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Beyond Palaces, Off the Beaten Destinations of Rajasthan!

Are you craving an escape beyond the predictable?
Do you wish to tread the paths untrodden? And capture sights unseen?

Then chuck the script, dear reader! Here is the list of 12 off the beaten destinations in Rajasthan

Embrace the soul of Rajasthan- untamed, unspoiled, and unexplored!

In this Off-beat Rajasthan exploration, luxury redefines itself in intimate encounters and bespoke journeys. Unearth the hidden gems of Rajasthan- one adventure at a time.

Forget the crowds, let us be your guide!

Pack your wanderlust and unzip your heart to the magic! Can you hear your Rajasthan calling already? Then, request a quote now

Highlights :

1. Bhil Tribal Adventure in Udaipur-Meet the People of Soil!

2. Beyond the Tourist Trail-Jawai and Bera!

3. Mold Moments in Kumbhalgarh

4. Meet the Matriarchal Marvel of the Ghanerao Tribal Community

5. Unwind, De-stress, and Be One with the Soil of Rajasthan-Chandelao Garh!

6. Bhadriya Lathi Temple-Unearth the Hidden Splendour!

7. Phalodi and Khichan-a Rural Experience in Rajasthan!

8. Harshnath Temple in Sikar: A Spiritual Escape!

9. Rustic Rhythms and Soulful Ghats of Koyalat!

10. Discover the Enchanting Depths of Deshnok!

11. Beyond the Palaces, Karauli’s Untamed Beauty!

12. Time Travel to Rusirani!

1. Bhil Tribal Adventure in Udaipur-Meet the People of Soil!

bhil village 768x1024 1

Soak in Udaipur’s vibrant culture through an authentic Bhil Tribal Community Experience.  

Besides their warm Indian hospitality, you get to have immersive first-hand learning about their tribal lifestyle, culture, and local customs. If you have built a good rapport, they might let you toast a chapati (Indian bread) or two in their earthen oven!

Are you an epicure?

Under their kind mentorship, cook a simple, authentic Mewari Veg meal with them.

Exchanging stories, spending a fun-filled day- Bhil style!

Experience a side of Udaipur that most tourists miss; connect with the soul of Udaipur , making your off-beat Rajasthan visit extraordinary!

2. Beyond the tourist trail-Jawai and Bera!

Jawai Bera 1

Nestled amidst the rustic kaleidoscope of Udaipur lies the Jawai- a picturesque haven that owes its flowers to the whispers of untamed wilderness.


Jawai holds a secret beyond the emerald fields- a thrilling adventure that sets pulses racing. Among the rocky outcrops, stealthy predators- the elusive leopards- roam freely, a silent spectacle of nature’s grandeur.

A guided leopard safari   is a must!

But if you think that’s all Jawai has in store, hold off till you meet the community of shepherds!

Seeking an in-depth experience into the heartbeat of Rajasthan ?

Jawai, Udaipur offers a delight!

Interacting with the local shepherds opens a window to a vista unseen by urbanization.

From herding their flocks through the undulating landscapes to comprehending their age-old traditions and survival techniques, you will also take home some first-hand knowledge!  

3. Mold Moments in Kumbhalgarh


Tucked away amidst the rustic charm of Rajasthan, Kumbhalgarh paints a vivid picture of skilled artisans shaping clay into exquisite works of art. Here, pottery is not just an art; it’s an invitation to cherish the magic of creation!

In this hermit, pottery mirrors the essence of daily life. From utilitarian earthenware to ornate decorative pieces, each creation reflects the fusion of tradition and innovation.

Can you get your hands dirty in clay? Absolutely!

Here, you are an artist in the making!

The artisans eagerly invite you to come, play with clay, and mold your imagination. Sit at the potter’s wheel, feel the clay yield to your touch, and witness your vision taking shape with every spin.

Sounds fun, right?

In this Off-beat Rajasthan escapade, take home more than just a souvenir. Take with you the memories of laughter, learning, and a hands-on experience with the soul of this pottery paradise!

4. Meet the Matriarchal Marvel of the Ghanerao Tribal Community!

ghanerao 1024x768 1

Next stop on our Off-beat Rajasthan tour is a living testament to a unique social order- a matriarchal society where women reign supreme. In a state often painted with broad strokes of patriarchy, Ghanerao stands as a bold counterpoint.

We say more power to the Garasia tribe!

Here, women are the heads of the household, the decision-makers, and the torchbearers of tradition. They own the land, manage finances, and hold positions of power, challenging the stereotypes and rewriting the narrative.

Learn from the Garasia women, understand their unique system of inheritance, and witness the power dynamics that empower them.

5. Unwind, De-stress, and Be One with the Soil of Rajasthan-Chandelao Garh!


Your lookout for a rural holiday destination ends here! 

Chandelao Village welcomes you wholeheartedly!

The Chandelao Garh , a fortress-style ancestral home-turned-homestay offers a serene experience of traditional Rajasthani hospitality in a calm countryside setting.

You know what the best way is to explore a place, especially an Indian village?

Taking a stroll around.

An evening stroll around the Chandelao Village unfurls the sights and sounds of an Indian hermit like no other!

What unites everyone here is the warmth and love with which they greet visitors- you will hardly feel away from home!

6. Bhadriya Lathi Temple-Unearth the Hidden Splendour!

bhadriya temple

On your off-beat Rajasthan excursion, seek serenity in this hidden gem that also goes by the name Shri Bhadriya Mata Temple. In the morning, you wake up to the ringing of temple bells, and the scent of spices greets you a good morning.

Witness intricate carvings bathed in lamplight. Feel the reverence for Goddess Bhadriyaji. Connect with the locals. All of which, by the way, makes it a perfect choice for a temple tour to India – we bet!

