover, Kanyakumari is where art, music, and culture lovers will find solace. The opulent architecture and heritage of the city add to its popularity.

Visiting India for the first time? Might as well, make it worthwhile! Best known for its coastline of bliss, Kanyakumari most definitely should be in your iconic India trip.

17. Madurai, Tamil Nadu (Lotus City of India)-

Why the name Lotus City though? Well, let’s look into its history to find out!

Although Madurai is one of the oldest cities in India, it came in prominence during the Pandya rule.

They constructed the city magnificently in the shape of a lotus and thus gave us a reason to visit!

s r pandian S CP 6dBFk unsplash


This Indian city is a tranquil sanctuary full of beauty, love, and the simplest of pleasures.

The bewitching Dravidian-style temples, castles, and more steal the show in high spirits for every travel enthusiast.

Immersed in the rich heritage, Madurai is called the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu. Rightfully so!
Planning an India visit? Visit Madurai with your loved ones on your South India tours now !

18. Munnar, Kerala (Greenery Avalanche)-

Picture yourself in a place where the sun kisses the mountains, Nature twirls with sprawling tea plantations, and rivers romance with the greenery.

That’s our next landmark on this list of Places to Visit in India- Munnar, Kerala.

munnar 1024x768 1

Are you looking for a perfect destination for your honeymoon? Visit Munnar and bask your soul in the omnipresent whiff of romance and render your memories to treasure forever.
Longing for a solo trip but don’t know where to go? Munnar is ideal for you too! Shake those limbs up and rekindle your wilder roots- partake in its myriad hiking escapades and tea garden exploration.
Swaying palms, comforting breeze, sublime green blanket, and the aroma of tea leaves- Ideal for that Yoga and Meditation Tour you’ve been yearning for!

19. Thekkady, Kerala (where love is in the Air)-

Nestled in the Idukki district of Kerala, Thekkady is one of the top tourist places in India.

Home to the revered Periyar National Park, it is a top holiday destination in India for nature and wildlife lovers.

thekkady 1024x768 1

There is oh-so-much to do here- from the delish relish to excellent reserves and sanctuaries, in particular, you can’t get any closer to Nature than this!

For the lovebirds, Thekkady marks its presence as inevitable!

Romance by the Mullaperiyar Dam, long strolls holding hands at sunrise, and gentle boat rides in the Periyar Lake- Thekkady should indeed be on your Kerala Tour itinerary.

20. Kovalam, Kerala (Paradise for Thalassophiles )-

Make your childhood dream come true! Run along the shoreline and dive into the awesomeness of a strange yet exotic lighthouse in the end.

Why not climb it up? Shout at the top of your lungs while you bask in the breeze and the view of the town of Kovalam!

kovalam 768x1024 1

To fellow water babies out there!
Sunbathe under the clear skies and clearer water amidst the Southern breeze brushed by slender palm and coconut trees.
That’s not all, readers. Lie down and let experts in therapeutic massages and spas take care of you!

21. Ajanta Ellora Caves, Maharashtra (The Mystical Caves of India)-

you like to turn the pages of history every now and then? Are you into spiritual travel? Wish to explore some offbeat wonders of India?

arundhati pathak RYzUXEKNK3Y unsplash

Arundhati Pathak

The enigmatic caves of Ajanta and Ellora rest proudly in the laps of Aurangabad.
Feel free to dig through these caves to let yourself loose in awe of the enthralling paintings, carvings, and scriptures of Lord Shiva and Buddhism.
Oh, trust us, these Jain and Buddhist emblems are a pleasure for sore eyes!

22. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand (Spiritual Paradise)-

Let us take a different geography now, shall we?

shubhashis roy WbcXFBIF 34 unsplash

Shubhashis Roy

Are you feeling disconnected from your inner self? Does our mind want to break free from the diurnal hustle? Well, take a walk in the cradle of the Himalayas amidst the placid aura of Rishikesh.
Rishikesh is one of the holiest destinations in the country. Within the embrace of the Italian Renaissance and Indian architectural vogue, find yourself in tune with your soul here at Rishikesh.
A yoga retreat, an Ayurvedic hub, and whatnot?
Considering its moderate temperature in the summer, Rishikesh is the best resort for summer holidays in India.
You are welcomed by the jostling rivers, lofty hills, and Mother Nature herself! Can you find this exceptional fusion of tourism anywhere else in the world? No!

23. Leh, Jammu & Kashmir (Heaven on Earth)-

Can you paint a picture of heaven? If you dare to, the strokes of your brushes can probably draw a better canvas of Leh rather than our words.

leh 1024x768 1

Know why? Its glory is hard to capture, impossible to depict, and challenging to explore.
The sights of the dusky Valley, fresh waters of the Pangong Lake, and experiences that are worth a lifetime- Leh is everything and more the wanderlust in you desires!
Come on; check another incredible destination off your bucket list in Incredible India!

24. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh (Adventure Awaits)-

Last but not least, If you are a wildlife fanatic seeking the chills down
your spine, Spiti Valley has a lot for you!

mountains 8178790 640


Home to rare exotic high-altitude wildlife, Spiti Valley is a wildlife haven! Spiti is also known for its thrilling road trips- Check out our separate column for more.
From Tabo, take the 3 hours drive to Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary National Park, that imparts an immersive experience for photographers too!
Here, expeditors usually go for a Snow Leopard safari, although you might encounter other animals or scavenging birds in the woods en route. So, be ready with your camera!
One can also drive back to the neighboring hermits in the quaint Valley and unravel around town. So, hey, can you hear the mountain calls?

Planning a holiday, especially in India, can be demanding- provided the palette of vivid options! How about leaving the work on The Grand Indian Route instead? Let yourself enjoy the oh-so-much that India has to offer!

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