But the special attraction over here is the Bhadariya Library. Built 16 feet underground beneath a temple, the library holds the title of Asia’s biggest underground library, with over 9 lakh books covering a wide range of subjects. We can’t recommend it enough!

7. Phalodi and Khichan-a Rural Experience in Rajasthan!

khichan 1024x499 1

From the vast tapestry of our rural tours in Rajasthan you must have conjured up the aesthetics of a Rajasthani countryside already- haven’t you?

Well, Phalodi is no different. The warm hospitality. The lip-smacking authentic Rajasthani cuisine. The unique traditions and customs. The gleesome smiles with which they embrace you are beautiful. This is your chance to connect with the soul of the place and learn more about its cultural significance.

Coming to Khichan, its claim to fame is its majestic bird sanctuary . You will be mind-boggled by the striking tapestry of migratory birds that graze Khichan! The undisputed stars of the show are, for sure, the Demoiselle cranes.

But Khichan isn’t just a crane haven.

Over 200 bird species find refuge and nourishment here, including the elegant Common Hoopoe, the vibrant Indian Roller, the rakish Desert Wheatear, and the comical Indian Peafowl. Witnessing them flit through the desert landscape with their hues, a stark contrast to the ochre dunes, is nothing short of a Nat Geo frame. Keep your shutter handy!

8. Harshnath Temple in Sikar: A Spiritual Escape!

Harshnath temple 683x1024 1

Atop the Aravalli foothills stand the majestic Harshnath Temple with all its might. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this ancient shrine is poetry woven by centuries-old stories, architectural marvels, and panoramic vistas that promise to leave you awe-inspired.

Constructed in the Nagara style of architecture, Harshnath Temple in Sikar is a striking amalgamation of intricate carvings, ornate sculptures, and awe-inspiring craftsmanship. The architecture of Harshnath is a tribute to the legacy, artistry, and resilience of Rajasthan .

On their temple tours to India, devotees from far and beyond seek enlightenment within its walls. Festivals like Maha Shivaratri and Janmashtami come alive with a kaleidoscope of colors and traditions. These are just the special moments to witness the cultural fabric of Rajasthan in Harshnath Temple, Sikar.

9. Rustic Rhythms and Soulful Ghats of Koyalat!


Cradled in the Bikaner district of Rajasthan, Koyalat is an ideal destination on your off-beat Rajasthan escapade. In Koyalat, sun-baked houses and serene ghats whisper timeless tales. Wake to birdsong and chai aromas, that’s the warm welcome of village life. With your loved ones, take a walk down the sun-drenched lanes. Marvel at the local artisans’ magic passed down through generations. Delight in the kaleidoscopic village market, a symphony of colors and fabric. Take home anecdotes of local culture in the form of souvenirs and gifts.

The ghats of Koyalat are its lifeline, providing a precious source of water in an otherwise parched land. The ideal scenes here are definitely photo-worthy!

Villagers gather to perform daily rituals. Many wash away the dust of the desert and replenish their spirits in the cool embrace. Children frolicking around the banks. Their laughter mingling with the songs of fishermen casting their nets in hopes of a bountiful catch.

At Koyalat, disconnect, reconnect, and witness the soul of rural Rajasthan .

10.  Discover the Enchanting Depths of Deshnok!


Nestled in Thar’s embrace, Deshnok offers a unique blend of history, spirituality, and the unexpected.

Wake up in a restored haveli, its walls whispering tales of forgotten times. Explore the famed Karni Mata Temple, home to thousands of sacred rats. Take a camel ride, the setting sun painting the dunes in captivating hues. A good time is assured!

Our off-beat Rajasthan adventure gives you a chance to slow down and discover a hidden realm of Rajasthan .

11.  Beyond the Palaces, Karauli’s Untamed Beauty!

karauli 1024x471 1

Karauli is an ancient city cloaked in the awe-inspiring embrace of the Aravalli. A city that unveils itself slowly. One sun-tanned courtyard, one intricately carved sandstone archway at a time.

The gentle chirps of sparrows nestling in the eaves of a restored haveli greet you on your off-beat Rajasthan journey. Each weathered façade tells a story, whispers of bygone dynasties and forgotten opulence.

Some of the major places to visit in Karauli are the majestic sandstone sentinel of Karauli City Palace, the tranquil resort of Madan Mohanji Temple, and the sky-kissing Timangarh Fort overlooking the mighty Thar.

But Karauli’s magic lies not just in its monuments but in its people! Watch nimble fingers transform raw cotton into exquisite textiles. Learn the age-old secrets of Rajasthani generational craftsmanship- true brilliance!

Time stands still, the world fades away!

It leaves an awakening, not just an experience!

At Yamuna Aarti in your Braj, India spiritual tour, your soul is at pilgrimage, your heart is full, and your eyes immortalise every moment with admiration.

Come, bathe your spirit in this sacred affair.Let Yamuna Aarti paint your soul with eternity, and carry its embers within you, wherever your journey ends!

12.  Time Travel to Rusirani!

rusirani 1 768x1024 1

Etching its place in the Cultural Trips in India, Rusirani Village is a small hamlet nestled amidst the Aravalli in the Capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur .

Rusirani takes you back to the time when there was a negligible supply of electricity, petty communication services, and weak transportation. It is wild how, standing in the 21st Century, the villagers are still living ages behind.

This Village works in collaboration with various committees of the Village. Every native plays an integral part in the management. Thus, top-tier management is guaranteed!

Moreover, the locals welcome you with great warmth in their abodes, which is very rare in this time and age.

Rusirani Village is an authentic cultural experience that’s true to its roots at every level.

But this is not all- Learn more here!

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